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Man proposes, God disposes

Both had be¬come unusually <a href="">Vibram Button Men Shoes Sale</a> withdrawn and quiet. Neither had played soccer in the fall, and though Max was doing well in kindergarten, he cried every morning before he had to go. Greg had started to wet the bed again and would fly into tantrums at the <a href="">Vibram Men Shoes Sale</a> slightest provocation. Some of these changes stemmed from the loss of their father, Adrienne knew, but they also reflected the person that Amanda had become since last spring. Because of the insurance, Amanda <a href="">Vibram Classic Men Shoes Sale</a> didn’t have to work. Nonetheless, for the first couple of months after Brent had died, Adrienne spent nearly every day at their house, keep¬ing the bills in order and preparing meals for the children, while Amanda slept and <a href="">Vibram Fivefingers Classic Shoes Sale</a> wept in her room. She held her daughter whenever Amanda needed it, listened when Amanda wanted to talk, and forced her daughter to spend at least an hour or two outside each day, in the belief that fresh air would remind her daughter that she could begin anew.Adrienne had thought her daughter <a href="">Vibram Fivefingers Sprint Shoes Sale</a> was getting better. By early summer, Amanda had begun to smile again, infre-quently at first, then a little more often. She ventured out into the town a few times, took the kids roller-skating, and Adrienne gradually began pulling back from the duties she was shouldering. It was important, she knew, for Amanda to <a href="">vibram SPRINT</a> resume responsibility for her own life again. Comfort could be found in the steady routines of life, Adrienne had learned; she hoped that by decreasing her presence in her daughter’s life, Amanda would be forced to realize that, too.But in <a href="">vibram KSO</a> August, on the day that would have been her sev¬enth wedding anniversary, Amanda opened the closet door in the master bedroom, saw dust collecting on the shoul¬ders of Brent’s suits, and suddenly stopped improving. She didn’t exactly regress—there were still moments when she seemed her old self—but for the most part, she seemed to <a href="">vibram running shoes</a> be frozen somewhere in between. She was neither de¬pressed nor happy, neither excited nor languid, neither in¬terested nor bored by anything around her. To Adrienne, it seemed as if Amanda had become convinced that moving forward would somehow tarnish her memories of Brent, and she’d made the <a href="">vibram fingers</a> decision not to allow that to happen. But it wasn’t fair to the children. They needed her guid¬ance and her love, they needed her attention. They needed her to tell them that everything was going to be all right. They’d already lost one parent, and that was hard enough. But lately, it seemed to Adrienne that they’d lost their mother as well. In <a href="">vibram shoes</a> the gentle hue of the soft-lit kitchen, Adrienne glanced at her watch. At her request, Dan had taken Max and Greg to the movies, so she could spend the evening with Amanda. Like Adrienne, both of her sons were wor¬ried about <a href="">vibram shoes</a> Amanda’s kids. Not only had they made extra efforts to stay active in the boys’ lives, but nearly all of their recent conversations with Adrienne had begun or ended with the same question: What do we do?Today, when Dan had asked the same question again, Adrienne had reassured him that she’d talk to Amanda. Though Dan had been skeptical—hadn’t they tried that all along?—tonight, she knew, would be <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers shoes</a> different. Adrienne had few illusions about what her children thought of her. Yes, they loved her and respected her as a mother, but she knew they would never really know her. In the eyes of her children, she was kind but predictable, sweet and stable; a friendly soul from another era who’d made her way through life with her naive view of the world intact.