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Gucci lixing environmental reduce consumption

Gucci, the company said it will further excavate alternative materials, and are possible use those via corn, bamboo and cotton production of biodegradable bags.
Gucci brand has been to manufacture deluxe products famous. Whether shoe, bag or clothing, are all of the identity and fortune indicative brand image <a href="">gucci handbags us</a> makes rich brownstone consumption favorite. In Florence production between, younger Guccio Gucci (Gucci Europe - Gucci) will Gucci as a symbol of printed on those leather products. And now the fashion Gucci tentacles holding environmental protection, and do not break vogue feeling.
Italian fashion brand Gucci propaganda, will use <a href="">gucci sunglasses discount</a> forestry science committee FSC authentication paper replace plastic production, so as to improve the packing bag of environmental protection sex. Because many fashionable packaging will not recycled plastic coating using, Gucci company says will gradually cancel this coating use, at the same time its copy paper also will no longer be coating, polyester <a href="">gucci</a> ribbon kimono bagging will change as raw material to produce cotton.
The new packaging this month will in Gucci throughout the world 284 stores and consumers, from the end of the decade meet beginning, the company all packing suppliers must is through the FSC authentication.
In addition, Gucci in control packaging dosage <a href="">gucci shoes</a> efforts also witnessed them on environmental protection attentively. They take measures include: using only one flannelette to install shoes, rather than two, Gift boxes for only in consumer until circumstances shall be provided.
At the grocery store, within the company's body model timber quietly changed. These models use water-based coating color, its make materials <a href="">gucci jewelry online</a> polystyrene is shockproof, already durability and recycling.
Gucci, the company said it will further excavate alternative materials, and are possible use those via corn, bamboo and cotton production of biodegradable <a href="">gucci handbags</a> bags.
Gucci environmental action begins its 90 years anniversary of the year before. The company wants by the end of 2010 reached the following environmental objectives: reduce 35 tons of plastic pollution from recycled paper bags, replace carton boxes <a href="">gucci sale</a> means saves paper consumption, shrink directory and propaganda material paper 1400 tons.
Gucci creative director Frida Giann statement added: "the launch program actually also proved use environmental protection data deaf-ness, can't influence <a href="">gucci watch discount</a> creative play."
"The new packing is very beautiful. I believe for posterity happiness and reduce damage to the environment is our common responsibility."