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Strong and Resolute

Strong and Resolute.
"Swifter, higher, stronger" of the Olympic spirit, and embodies the Olympic spirit essence and the universal values --, unity, friendship, progress, harmony, participation and dream, expressed the world under the inspiration <a href="">oakley glasses</a> of the Olympic spirit, strive for a bright future of mankind common desire. Although human skin color, different language is different, different ethnic, religious, but we share Olympic charm and joy, the common pursue with the ideal of mankind for peace, because we belong to the same world and we have the same hopes and dreams.
Meet in 2008, gather together in <a href="">oakley</a> the east - interrupting my eloquent writing hometown, get together in Beijing, the flame of desire. Let the glory and dream fly together, let the world gestates green and hope. Let strange and familiar friends shaking hands make up, Let distant and neighboring friend mutual sues a full confession. Prosperous, *, harmony, we live in the <a href="">oakley sunglasses sale</a> same world, Swifter, higher, stronger, we one dream!
Let all people in the world are reunited at the Olympic flag flying high, combined into all countries, all nationalities "Olympic family". The crown of olive branch is the blessings of a beautiful, will distribute the sports are most <a href="">oakley goggles</a> essential, most breakaway communicated to all love life and peace: some more peaceful and less war, Some more simple, less intrigue; Some more participation, less conquered. Wish the Olympic flame combustion in everybody's heart, the Olympic spirit spread to every corner of the world. In the morning, always look to the blue of the <a href="">oakley ski goggles</a> sky, and see rain or shine. You hold unexpectedly have rain star fresh ground on the cheek.
Excitedly to pounce on drizzle, in head, I sometimes stand, sometimes garden, Underneath the shimmering rubber dam, dam surface exuding the pin-points of yellow light green. Bridge is situated next thousand rose spit the yews, branch buds haven't breed, only a small patches of little such as grain protuberant, quietly <a href="">Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses Discount</a> under heaven moist. He is vast stretches of the wilderness a riddled with even a crop.
The northern spring rain, quietly, such as silk, such as needle, such as line, such as sauce, such as bud, in fine threads continuously, longing, calm flying. Far away from the noisy city, stand out in this quiet, beautiful bridge, the silk, drops, affectionate, continuing...... enjoyable. In such between heaven and earth, seems recognizes silent lyric poetry, tangible ink, the heavens and the earth, the space, trees, returns, a serene for <a href="">Oakley Polarized Goggles Discount</a> washing, like jade.
In the early spring heaven considerate, like little girl fine finger, gently rubbed my head, I became very nice, very chi and unrestrained, childlike. At the moment, I just feel plain, frank, nature and the profound connotation.
No wind, no noise. Only falls, only infiltrates, and only tacit communication. This is in the heart of the exchange activities eloquence, only sweet, itch feel, only mysterious and tender feelings of temptation, dry heart only subtle moist. So happy, spring drizzle hey, your deep feeling ground to block, with clear, smooth refreshing <a href="">Oakley Polarized Sunglasses Discount</a> stuffy, give a lazy, unfocused to surprised enlightenment, awake, embellish the returns, the crisp temperament. I is a plant old tree, a tree withered grasses, showers, eager to spit is green. I am a cow, silent drizzle shunt I cultivated hope the returns, I wish and bridge, the willow is an organic whole, the pious waiting...
Five, the snow fell peninsula
Enter December, peninsula is cage in a white. Nowadays, snow still next, snow on the bridge, fell on watts, drilling girl collar, splash <a href="">oakley gascan</a> in 80 years old man kind brow. Snow falls on fat boy red hands, the snow fell in military scarlet the border.