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Missing is a kite

Clearly is her kite, but to marry the blue sky.

The line is cut, missing isn't broken, The <a href="">links</a> wind stopped, missing without stopping,

Spring has led, I still looking up.

Always think she and I can keep going until the <a href="">links london</a> everlasting, but we in halfway but separated. We like two intersecting line, very not easy walk to arrive together, short happiness after is permanent separation, and far.

Buddha said: past the 500 change this too-big, I imagine we such can together don't know is how many years just fix the blessing. But we did not <a href="">london links</a> each other cherish each other, let our love flowers of premature wilted. If the god can give me a chance, I'll never let us love one another, because there is no love, no now sad, no my life the regret.

Tagore once said: the furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but when I am depart stand in front of you yet you don't know <a href="">links of london sale</a> I love you. In my opinion of the worlds most remote distance, not you don't know I love you, but I love the separation of after the forever, it is the most distant distance, also is our greatest tragedies.

The world's most painful is the ZhengZheng eyes are looking at his beloved, for others with marriage gauze. The most painful thing is that she <a href="">discount links of london</a> had more and more distant from us, but still could not miss. Missing is a kind of disease, who appeared for treating me, Missing is a kind of pain, who has given me antidote.

I admit I'm some silly, knew she was like kite <a href="">links jewelry</a> doesn't belong to me anymore, but still can't help to go to her. I admit I'm some stupid, knew she already did not love me, but still could not to care.

The flower withered have open again, but love walked, will be again? There is a song circulated millennium but lasting appeal is still, a man <a href="">sale</a> waiting for a thousand years, and has no doubts whatsoever.

Heaven kites that went? Blink disappeared, is who will <a href="">links ring</a> his lines cut. Honey, you know, the former us which go to, a long way, I forgot.