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Love this is a sad fairy tale

Love shouldn't love of person, isn't you of wrong, but a sad... Actually love someone doesn't prove result how, can only say that you feel that feeling. Love is an emotion, it is to let you to experience, had the love is not equal to a marriage... So <a href="">london links</a> although you love shouldn't love of person, but you have attempted to taste of love, once owned love is your happiness, and now, the only way is to keep it deep in the heart, not discard it, just put it on a the safest and most mysterious nobody know place...

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Sometimes persistence is a kind of burden, giving up is a relief, who has not been perfect, happiness without a hundred, know that they have no ability once has so much, also has no right to ask for so much, or bitter oneself, but also the shopper each other. A heart belongs to a person, love what is fair? Love deeply, injury, love in the deep without unfair. Love the person you love, is the beginning of love tears burst, shouldn't love <a href="">links</a> person, is never have the sun sigh breath... Many things, always in experienced learn after gain and loss not himself. As feelings, pain, we will know how to protect myself, Silly, will know the timely insist and give up. Let's learn to put him in the past turned to tears left, with tears for the thing is not reliable, Let's learn to abandon yesterday will be buried in the bottom of my <a href="">links bracelet</a> heart, leaving the best memories; Let's learn how to let go, so that they can have a more relaxed open beginning. Holding not to put, will only make you blindly addicted to memory and pain <a href="">links of london</a> that sluggish. Let go, let the wind with memory TA dies, you will find the other party the sky, you will smell the flowers to life and feel the warmth of sunshine. Give up, not escape, not cowardice, Give up, is an optimistic attitude. Just think, a man's life is to experience <a href="">Links London Necklaces</a> how many people and events, do not know to put away those already lose, irreversible things, how can grasp the truly belong to your own thing? If you found your world, only the gate no longer open for you, wouldn't have to wander in <a href="">cheap links of london</a> front of the door, or hit split end understandeth not. Learn to give up, then turned to find one for you open to scuttle, where you can also see the all over the sky stars...