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Watch Chris Brown Perform Live at Hot 97's Summer Jam!

Chris will be performing this Sunday, June 5th at Hot 97's Summer Jam and it will be streamed live, right here at!

Come back to the site on Sunday and you'll be able to watch the entire show including performances from C. Breezy, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Drake and more!

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  • Chris im ur big fan :)
    by Urijan-breezy on Jun 25, 2011 am30 3:03am
  • OMG Chris Brezzy KILLED it at Hot 97 if u missed well sorry Chris Brezzy has the BIGGEST BESTEST CUTEST MOST COLORFUL swag you've ever seen
    by MrzDickrider1 on Jun 10, 2011 am30 11:11am
  • holla! #team breezy or die!!!!!
    by xiomara1 on Jun 7, 2011 pm30 4:04pm
  • ohhh chris you're so hott, you be killin 'em, keep doin you
    by i love chris 4life on Jun 7, 2011 am30 11:11am
  • it was amazing!!! Chris, you know i love you ♥
    by aJoanaMarques on Jun 6, 2011 pm30 2:02pm
  • hate i missed it was a late notice when someone finally told me ....but im sure you did an awesome job....your just gifted like that :D LOVE YOU
    by khalia fan of c... on Jun 6, 2011 pm30 1:01pm
  • Awww i miss it. But Chris you did an awesome job at the 2011 Summer Jam in Boston. I wish I got to mee t you in person or something, but hi maybe next time. =)
    by Khamara_Brown1 on Jun 6, 2011 am30 11:11am
  • Aw I missed it. I'm sorry baby!:'(
    by Ms.BrownluvsMr.Brown on Jun 5, 2011 pm30 8:08pm
    by JessyJ257 on Jun 5, 2011 pm30 8:08pm
  • performances havent started yet, but they have pre-show interviews :)
    by JessyJ257 on Jun 5, 2011 pm30 6:06pm