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.::Boyfriend.#2 TYGA vs CHRIS::. Spotlight Productions© *chapter9 updated*

DEUCES aint got nothing on BOYFRIEND #2. Tyga vs Chris.

I'm boyfriend #2
Cause the first one don't really seem like he know what to do
I'm boyfriend #2
And I know you like it freaky so I'm gonna give it to you
I'm boyfriend #2
Baby don't fuss don't fight don't argue
Cause second place always got a whole lot to prove
So whenever you get in the mood
Just call , BOYFRIEND #2.

•••Chapter 1.•••
Call me when ya nigga ain't around.

"LllllaaaaaaaNnnniiiiiiaaaaaa can you go to the corner store and pick me up some cigarettes" my grandma yelled

"grandma its 98° outside"i yelled back

"take the car baby" she yelled back and I sighed.

Today wasn't the day to be walking to the corner store. Hell going outside period and mba grandma making me go to the corner store for some cigarettes really. Ugh.! I stood up and pulled my short plaid green tele and blue shorts down looked at my self in the mirror. Fixed my green victoria secrect PINK tank top down ran my fingers through my neatly bun that sat on top of my head. Grab the keys and headed out the door. Thee heat kissed me with a deadly kissed. The lil bit of wind hit my silver leaf earrings slightly. It felt like my yellow flip flops stuck to the concrete as I ran to the car.

"FUXK" I yelled as I sat in the car "got daxm leather seats" I said as I hurried and turn the car on. Hot air blowing through. "ughhhhhhh hurry up" I said as the hot air turned into cool. I sat in the drive way for a lil until I was finnally comfottable in pulling out. Driving down the street august was them dog days. Especially in. hotlanta. Kids was still out side firemen open the fire extinguisher for them to play in at the corner hood rats walking down the street knowing it to daxm hot dope boys and fiends are out and me. I'm out driving to the corner store to pick my grandma up some ccigarettes. As I pulled up the regular dope boys are in front. I get out the cart and walki up and to walk in the store until one of the guys stop me.

"how you doing beautiful" the lightskin boy said to me

" I'm fine I said as I walked into the store
. It was so hot I decided to get me and my lil sis a arizona. I was getting ready to turn around when ole was standing right their.

"i know your fine. I asked how your doing" he said smiling. He had a pretty smile. But it was too got and I had a man.

" I'm doing great" I aaid sarcastically he laughed

"my name is chris" he said holding his hand out

"lania" I said walking pass him to the front.

"that's a pretty name where ya man at Lania?" He asked behind mne

"at home. ... Can I get a pack of newports please?" I asked the man behind the counter

Chris chuckled " is he really at home. Or you just saying that cause you think imma leave you alone" he said
I turned around with the newpprts and arizonas in a bag. My face was at his chest causing me to look up at him. He smitked

"no my man is really at home" I said smiling

"ummmmm. Well call me when ya nigga ain't around" he said smiling

I laughed " nigga I ain't got your number " I said reaching for my back pocket. My phone wasn't there. I looked up and seen chris handing me my phone and walked out. I looked in my contacts and seen horas name and number when did he do that. As I walked out he was standing with his boys smiling.

"you have a nice day beautiful" he said

"i got a boyfriend " I said opening the car four door

"that's okay I don't mine being that nigga on the side..... For now" he said and with that I drove off

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I do need a cast

A lil sis. She is 17

A bestie who is 19


I like this so far! That is so sad about her grandma though :( I really like her and Chris together though, he is way better than Tyga. Can't wait to read more run it!!


Awww that's so sad her grandma died. I'd be going crazy if that was me... Glad Chris and Trey were there Tyga to. Poor Lania and Summer.

That's so sad that her gma died wow run it n Chris is so nice n tyga is a ahole

***chapter 7***

Don't fuss , don't fight , don't argue .

Dinner was great . Well except for the part when tyga called . Chris knew tyga was on the phone but he didn't hear what he said. He would look at me from time to time as to say I know something is wrong. The ride home he held my hand. The whole time. Ari went to stay the night with wiz . (guess they hungry for desert too ) lol as we pulled up I swen tygas car parked in the drive way behind my grandma's.

"i enjoyed dinner with you beautiful" chris said kissing my hand.

I was stuck in a trance as I seen summer get out the car and walk into the house.

"baby. Baby. Babe" chris keep calling for me

"huh yes " I replied

"was their something tyga said when he called you" chris asked .

I nodded my head yes.

" is that him in the driveway?" He asked

Once again . I nodded .

chris chuckled

"go talk to him. Trust me he's not gonna do anything to you . I'm not gonna pull off" he said which gave me reassurance. As I walked out the car door. On cue tyga walked outa his towards me


"can u not yell at me ." I said hearing my voice cracking .

"WHY YOU DOING THIS TO US" he grabbed me

"your always busy. You never have time for me an-" I got cut off

"yo... Get your hands off her" chris said walking around the car coming in the yard

"chris man shiit over here ain't got nothing to do with you" tyga said keeping his eyes on me

" ofcourse it does " chris said smiling " your holding it"

nigga at the rank you at what u doing wanting my leftovers" tyga walked up on chris smirking

" it's not leftovers when you never ate" chris said as summer ran out the house crying and screaming


"What summer quit playing. You lying. You lying" I said crying even more than I was before


I felt myself drop but before I could hit the ground I was laying in chris arms. he called for trey to hurry and come back over. I seen tyga on the phone with I'm assuming 911 since he gave them our address.

"look I gotta go before they get here. Lania I'm sorry for your loss , but this conversation isnt over yet" he bend over kissing me on my cheek. I felt chris tense up. Tygas arose smirking. Then walking to his car pulling up.

Trey pulled up and summer jumped in his arms crying. 3 later the police. Fire truck and ambulance pulled up. The policemen came to ys asking what happen. Summer basically told her. She came home from a date . She was ynwinding trekking her purse off sat down then went to go check on grandma and she wasn't breathing and a pack of newports where laying on her chest.
chris and trey turned us around when they pulled my grandma's out on the stretcher. As they did everything they needed to do. They left

"i want yall to go in the house get some clothes yall staying with me for a couple days" chris trey agreed

"chris you dont have to do this" I said

" baby its coo. Second place always got a whole lot to prove" he said holding me tighter.
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dang i missed a lot
i'll catch up 2ma!

Soooo I added but I wouldn't let me post :/

So I'll just add tomorrow

oooohh did I get you in twoubleee ? ?
Run it yo !

Uh oh tyga found out run it

***chapter 7***

Don't fuss. Don't fight. don't argue.

Coming upppp

Check out my story

Cuff for a reason. Not a season

&& my sis story

Hood love =good love???

Smh @ my sister.
She a freak!...

But it's funny how I was thinking that s*** too. And was just watching that too *the kevin hart thing wiz said*

I was like so Trey couldn't have pulled out my chair w/o chris doing it first?
He better not lay a hand on my sister...
Run IT!!!

run it

- OOOOOO she about to qet ittttt *Kids voice*

3 more runs

Ohh Tyson mad. Wonder what he's gonna do

uh oh shes in trouble now lol
RUN IT.!!!

Aw man...somebody in trouble...
run it.

***chapter 6 ***
So whenever you get in the mood
(just call me)
I'm boyfriend # 2.

(3 days later)

I was in the bathroom curling my hair wondering how did I let these two convince me to go on this triple date ? Wtf smh.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked nice in my black and gold. Ari. Wore a off the shoulder red dress. Summer in a halter short white dress. And I had on a lil strapless black s dress. My phone ringing.

" I'm outside beautiful" chris said in my ear.

" ok where on our way. " I said. I checked ob my grandma to see if everything was ok. Then headed out the door where I seen 3 cars.

" showoffs" I folded my arms as ari startrd laughing

Chris came around the car opening the door for me as I got in.

" you look gorgeous , beautiful " he said as I laughed

" thank you. You look handsome yourself" I said smiling

the car ride to the resturant was a lil quiet. We just keep looking at each other smiling. As we got to the resturant. Chris pullrd his seat out for me. As.trey and cameron followed suite.

"see this is why u dont group date. It just a competition. Everything he do ya girl looks at you like must be nice and you gotta out do what he just did." Wiz said repeating kevin hart. we all just laughed as ari hit him

"shut up . you just ughhhhh" she said smh

you love it doe" summer said laughinf

"right. Give me a kiss" he said puckering his lips

"ong not like that. can u atleast be normal while were out in public" ari asked him

"hell nah" wiz saud as everyone started laughing

"so how have ya day been ?" Trey asking summer

"it's been good. Just been worrying about my grandma" she said. I nodded my head in agreement

" yea I understand, are prayers are definitely going out to you". Trey said. Chris and wiz snd ari agreed.

"thanks everyone " I said

Everyone ordered and 10mins later we we're eating. Dinner was great . Everyone was having their side conversations until I was interrupted by my phone


~to be continued. . .~

Sorry such a short chapter you guys


Run it comment

Lol I got yall on chapter 6 later on tonight.

Go read my other story

Cuff for a reason. Not a season

Run it!!!

Ayoo' run it ! ! And where tf I been at ! ? !

I don't trust that boy. And Chris is harassing her. Lol. Run it.

run it

- Tyqa probably cheatin on her asz
- Run it !

Chris is boyfriend#2 she need one of those n wow Tyga jus tryna get away from her wow run it

***chapter 5***
I'm boyfriend #2. Cause the first one he don't really seem like he know what to do.

((one week later))

I woke up to the sun rays beaming on my face. I felt my head raising up and down . And I looked up to see why. I smiled. Tyga was still here from last night. This is what I nissed. We been together for 3months and I missed the first month when we use to talk on the phone untill the sun came up. Or stay out all late like high school kids. Now I just be gettibg played to the left. I kissed him on the cheek and got outta bed to use the bathroom , brush my teeth & wash my face.

Last night. Ty just held me as we watched tv and talked. It felt soooo good being in arms. I walked to summers room and found it empty. I forgot. Summer had school today. I knew ma lil sis was bad. And turning heads left and right. I walked to my grandma's room , she was still sleep on the respirator. The doctor said if she keeps smoking. She won't have that much longer to live. I walked in and kissed her on the forehead. Knowing I won't have too many more times to do it. :'(

I walked downstairs to the livingroom. And seen my phone lightening up and bussing. I smiled thinking. Of chris texting me this morning

-good morning beautiful , I hope u have a good day today

-good morning to u too handsome. I hope your day goes good as well

-it will. Only if you can bless me with your presence.

- haha awwwww that's cute. I'll see if I can arrange something. I might be busy today

-well I can always clear it up for you. But anyway. Just hit me up when u need me.

I just shook my head in thought. Chris had a lil mouth piece on him. We been talking on the phone every night since last week. Well except last night. Chris is 21 and will be 22 in may. He graduated high school 3 years ago. And plans on going to college major in business. He's the kingpit in atlanta. Soooo. which means tyga works for him. We talked about everything. He wants to get married. And have 3 kids. And to my surprise he wants twins. Just like me. His favorite color is red. Lol just like me. It amazed me we had so many things in common. Which made me think on how me and tyga was so different. My thoughts were interrupted by tyga calling my name. I turned around and seen him in nothing but some basketball shorts.

" baby you hungry ?" He asked

" a lil" I replied

" imma go make some breakfast" he said leaning over the couch pecking me on my lips. mmmm did he say he making breakfast. ? What ? He up to something. I know it.

He was cooking it up.! Smelling good. I walk into the kitchen smelling steak. Eggs. Grits. biscuits. I sat down at the table and he put a plate in front of me. He had on a apron that said kiss the cook.

" come here" I said pulling him to me kissing him

" what was that for. ?" He asked smiling. Gosh I miss that sincere smile.

" I kissed the cook" I said tugging the apron . He laughed

" awww in that case " he said leaning in to kiss me.

We ate breakfast that was delious and talked about how things we're in the beginning. We took a shower and got dressed. Tyga hurried up to leave claim he had to get home to change so he can "take care of business" . I didn't press it even though I wanted to . But this morning ben going soooo good. I didn't want to fuxk it up. I got dressed in a fusia color halter dress. It was tight under the boob area and loose down to my mid thigh. Basically a baby dol dress. I put on these silver flats sandals. Some silver bangals. Flatiron my hair straight down and it came about 5in before my butt.

When I was done prep my self. Summer txt me stating she needed me to pick her up from school. Grandma's car was messed up. I knew tyga wasnt gonna answer my call so it was 1 person I could call. -chris.
I dialed his # and only waited 2 rings until his voice came through his speakers

"what's sup beautiful" he asked answering the phone

" hey what are u doing" I asked

" I'm in a meeting right now babygirl" he said

"oh I can cal you back" I said

" nah whats sup. I gave them a 5min break" he chuckled

" tygas not answering the phone and my grandma's car is broke down and my sis need a ride home from school" I explained

" what school she go to?" He asked

"marion franklin" I said

" I'm on my way" he said

"what about your meeting" I asked

" wiz can take over. See you in 10 mins" he said hanging up .

I was in the passenger seat of chris car feeling very uncomfortable. Chris friend. Trey was their cause he claimed he wanted to meet me. And if my sister looked anything like me. He wanted to meet her too. But trey got into the back seat when I told both of they illiterate asses I wanna sit ihn the back.

" what's wrong" chris asked

" I wanted to sit in the back" I pouted folding my arms

"i didn't want you to sit in the back" chris chuckled

" I didn't want you to either" trey said smiling

" so it was just f what I want huh?" I questioned

"no but what u want is over-ruled. 2/3 wants you to sit in the front" chris smiled.

" I have a question. Do u make tyga busy so he wont be with me and you can move in your chance to be around me" I asked and chris face scrunched up

" no lania. tyga makes himself busy. I have alot of staff yet he ask for all the over time. He is actually making himself look hot being on the block all the time ." Chris said to me " what he said I be having him "work" all the time"

"no I was just wondering why we dont spend time anymore . And u just so happen to pop up all the time. " I said

Well we haven't seen each other since the mall && that was a week ago." Chris said . He was right. so was tyga tryna avoid spending time with me.

We pulled up to the school and I called summer. She walked to where I was standing and we both got in the car. Her hair was pulled back into a sexy long ponytail.
And she had a long turquoise strapless sundress on that u had to hold up to walk . I seen trey and summer both looking at each other liking what they see.

Chris took us home. Trey and summer exchanged # and started txting as soon as she got out the car . Smh

I was almost out the door when chris grabbed my hand

"what" I asked smiling

" change my name in your phone" he smiled

" too ?" I laughed. Iy got quiet as he really thought about it

" boyfriend # 2" he said smiling as I got out the car and closed the door.

" okay" I winked talking to him through the window " I'll cal you tonight. Nice meeting you trey" I said as he got oin the front

" nice to finally meet u. And your sister" he smiled

" ight beautiful. I'll talk to u later" chris said pulling out and I walked in the house.

Run it ? comment.

I loooovvve this story. Now imma b honest I don't lik a lot of stories that put Chris n tyga against each other cuz I love them both but I read this anyway n it's good run it. Tyga is such a ahole. I wonder what Chris meant when he said he busy Alrte. Lik WTF but I hav an idea Wat he meant

Soso.. U crazy.! Lol dont get me wrong. Tyga my boo. He is maaaddd sexy.!

But add coming up give me time. Im on my phone

Up next

***chapter 5***
I'm boyfriend number 2. Cause the first one he don't really seem like he know what to do.


Run it ladies

fxck callin the nigga!
come over boo and lay it down
AND TYGA GOT...some okay shxt
i guess, he iigh
but chris wait turn...BOI she gone be
feigning! lmao

run it ♥