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.::Boyfriend.#2 TYGA vs CHRIS::. Spotlight Productions© *chapter9 updated*

DEUCES aint got nothing on BOYFRIEND #2. Tyga vs Chris.

I'm boyfriend #2
Cause the first one don't really seem like he know what to do
I'm boyfriend #2
And I know you like it freaky so I'm gonna give it to you
I'm boyfriend #2
Baby don't fuss don't fight don't argue
Cause second place always got a whole lot to prove
So whenever you get in the mood
Just call , BOYFRIEND #2.

•••Chapter 1.•••
Call me when ya nigga ain't around.

"LllllaaaaaaaNnnniiiiiiaaaaaa can you go to the corner store and pick me up some cigarettes" my grandma yelled

"grandma its 98° outside"i yelled back

"take the car baby" she yelled back and I sighed.

Today wasn't the day to be walking to the corner store. Hell going outside period and mba grandma making me go to the corner store for some cigarettes really. Ugh.! I stood up and pulled my short plaid green tele and blue shorts down looked at my self in the mirror. Fixed my green victoria secrect PINK tank top down ran my fingers through my neatly bun that sat on top of my head. Grab the keys and headed out the door. Thee heat kissed me with a deadly kissed. The lil bit of wind hit my silver leaf earrings slightly. It felt like my yellow flip flops stuck to the concrete as I ran to the car.

"FUXK" I yelled as I sat in the car "got daxm leather seats" I said as I hurried and turn the car on. Hot air blowing through. "ughhhhhhh hurry up" I said as the hot air turned into cool. I sat in the drive way for a lil until I was finnally comfottable in pulling out. Driving down the street august was them dog days. Especially in. hotlanta. Kids was still out side firemen open the fire extinguisher for them to play in at the corner hood rats walking down the street knowing it to daxm hot dope boys and fiends are out and me. I'm out driving to the corner store to pick my grandma up some ccigarettes. As I pulled up the regular dope boys are in front. I get out the cart and walki up and to walk in the store until one of the guys stop me.

"how you doing beautiful" the lightskin boy said to me

" I'm fine I said as I walked into the store
. It was so hot I decided to get me and my lil sis a arizona. I was getting ready to turn around when ole was standing right their.

"i know your fine. I asked how your doing" he said smiling. He had a pretty smile. But it was too got and I had a man.

" I'm doing great" I aaid sarcastically he laughed

"my name is chris" he said holding his hand out

"lania" I said walking pass him to the front.

"that's a pretty name where ya man at Lania?" He asked behind mne

"at home. ... Can I get a pack of newports please?" I asked the man behind the counter

Chris chuckled " is he really at home. Or you just saying that cause you think imma leave you alone" he said
I turned around with the newpprts and arizonas in a bag. My face was at his chest causing me to look up at him. He smitked

"no my man is really at home" I said smiling

"ummmmm. Well call me when ya nigga ain't around" he said smiling

I laughed " nigga I ain't got your number " I said reaching for my back pocket. My phone wasn't there. I looked up and seen chris handing me my phone and walked out. I looked in my contacts and seen horas name and number when did he do that. As I walked out he was standing with his boys smiling.

"you have a nice day beautiful" he said

"i got a boyfriend " I said opening the car four door

"that's okay I don't mine being that nigga on the side..... For now" he said and with that I drove off

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I do need a cast

A lil sis. She is 17

A bestie who is 19


Lol yes summer. The title of each chapter is a line from the song. That I try to use to be about most of the post

For ex.

Grab my hands let me lick u from ya neck down to ya navel

In that chapter they got belly button piercings

So authors note: look for the song verse to see what the post is about :)

Oan: update on the way


One she always sees chris or on the phone with him?
And you put a line of boyfriend #2 before each chapter? *shrug*
But, Run IT!!! Please?


If anybody can guess what I repeatedly do in each chapter i'll give 3 hopefully long updates today

The answer is very SIMPLE.

Run It.!
go check out Hood Love=Good Love.??? and tell me wat ya think

- Run it !

wonder how that phone call ganna go

•••Chapter 4•••
Grab my hand. Let me pick you up and put you on the counter.

It was 11:15 and I just got out the shower and lotioned up I know tyga will ber hete any min so I hurried up. I comb my hair straight down and put a bathrobe on when I heard the door ring

" whats sup babe" tyga said smiling at me. Mmm that was my man right their. Just standing ceezy in a black wife beater and some army fatigues cargo short and black chicks

" hey baby I miss you" I said as we shared a hug and kiss.

" why you got a booger sitting on top of your nose" he smirked walking in

" shut up . " I hit him. " you don't liikee it" I said making a pouty face

" it cool. We going to your room" he asked

" yea " I said as we made our way upstairs to my room I locked the door

" ya grandma sleep?" He asked

" ofcourse she is" I said

" mmm" he said giving a approving nod " what's under this" he said tugging my bathrobe
I smirked as I took it off and let it fall straight to the floor infront of me.

" damn girl" he said

" notice anything different" I asked as he just ignored my question. I was hoping he would say he like my tatts and piercing like chris did today but all I seen was lust in his eyed. Like a tigger alright.

" baby you smell good" he said as he bit my neck. Mmmm it felt good. I could even reply back cause his lips against my skin made me wet.

He moved down to my twin showing them equal amount of attention. Right. Left. Left . Right. It felt so good. He moved to my stomach kissing every peice of skin he seen. Her stored right under my navel.

" are you going to go lower?" I asked

" are you gonna give me head" he replied. I sighed

" no" I said " I'm not ready"

" baby you acting poker its a bi-"

" why does it have to be a ill do this if you do this" I asked. But he didn't answer nge. He just kissed me tryna taker my mind off of it.

The kiss became even more passionet than I heard him undo hiss zipper. He stored loading me to tear the condom rapper on . He put it on. Than entered me

" mmmm sssss " I moaned as he pushed him self in

We fought each other in the bed while the covers played referee. He was in. top. I got on top. He hit it from the back. . I mean it was the same stuff but it pleased me. And it wasn't a quicky. We cuddled in the bed for a half hour until I felt him get up. I looked over my shoulder and seen him putting his shoes on since he didnt take his clothes off.

" your leaving" I asked with major attitude in my voice

" gotta make this money babe" he said

"ughhh. Are you coming back" I asked

" most likely not. Ima be out for a min" he said

" whatever" I said pulling the covers up on me. I heard him leave and pulled off as I grabbed my phone.


I didn't realize I texted chris till it already sunt. Oh shoot

-what up beautiful

-nothing :(

-he just left huh

- yeaa :'(

-you want me to call you ?

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I will update to illegal love.!z!z

Pffft , I'm bad ass = )

Run it Nia !

Awe he really trying!? Got too admire his persistents!?
Run IT!!!

RUN IT.!!!

i likes this!
chris cray! still messin
wit a chick n she tol him!
ty gone whoop that ass! lol

run it ♥


•••Chapter 3•••
Turn around let me lick you from yo neck down to yo navel. Cause shawtyy you look ready.

I woke up to as text message stating that we we're going to the mall. Just like ari to tell someone what they doing today. it was 93° today cause it rain last night I decided I was going to wear my crop off the shoulder white top. Some short. And some tan/brown wedge heels. My accessories were booming I picked out some feather brown earrings and gold bangles will do. I walked into my sisters summer room and told her the plan. We might as well go school shopping fort her too. This was the lil sis last year in high school she had to be fresh. After I got out the shower I was getting dressed when I got 3 text messages.

- yo im tryna get tatted :) sure.!!

Ari a foo. Yea that can happen I definitely wanna get tatted.

-good morning beautiful. I hope u slept well last night.

Ugh I feel like chris is not gonna stop.

-good morning babe. I'm sorry I couldn't spend time with you yesterday. I promise imaa make it upppp to you. Im just tryna make this money so we can get us right. Anyway. Like I said I make it up to you. I got something planned for tonight. see you later babygirl.

I smiled even though I was pissed about yesterday. The fact that he wanna make it up to me makes we weak. My thoughts we're interrupted when I seen my sis come in my room with a pink and white striped off the shoulder shirt. White shorts and pink sandales. My sis does not look like she 17 she filling out very quickly. She had her hand down in a wet and wavy type a look. I received to loose curl mine. And we was out it was still hot. But not as bad as yesterday. I went and turn the car on and waited outside by the car door.

" what u doing? "Summer asked me

"leather seats" I told her as she started laughing. I learned my lesson yesterday. Un unnn wasnt f'en with it.
we went and picked ari up and she was excited about today more than us.

" belly button piercings" she screamed and summer got geeked. I wasn't to sure about for the simple fact that they had snowboards ironboards bellys. And me. Well I'm not day but I got a lil pudgy stomach.

" I know you not scared of getting it when u have a crop top on that's showing your belly anyway.!" Ari said. She hads a valid point. lol

We made our way to the tattoo and piercing polar. I decided I was going to get my nose peirxed and too tattoos. Ari got a snake bite. And to tattoos too. I had to sign off for summer since she was 17 . Even tho I wasn't her parent he let it slide cause her wanted that money

2hours later
We was on our way to the mall. I had ari drive cause the tatt I got on my lower back was hella swollen

" omg I love our piercings " summer said playing with the star dangling from her belly

We started shopping and time was running by fast it was already 6 in the evening. We had to go back to the car and put stuff away twice. Walking past footlocker we heard someone call ari name

" hey baby" she said to wiz. I looked up and scrunched my face

" how you doing beautiful" chris said

" I feel like you stalking me now" I said and he chuckled

" no need to its only considered stalking when my presence aren't being wanted" he leaned in closer " you want me. You just being hardheaded" he smiled

" did you set this up" I asked ari as she shooked her head

" we didnntt know yall was here nia chill. Don't go having a baby on its " wiz said laughing " w was about to leave any way" wiz said giving ari a kiss. " Ill call you later""

As we begin walking off I heard my name being called. I turned around

" nice piercings and tatts beautiful " I turned around and blushed

Tyga better keep these plans tonight. I thought as we continued shopping.
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I'm about to update

My bad!
Pic: tae heckard
Man: as previously stated trey please
Oh and uh 19 I guess!?

Girl I am 4'11 also and hate that too! Everyone tell I look like I'm 12!...

- Awe ok...i hav cousins tht liv in columbus ohio they make fun of th way i tlk nd ish
Cnt wait for th nxt add !

I was wondering who was gonna reconize that lytic from run it get dun up lol

But nope im from Ohio :)

-- I lke ths story wiz is too funny n damn chris is persistant i see btw r yu frm st. louis or chicaqo? b/c ths sounds lke our lanquaqe nd yu use tht one lyric "i dnt fuqk wit too many i hold it dwn by myself" by da banqaz but nywho RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :^}

good add run it girl

Chapter 2.
I.ll go get the camera we can make a movie

I'm driving home and I can't help but laugh at that boy chris. Hashaha. he's cute. Smh. I go in the house and sigh of relif. Came over me. Ahhhhhhhhhh cool air. I gave my grandma her cigarettes and made my way to the basement. My babe mike suppose to come over so we can watch movies all day. I texted him to see whats sup.

-hey babe. Whats going on you coming

-naww not today baby. I got alot of runs to make and business to take care of. Set something up for another day

-daxm micheal. When was you gonna call me and let me know something.

-come on babe not right now. I'm sorry. I'll hit you up later.

I rolled my eyes and didn't even bother to text him back ughhhhh. That dope boy shyt for the birds. He never have time for me. I just decided to call my girl up Ari'Ella. Ari been my girl since diapers. I don't fuxk with too many I hold it down by myself. But ari my right hand and my lil sis is my left. Me and ari both short at 4'11. But don't tell her she short. She'll catch a case with you. Lol haha she lightskin and look just like keyshia cole when she had the short cut with highlights. That's my boo doe my daxm ari.!

" what up mama , wyd" I said into the phone when she picked up

" nothing girl bored" she replied

" where cameron(wiz khalifa) " I asked

" he out with his niggas trey and chris I think he said" she saris. The though of chris made me smile. But it can be someone difderent. I mean chris is a common name.

" you wanna come over" I asked her

" where tyga. Ain't yall suppose to have a movie day" she asked me

" he got runs to make and business to handle. Whatever" I said rolling my eyes again

" that's dead. Lol yeaa i'll come over" she said as I hung up

Like I said that's my ace. We been through alot together. She came over and we sat and watched movies . I told her all about what happen at ther corner store as her phone rung. It was wiz so I went upstairs to ther bathroom when I got back she had some news for me.

" wiz don't with what he had to do. So grew was wondering can him and his boy chris comer over" ari asked

"ari what if its ther same chris" I said

" she said yes" ari said to the phone and hung up " don't trip its not theirs alot off fuss name chris" she said as the doorbell rung " dam" ari said as we both ran upstairs for the door. When I open it I seen cameron and CHRIS.

" awwww hell" I said as they walked in

" well hello to you to Lania. I'm fine .No my day been going good so far a lil hot. But thats all thanks for asking" wiz said sarcastically as we all laughed

" haha shut up we down" I said as ari lead the group and I decided to trip her as she turned around I have her a lok I told her it was the same chris. We all got settled down and was chilling and talking

" so what made you wanna come over babe" ari asked wiz

" it was chris ideas we got done with what we had to do. Trey left and we got mad bored. I said my girl is at her sis lania house and he said ask if we can come over" wiz said as I looked at chris he smiled and winked at me

" I hope ya man don't mind" he said smirking

" he's busy" I said

" yea tyga is mad busy lately" wiz said

" wait tyga as on mike tyga" chris asked " you mess with him" he saod. I shook my head yes " smh awwww man" he laughed " awwww ywa hes gonna ber really busy" chris said " so I guess you want lying earlier at the store huh" he said

" the store? Yooo this ther baddie you was talking about earlier?" Wiz asked

" yup Ms beautiful" chris said smiling at me giving wiz dap

" omg this its embarrassing" I said holding my head

We was watching movies ask day clowning until late night. They left and I hoped in. the shower when I came out I had 1 new text message

-i enjoyed my day with you beautiful. We should go to the movies next time

it was from chris. How did he get my number wtf

-how did you get my number chris. I told you I gotta boyfriend

- ari gave it to me. Lol and I ain't worried about tyga like I TOLD YOU I don't mind being that dude on ther side. Ya dig lol

I just rolledd over and went to sleep. Ugh I don't need this
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Pic: Keyshia Dior
Personality:Bi polar crazy Real dnt take no ish or bite no tongue for anyone honesty funny understanding loving down to earth Entrepreneur smart and aware of my surroundings

I still need a lil sister I need information


run it lyk it so far

LOL girl I know how you feel ! I hate that ! I mean I'll admit it but don't call me out on it ! LOL and yessss I want Wiz !

Oh & u sure u want wiz? I can put bow wow in it or something lol

I got my nestie.

Ari im 4.11 and my pet peeve is ppl calling me short. I be going off girl

I wanna be the bestieee = )

Ari'Ella (pronounced Ar-ee A-ya)
Keyshia Cole but with short hair & highlights
Wiz Khalifa (since Tyga & Chris are taken = ( )
bluntly honest , outgoing , sweet , caring , funny , ride or die , serious when it comes to family/friends , extremely short , hot tempered and lil effing genius who's pet peeve is being called little or adorable

I need information you guys

In the summertime yea. Oh and I have that shirt in ur pic

But I need

Age: 17 or 19