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IN TIME Starring Kendra and Anthony (Bringing this back)

Time: 12:45 p.m.


God I'm so nervous! In less than fifteen minutes I'll be married to love of my life! I've dreamed of this day for years. And now that it's happening...

I feel butterflies in my stomach, it could be from this over-whelming joy or from this baby I'm carrying. Yep, I'm eight months pregnant. Anthony and I kinda jumped the gun a little. The plan was to get married right after we graduated then have kids, but hormones got the best of us.

"KJ? KJ?!" I heard my sister, Jazmine-Elese yell snapping me out of my thoughts causing me to jump.

"Jay-Lese, you scared the crap outta me! You almost sent me into early labor!"

Jay-Lese busted out laughing causing me to laugh too.

"Girl, I've been calling your name forever! Stand up so I can put your veil on."

As I stood, the door opened.

"Hey can I see my future sister in-law." Illiana squealed.

"You sure can!" I cheesed.

"Oh my God, you look beautiful Kendra!" She teared up, this why she's the baby. Not only was she young but she's a cry baby. I love her though. "My brother picked a good one...and I can't wait to see my niece!" she finished, rubbing my tummy.

I couldn't wait to see my daughter either. I can't wait to be a family.

I looked at the time: 12:55 p.m.

"Well c'mon girls! There's a man waiting at the alter for me and I'm ready to be married!" I yelled.

We all cheered as they helped me to the door. Just then Anthony's mom walked out the side room with a look on her face.

"Mrs. Daniels what's wrong?" I asked.

A tear came down her face, "It's Anthony..."


Time: Ten minutes earlier 12:45

God I'm so nervous! In less than fifteen minutes I'll be married to love of my life! I've dreamed of this day for years. And now that it's happening...

I have butterflies in my could be from this anxiety or from the fact that I'm going to be married...for rest of my life. Kendra is the love of my love, but I don't know if I can give her and my daughter everything right now.

I mean looked at us we're eighteen and fresh out of high school. We're both going to college, but I know we're going to struggle. And call me selfish but I don't want to put my babies through that. I want my girls to have the world, but I just can't give that to them.

I don't want to disappointed her but I don't want to see that look on her face if I do. However, love is supposed to conquer everything right? And if we struggle we struggle together right?

I sighed, not only do I have butterflies, but I have this tingling feeling at the bottom of my feet. I looked at the time 12:55 p.m.. I stood and walked over the exit just as the door opened.

I quickly opened up the window, climbed out to the ground and ran down the street...

I heard faint screams shouting my name, I couldn't look back. I couldn't look at my beautiful, pregnant, fiancee's face, that I'm sure was tear stained and heartbroken.

I kept running down the street, I can't believe I was doing this to the love of my life...

"I'm sorry, Kenny-Rose, maybe IN TIME."


aaw! this is so cute/sad! run it.

why tf would he leave
if they'd go through
the struggle together?!
ugh, i hope Ant comes back
cause that was SO selfish
if he left Kendra preggo
at the wedding. that would
be so f'n wrong yo. man...
this shxt cray

run it ♥