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Yo Side Of The Bed: Chapter 10 (01/16))

*~Yo Side Of The Bed~*

~our bed our sheets our pillows get lonely on yo side of the bed yo side yo side yo side yo side gets lonely on yo side of the bed yo side yo side yo side yo side its not the same without you here~


another lonely night for christin.she had this romantic evening planned for herself and her boyfriend cameron(wiz khalifa)but once again he put tbe streets before her and stayed out all night with not even a phone make matters worst it was their 1-year anniversary. sometimes christin wondered why she stayed with him for this long but then she always thought back to all the wonderful times they have shared and she figured the good out weighed the bad so she stayed.but how long would she be able to put up with it.?
laying across her bed pondering her thoughts christin's phone started ringing,thinking ot was cameron she jumped up like a ninja to get to it but it was her sister lania(toya carter).
"hello" she answered kinda disappointed.
"well dont get too excited that i called" lania responded
"im sorry i thought you was cameron calling."
"oh boy.! where is that f***ass anyway" she asked smacking her lips
"hell if i know.!all i know is he better get his ass home soon or else he gonna get his feelings hurt"
"sis you aint gonna do shyt but cuss him out then he gonna get yo spot and yall gonna have some make up know the process so stop frontin." lania said laughing her ass off
"not this time lay-lay im gettin so tired of his bullshyt and something has gotta changr or else im puttin him out.!"
"yea that sounds bad i dont believe you. " she started laughing even harder
"fuxk you.!" we both laughed.right then she heard cameron come in the house.
"lay-lay he just walked in imma call you back."
they hung up and christin walked straight in the front room ready for war
Just a lil taste
Run it or Dump it.??


ive been gone for a while but....

Cameron is a dirty skinny ass nigga.!!!

i cant stand that nigga.. i wish trey, tyga and my daddy chris would went off on his ass.!!!

im glad i got to steal on him doe ....woot woot.!!

but let me find babygirl... it gonna be all she wrote.!!!

run it

MizzMonique i love your comments fareal.! lol

F*uck you Cameron if you wasnt a d*** to her maybe she'd have empthy for you, Your the reason she lost her baby with Trey a man who wouldve love that she was carrying his child, You treated her like crap and basically didnt like that she was carrying yo baby anyway, so quit acting like your the victim. Chris moved on to something better better better Good ridence..... Run It!!!

It's his fault that she's lik that towards him run it he deserves it hes a ahole

"what tf are you doing back here.?" trey asked standing up.
"man, chill i aint even come on no disrespectful type shyt. i just came totalk to chris for a hot minute." cam said raising his hands in a surrendering manner.
"its ok guys give us a minute." christin said.
"but sis he's the reason your even in here. " lania saod grabbing christin's hand.
"i know but i have somethings to say to him right now."
"iight baby ONE MINUTE then im coming back in here." trey said kissing her while looking cameron in the eyes.
trey lania and gigi walkes out closing the door leaving cameron at the door not knowing what to do next.
"so whats up cam.?"
"first of all i brought you your favorite body wash and pjs kuz i know you wouldn't like what these nurses give you."
"thanks. is that all.?"
"no chris im so sorry about all this babygirl. this wasn't my intentions at all."
"what exactly were your intentions cameron.? seeing me dead.! i almlst died and forwhat, because we didn't work out.? come on now cameron we've been trying to make this work for a while and you've constantly shyted on me. im tired of it.!"
"chris im telling you non of this was suppose to happen. the only thing you were suppose to come home to was a fuxkes up house with all my stuff out of it but this crazy bytch told her cousin something completely different because she knew my heart belongs to you and always will."
"im sorry cam but mines belongs to trey now. i just can't take anymore of your lies and as for that bytch when i heal she can get it too. because of you i lost my fuxking baby.!"
"at the time i thought you tried to do a smash and dash and i would of been damned if i was gonna have a baby and you not be there."
"damnit chris you didn't even give me a choice in the matter you assumed i wasn't gonna step up and made a decision on your own."
"IT WAS MY DECISION TO MAKE CAMERON NOT YOURS.! "fuxk you mean.? that was my baby too chris."
"ok thats enough its time for you to go." diamondz said walking in.
"man dia she really tryna play me about my baby. everybody crying and shyt about trey' seed but she aborted mines and i have no right to be upset. ?"
"come on cam this is not the place for that." michael said walking in.
cameron looked around at all those around him and realized hos point would never been seen by any of them so he shook his head and left with out another word. he was done with them all including christin. her hatefulness cut him deep and he didn't know what to do.

RUN IT.!!!

Run It!!!!


Ote runs plz

Chris tried to tell he ass not to go in there he ain't listen. Go away Cameron ugh.

Dmn cam jus needs to leav her alone go away dnt come bac run it

I wish looks COULD kill! Why would you even send someone else to do yo dirty work?? And if you really loved her, you wouldn't have to creep!!!
Ugh... Men.
Run it!

*Chapter 7*

cameron was too ready to be with christin again. he knew once he explained what happened that she would understand and forgive him. he just hoped nobody said anything to her before he could.

once he got to the hospital he saw diamondz, michael, and chris in the hall.

"hey ya'll i dont want no trouble i just wanna see chris and give her a bag of things from her house that i know she would want." cameron said before either of them could tell him to leave.

"i don't think she would want to see you right now." diamondz said.

"man please i just want to tell her the truth about what happened and hope for the best."

"cam, let me holla at you before you go in there." chris nudged him.

"naw i dont fuxk with you no more kid."

"nigga it aint even that deep. just need to tell you something."

"iight man whatever."

they walked to the vendine machine.

"so what's up.?"

"cam man you fuxked up bad."

"you dont think i know that nigga."

"naw nigga you really fuxked up beyond what you thought you did."

"wtf you talking about chris.?"

"chris was pregnant man."

"stop playing with me bro."

"nigga im serious man."

"was it mines.?"

"naw it was trey's but lania,gigi,and trey in there now tryna console her. man she's taking it hard."

"damn man imma kill that bytch.!"


"man this bytch karen."

"what does she have to do with any of this.?"

"i was tryna tell yall earlier the little surprise i had for chris when she got home was a couple busted windows and all my stuff that i brought out her house but this crazy bytch took her cousin with her and ordered the hit on chris."

"damn cam why all yo other bytches be crazy.?" chris said shaking his head.

"man hell if i know bro. i just know i want chris to know this wasn't my fault and im so sorry this happened. i really love this girl."

"cam man, we aint never been that close but we was cool for a hot little so i feel its cool for me to be honest with you."

"what man.?"

"man chris is happy with trey. like whenever i see her with him she never stops smiling. dont be selfish and try to keep her from being happy man."

"she can be happy with me too."

"naw cam she was miserable with you. be happy that she found someone who loves her they way you use to. hell cam you just admitted to creeping with a new chick behind her back. man just let her go."

"naw chris i can't do that man i need her and i knw she needs me to so fuxk what you saying."

"whatever nigga dont say i didn't warn you."

cam waved chris off and walked back towards christin's room and when he walked in all eyes were on him and if looks could kill he would be on fire right now.


Run it.!!!

Karens crazy and this is all Camerons fault. Poor Try and Chris lost there baby because of haters.

updating soon.!

Dmn that's fckd up run it Trey is so nice n oh sht Chris gon get cam

*Chapter 6*
just walking into the room made trey breakdwon completely. seeing all the tubes coming in and out of was just horrible. trey just left like killing cameron and the person he sent to her house to do this. lania held on to trey's arm and they slowly walked towadr christin.
"christin. chris its me, lania. please wake up." "lania said fighting back tears. "i need you sissy and so does trey." lania grabbed christin's hand and after three minutes christin squeezed her hand gently and her eyes started fluttering open.
"nia." christin said with a scrachy voice.
"hey honey in so happy your awake. trey's her with me sis." trey stood up.
"oh trey i knew you would be here for me."
"i'll always be here baby. i told you im never going anywhere and i meant that. now you just gotta get better so we can get us together."
"who was that who shot me.?" she asked looking back and forth between lania and trey.
"we're not sure yet. but what we do know is that cameron had something to do with it." lania said.
"he admitted to it.?"
"no but come one chris you gotta say that is a real big coincidence that he threatens you then when you get home you get shot. its kinda obvious that he had some involvement in this." lania said.
"is he here still.?"
"naw baby me, michael, and chris put his ass out."
"after trey try to put him in a hospital bed."
"oh wow." they all started laughing as lania told christin what went down in the waiting room between trey and cameron. just then the trey and lania got real quiet.
"whoa what's with the awkward silence.? ya'll know i hate that shyt."
"well we actually have some bad news for you. its kinda the reason why only us two are back here and not anybody else." lania said moving into the bed with christin.
"what's wrong.?" christin said sitting up.
"there was a complication during surgery." trey began saying.
"what do you mean.?"
"you loss two pints of bloods and uh----," he paused trying to reframe from crying again.
"trey just tell me please."
"lania i cant do it." he said walking towards the window.
"ok now you guys are scaring me. will somebody please just tell me whats going on."
"christin you were 9 weeks pregnant." lania told her.
"so me and trey are having a baby."
"no chris your not pregnant anymore. you loss too much blood during surgery so it died and the doctors had to do an emergency D&C on you after they finished removing the bullets." lania finished explaining.
for a while christin just sat there in a daze. she didn't speak or blink. her heart just broke into a million pieces. he could not believe she lost her baby. granted she didn't know the baby existed but the point of the matter is the fact that everytyhing about the pregnacy was taken out of her hands because of cameron's jealousy. slowly but surely while she sat there the pain and saddness was turning to rage and disgust. cameron had to pay for what he did to her and trey and whoever else that was involved will suffer as well.
"chris baby are you ok.?" trey asked holding her around the shoulders.
"i will be when we get out of here." she said with a smile.
"iight imma go ask the doctor how much longer your gonna have to be in here then imma be back. who do you want me to send in while im away.?" trey asked walking out.
"tell gigi to come on back." lania said.
"oh and babe, can you send her back with some ice, please.?"
"ofcourse baby."
"i love you."
"i love you too babe. always and forever."
"i love you three trey." lania said laughing. trey walked out shaking his head.
"sis i gotta a question for you. now dont take this the wrong way but i truely need to know this." lania said turning towards christin.
"ok what's up.?"
"whose baby would that have been if it made it.?" christin looked at lania and smiled.
"it deffinitely would have been trey's. me and cameron haven't had sex in almost a year."
"aw damn so you was going without the D for a minute."
"girl how did you do it.?" lania chuckled.
"girl i bought like 3 different vibrators." they both busted out laughing. just as gigi was walking in.
"omg chris im so happy you okay." gigi said tearing up.
"me and you both girl. im thankful that you were with me or else i dont know what would have happened."
they embraced and they all chatted for a while. diamondz even snuck back there to be with her girls. christin was gonna be getting released in 5 days which was great for her but bad for cameron.

w/ cameron
cameron went back over karen's house just to collect his things and go back home. that bytch really lost her mind tryna get christin killed. he didn't know what she was thinking and honestly he was disgusted just looking at her. as he walked through the house she sat on the couch smoking a blunt and watching his every move.
"so what happened to yo face." she finally spoke up saying.
"that doen't concern you." he said not looking in her direction.
"i bet trey did it didnt he.?"
"didnt i just say dont worry about me bytch.!"
"i take that as a yes." karen said laughing. "you are so weak you know that. like how the fuxk did you let trey take yo girl from you then whoop yo ass in public."
"how do you know we were in public bytch.?"
"i followed yo dumb ass to the hospital. you are pathetic cameron.! you just dont know how to move the fuxk on. she doesnt want you she wants trey.! get that through yo head."
"fuxk you bytch thats why im cutting you off hoe. and you have to knew to say anything about me and mines when you tried to kill her because I DONT WANT YOU. bytch please i dont need this shyt. fuxk you you psycho ass bytch." cameron walked out the house not waiting for her response but ofcourse she followed him out.
"man get yo retarded ass abck in the house girl."
"FUXK YOU.!' karen puched cameron in the jaw causing him to drop his new clothes in the mud.
"YOU STUPID BYTCH." he said slapping her across the face. "you fuxked up my shyt you dumb bytch." he said puching her in the face.
karen tried to crawl away but cameron kicked her in the side.
"take this ass whooping like a man since you wanna make big boy dicisions like shootng christin." cameron started pounding her in the ace over and over then left her there and got in his car and drove back to the hospital.
Run it.!!!

Glad she's gone make it but,Aww poor Trey and Christin lost there baby that so sad.

more runz plz.!!!!

Dmn dats fckd up run it

*back at the hospital*

gigi updated everybody on the story christin told her and what happened between her and cameron earlier in the day. she even told them how the situation at christin's house went down.
"i can not believe cam would do something like this." michael said shaking his head..
"hell i can.! the bastard is crazy, im surprised chris didn't realize this sooner." diamondz said.
"i mean i never thought he would hurt christin like this." michael responded. they all shook their heads in agreement as the doctor walked in.
"for christin bryant.?" the doctor called out.
"yes im her sister." lania stood holding christopher's hand. "how is she doctor.?"
"she's stable. we were able to remove the bullets without any major organs being punctured or damaged." the doctored said reading the charts.
"thats great right.?" chris asked.
"yes but there was one complication. i think you all she have a seat." his face got very serious.
"please just tell us."
"well it seems christin was 9 weeks pregnant but since she loss so much blood the baby didn't make it."
"oh my that means----" diamondz started to say.
"she loss my baby." trey said falling back in his chair breaking down.
"im so sorry trey." lania said comforting him and crying with him.
"can we see her please.?" trey asked.
"i can only allow two of you to go back at a time. make the decision of who it will be then go to the nurse's station."
with that he walked back to the nurse station then into another patient's room.
"off rip nia and trey going.check on my girl for me and give her my love." diamondz responded.
lania kissed chris and grabbed trey's hand and they walked to the station then to christin's room.
RUN IT.!!!

Im glad everybody know Cameron aint bout ish and that only he could do this to Christian. I hope he lies and plotting catch up with him and I hope she makes it. Love Trey for kicking hiss azz too. bytch niga. Run It!!!

WTF cam needs to get the Fck on n Awwww Trey so sweet

cameron called lania and pretended to not know abou twhat happed to christin and rushed to the hospital. when he got there lania, gigi, diamondz, chris, sean, and michael were there surrounding lania. gigi was still covered in blood and crying hysterically. what surprised cameron was the fact that trey was no where in site. cameron put on higame face and headed towards the group.
"lania have you heard anything yet.?" he asked stretching his arms out to hug her.
"no not yet. all we know is she lost two pints of blood and they are in surgery right now to remove the bullets"
"babysis what happened.?"
"like you dont know." gigi finnally spoke up saying.
"what you mean by that.?" he asked getting defensive.
"oh please cam, christin toold me you threaten her today. saying you had something waiting for her when she got home. this aint no coincidence that she gets shot outside her house the same day you tell her that." hearing that lania looked up and socked the shyt outta cameron.
"how could you do this cameron.? i thought you loved her." lania asked breaking down again.
"lania i swear i didnt do this."
"bullshyt cameron.! this got your dirty ass name all over it. and what makes it so bad you tried to blame trey for this." diamondz said.
"fuxk that nigga man.! i said i aint do it. and ya'll sitting up here putting him on this high pedistal like he the best thing that ever happened to christin yet the nigga aint even here to be by her side after she's been shot."
"actually mutha'fuxka i am here." cameron turned around and was face to face with trey holding a cup of coffee. trey walked around him to lania and handing her the cup then turned back to cameron.
"so you had to send mutha'fuxkas to kill chris just because she didnt want yo grimey ass no more. that was very pathetic."
"bytch nigga i said i didnt do it so you can back the fuxk up out my face." cam said
"or what bytch.!" trey walked closer to cameron and was now back in his face. cameron swung at trey but trey dipped out the way and came back with a left hook causing cameron to stumble backwards. immediately michael jumped in the middle before things could get too out of hand.
"cam man you need to leave. this aint the time nor the place to be doing this shyt so go." michael said.
"why the fuxk do i gotta leave.? i wanna see about my girl."
"NIGGA SHE AINT YO GIRL O MORE SHE'S MINES NOW EXCEPT THE FACTS AND MOVE THE FUXK ON.!" trey yelled out tryna get passed michael but chris came up from behind and grabbed him as well.
"fuxk this i'll be back to check on MY girl later." with that cameron left and went to christin's house. he loaded up a few outfits and her faorite shower gel and lotion because he knew she was gonna make and there was no chance she was using that shyt the hospital supplied when she felt like showering. he felt like michael and chris betrayed him, granted they weren't that close but they still hung out alot and for them to chose trey over him was fuxked up. if he was tryna make them believe he didnt have anything to do with what happened to christin he would have fuxked all them up but he had to keep up with his story just until he figured out how to get christin back and how to get rid of karen....FOR GOOD.

update coming soon

RUN IT!!!!!

oh yea and im glad christian is okay!

smh dumbasses
and karen you need to shut the fck up!
don't nobody care what you want

damn i wonder what chris gonna say

run it!

few more runs and i'll update.!

I'm glad Christin's gonna make it, but how the hell could Wiz setup to do anything to her, I know he didn't want her shot and only wanted his s*** from her house but it got truly worse. Karen is outta her mind but when Trey finds out Cameron had something to do with this he's gonna flip. And I have a feeling I already know what that bad news is they have to tell Chris...... :(

I'm glad he didn't mean to kill her n Ooh I shud smack dat b n wats wrong wit christin dat nobody is prepared to know