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Yo Side Of The Bed: Chapter 10 (01/16))

*~Yo Side Of The Bed~*

~our bed our sheets our pillows get lonely on yo side of the bed yo side yo side yo side yo side gets lonely on yo side of the bed yo side yo side yo side yo side its not the same without you here~


another lonely night for christin.she had this romantic evening planned for herself and her boyfriend cameron(wiz khalifa)but once again he put tbe streets before her and stayed out all night with not even a phone make matters worst it was their 1-year anniversary. sometimes christin wondered why she stayed with him for this long but then she always thought back to all the wonderful times they have shared and she figured the good out weighed the bad so she stayed.but how long would she be able to put up with it.?
laying across her bed pondering her thoughts christin's phone started ringing,thinking ot was cameron she jumped up like a ninja to get to it but it was her sister lania(toya carter).
"hello" she answered kinda disappointed.
"well dont get too excited that i called" lania responded
"im sorry i thought you was cameron calling."
"oh boy.! where is that f***ass anyway" she asked smacking her lips
"hell if i know.!all i know is he better get his ass home soon or else he gonna get his feelings hurt"
"sis you aint gonna do shyt but cuss him out then he gonna get yo spot and yall gonna have some make up know the process so stop frontin." lania said laughing her ass off
"not this time lay-lay im gettin so tired of his bullshyt and something has gotta changr or else im puttin him out.!"
"yea that sounds bad i dont believe you. " she started laughing even harder
"fuxk you.!" we both laughed.right then she heard cameron come in the house.
"lay-lay he just walked in imma call you back."
they hung up and christin walked straight in the front room ready for war
Just a lil taste
Run it or Dump it.??


Okay I'm feeling it. Camerons in trouble lol
Run it.

Dang run it