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<a href=>Jay</a> walked outside and blew warmth into his palms as the chilly evening air whipped across his face. He dug his hands in his pockets and walked down the empty block. He got to his post and stood there, looking in both directions. It had been a year. He was well on his way to a promotion, so he didn't sweat the lonely nights. He pulled out his iPhone and went through his contacts. He stopped on Monique's name, just as a young guy approached. He looked to be about 15. Jay looked him in the face and nodded.

"Mookie sent me." The guy said.

Jay dug in his pocket and handed him a dime bag. The dude handed him a crumpled twenty and walked off down the street. Jay pressed Monique's name and put the phone to his ear. Her voice broke the silence surrounding him and he looked down the street, as he leaned up against the building he shared this corner with.

"What you doin tonight?" He asked, his tone of voice implying that he wanted to see her.

"Mm, nothing if you tryna come through." She said.

"Be up when I call." He said, hanging up the phone and putting it back in his pocket.

He sighed and looked up at the sky and marveled at the number of stars he could count tonight. He wondered what was up there. He wondered who was sharing this view with him this evening.


3 miles to the north, <a href=>Selena</a> looked up at the stars and wished that she was there. She looked back at the crowd of kids surrounding the swimming pool, celebrating graduation. She spotted <a href=>Narvin</a> and his eyes were glued to her. She turned away and sighed. She heard his footsteps behind her on the concrete. He put his hand on her lower back and she stepped away.

"Are you crazy? What are you doing?" She asked, looking at him.

"I haven't heard from you." He said.

"I didn't know this was something I'd committed to." She said, frowning at him.

"So what? What happened doesn't mean anything to you?" He asked.

"No. She's my best friend, Narvin." Selena snapped.

"Can I have everyone's attention!"

Selena heard her best friend <a href=>Chelsea's</a> voice and she shivered.

"I wanna thank everyone for coming! Thanks to everyone who has ever been there for me. We're graduating you guys! This is huge. I've had so many good times with everyone out here. I'm gonna miss everyone. I really wanna thank my best friend Selena and my boyfriend Narvin for being there when I needed them. I love the both of you. I don't know who I'd be without you guys." She said.

Narvin smiled and Selena's face swelled with tears. She stared blankly back at her best friend and then at the sky. She didn't want to be here anymore.


a Christmas gift for my father, which one is better? ...
there are a lot of products on sale. Which one is better for 48 years old mom? Handbag,glasses or biniki? Please help.

how is it that al the girls he meet ishoes except Jay?? lol

Run it!

oooo she shouldve
talked to him!!

Enjoy (: more tomorrow.

ahhh damn Jayy does
hae a heart
. . .
but whyy he aint just
payy for the food

mad runs

Selena pulled at her skirt as she followed Chelsea into Chad's party. Chels held her hand and dragged her through the party. Selena conversed with a few people from her class, but overall she was bored. She checked her phone every two minutes, hoping to see that an hour had passed at least. She went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror, before washing her hands and heading back out to the party. Chelsea was well on her way to being drunk, and was standing with this group of black guys. Selena rolled her eyes and walked towards them.

"C'mon Chels." She said, grabbing her hand.

Selena could feel the eyes of one guy on her, but she pulled Chelsea from them and walked off, without even looking in his direction.


Jay stood in the kitchen of the party he had supplied. He put a Corona to his lips and looked over at his friend who was talking to some wasted girl he had seen a few times. Her name always slipped his memory, but he knew that it started with a C. He shook his head. This was not his scene. He looked up to see some girl walking towards them, with a look of aggravation on her face.

"C'mon Chels." She said, grabbing the girl's hand.

Jay's eyes were glued to her as she helped the girl walk off. The owner of the house, Chad, walked up and introduced him to some other white kid. Jay thought that they all looked alike.

"I need something big for my party next weekend." The kid said.

Jay finished the Corona.

"How big we talkin?" He asked.

"Big." The kid said, handing Jay a G.

Jay smiled and nodded, "Aight. Get my number from Chad. Chad, hit me up. I'm about to split." He said, dapping up Chad.

Jay and his friends made their way through the party and he caught a glimpse of that girl again. She was in the corner trying to get her friend to get up. He walked towards her.

"Yo." He said, tapping her on her side.

She tossed him a look and then looked back at her friend. Jay frowned.

"Girl." He said.

"Can I help you?" She asked, snapping her head in his direction.

Jay was turned off by her attitude. "Nah." He said, turning and leaving the party.

He and his friends got in his car and headed back to their neighborhood.


Selena rolled her eyes, after an attempt by some dude to talk to her. She picked up Chelsea and slung her arm over her shoulder. She helped her outside to the car and put her in the backseat. She got in the front seat and shut the door. She looked back at Chels.

"Why didn't you talk to James!" Chelsea shrieked.

"What? How do you know his name?" Selena asked.

"I've seen him at a few parties." Chelsea's speech was slurred.

Selena ignored what she said, as her mind was racing. Where was she going to take her? If she took her back to her house, she'd have to be quiet. She swallowed hard and started her car. She was headed back to her house.

Chelsea walked into the kitchen as Selena finished up her lunch. Chelsea walked to the stove and smiled at Selena's mother.

"Mmm! Can I have some?" She asked.

Selena's mom kissed Chelsea's forehead. "Sure. I'll make you a plate."

Chels sat down next to Selena and smiled over at her.

"You know Chad's having a rager next weekend." Chels said.

Selena shrugged, "Yeah I heard about it. I don't really wanna go." She said.

"Why not?! It'll be our last party before graduation." Chelsea pleaded.

Selena's mom turned and handed Chelsea her plate. Chelsea dug in and Selena's mom looked at her daughter.

"Go to the party, have fun. You only graduate from high school once." She said.

Selena looked at her mother and nodded. "Okay fine. I'll go." She said.


Jay rolled over to the sound of his mother's voice. He sat up and cracked his knuckles before putting on his watch and grabbing his phone. He threw on some shorts and walked out into the hall. He walked out into the living room and listened as his mother spoke to someone on the phone. He went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Empty. He sighed and shut it, returning to the living room. She was negotiating a bill, as always. He leaned up against the wall and watched as his mother begged for an extension. He shut his eyes and shook his head. It hurt his heart. She hung up the phone and sighed.

"Hi honey." She said softly.

"Ma, you need money?" He asked.

His mother frowned, "If it ain't clean, I don't need it."

"Ma. I can pay the light bill." He said.

"I don't want your drug money, James." She said, looking at her son.

She stood up and put on her shoes and grabbed her work badge. He watched as she looked around for her bus pass. He found it on the kitchen counter and handed it to her.

"I don't want you riding home on the bus late at night. If you need a ride, call me." Jay said.

His mother kissed his cheek and left the apartment. His stomach growled and he shook his head and went to take a shower. He threw on some clothes and headed over to McDonald's. Driving around his neighborhood, he got looks of respect. He was a celebrity around here. Younger guys looked up to him. Wondered how they could make a come-up. Jay parked in the parking lot and walked inside the crowded McDonald's. He smacked his lips and made eye contact with a girl behind the counter. She smiled a little and he smirked. When he got up to the cash register, he eyed her frame as she made an ice cream cone. She came to take his order.

"What y'all got for free?" He asked, looking at the menu.

She laughed and blushed, "Nothing in this life is free." She said.

"What I gotta give you for a number 5?" He asked, looking her in her eyes.

"Leave your number." She said, typing something in the cash register and handing him a cup.

She went to fulfill his order and he smiled and went to get something to drink. He got his food and split. That night, his mother got a ride home from work and when she got to her apartment, she wasn't surprised to find that Jay wasn't there. She went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door to see that the fridge was full of food. She smiled a little and looked up at the ceiling.

"Thank you, Jesus." She whispered.

she's gonna be
bugging if she
keep denying
that something
is to be said
about whatever
happened between
her and narvin
...all they gotta
do is talk about
maybe it won't
bother her as
much if she did

run it ♥


Selena woke up the next afternoon and rolled over on her side, sighing. She had a missed call from Chelsea. She sat up in her bed and her <a href=>mother</a> opened the door and smiled.

"Good morning plum!" She said, walking in and lying across Selena's bed. "I've missed you! You've been so distant."

"Just a lot on my mind, with graduation and everything." Selena said.

"Something you wanna talk about?" She asked.

Selena shook her head, "Nothing I can't handle." She said, smiling at her mother.

Her mom smiled and kissed her forehead, "Okay. I'm making lunch. Dad's out in the garage. Said he needed to talk to you."

Selena rolled her eyes. Whenever her dad "needed to talk" she always ended up in an extreme state of annoyance. She slipped into a pair of sweats and threw on a t-shirt and some flip flops, before walking downstairs and out onto the patio. She slid the backdoor shut and walked towards the garage. Her dad worked on his Corvette and looked up when she approached.

"Good afternoon!" He said, standing up and walking towards his tool kit.

"Hey dad." Selena said, sitting down on one of the stools in the garage.

"College. Fall. Our head still in the right place?" He asked.

Selena narrowed her eyes at him, "Yes." She responded.

"Alright. My job was to raise you. Now it's your turn to graduate from college, and forever be a Bruin!" He said.

Selena's <a href=>father</a> was a UCLA alumnae himself. Selena grew up with that school. She didn't have another option. She nodded at her father and looked towards the house.

"Dad, you ever do something that wish you could take back?" She asked.

"Sure. Something you struggling with?" He asked, wiping his oily hands on a rag.

Selena nodded, "Yeah."

"I'm sure you'll find a way to fix it. I've always called you a scientist for a reason. You have a way of solving problems in ways that even you're surprised by sometimes. You'll come out alright. Just be smart." He said, making eye contact with her.

She nodded, "I'm gonna go eat. Want me to bring you a plate?" She asked.

He smiled, "Daddy's girl!" He kissed her forehead and she walked towards the house.

"I'll take that as a yes."

damn.. must really suck...
I would hate to be in her position...

☺... yuu kno...

it's gonna have
to be talked about
sooner or later

run it ♥

awww damn


Selena helped clean up the backyard. She picked up the fallen streamers, and looked up to see Chelsea and Narvin making out near the backdoor. She felt sick to her stomach and walked out to the front to sit down on the front porch. She pulled out her phone and called her mother. Her mother picked up almost immediately.

"Hey honey. How was the party?" She asked.

"It was fine. What are you doing up?" She asked.

"Me and your father are watching some stupid movie on HBO. Can't fall asleep. You on your way home, or are you staying at Chelsea's?" Her mom asked.

"I will be home soon. I just...wanted to hear your voice." Selena said softly.

"Aww honey. I love you. See you when you get home." She said.

Selena hung up the phone and looked out at Chelsea's development. Each house identical, accented with a Mercedes Benz or a BMW in the driveway. She sighed and waited for Narvin to come to the front yard. Chelsea held his hand as they turned the corner. She hugged him and kissed him once more.

"Think you can give me a ride home?" Selena asked.

"You're not gonna stay?" Chelsea asked.

Selena shook her head. She couldn't bear to stay over tonight. There was too much on her mind. Narvin looked at Selena.

"Yeah I got you." He said.

Selena hugged Chelsea. "I had fun. I'll come by tomorrow." She said.

Chels nodded and walked inside. Selena stood in the driveway awkwardly with Narvin. He walked to his car and popped the locks. Selena got in and buckled her seatbelt. He looked over at her.

"Are we ever gonna talk about this?" He asked.

"No." She responded, looking out the window.

He started up the car and drove out of the driveway. "You know, I really care about you, Selena. There's always been something about you that I've admired. When we... hooked up, I kind of thought that you felt the same way that I did." He said.

Selena listened as he spoke and chose her words carefully.

"There is nothing between us, and there never will be. I made a mistake. One that I regret deeply. I don't wanna hear about this, anymore." She said, looking over at him.

He looked at her too, meeting her gaze. Riley could see his heart breaking through his chest.

"Whatever you say." He said softly, looking back at the road.

woooow. . .
Jayy seems a bit C O L D
Monique seems like a
but she might have feelings
for Jayy though. . . but that
shouldn't have did
that infront of her sis man tht was. . .

mad &hearts; runs

she's a hoe.. or he's an a**hole... I ca nt believe she would do tha t infron of her little sis... smh...

☺ Runs

Jay walked up the steps towards Monique's apartment. He could feel the walls sweating as he climbed higher. The apartment was sweltering, when she opened the door.

"You got any food?" He asked, pushing past her and entering the apartment.

"Yeah I made chicken alfredo earlier." She said.

He went into the kitchen and tossed a look at her little sister. She completely disregarded him. He was sure that she was used to guys coming in and out all of the time. He made himself a plate and sat down in the living room. She sat and painted her toenails as he ate. He looked over at her with a look of disgust on his face.

"So you gon paint your toenails while I'm eating." He said.

"Shut up, Jay. Always fckin complaining. Nigga you eatin my food!" She shrieked.

He scrunched up his face.

"Chill out. You're loud." He said, finishing off his food. He sat the empty plate down on the table in front of him and unbuckled his pants.

She looked at him and he looked back at her.

"You gon stare at it?" He asked.

She sighed and put the nail polish down. She proceeded to give him head, as he texted someone else on his phone. He had a big party to supply the coming weekend. One up in Manhattan Beach. He figured it was some white graduation party. Graduation season was always profitable. He came after about 30 minutes and pulled up his pants.

"Thanks for the food." He said, heading toward the door.

He looked to see her sister staring blankly at him. He looked back at her, sort of feeling bad. He shook it off and left the warm apartment.

lol, selen and narvin
sneaked a peak
nuh uh
so cute they both
lookin upon the stars.

run it a milli ♥


Run IT!

sounds interesting

mad &hearts; runs