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"Signs Of Lovemaking" © Zodiac Signs

They we're different. All of them, they didnt have the same characteristics as you and me. Nope. They took the zodiac to a different level. Thats why they we're all put away. Where you say?. The school of astrology.

"honey sit down. We have to talk to you" her mother said as she sat down.

"your mother & I talked and thought about this thing for a long time" her father said. " the suspensioms from school has to end. And your outbrakes just wont . Your dangerous"

What? What u mean by dangerous?" She yelled

"dont be mad baby. Your father. Means well but your changes arent heathy for others." Her mom stated

"stop talking to me like im 5. Spit it out" her goat antlers started to grow out her head. & her fish tail started to form.

"that.! That shiit isnt normal. We're moving u to Miami. The school of Astrology" her dad said

"so ur shipping me away because of my capricorn behaviors"

"yes" they said in unasion. She look at them & smirked. Standing up and walking upstairs.


I sat in the bleachers watching the boys run back & forth . It was shirts vs. skuns. ;-) on the shirts side it was guys idk. On tge skin it was aj. Dray. Lorenzo davon and some other guys. The game was going good until someone haaad to talk to me behind my back.

"idk what you here for. But your presence are not needed. U need to go back from where you came . You see aj. He's off limits. And you see him right there (points to bow wow) I wish u would try him"

"and I wish you would get ya hot stank ass breath off the back of my nrck and ear" I said standing up

"i'm just warning you" merrissa said leaning back

"i think I can converse with anyone I want" I walked out of the gym and too the bathroom. I looked into the mirror & seen lil antlers forming out my head and I looked down at my fresh manicure nauls that transformed into black claws.

"kiani are you okay" I turned around

"ranee whats happening to me ?" She touched my head and nails

"you were changing. How did it happen ?"

"idk I idk how to controll it. I was arguing with merrissa and I came tto the bathroom and seen this. "

"ohh u change when your angry. Well atleast for now"

How do u change ?" I look back to my nails which where changibg back.

"you have to put yourself un the mindset of the sign" ranee closed her eyes and changed unto a ram. "are chanes are alike. Aries. Taurus. Cappas. The ram. Bull. Seagoat. It quiet the same. " she turned back. "dont worry about merrissa she just in her bad twin cause she dont jno u, now come on. We missing our boo thang shiitiin on niggas.

We left out the bathroom and back to the gym. And indeed the skins where whooping ass. By 12 poibts. The game ended with lorenzo making the last shot 32-20.

The boys where about to walk over until one of the boys from the other team tried something

"yo man thats BULLSHIIT yall niggas cheated"

"is you mad cause that ass got waxed" elijah (bowwow) laughed

"mannn aint nobody worried about yall pussy made niggas !"

"who u calling pussies biitch " lorenzo put his towel down

"you. Unless you to much of a pussy to accept this challenge. "

Lorenzo laughed and walked up to him. "just like that basketball game whopping yo asss is not gonna be a challenge. "

The boy roard & changed into a lion. His long pretty gold mane around his face. & long claws. Than lorenzo chaned into his scorpion. They started fighting which caused a riot. I was looking around lost and amazed at the different anamials . I seen unique with her white hair fighting too. Chris got stabbed by a saggitarius arrow. I screamed as he feel.

I ran over there so fast and tilted my head down as my antlers penched him in his horse ass. Wow I didnt even know my antlers grew out.! I looked over to my right and seen too merrissas like symeanse twin running towards me. I turned and smaked her with my fish tall. As she got up we began to bang. I felt like I was getting jumpes until ranee came and ramed them in the ass.

I looked over at kaydn who had turned into a lioness. But was fettung hit by this girl who had scales for her arms. I ran over & ramed her in the ass as she fell. Kay started stomping her digging her claws in her. I guess what csts do best (kanye shrug)

I looked at jadenne who was fighting a crab. She was whooping ass as a fish. Than lorenzo came and bit that crab making her drop instantly. He kissed jade on the cheek. I looked back at aj who was still lying on the floor. The saggatarius was about to finish him off until elijah ran over and cover his nose with his hand. His hand was water drowning him he feell.

Everyone walked closer to aj ....

"how u feeling man " drayson asked turning back

"i'm hurt. I'm hit real bad"

"hang in their aj" unique said crying as davon held her

"how can we get u better man" elijah asked

"kiani. Where kiani?" I looked around at everyone as they changed back. I walked to aj.

"i really need your help. I'm loosing alot of blood & your the only one who can save me. Where most compatible to each other."

"idk what to do aj" I said shaking

"dont worry. You'll know. It'll come. Are u gonna help me?"

I shook my head yes.

"touch my wound" aj closed his eyes & I did.

"as our earth element combine as one. I kiani gambino, 16, december 25th capricornus seagoat saturn as my ruler. Give all my health to Anthony Jackson 17, May 5th. Taurus. Bull. Mercery as his ruler. I vow my strengths. Responsiblity , patient , ambitious , resourceful and loyalty to combine with his strengths. Dependable , persistant, generous, patient & loyalty. As I seal this with a kiss.
After I kissed him his wound started healing and his eyes


Yayyyy - Can`t wait

Update today

That lesson had my head spilling, but it was so fascinating to learn (for myself) lol.. but yayyY!! MANZ i HOPE this story is long and does all the signs lolz.. thatd be cool to learn lol.

Glad I got to see who Marissa is lol, beetch! JOKES.. hope we become cool.

and Awwwww @ homegirl and Dray lol.. too cute..

Ohh we bout to go watch some ball, its kinds shame like everyone knowing the compatibility thing and noh me lol, feeling all lost and left out lol.

Sorry for the long comment,


run it

Nice. Who did it?

Run IT

ooo i love aj picture :)

<a href="">Renee</a>

<a href="">Unique</a>

<a href="">Kaydn</a>

<a href="">Kiani</a>

<a href="">jadenne</a>

<a href="">Merissa</a>

<a href="">Drayson</a>

<a href="">Lorenzo</a>

<a href="">Aj</a>

run it

Libra still! Yaya I feel special! :-) but enough about me, Kiani gotta thang 4 AJ on her 1st day! Ooooh and evrybody knows. Run it!

Of course she wanna go.
She's trying to get with her man.
See how I knew?

And I honestly was not following the lesson.
It confused me.
You sound like one of those horoscope scholars.
Run it.

this is reaaaaaal



mad &hearts; runs


run it

" Libra () is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Libra. In astrology, Libra is considered a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. It is also considered an air sign and

is one of four cardinal signs.Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which also rules Taurus.

Individuals born when the Sun was in this sign are considered Libra individuals. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun enters Libra on the moment of northern autumnal equinox on September 23, leaving it on October 22." The professor stated. I was sitting in class taking notes as Drayson (treysongz) leans over to me.

"you get it?"

"does it look like it?" I whispered and we both laughed turning our attention back to the professor.

"In Roman mythology, Libra is considered to depict the scales held by Astraea (identified as Virgo), the goddess of justice. Libra is also considered the goddess of balance and truth. She also corresponds with Egyptian mythology as Ma'at, the goddess of the scales or balance.

Generally, the qualities of Libra are considered to be compatible with those of the other air signs: Gemini and Aquarius, and to a lesser extent with the fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. However, compatibility based on sun-sign alone is considered to be only a very general guideline. The branch of astrology dealing with interpersonal relationships is called Synastry. In this, astrologers analyze the horoscopes of both parties being considered with particular reference to the positions of the Sun and Moon, and Venus and Mars. Okay class. That ia it for today for libra's myrhology history. Tomorrow we will take a look at libras compatibility." He said aa students got up.

"wait. <a href="">Dray</a> that it?. Thats all for today?"

He laughed. "yeaa 1 class a day.. "

"hey <a href="">Kiani</a>" <a href="">Renee</a> & <a href="">Jadenne</a> walked up saying. "hello handsome" renee said smiling.

"hey. Look I gotta go. Open gym. <a href="">Lorenzo</a>,, <a href="">Aj</a> , and a couple other guys about to ball. I'll see yall later" he said kissing renee on the forehead.

"oooooooooooo" jade.& I started laughing.

"shut up yall. Kiani we rolling with you"

"i dnt see why not. Lets go." As we walked back to the room. We seen unique & another girl on her bed.

"whadd up Kay Love"renee said laughing.

"hey jade. Nae kiani"

"what is this roll call in this bish. U couldnt say hey YALL" jade said. We laughed.

"shut up. Kay this is Kiani. Kiani this is Kaydn"

"hi nice to meet you" <a href="">Kaydn</a>". Smiled.

"nice meeting you too".

"ranee. ? Fuuck you all over there cheezing for ?" Jade & I busted out laughing.

"dray kissed nae on the forehead today after class. " jade said as the room cracked up.

"shut up.! Okay. I been having a crush on him for forever"

"WE KNOW" everybody but kiani said.

"fuuck yall -__-"

"kiani how was your first day?"

"mann..that ish is lowkey confusing. Yet intresting at the same time"

"yeaa. It's more exciting when the house is in ur sign. The lessons are about you". Kay said I nodded.

"sooooo kiani. Has anyone caught your eye yet?" Ranee asked

I opened a bag of hot fries and started eating "mmmm I dont think soo. All they guys are just coo. "

"i think I have an idea" unique looked at me & smirked.

"anyway" I laughed. " ranee whats going o. With u & dray"

"girl I been in love with him since I came here last year. We compatible and everything"

"how do you know yall compatible?" I asked

"the zodiac explains it" ranee said

"idk who im compatible with" I shruged

"whats your sign?" Kay asked

"capricorn" everybody looked at kaydn. Who smiled and looked at unique

"is that why you said you had a idea who" kaydn asked unique

"exactly the reason. "

"who is she compatible with?" Jade said. unique looked at me for awhile.

"Taurus" everyone smiled and laughed.

A Taurus & a capricorn are most compatible with each other" kay said

"awwwwwwww" jade & ranee said

"what doed that mean? Wtf is the awww shiit for ? Who's a taurus?"

Kay smiled looking at me "Aj". Eveything froze like wow really?

"hey yall <a href="">Davon</a> just texted me. Yall tryna go to open gym and watch the boys ball ?" Unique asked

"hell yea we in dere!" Ranee popped up

"i bet you are smh" jade said

"your judging me. Dont do that lol" ranee said we laughed.

"who gonna be dere" kay asked

"My boobutt Davon of course. Dray" unique looked at ranee smiling & rolled her eyes laughing. ""hunter, lorenzo, elijah& uhh aj" she smiled at me "kiani you down?"

"yea let me change ." Everyone laughed.

Update coming y
Still hoping someone will do rhe oictures

Lmao. I don't like this Merrisa b*tch !

And I can totally see Rocsi ass playing her .

Ugh, she just pissed me off.

Idgaf about her being a Gemini lol.

That ho need that ass whooped, but I actually do get along well with Geminis. My best friend was a Gemini.

And I'm just loving me some AJ and Lorenzo ..

Mmmmmm.... lol.


im loving this!!


I love this story. Its something different and I already see Kiani is gonna have problems with Merrisa. Oh and my nigga Aj, imma need You to stop with the staaring, its kinda creepy. Run it! :) PS:: house of the Libra? yea fool! we runnin s***! (at least for now)

I'll do it!
I love pictures.


Would anybody be willing to do me a favor and get on my page & upload pics of the cast to the first post. ?

Wow, Rissa? REALLY!?!?!?!..
Sad, Sad, girl LOL..
Awww Thankies Bully Boy mwahz!!

omgosh I can soooo see this as a movie!!



"kiani, you really gotta quit screaming".

"i cant! Did you see what, she did. My-my hands are wet. An-and her hands felt scaely. Like wtf?"

"this biitch seriously needs to kill all this noise" some girl said. I scrunched up my face getting ready to get active.

"c'mon kiani, sit. This is Jadenne , Elijah , renee, you kinda met Aj. You kno lorenzo, and this is Merrisa. " she said pointing to the evil biitch from earlier. "everyone this is kiani. "


"hey whats sup hi, nice to meet you" all greeted me

"where you from?" Renee (latoya luckett) ask.


"so never notice your breakthroughs.?" Elijah (bow wow) asked.

I shook my head nervously " no. I dont know when it happens or how"

"well im am aquarius. Look" he grab my hand. It instantly got wet. Cleared and turn to a form of water. I looked at him. He smirked. A couple drops of water falling from his hair which also turn into a form of water.

I quickly pulled my hand back and it changed back.

"show off" aj (chris brown) said shaking his head at elijah than staring at me.


"this shiit didnt freak yall out when yall first came". I asked

"at first it did. But I know I can speak for everyone when I say we rather be here than bullied where we was. " jadenne (paige hurd) said.

"dont speak for me" merrisa (rocsi diaz) said

"babe. You needa chill" elijah said. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

Dinner was good besides merrisa side comments. And Aj staring at me making me feel erie. Afterwards I decided to walk around the school. On the otherside of the building I felt a breeze turning into strong winds. It felt like a tornado inside the building. My feet started to move until I felt someone strong hands grab hold to me. I look at him antlers and bull like frame. He did a move gesture with his hand I looked at his palm and seen the earth and air blowning tgrough it. The air ceased around me.

"merrisa. Chill, leave her alone." Aj said.

"thanks" I said. "whats wrong with her".

"gemini. Split personality. She this when she dnt know u." He smirk. "c'mon. Lets go back to the room". We started walking.

"how did u stop the wind".

"earth element. Whats ur sign"

",capricorn" he smiled "what"

"your an earth element too"

"was that it really"

"no. But you'll find out later".

Update today.

Loving the comments.


Yeah, that's weird that they share bathrooms lmao .

I mean , they can get it in the showers and sinks and shid lol.

I'm loving this though .

Aj sound sexy as f*ck though .



Please run this!!!

Manzzzzzzz, we share bathrooms?? ..
That cant be right lmaoooo...

No one better come in shooott..
ophhh yohhhh this dinner is gonna be interesting


run it