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Rescue Me chapter 9

I was in the hospital fighting for my life. I was going in and out of consciousness. I looked over at Tyrell and everything went back. Lemme show you how we got here.
As a baby
"shut the f*** up crying!" my mother Katrina roared. I stopped crying and just stared. "Such a stupid b****!" she yelled. Katrina looked over at me and slapped my face so hard. She busted my lip and I was crying again. " Shut The f*** Up!" she screamed choking me out. I lost all air and eventually passed out. I woke up 2 hours later to my mom watching T.V. My stomach was growling. I was a new born and I hadn’t eaten in since I arrived home 6 days ago. My mom looked over at me "you done crying hoe?" she asked me. She got up and lifted up her shirt. She plopped down on the couch and proceeded to breast me while watching I Am Legend on TV. She rocked me back and forth to put me back to sleep. I pooped and I guess she smelled it “you stank ass nasty ass hoe!” she yelled. She got up and grabbed some wipes and a diaper’ she threw me down on the couch and I hurt my head on the arm of the chair. I started whimpering softly but not too loud becuz all she’d do was hurt me again. She took off my diaper and my little cooch was raw. I had severe diaper rash and I’m sure that it smell terrible. I just don’t understand why my mom doesn’t love me. ‹em›“Hoe! Hoe! Sideline hoe Youse a hoe Youse a hoe Sideline hoe!” ‹/em›My mom’s phone rang. It must have been Darnell. My mom was cheating on my father and he was nothing but faithful to her. He was away at a biz trip. He insisted that he stay and help her take care of me but he insisted otherwise. “Hey Darnell baby” she said in a flirty voice. Ugh pathetic hoe! “Yea you can come over babe. The only other person here is this stupid ass baby” she said referring to me. It really hurt me to my heart to now that she didn’t have any love for me. “Be here in 45 minutes” she said hanging up the phone. She hung up the phone after being on it for 5 minutes. Since I didn’t have on a diaper, I had peed all over the cover on the couch. She looked beyond pissed. She picked me up and took me to the bathroom. She ran the water too hot and out me in it as punishment. She turned off the water and left to the living room. She had picked up the wet cover and put it in the washing machine. “I should have aborted your ass when I had the opportunity” she mumbled but I heard her loud and clear. If only I had understood what it meant at the time. She lifted me up and washed me off. She used a sponge (to bathe with) and scrubbed me really hard. I had red marks all over me from the rough material and hard scrubbing. After about 5 minutes of being in the tub, she picked me to dress me. After dressing me she put me in the crib down in the basement. I laid down and tried to go to sleep. It was hard because the bruises, slap marks, and harsh scrubbing was hurting me all over. I heard the door open and a deep voice. “Wassup boo” I heard the voice say. Must be Darnell. “Nothing just thinking about you baby” she replied. I heard them kiss and then he asked “where is the baby?” Why in the hell did he wanna see me? I guess my mom was thinking the same thing as me because she asked “why in the hell do you wanna see her?!” I swear sometimes I think she is jealous of me. It’s pretty pathetic if you ask me. ‘I just wanna see my girl’s baby” he said. “She is downstairs in the basement sleep” she told him. He went downstairs to see me. “Mmm you a sexy b**** aint you?” he asked me. I just looked up at him “you got pretty brown eyes too” he said licking his lips at me. He pulled off his pants and pulled his penis out. He undressed me and pulled off my diaper. He rubbed on my vagina really hard. He stroked his d*** and started rubbing faster. The was this felt was terrible. I started to cry. He stroked faster and rubbed me faster. I started crying harder. He pointed his d*** at me and his hot cum shot all over my face. He took a discarded towel and rubbed it off my face. He put it away, zipped up his pants, put my clothes back on me, and went upstairs like nothing ever happened. I cannot believe he did this to me *Just so yall know, yea she is supposed to be a baby in this chapter but it is all a memory. She is still in the hospital. Hope yall like it*<a href=""> baby Aaliyah </a>
<a href=""> Katrina </a>
<a href=""> Darnell </a>


when he seen and heard how vain she was why did he have a with her child ? she suck as As a mother. run it

i will update soon I swear

@KRcbreezy She's the singer AALIYAH <a href=""> this </a> is her currently in this story

wth?! that is crazy
her man really gon cheat on her?
and i think liy should start taking pics and what not of her abuse that way when she tells her dad he cant do anything but believe her
she dont deserve anything her mom been putting her thru
btw how does she look like? (megan good?)
run it

Her mom is such a slut when is royal gonna wake up? Ronnie better not be participating in this fukery run it.

O her mom wrong n him to run it

“She killed your baby?” Liyah nodded her head sadly. I cant believe my mother killed my future niece or nephew. I may be young but I’m not stupid. I cant believe my own mother could be so damn cruel. To her first born especially. She always gives me money, drives me places, lets me stay out longer than Liyah, doesn’t put me down or anything like that. She’s always treated me better and I have no clue why. “Liyah I’m so very sorry.” “Yea me too.” “Not trying to be rude but whose was it?” “It was your fathers. I’m sure of it. Ronnie always used protection but frankly your dad never gave a damn. He came inside of me as he pleased. But knowing my dad, he’s gonna let Ronnie’s parents know and they’re gonna tell him and he will be here shortly.” Right after she said that, there was a knock at the door and it was none other than Ronnie. “Hey Ronnie. I’ll give you two time to talk.”

“So when did you plan on telling me your were pregnant?” he asked. “I didn’t know baby. I wish I did because I would have told you.” “So how did you miscarry?” “I’m not even sure. I must’ve fallen or something and miscarried while taking a nap.” “Liyah you’re such a klutz” he replied with a smirk. He leaned in and softly kissed my lips. “I’m so sorry” I said putting my head down. “Hey Hey Hey. It’s alright. It’s not like you were even slightly aware. Because I know you. When Jo was born you stayed all over him. Your dad told me in the lobby.” I just sat silently. “Baby it’s okay, we’ll get over this I swear to you” he told me. I gave him a large huge and we just sat snuggled up together. It’s probably not just my mom’s fault. Take that back, it is her fault! But it didn’t help that I was taking ecstasy as well. That just dawned on me. There was a knock at the door “come in!” I said weakly. “did you want me to bring you something to eat?” my dad asked me. “Yea can you get me some cheese sticks and a milkshake?” “Double fudge chocolate chip?” “You know it already.” he smirked and headed out. Ronnie and I just fell to sleep together on the hospital bed. I was woke up a little while later by the nurse who gave me a glass of water. “ here’s some water and some Advil should you get a headache. Which after a miscarriage, happens rather often.” She walked out of the room and I tapped Ronnie. “Tell everybody to go ahead and go home im fine and they can just wait for me at home.” He got up and went into the lobby to go and tell them. He came back in the room with the food from my dad. “Roy was reluctant but he left too” he told me walking over to my bed. We sat in silence and ate the food. Once we were finished, I took the Advil and pressed the button for the nurse. “Are you ready to go?” the nurse asked once she walked in the room. “Yea im ready” I responded. “Alright, just sign this form and you may leave.” Once I signed the form and handed it over, she removed the IV from my arm and took the paperwork to put into my files. “Alright baby lets go back to the house. Im sure dad’s backseat is all bloody and nasty back there.” He nodded in agreement and we walked out of the hospital hand in hand. We got into his car and we were still holding hands. I just need some comforting right now. I mean I just lost my baby. We drove around and I noticed he passed my house. “Where are we going?” “To chill at the park to just relax.” “Tomorrow baby please? I don’t want my folks to be worried. After all I just had a miscarriage and my father is freaking out and sh*t.” “alright baby we can meet up tomorrow and just you and me can spend the day at the park. I know you love it there.” He was right. Nature always put me in a calm state of mind. It was just so relaxing so whenever I have a stressful situation in my life, the park is where I head. Its like my safe haven. He made an illegal ass u-turn and headed back to my place. Once in the driveway, we finally unclasped our hands and headed inside. “Hey Liyah baby. I made you some dinner. It’s your favorite, Bolognese Lasagna with Porcini-Ricotta Filling” she cooed with a smirk. That b*tch! I know damn well she left to go to D’s house. I just know it “Thanks Mama, you know that [URL=] it’s[/URL] my favorite in the whole wide world.” What if she put something in it? Naw I doubt it but only because Roy and Jo are her witnesses. She handed me my plate and I sat on Ronnie’s lap while we ate dinner together. “You guys are such a cute couple. Makes me wanna barf” Jo said. “Shut up turd” I said with a smirk. He gave me a big toothy grin back. That’s my lil nigga though. Keeping sh*t together even though he knows what’s going on. He’s my lil soldier bruh I swear. After we finished eating, my dad washed the dishes and went into the living room. I loved being around my dad. He loved me. He saw me as his little princess. My mother saw me as the one who did nothing but take her attention away. Why couldn’t she just accept me for me? Why must she stay in the spotlight? Why doesn’t she love me? Why is it that she doesn’t feel this way about Jo. By all means im not saying just completely hate on my lil brother, but why me? Why does she feel this hatred for me? Id just love to know why she never loved me? Why does she let Dar have his way with me all the time? I went up the stairs un-noticed and popped some E. I didn’t even bother to cut it in half like I normally do. I just wanna get so damn high. I miss chilling with Blade and Ronnie. I’ve always thought that my mother had an eye for him. He’s sexy but I don’t think he’d do that to me. Im his baby. We may not yet be in love, but we both really like each other. I called up Blade on the phone. “Hey Blade?” “Sup baby girl?” “My high is kicking in right about now and I don’t want Jo to see my like this. Plus we haven’t just kicked it in a while.” “Alright baby girl came over.” “Thanks sweet heart” I said clicking the end button. I walked down the stairs to tell them I was leaving, when I heard muffled voices. “I don’t think we’ll be alone for very long.” <em>Ronnie</em> “Roy and Liyah don’t have to know a damn thing”. <em>My mother</em>I looked in and saw <em>her</em> kiss<em>Ronnie</em> dead on the lips.

Run it


<a href="">Tae</a>

<a href="">Ronnie</a>


Chapter 7 Kat
I decided to do what my mama wanted and marry Royal. His money's long and I love it. Dar can provide but he can't get me what I want. You feel me?
Louis,Gucci,Fendi. The sex is good with him but not like with D. Royal was celibate so we didn't have sex til our honey moon. Luckily D was there to
satisfy my needs. "Hey beautiful, its time to say goodbye to everyone" Roy said snapping me outta the flashback. I nodded and sent everybody out.
**I'm skippin far, far ahead. Like from one to senior year in highschool.**
*Kat is still f***in D. They got married even though Roy and Kat are still married. D got Kat pregnant and Roy thinks its his. D has been raping her now that her body has matured. Kat is still beatin the hell outta her. Till
this day, Roy doesn't know about the s***. Chasity and Jason are still together. Tyrell and Aaliyah freakin hate each other. They always have and that's why they constantly cried together. Jason and Chasity have two more
kids. They had twins a boy and a girl. Rell is currently dating Tae and Aaliyah is dating Ronnie . Sorry for skipping forward, but s*** the young stages was taking too damn long to get to the drama and why its called 'Rescue Me' in the first place.*


"Hey babe!" I squeeled. Ronnie is so damn hot, with his sweet self. Too bad he hangs with Rell. I don't even know why, but I can't stand his ass. I never could and I know the feeling is mutual. "Wassup mami?" He asked with a smile. "Nothin, I just got finished with this hard ass calculus test." "Eww. Girl how do you do it? I f***in hate math." "s*** I do too but I'm good at it and I need it for my highschool credits. Plus you kno I wanna go to college, so this math will look great and my applications." "Yea okay babe do you. I'm proud of you because I sure as hell can't do it." Just then Rell walked by with Tae. I have no clue what she sees in his dumb ass. "Boo chick you got a starrin problem?" Rell said. "Nigga. Nigga. Seek death wit you f*** nigga ass!" I retorted. "Why do you and Rell hate each other so much?" Ronnie asked. "Yea babe, why do y'all hate each other so much?" Tae piped in. "I'm not even sure. We've always hated each other. All our lives" I explained. "How could you hate this sexy boy right here?" Tae asked kissing Rell. "Coz she's a b****!" Rell fussed. "Make me shoot your d*** off nigga! I'll make that s*** splatter! f*** with me!" I roared. "Woah baby, let's go" Ronnie said pulling me away. He grabbed me by my wrist and I almost screamed out. All these cuts on my freaking wrists. They were everywhere but I keep long sleves and braclets/wristbands on them so nobody sees them. We went to the cafeteria to have lunch together. "Babe this food stinks! And it looks gross!" I whined. "Do you wanna go to Wing Stop?" He asked. "Yea, my car or yours?" I asked him. "Yours. My car is in the shop remember?" He said. "Oh yeah! Tae's no drivin ass hit it and they had to tow it away." I remembered. "Yea I kno, I was there." He replied with a smirk. "Whatever nigga" I said rolling my eyes. We walked out of the cafeteria and out to the parking lot. We got in the car and headed down the block to Wingstop. I got out of the car and headed inside with Ronnie trailing behind me. "You know you have a great figure?" Ronnie asked me. "Really?" "Yea you do." I turned and smiled at him before I opened the door. I sauntered inside and some dusty ass old man was eyeing me. "Aaaay shawty! You look delicious babe" dusty ass said to me. "Aye bruh! Back back! She's with me!" Ronnie said. He gets so jealous but its cute sometimes so I let it slide. Dusty ass sucked his teeth, which where black as f*** btw, and turned to walk out of the door. I walked toward the counter. "Can I get a 20 pc party wing. 1/2 Lemon pepper and 1/2....." "Babe what do you want?" "Cajun." "And a 1/2 cajun." "Alright $15.99" the lady said. I handed her a $20 "Keep the change" I told her. We sat at a near-by table and flirted until our food was ready. Ronnie went and grabbed the food and we sat down to eat.
**Aaliyah in bed later that night**
I had just gotten done being raped by Darnell. Yet again, its like my body is used to it. The thing is, he's not always inside of me. He touches me and forces me to suck him off. My mom knows and she doesn't care! Why doesn't my father realize it, because I don't act like anything's wrong with me and he stays at work on business trips. The bruises on my face, they get covered by some special water proof, long lasting make-up that she gets in like f***in sweden. Nobody sees the pain! I'm tired of this s***! I'm so tired of it. I limped out of my bed and went into my bathroom. I went into the medicine cabinet and slit my wrists. I sat and watched the crimson colored blood drip into my sink. After I was done, I wrapped them in a bandage and went back into my room. I went over to my dresser and reached in the back of my middle drawer. I pulled out my secret stash, and laid them on my computer desk. I turned the light on dim in my room and got ready. I grabbed a bottle of water and another razor. I took out a pill of E. I took the razor and sliced the pill in 1/2. I popped the pill in my mouth and downed it with the water. After 20 minutes, the pain in between my legs was a thing of the past. I took out a pen and my sketch pad and sketched the night away. By 3:45 that morning, my high wore off and I was laying in the bed crying myself to sleep. By 4:00 am, I was slowly drifting off to sleep.
*I wanted to add for you guys, so I did. I hope it's not too fast for y'all. Any questons, just ask me. I'll add soon again ps:Sorry if not enough happened in this chapter.*

Lol yes Rell is Chris

ugh katrina needs to die asap along with Darell
and how could royal not see all the bruises and starches and slap marks after that bathe?? that poor baby
and she should have been caught already after them doctors visits babies have to go to
and the physicals she has
ugh sorry this just pisses me off
and i freaking love jonah hes a cutie watching out for hiis sis
i wish they tell somebody
she dont deserve that
and dam she didnt even know she was pregnant til her mom punched her and caused the miscarriage
and is Rell (chris) cuz that would be cute
im pretty sure someone bona catch on and it will be Rell cuz he notices the marks
i wonder what her dad thinks?
now should b a good time to snitch out his dirty cheating ass wife
run it

You'll find out who got her pregnant soon

Dang who got her pregs. Kat a foul bytch. .Royal abt to shut everything down. Run it

I woke up to a slap in the face. "Where the f*** is breakfast food at?" Kat questioned. "You said you'd go get it." "Don't change the subject!"  "How exactly am I changing thre subject mama?"  "Just get the damn groceries!" I got out of bed and went into my bathroom. There was a fairly large hand print on the side of my face. I have to make my face all up to hell to hide it from people. I left the bathroom and was met by Dar. I swear my hert dropped. He gripped me tightly around the throat and slammed me into te nearest wall. ''Open your mouth!'' He demanded. I opened my mouth and for the next 10 minutes, I was forced to give Dar head. After he blew his load, he released his grip on my throat and walked away. "Why the f*** are you still here?!" Kat screamed . "Dar held m up" I mumbled. That b**** new what happened. "Get your ass up and go to the store!" She screamed and kicked me in the leg. I scrambled to my feet, grabbed my purse, and dashed out the door. I started up the car and raced down to the store. Once i got into the store, I headed staright over to the breakfast aisle. And once I got there, guess who I run into? That's right, Rell. Ugh! I headed over to grab some cereal and he turned to look at me. He looked like he was gona say something to me but his eyes went straight to my neck and his eyes widened. Oh s***! I never covered those damn bruises Dar gave me. I felt my eyes start to sting with teas. But before I cried, I mean mugged Rell to the best of my ability and scurried off. I got some milk, eggs, bacon, waffles etc and paid for my items. While I was in the line, the checkout lady had   her eyes fixated on my neck just like Rell had earlier. I just wish I could curl into a ball and just cry. I rushed out the store and met Blade. "Hey Liy baby." He said gripping me in a hug. "Hey Blade boo" I said kissing his cheek. "What have you been up to baby?" He questioned. "A lil this a lil that. I'm dating this hot guy named Ronnie. What about you?" "I'm gettin closer to Harmony fianlly. I'm really diggin her." He said with a smirk. "So....... you got what I need?" "Liy baby you kno I don't like you f***in with this s***." "Please Blade just sell it to me? I don't need you to worry bout me. "I just can't help it the Aaliyah. You f***in with that s*** ain't good for you." "You sellin it is dangerous and illegal." He had nothing left to say to me. He knew he wasn't gonna win with me. He walked me to his car and pulled up the floorboards in the back and pulled out the bag of E and a fresh razor. I handed him the $150 and gave him a hug. "Be careful babe alright?" I nodded my head and got in my car. I drove back home and hurried in the house before i had to face my mother's wrath. I walked in on her suckin Dar's d*** like a leech and he was loving every bit of it. I put the groceries up and headed into my bedroom. I put the E with the supply of the rest. Blade was my dealer and Rell's cousin. I'd kick it with him all the time growing up. He started dealin and I started buyin. "Bae can you start breakfast for me? You cook better then yo b**** of a daughter" Dar said. Truth was, ma's cookin was not up to par. Especially with breakfast. Dar says I'm a better cook than her and I'm wifey material. Sometimes when she's not here, he'll have friends over and tell everybody I'm his girl. He forces me to call him baby. He doesn't make me kiss him thankfully, but I have to act like I'm his girl. Why can't he have my motgher be his eye candy? Why me? I hurried into the bathroom in my room and covered up my bruises before my baby brother wakes up.  Jonah hates it when I say he's my baby brother. He's 13 and definately not a baby anymore. I did my hygiene thng and walked out the bathroom. He knows that Dar is his real father. He knows mommy cheated on dad. I'm not sure how he knows but he sure as hell does. I knocked on his room door. "Jo wake up. Ma is cooking breakfast right now." He didn't respond to me which is strange because he was such a light sleeper. I opened his door to see him crying. I closed the door and locked it behind me and ran up to him. "Jo what's wrong?" I asked him. "How long has this been going on?" He asked me. "What are you talking about?" "I saw what my dad did to you. How long has this been going on!?" I began crying too. "Since I was a baby" I mumbled. "How do you know?" "I have something called Savant's Syndrome Jo. Its when I can remember things from so long ago but I syill have autism. I've been through training so my autism isn't as severe, but I still have it. I try so, so very hard to do well in school. Its so hard. I need to go to tutoring and training constantly. I bust my ass tryna make these grades. It makes me feel fucin stupid that I don't understand the things that seem so simple to others" I explained. He was a very smart kid so he understood everything I was talking about. "Like Nana says, your syndrome makes you special" he replied. "I'm nothing special. I'm pretty ordinary." "No your not ordinary. The therapists said there's a possibility you will never read close to your grade level. And what did you do? You proved them wrong by reading above your grade level." I just sat in silence. "Don't tell anybody what's going on! Not even my dad!" "Why not?" "Well this I what I deserve. That's what mom always says to me." He just shook his head. "Please Jo? Don't tell anybody. This is what I deserve and I deal with it." He tried to stop crying for me. "I promise I won't tell" he said sadly. "Good now come to my bathroom and clean yourself up." We scurried down the hall into my bedroom and I locked the door behind us. We cleaned our faces, Jo brushed his teeth, and we st and watched a recording of American  Idol until breakfast was ready. "You know for someone who can't cook, ma is taking hella long to fix breakfast. One would think her meals would be all intricate and s***. But her food tastes like crap and smells like ass and sweat. I be havin to chew gum by the time I get to school so my breath doesn't smell like that abomination of a meal." Jo said. Oh s***! That lil dude had me howlin! He's hella funny. "It does smell awful tho. But Jo baby boy, don't worry, I'll feed you somethin better" I said with a laugh.
                                          *45 mins later*
I'm cleanin up the mess from breakfast and Dar is rushing out the door because my dad is supposed to come home. "Liy came here!" Ma shouted at me. "I'm cleaning the kitchen." "Jo finish that for your big sister and Liy come here." I  turned of the faucet and headed upstairs to the bathroom she was in. She was sitting there with her all natural, waterproof, swedish makeup for me. Yet again. I walked over to her and she covered my neck with make up and sent me out the room. Not before punching me in the stomach. I have no clue why, but she did. I ent in my room and laid down to go back to sleep. I woke up two hours later with severe cramps. I pulled the covers back and there was blood everywhere. I screamed out, I have no clue what is going on. My dad come rushing over, saw the blood and picked me up and ran me down the stairs. "We need to get her to a hospital. Something is wrong!" I heard Jo gasp and run out the door wiith Dad. They placed me in the backseat. "Kat isn't gonna fit and I can't leave my baby. So......" Dad said. "No dad! I'm not stayin behind while something is happening to her!" Jo shouted cutting him off. They rushed me to the hospital leaving mom behind. We rushed in the hospital, the receptionist took one look at me and called for a doctor to help me.
                                        *2 hours later*      
"Family of AAliyah Haughton (I forgot the last name she had. If she even had one in the first place. *shrugs*)" the doc called out. I looked up. "Stay here" Roy said to me. That's not f***in fair. I pouted in my seat whike he went to talk to the doc. He looked upset and then shocked as he walked to her room. 10 minutes later he came back with tears steaming down his face. Omg she's dying! "She's fine Jo, go see her" he mumbled. I followed the doc down the hall to Liyah's room. I walked in the room and saw an IV stuck in her arm. I opened the door to her room. "I'll give you two time to talk" the doc said walking out and closing the door behind him. "Liyah, are you ok?" "Th-th- that b****. Sh-she killed my baby!"

*Btw if I haven't said it yet Liyah is pronounced Leah*

liking the story so far ... her moms needs to burn in hell, I just cant wait to see what kind of relationship aaliyah and tyrell have and what kind of personality aaliyah has from all this traumatic abuse

I hope yall like it

I hope yall like it

I will have a new update tomorrow if I can get a review. Please :/

(Chapter 6) FINDIN OUT KAT

The reason I married Royal.... Damn lemme think. "Darlin you need to get married. You gettin too damn old to be w/o a man" My mom told me. "Well when I find a man I like than we will get married. As a matter of fact, I do love Darnell. Im just waiting for him to propose to me” I gushed. “Oh hell to the no! You will not under any circumstances, marry that broke nigga!” she yelled. “Mama I love him! Cnat my love for him be enough?” I asked. I just don’t understand why I cant be with the man I love? He is so amazing and good to me. I love him so damn much but I guess the love just aint enough! “I font give a f*** if you love him! WTF? It aint about love! b**** it’s all about the mullah!” she shouted at me. I just don’t understand her sometimes. Just than there was a knock at the door. “Get the door please” my mom said sweetly. I opened the door and saw <a href=""> her </a> . There was this dude behind her. He had big ass ears but he was a cutie. “Hey darlin, im Vivian and this is my son Royal” she said with a smile. She seemed like such a sweetie pie. I like her already. “Hey im Katrina, Kora’s daughter” I said extending my hand. “Well you are very beautiful. Has anybody ever let you know” she asked me. I nodded my head. “Girl I know im fine! You aint gotta tell me!” is what I wanted to say. But instead I just kept my mouth closed. “Kat take Royal upstairs to your room and talk to him” my mom said to me. I led him upstairs and to my bedroom. “So hey I know you find out my name and I found out yours but I wanna know more about you” he said. “Well Im Katrina but everybody calls me Kat. Im sexy as you can see.” I said spinnning <a href=”"> myself </a>around. He just smiled at me. “You are very beautiful” he said to me. “Im 16 and loving it! Im about to be a jr in high school. I have plenty of friends and everybody who hates me just wishes they were me. I absolutely hate when people steal my spotlight! Im the center of attention and everybody needs to except that!” I raised my voice. “You’re pretty conceited” he told me. “I heard nothing after pretty” I explained to him. He just rolled his eyes.
“Mother I hate him!” I told her. “Why Royal is a nice boy” my mom said. “No he isn’t he just doesn’t wanna except that all attention should revolve around me!” I yelled stomping my feet. My mother just shook her head “the world doesn’t revolve around Katrina Nicole London” my mom said. “OMG mommy yes it does” I whined. Again she just shook her head. Whatever sittin there denying my beauty. “Can I go to the mall?” I asked her. She nodded her head. “Can I have some money?” I asked her. “See if you married rich, you wouldn’t need my damn money” she said handing me a credit card . “Don’t max out my card” she shouted on my way out. “Mkay!” I shouted back to her. I went next door to my girl Niv’s house. I knocked on the door. “Time to go shopping” I said as soon as she opened the door. We headed out and I explained to her my situation with Royal, me, and my momma. She understood my beauty that’s why we were so good together. We spent the day shopping and at the end of the day I saw Royal. “I just wanted to say im sorry. Sorry that you are so damn conceited!” he had said. That just pissed me off some more. I still cant freaking stand him to this very day!
Me and Royal have been going out for a lil while now. Once he understood my beauty everything worked out between the 2 of us. He has been spending his money on me and I have got to say, I have absolutely no objections to it what-so-ever. But now my parents want us to get married. Should I go through with it? Oh and btw, me and Darnell are still together. Things have been going great between the two of us. :)

No runs :(

"Happy birthday Liy!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I said to my baby. <a href=""> She </a> was so beautiful. I loved her so much. Her face brightened up into a big smile. Too bad Kat isn't here. She had to go buy some gifts. I think she should have bought the gifts before hand. Coz now its our baby's bday and she isn't here. Sometimes I really would love to know WTF she is thinking. There was a knock at the door. I went to open it and there stood Jason with baby Rell. Damn if he doesn't look just like his father. "Sup nigga? Where is my god baby?" He asked me. "She is in her high chair just chillin" I replied reaching for Ty. "Wassup man?" I said in a baby voice. "Where is Kat" Jason asked. "She went to go buy Liy some gifts" I responded. They were playing peek-a-boo while I tossed Ty back in forth in the air. "I know Chas is coming and where is the cake?" I said after a while. "Chas was still asleep when we were gettin ready. So I woke her up, let her know we were out, and let her know she needs to get the cake. She should be here soon" he told me. 5 minutes passed and Chas walked in with a big smile on her face. "Hey babies!" She squealed. Liy started clapping her hands and giggling loudly. She ran over to Liy's chair. "Girl don't twist yo ankle runnin in them stilletos" I said laughing. Chas just rolled her eyes and picks Liy up. She kissed all over Aaliyah's face. After about 15 minutes, Kat walks thru the door. She has 6 bags on both of her arms. "Chas" Kat said with no emotion. "Kat" Chas replied in the same exact tone. Oh dang. I forgot these two cant stand each other. Kat says she'd live in a cave than get along with her. Chas said she'd rather have her feet ran over by a tractor 11x each instead of forgiving Kat. I would really love to know why they cant stand each other. "Why do you guys have such strong feelings of dislike toward each other?" Jason asked them. Hate is not, nor has it ever been a word in his vocabulary. "This stupid trick stole my man from me!" Chas yelled. "Whatever b****!"
Kat shouted. "Me and him were having issues. A lot of arguing and a lot of disagreeing. One day I was supposed to go out to the movies but I wasnt felling well so I came back. I walked into the house and I saw those two in the bed having sex! I couldnt believe that!" Chas explained. "That explains why you dont like her. But why dont you like Chas Kat?" I asked. She just shrugged. I looked ovewr at Tyrell who was making a weird face and was turning red all over. This lil nigga is taking a dump. "Ugh he s***ted" I said handing him to Chas. she laughed and walked away to change the s*** monster. "When are we gonna have cake? A nigga starving up in this hoe!" Jason roared. I laughed and went to the kitchen for a cake knife. I grabbed 6 saucers for all of us to have a slice of cake. I went to thebasement and got out 6 red cups and the carton of neopolitain ice cream out of the freezer. I grabbed forks and spoons and finally went back to thew living room. I got Liy some cake and ice cream and put it on her tray to her high chair. I then proceeded to cut everybody else's cake and get their ice cream, starting with Tyrell and ending with me. We opened her presents ( a total of 30) and then we settled down to watch tv .After about 3 more hours everybody left and it was just me and my 2 girls.

Yea I slept with Chasity's man. Guess who it was? Darnell. Yes it was! We've been together for 8 years. I love that man so much. I wish we could get married and be together forever. "Darnell" I said. Royal looked at me with his eyebrow's raised. "His name was Darnell and she is still mad about that. God ion know why the hell she wont get over him" I told him. "Babe you know you're wrong dont you?" He asked me. "Yeah yeah" I said back. He just laughed at me. We were on the bed watching my wife and kids when my phone rang signaling that I hd a new text messege. Come see me babe- Darnell I cant it's my daughters birhtday today- Kat Ugh fine-Darnell. After that he didnt respond anymore. My poor baby. I would love to be with him forever and ever. Ugh I cant stand that I was talked into marrying him
*The next chapter you will find out a lot*

"Katrina! Who the hell is that?" I asked her. She looked at me and rolled her eyes. "You know I am a dance teacher at 5,6,7,8 Dance Studios" she said annoyed. I noticed she had on this:<a href=""> outfit </a>. What kinda s***! "That doesnt answer my f***ing question! [b]Who was he?[/b] i asked again. "OMFG he was my student! He was giving me a ride because my car had to be taken to the shop" she said. "That doesnt explain to me how you got with him when you went to Niv's house" I said back. "Baby listen to me. I woke up at Niv's house and I was hung over. Since I woke up later, I had no time to come home and see you. Im sorry that I havent called you" she said to me. "Okay" I replied calming down. We went into the house and I went straight to the bed. I turned on the TV and Kenan and Kel was on. Thats my s***. The episode is the one were they took the IQ tests. "Gimme Liy" she said. "Why?" I whined "Because i need to bathe her if that is alright with you!" she said. Oh she has a snappy nass attitude! f*** is her problem?

"I already did that" he said to me. He already bathed her. Oh damn! Did he notice the bruises? He never said anything else so I take it that he hadnt saw them. Damn Im slippin! First it was Darnell and now the baby. I really cannot stand that lil girl. Always hogging all of everybody elses attention. I went to my dresser and pulled out some pajamas and got in the shower. When I came back Royal and Liy were asleep on the bed. I picked her up and was tempted to shake her. The only reason why I didnt was because I was afraid of her getting shaken baby syndrome. If that happened, all hell would break loose on my ass. I dropped her down into the bed. I saw her body bounce from her being dropped from so high. She instantly opened her eyes and looked up at me. I got into the bed and was about to go to sleep. Right before I did i whispered "I hate tou!" to her before closing my eyes and sleeping.
*This is hella short I know. Im sorry but I had to get this outta the way before I went onto the next chapter. I promise I will update sooner*


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I woke up and there was no sign of Kat anywhere. I looked over and saw Aaliyah's beautiful face. I couldnt help but smile. She was mos def the apple of my eye. I love this little girl. I sat there  and watched her for 5 minutes before she opened her big brown eyes. As soon as she was fully woken up, I took her out of the bed. I undressed her and put her in the <a href="">bathroom sink </a> to give her a bath. Sure I could wash her in the tub, but I have a bad back and I wasnt about to do that to myself. I went to the cabinets under the sink and took out her baby soup. I rushed and grabbed her wash cloth to give her a bath. After a quick 5 minutes of bathing her, I dressed her and put her in the crib. My phone was ringing and I was hoping it was Kat. It was actually my friend Jason, who just had a baby boy named Tyrell. I answered the phone to see what he wanted. "Wassup' I said into the phone. "Yea I got Aaliyah why?"I asked him. "Yea sure just lemme get in the shower and dress her" I said hanging up. Jason wanted me to take Aaliyah over to him so that he could meet her and she could meet Tyrell. Jason is my best friend so I figured why not. I was gonna take a shower but since Kat wasnt here, I had to listen out for her. I ran some bath water and turned on the T.V. I flipped thru the channels and put on Wonder Pets for her. I couldnt stand that show but it isnt for my entertainment. Once the tub was filled, I undressed and got in the tub. I left the door open so I could hear her. After about 13.5 minutes (lol) I  got out and got dressed. I took her out and put on her little outfit so we could go. But than I remembered I didnt lotion her yet so I took off everything to put some lotion on her. I re-dressed her and got some sun screen to put on her. Its not that sunny but I will not take any chances with my babygirl. I got in my car and took off to Jason's house. He lived about 2 hours away and when I finally parked, Aaliyah needed a diaper change. I grabbed her bag and rung <a href=""> Jason </a> came instantly. "Excited to see me?" I asked him. "Nigga shut up! The only person I was looking forward to seeing was Liy." He said letting me in the house. I came in and saw his baby <a href=""> Tyrell </a> in his crib. He was mos def a cute baby. "Yo where is Kat?" He asked me. "Aint no telling where she is" I told him. "Where'd she go last night?" he pushed. "Last night she went out with Niv. I hope they didnt get into any trouble or an accident" I said worrying. "Aww look who's worried about their baby mama" he teased. "What ever nigga' I said brushing him off. We turned on the T.V. to look at a documentary. It was in Italian so I didnt understand why it was on. "f*** is on your T.V.?" I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders. "Whats wrong with it?'I questioned. "Ion know but im about to fix it" he said getting up. I got up and put Liy in the playpen with Rell. As soon as I put them together, they both started to cry. I picked up Rell and he picked up Liy. "You better be careful with my son nigga!" he warned. "Thats not something you'll ever have  to worry about me. I got you man" I told him. We were sitting near each other and the babies never stopped crying. "Lemme put her in his playpen" he said getting up. He put her inside and continued to work on the T.V. As soon as he put her down they started to calm down. "Whats the matter man" I asked in a baby voice. He stopped crying and but then he started to make a face. "This lil nigga is pooping" I told Jason. He laughed "his diapers are upstairs". I got up and grabbed a diaper for him. I changed the diaper and got back on the couch. "Yo nigga! Where is <a href=""> Chasity </a> at?" I asked. "Ion know man. Doin that modeling thing probably" he said to me. I nodded my head. "When's the last time lil homie ate" I asked him. " He needs to be feed" he told me not turning from the T.V. I got up and got a bottle out of the fridge. I put it in the bottle warmer and let it sit for a while before I gave it to Rell. He finished the bottle within about 5 minutes. "Damn lil nigga was hungry" I said out loud. As soon as I said that, I heard an odd noise. I looked over at Jason and the T.V. It was smoking and Jason had a stupid look on his face. "Oops" he said. I busted out laughing and scared Liy. Since she was sleep and got woken up, she was crying. "Since you broke the damn Television, go get her" I told him burping Rell. We stayed there for about an hour than got ready to leave. We finally got home after 2 hours of driving back. I was kinda tired and I had to change Liy's diaper again and feed her for the night. I put the car in park and gor out to get Aaliyah. Once I got her out, I looked over to my left and saw Kat getting out the car some dude was driving. She got out and looked at me. "Who was he?"

* The woman who I have as Chasity, used to be my stepmom. Her name really is Chasity*

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*Just so y'all know, yes Aaliyah's in the hospital. I know some of y'all are thinking 'she can't remember s*** from baby years'. Usually you'd be right, but in Aaliyah's got a condition called Savantism/ Savant Syndrome. That is a form of Autism. She can remember things from years ago, but she has academic struggles. No I didn't make this disease up. You can search for it.*

CHAPTER 2 Katrina
Darnell was down there with the baby for a lil minute. He better not have woken her up! "Darnell did you wake up the gotdamn baby?!" I yelled. "No baby I didn't wake her up. You know she is beautiful and I do mean beautiful" he said with a smirk. Ugh all he wants to do is pay attention to that baby. That's all everybody ever cares about! I was starting to get pissed! There goes my baby, there goes my destiny Onliest one for me, there goes my baby There goes my baby, she gon' be the one We gon' fall in love, we gonna have some babies . I walked away from Darnell to go and answer the phone. "You're coming home now?" I tried as hard as I could to sound happy and not worried as hell. "5 minutes? That long? That's so long!" I said. Damn! Damn! Damn! I got 5 minutes to get rid of Darnell. "Kay love you too" I said hanging up. "Leave! Leave!" I told Darnell pushing him out. He walked to the front door. "No the back door!" I said turning him around. He left out and I ran to get my make up bag . I snatched up my foundation. I ran down to the basement and snatched up Aaliyah by her left arm. I ran back upstairs almost falling over the rush. I ran to our room and put her in the crib up there. There are 2 cribs in the house. <a href=""> One </a> upstairs and <a href=""> another </a> downstairs. I hunched over her and put the foundation on her face, neck, legs, and arms. Than I ran to the first aid kit and got some neosporin and a band-aid. I scratched her face one of the times I hit it. I ran and threw the wrappers in the trash and plopped down on the bed. I turned on the tv and the movie Twister was on. As soon as I got settled <a href=""> Royal </a> came in to the room. "Hey babe" Royal said. "Hi baby" I said kissing his lips. "Aww is my baby sleep" he asked. Always about that damn baby! Ugh imma f*** her up. Damn she's annoying.
I saw my baby and she looked so pretty and peaceful. "Imma go take a bath" Katrina said getting back up. I looked down at my baby. "I love you so much sweetie. I can't wait till you get older. Imma spoil you rotten!" I said picking her up. She opened her big brown eyes and looked at me. I looked at the side of her face. It was covered with a band-aid. I saw a scratch on her face. "My poor baby got hurt!" I said kissing Liyah all over her face. I'm so happy that I have this baby. Katrina came out with a towel wrapped around her. Li looked over at her and started crying. That was strange to me. I turned her to face me and she calmed down. "Hey babe?" I asked her. She turned to me letting me know I have her attention. "What happened to Li's face?" I asked her. She whipped her head around fast to see what I was talking about. She turned back around when she saw that I was pointing to the band-aid. "I accidentally scratched her face. I felt so bad. I covered her face with a band-aid and neosporin" she said calmly. Kat put this on. "Umm where are you going?" I asked her. "Out" she said. "With whom?" She asked. "<a href="">Nivea </a>" . She told me. "Please don't let her get another DUI with my baby in the car" I asked her. She sat down on my lap and kissed my lips softly. "Don't worry about that babe. Nothing will happen were we get arrested" she said reassuringly. "Alright I trust you I just couldn't let something happen to my baby" I said holding her closer. There was honking outside. "That's her gotta go boo" she said making a kissy face at me. She walked out the house. I put Li back in her crib and laid down to go to sleep.


I do have a friend named Nivea. She's cool and I love Niv. But naw I'm goin to Darnell's house. "Sorry bout him ruining our time together" I said to D. He nodded his head. "Its cool he just can't be ruinin our time all the time" he said to me. Royal is cool but I don't love him. I'm with him coz his money's long and D is on the streets. I damn sho don't work. We arrived at his house and I got in. I went upstairs and undressed. Tonight is gonna be the bomb.

I actually got the idea of this story from a documentary. Idk what the hell I was looking at exactly, but something like that was actually documented. There were 2 women in maybe their 60s, who remembered songs that theyve heard when they were babies. Theyve also remembered meals they had from like 39 yrs ago. That documentary is where I got the idea from.