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`Black Roses.

Soso, I'm trying to set a better example for you lol. And I KNOW I should be ashamed. This is like a bored entertainment post at its finest. Ugh, Idc. Read it or not. It's truly up to you guys. Oh and I give FULL credit of this title to <strong> mrs. nic stevenson.</strong> THANKS NIC!


<a href="">I</a> sat in the dark room, tied to the wooden chair. I didn’t understand how the f*ck I got here. I just remember waking up wondering where the f*ck was I. My girl is probably worried sick right now. This sh*t is absolutely crazy and I wanted answers to this sh*t right now. So, I started screaming, “HELLOOO! IS ANYBODY HERE? WHERE THE F*CK AM I? I’M BROKE AS F*CK! SO YOU WASTING YOUR TIME!” I then kicked the air out of anger because no one responded. After 10 minutes of swearing and yelling. Lights suddenly came on. I was in a room with computers and TVS. <a href="">She</a> walked out smiling widely. She strutted over me to me, switching her petite hips. “Hello, Christopher. I see you finally woke up,” She smiled. I suddenly became annoyed because I didn’t see anything funny or amusing because I had a crook in my neck like a b*tch! The sh*t hurts for real! I rolled my eyes, “That’s it? And how the hell you know my name? Where am I? How did you find me? Are you gonna kill me? You want money? Is my girl here too? Are you gonna feed me? Do these chains make me look fat? Am I—”

“Whoa! Whoa! You are a talker! Aren’t ya? Slow down. Your questions will be answered soon. Just relax!” She exclaimed. “Relax? How the hell can I relax? You got me tied up and sh*t!” I shouted back. She rolled her eyes. “What goes on Christopher?” Another <a href="">woman</a> asked, while coming out and stepping over to me. “Look, the only sh*t that ‘goes on’ is the fact that I can’t f*cking feel my arms with these tight ass chains around me like this! Can I PLEASE get answers?! Damn!” I retorted agitatedly. She raised her eyebrows, while walking over to a large white board. She pointed to the screen as the other woman sat at the computer.

It was a slide show with the words: <strong><em> Black Roses</strong></em> plastered on it. What the f*ck is Black Roses? “Man, calm your pipe hole. I’m Angelina and that woman over there is Jamie. We have been watching you Christopher and we must say that you are beyond talented. That’s why we want you,” She stated, while pointing to the board. “And we do our best to hurt anyone who stand in our way of helping others succeed. I am Jesse and I make sure the subjects are at their full potential,” <a href="">He</a> replied, while walking into the room. I had a sh*tload of questions. Who the hell are these people? And what the f*ck they mean? Oh Gosh! What the hell did I do? “And I’m Keith. I’m just the bad ass of the operation. Angelina is your guide and Jamie is the genius behind this little equation.

Now, that you know who we are, are there any questions?” <a href="">He</a> now stated, slowly coming into the room. “WHAT?! I don’t know you motherf*ckers! How do you know me? And what do you do?” “We—” Angelina started. “No, Angie. I got this. You just stay sexy,” Jesse uttered, while winking at Angelina. She smirked and retorted, “The floor is all yours.” “Okay, Chris we are here to help you be successful and takeover one step at a time. It’s a process that takes time. I’m talking like years. If you cooperate, then MAYBE shorter than that. We’re here to help you also get revenge. Let’s refer to the PowerPoint,” Jesse stated, now pointing to the board. “What the f*ck are y’all? The illuminati?” I asked, half-scared. Angelina chuckled, “Hell, I wish we were! We are NOT affiliated with the illuminati in any way. Hell, we’re not a secret organization. We are a group of people who seek success and revenge.”

“Then how you know my name?” I inquired, curiously. “For one, you’re a tweeting fool! And you basically say all your business on there! So, we followed you here and there and witnessed your talent,” Jamie added. “Now, back to the presentation,” Angelina spat, while pointing to the screen. <em> B.L.A.C.K. R.O.S.E.S</em> now appeared on the screen. “What the f*ck does that mean?” I questioned, desperately wanting to know. “Black Roses stand for Being Loyal And Capable of Killing Redundant Obsolete Souls Engaging Success,” Keith retorted. “And that is what you will do. Now, let’s move on,” Angelina spat, now pointing to the next slide. I was more than confused.

What the hell is going on? They still didn’t tell me WHY I’m here. The screen now had the letters, <em> F.A.M.E</em> on it. “What do you think this acronym means?” Jamie asked, now coming from behind the computer. “Forgiving All My Enemies?” I shrugged my shoulders. The room filled with chuckles. It was like they laughed for at least 5 minutes. “What the f*ck is so funny about that?” I shouted with annoyance. “Chris, you’re so cute and close. F.A.M.E. means Forever Annihilating My Enemies.” Angelina laughed. “Next slide!” Jesse shouted. Keith now sat at the computer, making the next slide appear. It read: <em> F.O.R.T.U.N.E.</em> “Okay, I don’t wanna make a fool out of myself so what does this mean?” I asked seriously. “It stands for Fame Over Romance To Understand New Enemies,” Jamie added. “Basically, it means money over love. So, that little girlfriend of yours is so out of the picture if you want fame and revenge!” Angelina spat, standing over me.

“Last slide!” Jamie shouted. Keith finally displayed the last slide. The board had a picture of <a href="">her.</a> I rolled my eyes at the girl. She was my ex-girlfriend, Robyn. Our relationship ended horribly. “Look at this cracked out broad! LOOK AT HER WEAVE CHRIS!” Angelina shouted, while picking up a stick and pointing at her picture. “Isn’t her hair just f*cking horrible? Who did home girl weave? For real? Blonde is NOT her color man!” Jesse roared, shaking his head.

“Enough with weave talk! We know what she did to you Chris! She stopped you from getting into the best school of your life! You were going to be a Harvard man, but she manipulated your emotions. You only agreed to her devious plan because you truly loved her didn’t you? It was the ONLY reason you agreed to hit her. So, she could get attention and sympathy! This ho was poor and couldn’t afford a prestigious acting school. So, she used you because you were THE man. And you went through three years of torture and discrimination over something you DIDN’T even do. The b*tch tortured herself and you took the blame because you only wanted to make her happy, but NOT anymore!” Angelina roared, now knocking everything off the table.

“I know what I did, but I don’t understand where you come in and what you mean,” I stated, shaking my head. “We’re going to take this b*tch out. She has a support team and their slowly getting tired of this b*tch. Her little attention is falling short so she uses her ‘tough girl’ act because she feels sorry for using you. She wants you back and she won’t stop for nothing. She may be a big movie star NOW, but wait ‘til we’re finished with this b*tch. She can’t act for sh*t by the way! They’re only using her for her sex appeal!” Jamie roared, glaring at Robyn through the screen. “Umm, I don’t know about this… I can’t do this. What if we get caught?” I questioned. “Christopher, are you tired of depending on your girl?” Jesse questioned.

“Yes, but—” “Do you want to show her that you can be a man and don’t need her help?” Jamie added. “Yeah,” I stated, now looking down at the floor. “Then, it’s settled. We will give you ALL the details of how we’re gonna destroy little miss Robyn. Jesse, unchain him,” Angelina laughed evilly. I shook my head as Jesse took out a blow torch and burned the chains. I watched as the chains fell to the floor. I got up and headed for the door. “Oh and Christopher?” Jamie called after me. “Yeah?” “There is no way out of this. If you don’t agree to our rules we will rid you,” Angelina smirked. My whole soul shivered as I ran out of the building as fast as I could.