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Get In On The Action!

Get In On The Action!
TEAM BREEZY! Next challenge is up for BET's FANdemonium. ARE YOU READY! You’re going to need Twitter for this one. Click here to get started!
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  • This is ymy favorite album.......I LOVE YHU CHRIS BROW <3<3<3
    by Mzz.Sexii on Ago 31, 2012 pm31 6:06pm
  • I can't wait to get this...Pre ordered it and I'm listening to it now on i tunes and i'm loving the songs!(: #TeamBreezy
    by TeamBreezy_AndL... on Jul 2, 2012 pm31 10:10pm
  • merci mon artiste
    by mamoune on Jun 30, 2012 pm30 1:01pm
    by J.BreezyDummy on Jun 27, 2012 am30 1:01am
  • Welcome to *** {{w w w }} {fashion-long-4biz}} {{ com }} *****
    by niussw on Jun 26, 2012 pm30 4:04pm
  • I love you chris!!!!!!!! and i hope you win! i been voting everyday all day!!!!!!! #TeamBreezy Luv U with all my heart!
    by Mrz.Breezy25 on Jun 26, 2012 am30 11:11am
  • I Love you Chris ->-> The Best !
    by Muriel Alves on Jun 24, 2012 pm30 11:11pm
  • team breezy.your the best chris
    by Niabreezy on Jun 24, 2012 pm30 5:05pm
  • CMB i'll love you always<3
    by Simply_aBrookly... on Jun 24, 2012 pm30 3:03pm
    by gre24 on Jun 23, 2012 pm30 7:07pm