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Billboard Gives A Track-By-Track Review of Chris Brown's Album Fortune

Billboard Gives A Track-By-Track Review of Chris Brown's Album Fortune
Chris Brown’s new album Fortune is out NOW and has a track-by-track review!

Read the article here!
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  • OMG i love fortune ive listened too it everyday on BLAST sine julyy 3 like i just loveeee chriss brownn u are awsomee nd u are somebody i look up too but thanks for making good music #TeammBREEZY i rep everyday all dayy:) lol i tweet u everyday to get a follow bck hahah nd i will untill u follow me @OhhPee_MIAMI but yea i gues thats it bye:)
    by ohhpee_miami on Jul 19, 2012 am31 3:03am
  • Share a website with you , ( ) Believe you will love it. credit card and f ree s hipping. I bought two pairs. Cheap, good quality, you can go and ship with there
    by niuqqdd on Jul 18, 2012 pm31 4:04pm
  • Fortune is Definitely HOTT! I,m lovin every song..... Gr8 Job Chris!!!
    by AEK4U on Jul 17, 2012 pm31 6:06pm
  • #Free Run & 4 years old. My favourite songs off the albums but every song IZ my LIFE.
    by cbrezzyluvr on Jul 16, 2012 pm31 4:04pm
  • SweetLove getts me evertime @ Dont wake me up soo catche and turn up the music like yesss i been a fan of chris sence FOREVER :)
    by BrittneyLovenCh... on Jul 14, 2012 pm31 7:07pm
  • I love chris brown album fortune my favorite songs are dont wake me up, sweet love and 4 years olds
    by Dimplles on Jul 13, 2012 pm31 8:08pm
    by gre24 on Jul 10, 2012 pm31 7:07pm
  • I looooooove this Album !!!!! Amei , amei *---*
    by Paulina Meira on Jul 10, 2012 am31 9:09am
  • Chris browns album is just magic. I am so excited and proud of him. Team brezzy for life!!!
    by cbrezzyluvr on Jul 10, 2012 am31 12:12am
    by Sherbet on Jul 9, 2012 pm31 9:09pm