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i want to dance with you

Chris Brown my name is harry bedgood and I just want the chance to meet you and dance with you. I would love the opportunity to incorporate some dance moves of yours with mine. Once Michael Jackson passed away, he was my biggest inspiration and I loved what he did and how he danced. Michael Jackson brought dance into my life, learning how to slide and glide like he did amazed me in so many aspects. After he passed away I turned to more dances to open my variety of moves and cultures of dance. I had already heard your music and was a big fan but I never knew that you could dance the way you can. So that's when I turned to you as my biggest inspiration and the person I would listen to and learn from. From watching you like I did with Michael Jackson I learnt some of your moves and learnt hip hop, pop n lock and all those type of genres of dance. at one stage when I was in year 7 I would come home after school and watch your dance in the movie Stomp The Yard. I watched your dance everyday for at least a week, then I learnt your dance routine in the movie. Ever since I have watched all your videos when you are dancing and giving advice to people say to never give up on your dreams and follow your path to what you want to do in life. So by typing this message I am following my dream and doing what I want to do in life by asking you to just give me the opportunity of a life time and reply and give me a chance to dance with you. My dream career in life is to dance with you on stage and tour with you around the world and be in your video clips. My name is Harry Bedgood, I live in Brisbane Australia, I am a self taught dancer who has had no dance classes or teachers and I am inspired by your work. So please reply if you can to this message and it would make me the happiest person and show me that you do believe in what you say and giving me a chance to prove myself

Thank you


Harlee is right, its so sad that chris does not interact with his fams on his site. but hey his a bizzy guy making awesome music and always making us fans proud.

keep on doing what you doing breezy bedgood

much love..

Yea stay true bro!

Good luck! takes courage man!


omg...thank you...
you just gave me a great idea!:D

In all honesty,

Chris Brown doesn`t come into these forums anymore so he won`t see you heartfelt message.

In my opinion, the best way to be able to dance for Chris Brown is to make a name for yourself.

Start with making quality video's and uploading them to Youtube, if you have a twitter page, post them on there and mention Chris in the tweets.

You have to make a name for yourself before you can be reconized by Chris, not saying that in a bad way.

But start with that, get people liking your stuff, mention Team breezy and go from there.

Good Luck with your dream!!