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13 Fans Online
Smh @ the young ladies on this site

You guys are so mean as to what you said to that girl Amiya. All she was doing was stating what she heard. I mean like what if Chris really did tell her that?! You all do not know because your not her. You are young ladies why are your mouths so filthy? Its not even worth it. I decided to finally make a account after seeing all of this nonsense. I am 23 years old and i dont have time for bs i thought this site was about being a family, team breezy right? Smh WRONG! Thats not what im seeing im seeing a bunch of young women make a fool out of themselves on the internet..THE INTERNET! I bet majority of you all havent even seen one another and most likely never will. I just want med to come on here and read a couple of good stories and maybe jump in a respectable convo or to but this is out of control. I read somewhere when a young lady said that alot of people dont last on here and now i see why. I understand this site has had its shares of fake accounts but NOT everybody is fake. Word of advice stop running people away because you never know what they could bring to this site. I just want this madness to stop and ACT like ladies please you girls are beautiful but your attitudes and mouth make you look devious. I been on this site for some time now and over time i have learned a few peoples names and everything and how they act im not here for drama but i was just so fed up with this i had to just come oit and say it. Jusy please leave the lil girl alone she looks like shes not even in high school yet and i know you all are a little older. Just think about how thats making YALL look.. honestly yall look like yall are obessed with her just brush it off. My granny always told me to never fight and never fight fire with fire.. just kill em with kindness :)

By the way im April


and i dnt care how old u r im damn near 21 foh my mouth is my mouth i tlk /write however i want if i dnt like someone i dont like them just cus the a cb fan im suppose to like u .....:/....mother f***ers plz and dont comment on s*** wen u dont even know the whole story thats the same reason the creator of the post got the boot cause ppl wanna jump the f*** in && dont know whats going on how about niggas just mind their goddamn business if it has nothing to do w u stfu

this conversation was done and over with so why comment stfu n keep it pushing idgaf ima say wat the f*** i want got it good now bye

i 100% agree with u.we r team breezy we shouldn't be fighting each other but instead we should be like 1 big family helping each other out:)

the creator of this is right we are supposed to be a family we are supposed to ban together and beworried about having chris's back for whatever goes down no matter what if chris relizes his "fans" can't get along why would he even waste his time so act like a fan and kill the drama if she says he has cancer whether you believe it or notyou dont have to call her out of her name or be that disrespectful i am only 14 years old i am probably younger than you all and i can say something like this come on now this is simple and petty

harlz we're done here she not tryna fight she boot
if she got anything else to say she betta bring to fan fiction kus i refuse to come on this part anymore smhh wasting my time

Damn here comes the followers and haters that's my cue to go lmfao y'all are a trip and for the last f***ingntime I'm not Asia get that threw ya thick skulls


u notice how now all of a sudden they both write the same way right smhh SAD & PATHETIC

Lmaooo ..

Why is this broad completely changing the way she writes on here?




lol you and your little follwers are the only ones tryna start stuff and nobody needed you to comment clearly i wasn't taalking to you I was talking to The Beautiful A so please stop acting like a wild animal and get yourself together honey you claim your older than me but you act like a immature 10 year old like okay don't believe me i don't care

stfu nobody believes you damn move goooooooooo awaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy exit is that way ---------------------------------------------------------------->

thank you for saying that like i don't cuss unless i'm defending myself honestly and their on here sayin amiya isn't my name and they're like we know You're Asia Carter and i'm like no no and no my name is not asia it is amiya and yes i do know chris brown and yes he did tell me he had cancer i'm sorry if ya'll don't believe me but i'm just keeping it real