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Through My Eyes

<a href="">Janiece</a>

I never had my life planned out. From day one I went with the flow of everything. Whats the point of planning out your life when the outcome will be the total opposite of what you had in mind. Tsk. Just a waste of f***ing time if you ask me. Whatever happens, happens.

I stood in the mirror staring at my reflection thanking God for allowing me to see another day, when he knows I don’t deserve it.

“You should be dead” I said to my reflection.

Every time I look at myself, I’m reminded of all the bulls*** I’ve been through. s*** that I have tried hard as f*** to forget, but my mind would never let that happen. When other people see me, they don’t see what I’ve seen. If they could I’m pretty sure they would run in the opposite direction cause I was walking dynamite that was lit. Their eyes cant see past the surface of my skin, and yet when I walk past, they automatically assume what I’m about.

They had no f***ing clue.

Growing up in the streets of Brooklyn has never been easy for me. I’ve seen so much in my 19 years that most people never see in their lifetime. At only 6 years old I sat and watched my dad overdose right in front me, as if he didn’t have s*** to live for. He was always selfish. Never thinking of his wife or kids. Just himself.

A year later me and brother Dru came home from school one day to find our front door kicked in, s*** stollen out of our house, and our mom DEAD laying in a pool of blood with multiple bullets in her body. That was a scary ass sight to see as a 7 and 12 year old. My mom never did anything to anyone. Everybody knew and loved her, and for some niggas to kill her over some material bulls*** sent us over the edge.

Witnessing s*** like that when I was little made me realize that this was a dog eat dog world. The only way to survive in it, was to prepare myself for it. And that’s exactly what I did. I got heavily involved in some street s*** at only 10.

My brother and his friends taught me how to survive by hustling, killing if neccesary, and robbing m’fuggas blind. This was a life where no f***s were given. There is no LOVE FOR ANYTHING out here. What you love or think you love will be taken away from you in the blink of an eye. That’s just how s*** goes. Lives were quickly taken, and at any given moment my own life could be snatched away from me. It was do or die. Only the strong make it out alive. It was dangerous, but I didn’t care. The thrill of it all is what I was drawn to. This was my life.

<a href="">Chris</a>

I wake up every f***ing day pissed at the world. I never wanted my life to be like this. f***ing miserable. I had my life planned out when I was only 4. I was gonna graduate from high school, attend college, and become an architect, build s*** and travel the world. I’m 20 f***ing years old and I havent accomplished s*** except f***ing b****es, partying, and getting money anyway I could. It was all cool, but damn this isnt what I want to be doing all my damn life. I’ll be damned if I’m 30 and still living this street life.

I’ve seen this s*** a million times. Niggas find themselves stuck out here in these streets as if there’s nothing else in the world to explore. f*** that. My older brother Bryan died thinking that same s***. He’d always tell me that he was in this s*** for life and the only way out was in a box. I never quite understood what that meant until some niggas shot him dead after we was leaving a party. I’ll never forget that night he died in my arms. I was covered in his blood watching him gurgitate before taking his last breath. I was 14 at the time and he was only 19. That s*** f***ed me up.

My brother introduced me to a lot of s*** when I was younger since my dad wasn’t around to do it. My brother was a real bad ass. He did it all. He was known throughout the block, especially by the females. So you know punk ass niggas was hatin on him all the time. Hell, I remember when I was only 10 he brought these two fine ass brown skinned girls over to the house while moms was at work. One was for him and the other was for me. Yep, I lost my virginity at 10 to a damn 17 year old. I didn’t even care. Age wasnt s*** but a number, besides I let my d*** make up for any age difference.

At that moment, we did everything together. I found myself lost in a life I didn’t want, but it wanted me. I knew this s*** inside out, but wanted nothing to do with it. I had no choice though. I sometimes felt like I owed this life to my brother since he didn’t get the chance to fulfill it. My brother had it all, fly ass cars, money, bad b****es, and yeah I can admit I wanted what he had, but I didn’t wanna die for it.

I had to find a way out.


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oh damn oh damn oh damn!!! Chris's brother killed Dru&Niecy's mom??????! And big ups to you using Dru! havent seen that sexy man in years. lol! And will Niecy&Caine get caught by Dru????! oh damn! lol. I like this story!!


Run it

*new reader*
whoaa s*** just got real.....runn it!


Four days had gone by since Dru stormed out of my apartment after our heated disagreement. It’s not the first time we went long without talking or seeing each other. Last time I got into a heated argument with his so called best friend Shayna when we was kicking at his place one night.

I was super drunk at the time and was ready to beat anybody’s ass who even looked at me wrong. She was one of them educated females who thinks she knows every damn thing, but I was about to show her ass what I knew if she continued to stare me down like she did. I stepped up to her, exchanged some words and almost my damn hand, and Dru went the f*** off! You would have thought I was just another female and not his sister at the time by how he snatched me up. He told me how I was wrong and don’t ever disrespect her again. I slapped him in the face and we went almost 2 weeks without speaking, over some broad. I apologized even though I didn’t mean it, and thats how we made up. This time its his turn!

My phone rung breaking me from my thoughts as I took another hit of my blunt before picking it up. It was Royal calling. I hit answer pressing the phone against my face.

“What’s up?” I said releasing the smoke from my lungs.

“Getting Turnt up! What you doing b****?” she yelled into the phone.

“What we all do best.” I replied.

“Getting f***ed up!” she laughed. “Ay, We all going to this party on the other side of town tonight you down?!” she asked as my ears was paying more attention to the noise in her background than her question.

“Where are you?” I asked avoiding her invite.

“We’re all at Dru’s place. Have you two made up yet?” she asked loudly for all to hear. I could hear Dice’s voice in the background yelling out “Nope” as others mumbled.

“Yall need to kiss and make up! Stop bulls***ting.” she exclaimed.

“f*** him! What about this party though? Who party is it?” I asked quickly changing the subject.

This wasn’t the time to get everybody involved in Dru and I business. That should stay between me and him.

“I don’t know who party it is, but from what I hear its gonna be cray!!! b****es at work been talking bout it so we all gon ride out. You gotta come and wear something tight! We’ll be heading out at 11” she let me know.

“Alright. I’ll see what I can put together. Text me the address and I’ll meet you there.” I said before hanging up. I put my blunt out and rolled off the bed standing up to my feet. It was only 9:36 and I had plenty of time to crash around before getting dressed.

I walked out my room, down the hall and into the kitchen to make a quick snack. I opened up the fridge and pulled out two hot pockets unwrapping and tossing them in the microwave. I turned the timer on 1:45 and hit start.

I hopped on top of the counter taking a deep sigh as I pushed my hair from the front of my face, to the back, watching as the time on the microwave counted down.

I hopped back off the counter to get my food and head back in my room, but I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard loud banging on my door. I looked over my shoulder as the banging paused then continued again. I had no idea who it could be banging on my damn door like their the f***ing police. I sprinted to my room placing my plate of food on the nightstand as I quickly grabbed my gun from the drawer.

I hurried down the hall and through the living room where I became face to face with the door as the knocking continued. I slowly reached for the knob with my left hand while my right hand held the gun tightly in its grip.

I slowly turned the knob as the door swung open as I prepared to shoot at whoever the f*** this was. Apparently I wasn’t prepared enough because my hand with the gun was quickly grabbed and I found myself aimed with my own s***.

“WHAT THE f*** IS YOUR PROBLEM??” Caine yelled at me with his low eyes as my own gun stared me in the face. I sucked my teeth before snatching it out of his hands and back into mines.

“I don’t have a f***ing problem, you do! Popping up over my crib knocking like you a damn crackhead in need! What the hell you doing here anyways?!” I snapped at him as the door slammed shut. It really wasn’t any point of asking him why was he here. I already knew he wanted me. I was just a bit confused to why he wasn’t with the rest of the guys.

“I was gonna call but I thought I’d surprise you instead.” He said grabbing me by my hips, pulling me into him.

“Fired up is more like it. Why are you here? I thought u were over Dru’s crib with everybody else.”

“s***, I was headed that way, but I aint seen or heard from you since that night we all kicked it. I had to check on you, and you know a nigga been backed up. It’s time to fix that s***.” He grinned while his strong hands tightly squeezed my ass before lifting my body up into his arms. I automatically felt fire erupt through my body. With all the bulls*** and stress I’d been enduring some good sex was well needed right about now. Therefore, I knew exactly where we were headed…straight to my bedroom….


I was sitting on the edge of my bed drinking from a bottle of Ace of Spades as I stared myself in the big mirror that hung over my dresser. Even though it captured my entire body including the everything behind me, everything was blurred in my eye sight. Well, everything except my brother’s face starring coldly back at me.

We resembled so much, I ‘d get goosebumps from starring in the mirror too long. It’s like he was still living and I was the one that was dead. He haunted me in my thoughts all the time and I never quite understood why.

I feel like the only way to let him rest and for me to have some peace of mind is finding the bastard who shot him. Its been six long ass years since his death. Thats a long f***ing time without a peace of mind!

Ever since he died and I got sucked into this life nothing has been easy. I don’t like who I am, I hate everything and damn near everyone. s***, I must have rubbed something off on my own mom cause even she hates my ass. I chuckled bitterly as I drank some more.

I try to help her out, but she doesnt want s*** to do with me. I even try to help her out financially, but she b**** about she dont want drug money in her house. Tsk. All money is the same as drug money if you ask me! It’s printed by m’fuggas who supply the s***. I chuckled again at my drunken thoughts.

I put the bottle up to my lips and sank my head back and began gulping down the rest of my second bottle. I had no idea why I drank and smoked so much. I guess to suppress my feelings. A nigga been going through so much s*** and I just keep it all in. I never really had nobody to talk or have someone to hear me out and to understand where I was coming from. I always feel alone, even in a room full of people. It sucks, but I gotta deal with that.

I picked my phone up from the side of me and noticed that the time was 10:23. I was suppose to had been ready by now for this party Mike was throwing at some club his uncle owned just cause he wanted to. No special occasion just to show off. He’s been bragging about how crazy it’s going to be so I gotta check it out. Besides, I been kind of cooped up in my room for a few days so to get out tonight will hopefully put me in a better mood.

I just hope nothing bad happens…some off the wall s*** always going on when I go out.

“Aye Chris you ready!!” I heard Rick yell out as he stood in my doorway. He was fully dressed and here I was lit and still in my basketball shorts and beater.

“Naw…I ain’t…I aint ready yet man” I let him know.

“Damn nigga” he laughed as he approached me. “You already f***ed up huh? Two bottles??” he said holding the first empty bottle in his hand.

“s***…you know how I do.” I said to him.

“Yeah, and I also know you can do too f***ing much sometimes. Damn chill with this s*** bruh. You gon drink yourself to death.” he chuckled, but I could sense he was being dead serious. I didn’t care though. Drinking and smoking was something I had full control of. It helped ease my mind majority of the time. It made me feel numb…

“I’ll try.” I deeply said to him just to get him off my case.

“Yeah right nigga. Anyways get yo ass ready so we can hit up this party! I’m ready to find a nice piece of ass to bring home tonight ya feel me?” he laughed as I shook up with him.

“Shidddd you and me both. Give me 30 mins, I’ll be ready…” I let him know as he turned around and walked out.

I stood up to my feet, and prepared myself for the night.

At The Party…


“I only came here for two reasons, I can’t lieeeeee. I only came for the niggas and the drinks! Niggas and the drinks!” Royal and I sang out loud as the music banged throughout the club. We had been drinking and dancing with each other since I walked in.

This party we were at was kinda dope for a Westside party. The music was good, everybody was zoned out and having a good ass time, despite the tension between Dru and I. He and the guys were sitting directly to the side of us in a nice size VIP booth rolling up, as we danced.

He would give me evil stares every few minutes. I don’t know is it because of the argument we had or the fact I had on this skin tight black dress, which I knew would make him angrier. He hated when I wore clothes that were just too sexy. s*** I dont wear or do anything to satisfy him or anybody else for that matter. I was the f***ing boss of me. There’s no need for an assistant over here.

The song ended while Royal and I sat down where the guys were rolling up more blunts. She sat in Wiz’s lap, while I found space between Caine and Dru. Caine couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. I made sure I put it on his ass twice as hard back at the crib. s***, by the looks he was giving me, I could tell he wanted some more. Mouth wide open like he wanted another taste of me right here, right now.

“Damn Caine…pick up your mouth nigga.” Wiz shouted over the music so he could hear.

“That nigga feenin for Niecy!” Dice added as Caine shrugged it off by taking a shot of patron.

“That nigga gotta have liquid courage to admit that in front of Dru. Just give him a few minutes” Dice continued.

Everybody laughed…with the exception of Dru. Him being the odd ball was starting to piss me off all over again, despite the fact I was having a good time. The silence had gone on long enough. I took a shot of patron and turned towards him. It was time to clear the air.

“This bout to be good” I heard Wiz say to Royal.

“Look, this s*** has gotta stop.” I said leaning closely in his ear, trying my best to not publicize our dispute. He looked at me from the corner of his bloodshot eyes, and looked right back at his blunt, taking a hit and slowly exhaling.

“Look, you can be mad at me all you want, but I cant take us not talking. I been damn near going crazy cause of ou actin like a emotional ass female.” I let him know.

He shot me a “WTF you just say” kinda look as the guys instigated. I wasn’t saying it to make matters worst or to ignite his anger, its just how I feel.

“Real s*** Dru, you my ride or die and I love you. I understand you want a better life for me, but its going to take some time for me to want that for myself. I need you to support my decision and continue to love and hold me down no matter what. We all each other got and I’m sorry if I made you upset. We here at this dope ass party ignoring each other like some idiots” I said jokingly but was being dead ass serious. I know told myself I wasn’t gonna apologize first, but f*** it. I’ll put my pride aside for my brother. But the next time…I aint gon be the bigger person.

“We good or what?” I asked waiting for him to speak out, which he didnt.

Instead he stood up to his feet, staring me down hard as f***, before reaching his arms out as his face soften. I stood up as his huge arms squeezed the s*** out of my small body while he said.

“If you ever wear this dress again… I will kill every guy who looks your way, and then beat your ass.” he said pulling out of out hug. I’d rather hear him say some stupid s*** like that than nothing at all.


Everybody was now feeling themselves as 2 Chainz “Luv Dem Strippers” banged throughout the club. We were all finally having a real good ass time now that everything was good with me and Niecy. Yeah, everything was back to normal, and hopefully it will stay this way. I cant tell her what to do and what not to do, even if I only am looking out for her well being. Sometimes, you can only lead a person so far, until their on their on.

“Dru look at these niggas” she yelled out as my attention landed on Caine and Wiz imitating how strippers danced by dancing on Niecy and Royal. These niggas was f***ed up and acting gay as hell. Popping like females. A damn shame. All I could do was shake my head while finishing my blunt as my eyes wandered around the facility.

It was second nature for me to always be aware of my surroundings, especially when you have unknown enemies lurking at every corner. I try to remember the faces of people who look like they gon try some s***. You never know when something is gonna pop the f*** off, but when and if it do…you gotta be prepared. I had my 38 special strapped everywhere I went in case s*** went south.

My eyes continued to roam around, but eventually stopped when I noticed a very familiar face. I had to blink several times because I thought it was a walking ghost, or were my eyes deceiving me. My fists bald up as my blood began to boil as if I was going to explode at any second. I starred for the longest, because he was a split image…a split f***ing image… of the bastard who murdered our mama

Royal POV

After coming back from the store, we all spent the entire day to kick back and chill. It’s been awhile since we had the opportunity to do so. We all were busy hustling day and night. Getting our hands on some money was a 24/7 job, but it was our only way of surviving. You take what you can get your hands on. I wasn’t too much involved in the s*** that Niecy and the guys did. I left all that carjacking, shooting, and robbing s*** to them.

Instead, I worked at Platinum as a dancer before becoming the bartender. The pay was still good, but not as much as I could have gotten for one dance. It was worth it though because it made Wiz happy. He hated that I danced, so I stopped. I respected his opinion because no one ever had the nerve to tell me not to do it. When he did, he became my best friend. My ride or die. My soulmate. I’ll give up anything for him. I love him so much, how can I not? Sometimes I hate how much I truly love him, because in this world, anything you love could be taken away in the blink of an eye. I would lose my mind if I ever lost him. Hell, I would lose my damn self.

“Damn bae, I wanna f***” his raspy voice whispered as his tongue outlined my ear. His eyes were beyond low just like mines. I instantly got chills as the music around us silenced in my mind, but in reality it was still going on. The only thing I could hear was his soft breathing and his heartbeat. His fingertips slithered up my thigh, as I instantly got chills causing the moisture to develop in my panties. He smirked at me with his sexy eyes and beautiful face. At that moment, I was ready for him.

I took his hand in mines as we disappeared from the sight of everybody else. I led him straight into the bathroom as he closed and locked the door behind us. He dimmed the bathroom light as I hopped on the sink counter as he sunk his body in between my long legs. My tongue outlined his full lips before we started kissing. I loved his kisses. Each one always felt like the very first time we had ever kissed. The way his tongue wrapped around mines as we kissed was FIRE!! I was so in love, and I knew he loved me back. Every woman should know what it feels like to be loved by a man. For years, I’ve wanted it, and now I had it.

“I love you” he said to me, pulling out of the kiss. I looked back at him and smiled and said “I love you too.”

I lifted up my shirt over my head as he unsnapped my bra revealing my hardened breasts. His lips wrapped themselves around my left nipple as he began to suck on it, and did the same to the right one. With each second I became wetter and wetter. I wanted him inside of me. He left my breasts and began sliding down my mini skirt along with my panties as they dropped to the floor, exposing my bare pussy. He quickly began to lick his sexy lips a he got down on his knees, pulling me to the edge of the sink counter.

He ran his fat juicy tongue down the lining of my clit before digging in. “Aaaasssshiiiit” I moaned out loudly while my head fell back, and he tongue f***ed and sucked away my insides. My warm hand pressed against the mirror as I held on for support. His head game was unbelieveable. He didn’t just eat me out, he made love to my pussy with his mouth. “Ooohh….Wizzzzz” I continued as I gripped his mini fro with my fingers. He was giving me exactly what my body needed. He already made me climax in his mouth. I listened as he slurped it all up and kept going. My legs wanted to give out but he wouldn’t let them. I knew he was going to keep going til I bust again. He loved it when I bust multiple times, and I did too. He was the only guy who ever pleased me so damn good.

After busting two more times, he finally came up for a breath as he placed kisses on both my inner thighs. I felt my pussy on swole which meant he did one hell of a job down there. “I love tasting you” He whispered as I stuck my tongue in his mouth. The taste was sweet, I see why he loves pleasing me so much. He helped me down from the counter and turned me around to face the big mirror as our reflection looked back at us.

I helped get him out of his clothes as his tatted body faced me. I planted soft kisses across his chest as I made my way down his body. I became face to face with his rock hard d*** as I prepared to suck it. I licked up and down his shaft making in nice and wet before I placed the whole thing in my mouth.

His moans let me know that he was loving it. He gripped my curls tight and began to f*** my mouth. Back and forth my head went without any gag reflexes. “s*** love” he moaned when made me go twice as hard. After awhile, I could feel his d*** throb in my mouth before he unleashed his sweet tasting nut down my throat. I swallowed the warm cream down my throat before standing back up in my heels.

I bent over on the sink as his d*** played with my pussy before he thrusted himself inside of me. I let out a loud moan as he slapped my ass hard, hoping that no one on the outside heard us. I was hoping the music would tune us out. In and out he went as he drilled my body with his fingers clutched in my curls. He was rough and I loved it. This was his favorite position, having me bent over. He loved how my ass reacted on his d*** and the rougher he was, the more and more I squirted all over him.

This was my kind of love.

Janiece POV

My eyes roamed the room as I sat on the couch with Dru’s leg over mines. The music was still blasting, and yet everybody was knocked out. Well, almost everybody Royal and Wiz was no where in sight. They must be somewhere f***ing. As long as their asses not in my bed we cool. They had the cutest relationship. I could only imagine what its like to actually love somebody like that. s***, the closest I’ve come to love is the love of Tupac and of course my bro. That’s probably as close as I’m going to get to it.

I looked over at Dru who looked as though he was in a trance or in deep thought. I nudged him a little bit as he looked over at me. He removed his leg from mines and sat up.

“What?” he asked.

“Something on your mind? Care to share?” I said giving him my full attention.

He sighed before saying “I was just thinking about wanting a better life for us, especially you.”

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but my life is better. This is as better as better gets.” I let him know.

“That’s where you’re wrong! This is not the life you deserve. You deserve so much more than what we have grown to know. You deserve to be happy, not miserable all the time. I know you don’t wanna be doing this s*** your whole life do you? I know I don’t.” he looked at me if I was crazy.

“I’m not miserable. I been doing this s*** this long! Why f***ing change now? There is no real life outside of this. We don’t stand a chance anywhere else. This is our life. Ain’t no running from this s***! This is all we f***ing know! It’s all I’m about and I thought you were down with me!” I spat at him low enough for him to hear me.

“I am down with you, but Niecy this s*** won’t last forever! We gotta have a backup plan. Every time I step outside I gotta watch my back and yours. There’s niggas out there tryna take everything we hustled hard to get. We both gotta grow up sometime that’s why I’m thinking about getting us the f*** up out of Brooklyn in a few months. If we stay here you and me will either end up in jail or dead if we continue to live carelessly. That’s all I’m saying. It’s my job as your brother to look out for you.” He angrily said.

“I know s*** don’t last forever! But we can’t just up and leave. I’m not scared of nothing and you shouldn’t be either. Nobody is running me out of my town!” I snapped back.

“Why do you gotta be so damn stubborn!” He gritted. “You are all I have, and I’m all you got. I can’t stand the thought of losing you. Karma is going to come around and bite us in the ass twice ass hard for the s*** we’ve done. That’s why we gotta leave. Make a fresh start.” He explained.

“I don’t give a damn about karma Dru! We’ve made it this far, here in Brooklyn! I’m not running. Whatever I become face to face with so be it! I’m going to stand my ground and do what I do best. Survive this dog eat dog world. You’re the one who taught me everything that I know. You taught me the ins and outs to this lifestyle that I am adjusted to. Why the f*** you trippin?” I explained.

“I wish I never taught you all that s***! If you die out here I’m going to be the one to blame! I can’t live with that. Why don’t you get that s*** through your head!?” he got louder.

“Let me make it easier for you….I won’t blame you for it if something happens to me…so don’t blame yourself. It’s my own decision. It’s my life. I’ll deal with it” I spat making myself clear to him. He looked at me with disgust before jumping to his feet grabbing his keys and headed for the door, slamming it shut shaking the entire apartment.

Sighs, I hated when we argued, but I had to stand my ground. This was my life and he had to understand that. Until I get ready to change it for myself…then I will continue to live it my way.


run it

Rub it


“Damn” I moaned out loud gripping the back of her head as she gobbled my d*** up in her soaking wet mouth.

“you like that” she asked coming up for air, steady stroking me with her hands.

“I love that s***, now stop talkin get back down there” I demanded forcing her mouth back down as my head fell back. I took a hit of my blunt from earlier, as the warmth and wetness of her mouth overtook me once again. My d*** f***ed the s*** out of her throat at a mind blowing pace. Up and down and up and down she went as her wet tongue wrapped itself around my shaft. Trish head game was unbelievable. Better than her pussy if you ask me.

“Aah s***!!” I groaned as every muscle in my body tighten up as I began bussing in her mouth. I recuperated while she swallowed every bit of it as she smirked up at me.

“You, have NO idea how talented you are” I heavily breathed out as she got up, grabbed her big ass bag and headed to the bathroom to clean herself up.

I heard the water running so I figured she was taking a damn shower or something. Knowing her, she gon be in there a long ass time. I finished up my blunt, and rolled out of the bed. My body was a bit weak after bussing those two nuts, but I would be straight once I get my hands on some food.

I got out the bed, and threw back on my boxers and my shorts I previously had on. I opened my room door and walked out, heading downstairs. I was so damn faded it felt like I was gliding across the floor. I chuckled and shook my head to shake it off cause I was trippin. I got to the bottom of the stairs that lead directly to the living room to see Sean, Jay, and Mike chilling watching tv. You would think Jay and Mike lived here with us as much as they be over here.

“What up niggas” I nodded walking up to them.

“Bout time your ass got the f*** up.” Sean said to me.

“I been up! I was chilling. Having some f***ing me time until Trish’s ass showed up. Who let her ass in?” I said with a slight attitude as fingers pointed to Sean.

“It wasn’t my fault, I only opened the door cuz I thought it was these niggas” he laughed. “The b**** shouldn’t be popping up unannounced no way. She act like she run s***.” he said.

“She don’t run s*** but that pole at Platinum, and that wet ass mouth.” I said as they laughed in agreement.

“Ay Breezy, we heard that you had a run in with the fourth member of Charlie’s Angels last night” Jay busted out laughing as Mike joined him. My eyes quickly landed on Sean stupid ass. Damn that nigga can’t hold f***ing water.

“I told your ass I was going to kill you if you told them” I spat at him.

“My bad man, but I figured because you always say that to me, I shouldn’t believe it. Since I’m still breathing” he laughed.

“For now you are, you better watch yourself, best friend or not” I let him know.

“Aww give him a break, I called Mrs. Smith up. She’ll be over to handle his his ass.” Mike joked as they all laughed.

“Not if Madea get to him first. You know what she be carrying in that black purse” Jay added.

“I can’t breathe” Mike laughed.

“Good. Die.” I said as I continued to make my way towards the kitchen. These niggas were gonna be talking about this s*** all damn day. Which means I’m gonna be mad all damn day.

“Ay man, we was just bulls***ting with ya.” Jay said jogging up behind, taking a seat at the island. Seconds later Rick and Mike joined.

“What’s for breakfast? A nigga too hungry” Mike said opening the cabinets to find something to eat. This nigga got on my nerves sometimes. Well actually he gets on my nerves alot. I only put up with him because he’s Rick’s cousin and he’s always ready to bust a cap open in somebody’s ass if I need him to. On top of that he brings us plenty of extra business, without wanting more money. He knew every damn body and every body knew him, which means they knew me. They all knew I had money and dealt drugs, sold guns, and basically took over my dead brother’s growing empire. Niggas always want what the next nigga got. All that is good and all, but I just didn’t trust Mike. I didn’t trust anybody for that matter. He draws too much attention to himself with the flashy cars, jewelry, and clothes. s*** like that can be the end to all of us.

“Ay man, you need to tell that b**** to come down here and make us some breakfast” Mike joked, but I knew he was being foreal. I looked over at Rick and Jay who shook their head because they already knew I had a low tolerance for this nigga.

“I ain’t tellin her s***. Why don’t you take your ass back to your own crib.” I spat at him pulling some milk out the fridge and grabbing the crunch berries from the top.

“Nah, I’d rather be over here.” he smirked. I shook my head at him. I didn’t want his ass blowing up my high. Besides it was time to get down on some serious s***.

“Jay, you got something for me?” I asked pouring milk over the cereal while he opened up his backpack. I needed him to make an important drop for me last night since I had plans of my own. He pulled out 20 grand, placing it on the island, as we all looked at it. “You sure it’s all there?” I asked in a dark tone.

“Yeah, it’s all there. I gave dude 15 pounds of kush and 5 pounds cocaine. Fair Trade.” he looked at me in my eyes and said. I nodded grabbing the money from the island. I snatched the thick rubber band off and counted out Jay’s half. Mike was looking more hungry for it than Jay himself. I wanted so bad just to punch him in his face. Just cause.

“Preciate that man.” Jay dapped me. “Yall niggas gonna hit up Platinum tonight.” he asked as Rick and Mike said “Hell yeah” in unison.

“Chris you down?” Rick asked.

“I might come through. Then I might not.I’m going back to bed. Make sure yall asses lock my damn door on the way out.” I said placing my empty bowl in the sink and grabbed a pack of oreos and some ritz crackers n cheese, before heading out the kitchen.

Rick POV

Chris seemed kinda tensed on his way out. It’s hard to say what about because he’s always liked that when others were around. When its just me and him, everything was all good. I just hope it wasn’t from me telling the guys about last night. It probably was because of Mike being here. For some reason, Chris didn’t like him. He only tolerated him because of me and his connects to certain people.

“Your boy has some serious issues. That pussy upstairs must not be what he need” he joked while Jay and I just looked at him.

“Not cool man” Jay said. “He’s probably going through a lot right now so leave him the f*** alone.” he spat.

“We all got s*** going on, that dont give him the right to act like a b****. That’s probably why that hoe pulled out a gun on his ass” Mike spat back.

“Ay cut that s*** out. He just need some time to himself.” I finally said as he stood up to his feet.

“f*** that s***, he can have his time, I’m bout to take my ass to the Waffle House or something since a nigga cant get s*** to eat here. Yall riding or what?” he said with irritation in his voice. I looked over at Jay who nodded his head then stood up to his feet as I did too. With that, we headed out.

Hopefully while we’re out Chris can get his mind together…which I highly doubt, but you never know…

this is good run it

im liken the story already run it

Run It!!!!!!!!!!

I love what you have so far :)
Chris and Janiece don't even know how much they have in common, but Chris seems like he's the only one who wants to change.... maybe Janiece will have a change of heart later on...idk
RUN ..

Run it!!!

Run it

Janiece POV

It was a little after eleven and I was still stuck in bed. We had got back in late last night, and the morning was now kicking me in the ass. I barely got any damn sleep cause of Dru’s loud snoring. He was sleeping like a damn grizzly bear during hibernation. He could’ve slept in the other bedroom, but naw his drunk ass passed out in here. During the incident that occurred with me last night, his ass was drinking it up with some people he knew. He didn’t know what I did, but I was sure somebody was going to tell him eventually. He’s gonna be ready to kill a nigga. s***, it wouldn’t be the first time.

“Ughhh” I groaned as I stretched out. I knew I had to get up whether I wanted to or not. I’m not the type to lay my ass down all damn. Hell no. I can’t make or spend money like that. f*** that. He can sleep. I’m getting up. I pulled the covers back off of me, and got up out the bed. It was time to start my day.

I walked in the bathroom and turned on the shower to allow the water to get hot, as I began to brush my teeth. The steam from the running water was already taking its place on the mirror. I finished brushing my teeth before stripping down to my bare naked skin. I took my hand wiping the moisture off the mirror as I stared at myself. Something I did almost every day.

“You made it to see another day…without killing anybody…almost, very tempted to, could’ve, would’ve, should’ve but didn’t. Good job. I guess deep down you do have a heart…” I smirked at my reflection.

After showering I walked back into the bedroom and in my walk in closet to finish drying off. I lotioned up and began getting dressed. I slid on some baby blue laced boy shorts, threw on some short ass jeans shorts, and top the look off with a floral pattern bralette top that showed off my tight abs and navel piercing. “Definitely not tomboyish today” I mumbled to myself as I stood in front of the closet mirror. I took off my head wrap as my still flat ironed hair fell past my shoulders.

I slipped on some black rhinestone flip flops and walked out of the closet. I saw that Dru’s ass was still sleeping. It’s time for him to wake the f*** up. Especially if he suppose to be taking me to get some groceries. I was already starting to get hungry. I decided to jump on his damn back and pin him down like he used to do me when we were younger when it was time for school. “Wake the f*** up b**** nigga!” I straddled him gripping the back of his neck while having his arms pinned down by my knees.

“Ugggghhh Get the f*** off me!” his muffled voice let out as his head was buried in the pillow. All I could do was laugh as he squirmed to get free from my grip. He was strong, but I felt stronger.

“Are you gonna wake the f*** up?” I asked tightening my grip around his neck as he nodded yes. I released him and hopped down off the bed.

“Damn why the f*** you gotta be damn heavy handed.” he spat while rubbing the back of his neck where I held him down.

“Why you gotta be a b**** ass nigga” I laughed. ” Look its after eleven, you still gon take me or what?”

“Yeah, I’ll take you. I told you I would” he yarned. “Lemme get myself together.” He stood up wiping his dry eyes.

“Ok. All you need is in the other room.” I let him know while he walked out.

I walked over to the other side of the bed, where I had slept, to grab my phone off the nightstand. I saw that I had a text from my homegirl Royal. I’ve known her crazy ass for the last three years. We met in high school and and we ditched almost everyday together to kick it with guys, sell drugs, and make fast money. Thats all we were about. Our money. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Royal: Bytch, I heard u pulled a gun on some cutie last night! WTF is your problem? You s’pose to be f***in them not killin them LOL I’m on my way over cuz you knw we gotta talk!

See what I mean? Word gets out fast, especially when lurking eyes are all over. Dude was a cutie though. Two tatted sleeves, plump pink lips, and he had a nice lil swag going on. Like I said before, just my type. But that nigga tried to play me for a fool. That’s a no no.

Dru is most definitely going to find out. I’m positive Royal is gonna tell Wiz, then he’s going to tell Dice, then Caine, and BOOM Dru finds out. It’s not that I don’t want him to know, I just don’t want Dru getting heated over a situation that I already had control of.

Before I could reply there was a loud ass knock on the door. I threw my phone on the bed and headed for the door, but before I could reach it Dru dashed in front of me stretching his arm out, preventing me from taking another step.

“What the f*** man!?” I said with confusion.

“I’ll get it.” he said to me as he reached for the doorknob. I rolled my eyes as he opened the door and the fam all came rushing in. Caine, Wiz, Dice, and Royal saying their “heys” and “whats up”, as they greeted Dru with daps and greeted me with hugs.

“You didn’t tell me you had the guys rolling with you.” I said to Royal as we pulled out of the hug. She had this bright red curly hair that only she could pull off, long nice legs that popped out of the mini skirt she wore, and a see through black top that showed her hot pink bra. She was bad!

“I rolled with them thats why” she laughed.

“You should’ve stayed your ass home!” Dru said playfully nudging her in the arm, as he passed by to take his seat on the couch with the guys. These niggas haven’t been here a whole minute and they were already pulling out rolls of swishers, and 1 pound bags of weed and cocaine.

“Yo, dont f***ing mess up my damn table with all that s***!” I barked at them as they ignored what I had to say, and continued to roll up blunts sprinkling coke inside. That s*** gets you so high and lasts longer. I already knew these niggas was going to be f***ed up all day.

“Ain’t nobody gon f*** up s***! Get the f*** out, you already f***in up my high and I ain’t even lit my s*** yet” Caine spat at me before shooting me a quick sexy ass look while the guys laughed, except Dru. He was too busy slicing open the swishers to even say anything.

Caine talked so much s*** when my brother was around, but it was all a front in order to protect his own ass. Nobody knew that Caine and I had been messing around with each other for the last 2 months. It wasnt anything serious, just an occasional f*** when I’m in need. He f***s around with other girls as well but I don’t care. He wasn’t mines to claim. Dru would have his ass sliced the f*** up if he ever found out about it though. He didn’t want me f***in with any guy, especially those he considered real friends. It was a risk we both were willing to take. Well, at least til I find somebody else. So far we have been doing a hell of a job keeping us under wraps.

“Don’t make me throw you out nigga. I run s*** up in here” I spat at him while walking over towards Dru. “I thought you were gonna take me to the store. It ain’t no point of yall firing that s*** up when my fridge is empty.” I said making a valid point. He knew their asses would be ready to throw down on some food once they were good and high.

“Damn Niecy, you ain’t never got s*** to eat, and your ass wonder why we don’t come over here” Wiz joked. Wiz was Royal’s nigga. They’ve known each other around the same time we met and hit it right off. It took them awhile to make it official, but it was worth the wait. They were perfect for each other. Crazy at times, but perfect.

“The reason you niggas don’t come over is because I don’t invite yall over here.” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

“Why you always gotta be so mean to us?” Dice asked while laughing.

“Somebody has to put yall in check.” I chuckled.

“I agree.” Royal said.

“Ain’t nobody ask for your input.” Dru joked with her as he stood up to his feet. “Sis and I about to head to the store yall gon stay here or ride out with us?” he asked them, knowing damn well they riding out with us. I’ll be damned if I leave them in my house. Alone. They’ll probably burn it down tryna get blazed. f*** that.

“Staying here my ass, everybody get the hell up and lets be out!” I demanded while snapping my fingers as they got up and headed to and out the door. Well, all but Caine. He think he so slick. He want to be the last one to walk out so he can try something. “Nigga, get up” I said to him as his eyes stared me up and down.

“You gon learn to stop talkin s*** to me” he smirked getting up and walking towards me. We became face to face as he slowly backed me up against wall, pressing his body on mines. “This isn’t the time for th—“ I said before I felt his tongue entering my mouth. “Mmmm” I moaned in between kisses as his fingers massaged my clit through my shorts. “s***.” I managed to breathed out before the kissing became more intense. This nigga had me ready to pounce on him. I wanted to say f*** the store and lock my damn door, but this was the wrong time to do so. I pushed him off me causing him to trip up a bit.

“What the f***?!” he spat.

“We can’t do this s*** right now! Everybody is outside and we can’t afford any complications.” I said fixing myself up.

“Damn, you know I can’t help myself at times. s*** you looking good as f*** right now, but you right. We can’t f*** this up. I’ll f*** that ass up later though” He said fixing up his snapback.

“I know I’m right. Now bring that ass on.” I said as he walked passed me and out the door as I followed behind. All the guys crowded in Wiz’s Range Rover and Royal hopped in the ride with me as we dipped out.

Run it I wonder if they are going to see each other again

That Morning


“buzz buzz buzz” my phone vibrated loud as hell on the nightstand annoying the f*** out of me. “Damn” I spat out while grabbing it to turn the muthaf***a off. It was 9:32 in the f***ing morning and people been blowing me up since I got in last night. I thought I cut the s*** off then, but I guess not.

Niggas didn’t want s*** this time of morning except to get their high on, get paid, or pay me. Either way I wasn’t in the mood for the s*** today. I just wanted time to my damn self. Alone. With my thoughts. No interruptions. Just how I liked it.

I reached over opening the top drawer of my night stand pulling out a blunt I rolled up last night, that I didn’t get a chance to smoke due to the incident that occurred. I been thinking heavily about that s*** too. I still couldn’t believe that female pulled a gun out on me like she was on some Nino type s***, I chuckled at the thought while firing up my blunt. I lay my head against the headboard inhaling the kush in my lungs letting it settle good inside before releasing it all through my nose.

Damn, she was fine though. My thoughts of her continued. She had these tight scolding light brown eyes. Small waist. The perfect ass for my hands to grab. And she was the type that didn’t take s***. I bet she would ride or die for a nigga if she had one. Her ass probably scare niggas away, but not me. I was intrigued.

I’ve seen plenty females, but none like her. Her crazy ass crossed the line with me, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop thinking bout her. She was on my mind tough. I didn’t even get her name. Tsk. All of that s*** for nothing. Maybe we will run into each other again, s*** thats if I go back to that side of town. She claim she running s*** over there, her ass prolly not running s*** but the gas in her car. I laughed out loud.

Then out of nowhere I heard loud banging on my damn door. “Who the f*** is that!?” I spat with annoyance and frustration. s*** the little time I get to myself quickly gets taken away.

“Breezy it’s me open up!” I heard the voice speak out on the other side. I sighed as I rolled out of my bed with my tatted chest, and my boxer briefs, making my way to the door. I jerked the door open to see Trish standing in the doorway with her nose turnt up at me. Me and her had been f***ing around these last few weeks after meeting her at this strip club called Platinum. She was looking good as f*** that night and I had to test that ass out. She been stuck on my d*** since then.

“What the f*** is your problem banging on my damn door like you the police!” I spat at her as she pushed me out the way, storming in my room. This b**** was sexy, but I swear she be getting on my nerves, and she not even my girl. “I didn’t say you could come in.” I closed the door.

“Don’t play with me. Why the hell you haven’t been answering my calls? I’ve been hitting you up all night” she hissed at me as I just looked at her.

“You know I don’t have to answer to you right?” I chuckled at her while she scrunched her face up at me. It was actually kinda cute.

“You make me sick.” she said throwing down her purse before slipping off her jacket. She was rocking some kind of crop shirt that revealed damn near her whole stomach, along with some jean booty shorts, and some black pumps. She had a nice body, toned and everything. I lustfully bit my lip as I automatically felt my veins in my d*** throb. It was f***ing time.

I dropped my draws down to my ankles preparing to f*** her senseless. “I make you sick huh?” I teased her biting down on my bottom lip as I pressed myself against her backside. I gripped her hair through my fingers aggressively pulling her head back to my chest as she groaned out. She liked this rough s***. “Take them damn shorts off.” I demanded as she willingly did what I said as I leaned over to grab a condom from the nightstand. I ripped it opened with my teeth with my free hand, while gripping her hair tightly wrapped around in the other one. Once I had the condom on, I bent her over against the bed as her round ass stared up at me, as I played with her opening with the tip of my d***.

“Damn you wet” I mumbled under my breath right before thrusting my full length d*** into her warm soaking wet body.

“Aaaaah—mmmm” she screamed out as I pounded her pussy while pulling her hair. This s*** was feelin so right. “I make you sick huh?” I gritted as I beat her pussy up waiting for her to answer me. All she could do was moan hysterically loud. I slapped her right ass cheek as hard as I could as she screamed even louder. “Answer my damn question” I smacked her ass again in the same spot leaving a red hand print.

“Y—y—yesss f*** Breezy!!” she managed to say while squirting all over my d***. I could tell her body was already getting weak and I haven’t been inside for a whole minute yet. My d*** was murdering her insides as she jerked forward with each jab. But I didn’t care. I continued to ram myself harder and harder inside of her tryna buss a nut.

“You sick of this d***?” I hissed at her as her swollen pussy swallowed every inch of me.

“N—no-ooo” she cried out. I slapped her ass once last time as I felt my d*** about to erupt. I rammed myself inside her three more times before exploding.

“f***!” I groaned out as sweat dripped from my body. I pulled the condom off holding it in my hand as Trish hopped on my bed and laid back…pussy wide open. Damn, that s*** was super swollen. That’s exactly what her ass get. Walking up in my room talking s***…I taught her ass

Janiece POV

I held my silver Baretta tightly in my hands while aiming it in the middle of his face as we grilled each other. I didn’t know who the f*** he was and he sure as hell didn’t know me enough to be walking up on me like that. He scared the s*** out of me and I immediately went into attack mode thinking he was about to try something. That’s how nigga’s get killed creeping up ns***.

“Yo what the f*** is yo problem!?” A nigga from behind him yelled at me as he approached the guy that I held the gun up to.

Everybody around was still partying and carrying on as if we were invisible. Nobody was paying us any mind cause s*** like this happened all the f***ing time.

“Rick I got this” he gritted between his teeth never breaking the intense stare. I could tell he wasn’t at all scared, but more pissed. Probably cause a b**** never held his ass up at gunpoint before.

“s*** from the looks of things you aint’t got s***” his friend said.

“Why the f*** you walkin up on me like you know me? You got beef with me or something?” I coldly spat at him as he meshed his eyebrows together passing on a confused look until he finally spoke.

“I didn’t have beef with your crazy ass at first, but now it looks like we do. You don’t know who you f***ing with!” He spat back at me as if he didn’t have a gun pointed directly in his face. He was pissed alright, but bold as f***. Any other nigga wouldn’t have the balls to talk s*** like that. Especially to me. I would’ve ended their lives right then and there, but this was different. The trigger was pressing right against my index finger, but I didn’t have it in me to pull it. This has never happened. I’ve never been so hesitant before. Why the hell now?!

“Clearly YOU don’t know who you’re f***ing with. I don’t know where the f*** you from, but I run s*** over here.” I gritted as my finger lightly pumped the trigger. He didn’t seemed at all phased by anything I just said. He just stared me down.

“You aint running s*** but you’re mouth, and If you really wanted to shoot me, you would have done it by now” he teasingly smirked. I instantly felt like he was taking me as a joke or something. Like I was playing a game.

“Dont f***ing think for a second I won’t. This aint no game, you don’t get to chose how this ends, I DO!” I fired back at him.

“Yo! Calm down he don’t mean that s***. He just came over to holla at you cause he liked yo ride and he thought you was sexy. That’s it. Real Talk” his friend spoke out again in his defense as if I really cared about his intentions. But as long as he wasn’t trying to kill or rob me, there was no point of killing him. I’ll let this slide, just this once.

“Is that true?” I asked him getting no response. “I asked you a f***ing question…is that true?” I repeated myself and again nothing. He just stood there biting down on his bottom lip eyeing me.

“What you think?” he c**kliy said looking down at me.

Damn, for a complete idiot to pull a stunt like this, he was actually cute. c**ky as f***, but cute. He had some sexy ass pink lips, a muscular frame with tatted skin, and low piercing eyes. He was definitely my type, but a nigga like him can’t handle the lifestyle that I lived. s***, I was for sure he couldn’t handle me.

“f*** it!” I spat lowering my gun placing it back in my sweats as he watched me. “Get the f*** outta here man” I shooed them both away with my hand before hoping back up on my ride.

“Crazy b****” I heard him mumble under his breath as he turned around walking to his car.

“I’ll be just that!” I shouted loud enough for his ass to hear me. He turned around one last time flicking me off before they hopped in their Lambo and pulled off quick as hell out the parking lot.

“Punk ass b****es” I mumbled to myself.

I just spared this nigga his life and he still wanna talk s***. Trust & believe we will see each other again.

Chris POV

“You good man? Do I need to call up the crew up to handle her since you couldn’t?” Rick joked as I sped out the parking lot.

“I’m good.” I sounded all calm fixing myself up in my seat, turning the corner. Apparently, he thought this s*** was hilarious, yet he was the one b****ing more than me, and I’m the one that had a gun in my face. I didn’t even need him to come to my defense. I had it on my own. This s*** was crazy. Never in my f***ing life has a b**** ever pulled a f***ing gun on me. I’ve seen a lot of s*** coming my way before, but never this.

“Don’t tell nobody about this man, I’m serious. You tell anybody, I will kill you my damn self” I spat at him.

“Ok, I won’t tell anybody you let a girl punk you out?” he chuckled.

“I didn’t let her punk me out nigga. She wanted control of the situation, so I let her have it. Just to see what she was really about. I knew she wasn’t gonna do s*** anyways. Besides, I didn’t see you talkin s*** to her. I didn’t see you putting a gun up to her head in OUR defense, cause the way I see it she COULD HAVE taken both of us out if she wanted too.” I told him as his faced turned serious.

“That’s what I thought.” I said to him as we made our way back to our side of town with nothing but the sounds off Lil Wayne blasting through the speakers.

This is the s*** that I want to get away from. This life that I had no control of. I hated waking up every day having to watch my back all the time, or waking up wondering is my life going to end today. This s*** was stressing me the hell out.

This is not the way anybody should be living. Constantly having to be on the lookout with opened eyes. A small part of me kind of wanted her to pull that damn trigger back. At least I would finally be free from all this bulls*** that I had going on. But then again, I’m glad she didn’t. I sighed. This had been yet another crazy ass night for me and again, I made it out alive.

Tomorrow, the same s*** starts again

I want a chapter!!!!!!
RUN IT!!!!

anybody want a chapter??

Chris POV

Me and the homie Rick were pulling up to this MacDonalds on the Eastside. We just left this dope ass party high as f*** and decided to stop to get some food before we headed back to the Westside and called it a night.

When I pulled up in my black and gray lambo it looked as if the entire club was chillin in the damn parking lot of the MaCDonalds.

Everybody that I’d seen at the party was hanging outside their flashy rides, blasting loud music, laughing and talking it up. You would think they was shooting a rap video or some s***.

“Damn since when did MacDonalds open up a club? It looks like we at the after-after party” Rick laughed as I joined in.

Rick has been one of my best friends since 3rd grade. He’s been down with me before this lifestyle took its course, unlike the other guys that worked for me. I knew he would always have my back and I would have his. No matter what.

“Dont nobody sleep in this damn city” I joked as I pulled around to the drive thru behind this nice ass black and white 71’ supreme cutlass convertible. That bad boy was looking clean as it sat in front of us sittin on 26’s. Whoever was driving it had great taste.

“You see that?” I asked Rick who already had his phone out tryna take a picture of it.

“Yeah, I’m bout to Instagram this” he said as I shook my head.

“How you gon Instagram somebody else’s s*** and not your own?” I joked.

“Easy. Just like this” he flashed his phone in my face.

“You so stupid man” I said shaking my head as we pulled up to order our food.

Once we got our food we decided to park and chill in the parking lot like everybody else was doing. We got out and sat on the front hood as we pulled out our food and began eating. I watched as niggas rode pass showing off their nice ass rides, females twerked to every song that blasted from the radio, and everybody was chilling observing their surroundings like we were doing.

As I ate my mcnuggets, I noticed that dope ass car that was in front of me at the drive thru pulling up next to my Lambo. My eyes got bucked when I saw that a female was in the driver’s seat of it. I couldn’t see her face cause her snapback hung low over her face as she parked, but I know a woman’s frame when I see one.

I watched as she opened up the driver’s side door and stepped out closing the door behind her. Damn. I said to myself as my eyes scanned her appearance. She was looking good as f*** in those baggy ass sweats with the wife beater rolled up. Her flat belly was looking silky smooth as her belly ring dangled from her navel.

She looked like a bad ass female and not just her looks. Her whole persona. She had this tough, but sexy as mug on her face as she made her way towards the trunk of her ride as she sat down one it. She didn’t even notice me staring at her cause she was so into her own thoughts. That’s when I saw the passenger door swung open and out came this bright ass nigga that took my attention off of her. This nigga had a f***ing ponytail with a snapback on like a b**** I laughed out loud as Rick nudge me on the arm to get my attention.

“What you tripping off of?” he asked low enough for me to hear.

“Nigga got a ponytail with a snap back on. Who does that nowadays?” I laughed harder as he took a quick glance and started tripping with me.

“That’s probably Ice-T’s son.” he joked as we laughed harder as we watched him mumble something in that female’s ear before walking off in the distance. “Yo, she bad as f***. You think that’s her ride or his?” Rick mumbled under his breath.

“Hell yeah she is fine. That’s gotta be her car, what nigga gon let a female drive a nice ass ride like that?” I asked givin him a crazy look.

“A nigga with a ponytail!” he bursted out laughing.

“I’m bout to go talk to her” I said putting down my nuggets. “I’ll be right back” I said hopping off the car walking closer towards her. s*** I dont know why I was getting nervous all of the sudden. Approaching females was nothing for me, but this time didnt quite feel right. My gut was telling me to turn the f*** around and not say anything to her, but my feet said other wise. Before I knew it, it was too late.

“Excuse me” I said loud enough for her to hear me. I must have scared the s*** out of her because she jumped up to her feet pulling out a f***ing gun aiming it directly in my f***ing face. I stood there with a clenched jaw as our eyes grilled each other. I felt nothing but pure evil as she gave me the most coldest, dirtiest, lifeless look that I have ever seen in my life.

Why didn’t I listen to my gut?

Glad you guys already like it!! :) I just added a character list prologue!! Adding another chapter tonight!

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i likee tht her && her brother
at least got a good relationship

all theyyve got is each other !


Janiece POV

It was 3 in the morning and here I was throwed out across the bed with my brother Dru sittin next to me getting high while Boosie’s “Smoking on Purple” vibrantly bumped from my Beats audio system.

I was happy that he decided to come chill with me after leaving the party early. He probably just wanted to see why I decided to not show up anyways. I had something better to do with my time. Not that I was missing anything anyways. Muthaf***as dancing, getting drunk, high, and fighting. Hell I can do all that s*** here at home. I don’t need to go out for that s***.

We both had been pretty busy lately anyways ever since I came up with this new idea to get twice the money we had been making out on the streets from selling weed, cocaine, and from robbing people from time to time.

We been doing that s*** for years and it was getting boring to me, but that dont mean we stopping. Naw, not at all. The money was good. We just stepping up our game up a little bit to double and triple the money. Now our asses stealing cars and selling the parts. It was a risky job, but we had it in us. So far s*** has been going smooth and we gonna keep it that way.

I made a total 6000 dollars off car parts just yesterday after jacking this 1998 volvo. Whoever owned that car made the s*** super easy for me. I didnt have to put a mask on, nor draw my gun out since their stupid ass left their doors unlocked. I laughed out loud at the thought.

“What the f*** funny?” Dru asked cutting his bloodshot red eyes at me as he inhaled more of his blunt before releasing the smoke from his nose then back out his mouth.

“Just trippin off the whoever left their doors unlocked to that volvo.” I answered him as he passed it to me. I inhaled it twice as hard holding my breath as it simmered in my lungs. I slowly released it making doughnuts with the excess smoke. s*** was dope.

“Why you gotta be such a bad ass?” he chuckled playfully nudging my shoulder with his elbow takin the blunt away from me.

“Look who taught me” I said looking dead at him as he laughed.

“I’m a good teacher huh? I taught your ass everything you know” he said feeling himself a little too much.

“Don’t get too c**ky now nigga.” I smirked. “How was that damn party you and the fellas went to. Was the s*** live?” I asked while picking up his iphone being nosey. 97% of his inbox was nun but hoes being hoes. I shook my head at all the thirst their mouths hungered for. My brother was a ladies man I understand that, but these b****es didnt want s*** from him but his f***in wallet. Tsk.

“The party was live as hell! I told your ass to f***in come” he looked over at me snatching his phone out my hands. “Why the f*** you being nosey man?” he laughed. This nigga was beyond faded.

“Cause I can do what the f*** I want” I spat at his ass.

“Crazy ass! So tell me why you didn’t you come to the party? You the only girl in our crew and when you dont show up you make the team look bad. Especially when people are expecting you to be there.” he shot me a look awaiting an answer.

“s*** I had my own business to attend to. Thats all. My bad” I said sugarcoating the real answer.

Word on the street was some nigga making BIG MONEY on the Westside! When I heard this, I immediately had to check it out. I wanted to know who this guy was just in case he was a threat to us, but I didnt find out anything tonight. Damn near every body I approached on the block was scared to give me a name. Pussy ass niggas. That’s alright though because I was gonna find out eventually. I cant tell Dru’s ass that cause he would go off on my ass if he find out I went over there by my damn self. What he dont realize is I can take care of myself. I dont need him to be checking up on me all they time. That goes for the guys too. Just cause I’m a b**** dont mean I’m soft. Shid I got more power than all of them put together to be honest.

“What f***in business you got that dont concern me?” he asked.

“Getting d*** for one” I said being sarcastic while rolling out of my big ass king bed.

“Ugh I dont wanna hear that s***!” he whined.

“That’s what I thought.” I laughed. ” Ay ride with me to MaCDonalds, I’m hungry as f***.” I complained while walking over to my closet throwing on some dark gray sweats over my red basketball shorts, a Knicks snapback over my silky straight hair, and tied a knot in the back of my white wife beater. I was such a tomboy.

“Damn you aint got no food in the fridge?”

“Nothing but some gatorade, red bull, and a box of Crunch Berries” I sighed.

“We hittin up Walmart tomorrow to get your ass some groceries.” he said standing up to his feet looking me up and down.

“The f*** you looking me up and down for nigga?” I spat.

“Aint you gon pull your damn shirt down? You got your stomach all out ns***!” he said

in his serious voice as I put on my black and gray Airmax.

“Uh no. You aint the boss of this” I said pointing to myself. “I run this over here, you run them hoes in your phone” I rolled my eyes as he smacked his lips mumbling something under his breath as if I didnt hear what he said as he walked pass me and out the bedroom door.

“f*** You Too” I said grabbing my gun from the nightstand stuffin it in my sweats as he looked back at me and smiled as we made out way out the apartment.

I gotta love that nigga.

damn this is gud already please run