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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


Omg!! I hope Christian is Chris. Tink is 100% sure but we've all seen Maury with them babymams thinking they know. It would be crazy for that baby to not be his. I'm angry as HELL at Will for starting all this dramam.

will is a punk, am sure that baby is Chris'.
run it

Chris is so sweet. He's taking this like a man. Young minded niggas would not handle this situation maturely...we need to hurry and get those results so will can feel like a dumb ahh :)

Run it!!!

Lol Lesia, it still cracks me up when you leave a long comment!

Thank you everyone for the love! See how much better I'm getting with the adds?! :)

And I will keep ya'll updated on where to buy the book when it's published. I wish I had like an e-mail list or something. I'll just make sure I send everyone a message from this post when I finish it.

Chris looked over at Tink as they pulled back up in front of her house after the Doctor’s appointment. Her face was soaked with tears, and the minute he came to a stop she began to gather her stuff. They had barely said two words to each other since he had picked her up.

“..Do you want me stay with you?” He finally stuttered as she looked over at him with a scowl.

“Stay with me for what Chris?” She asked as she wiped her face.

He sighed before gripping the steering wheel, “To make sure you’re okay. To hold you. To comfort you. Anything. Nobody should go through this alone. We gotta wait three days for the results to come back anyway.”

She let out a laugh of disbelief, “Are you serious? You haven’t said more than three words to me this whole time, and then offer to stay with me? I thought you were mad?”

“I’m not mad Tink. I’m hurt. I’m disappointed. I’m confused. I’m sad. But I’m not angry. I’m not mad at what happened. I’m hurt off the fact that you didn’t tell me. You’re always keeping sh*t from me, and I’ve never given you any reason to not open up to me with sh*t. I always gotta find stuff out with you the hard way. Especially when it comes to Will. I always gotta be open with you when comes to Robyn or Kae. I don’t hide sh*t because I don’t want you feeling the way I feel now, when some stuff comes to the surface and you didn’t know first.”

“You’re right, and I’m sorry. I just didn’t want you to doubt anything. He said something about it when I went to say bye to him, and I told that nigga off then. I just want to strangle his ass.” She growled as Chris nodded.

“Don’t feed into him no more. He just wants attention. Some more publicity so people can go see that weak ass play.” Chris snapped causing Tink to chuckle a little.

He gently grabbed her hand and looked at her as she turned to do the same, “Tink. I love you okay. I’m in love with you, and want to spend the rest of forever with you. Nobody said this relationship sh*t was going to be easy or perfect. You and I have both f*cked up to the point where it could’ve cost us our relationship. Nobody on my side of the gate even knows we’re going through this or that I even doubt Christian’s paternity. It ain’t none of their business. All I’ve been saying is that it’s just a jealous ex boyfriend trying to start bs. Through it all, I’m still riding for you like I know you’d ride it out for me. You did it when I f*cked up, so now I’m doing it for you..”

He watched as more tears escaped her eyes before he whisked them away with his thumb, “Honesty is just all I ask for. No more secrets man. I told you this already and I’m not going to say the sh*t again. I’m a very honest person, and I can’t have a sneaky person in my corner. We not going through this sh*t no more.” He said firmly as she nodded meekly.

“Just give me some time to let some stuff go and to handle some things, aight? I’ll be back..”

“Okay.” She sighed as he gave a light grin before leaning down and kissing her stomach before rubbing it. She smiled a little before opening the door and getting out of the car.

Chris watched Tink waddle to the front door before he pulled out his phone to call Hood.

“Aye bro, I need you and Pat to take a ride with me to San Francisco today. Gotta address something with somebody…”


“Right this way Mr. Brown.” The head of security directed as Chris and Hood followed closely behind to Will’s dressing room. He had found out he had a show that night only two hours away from Los Angeles, and thought it would be a good opportunity to pay him a little visit. To address things, man to man.

“Don’t go in here starting no sh*t Chris.” Hood said lowly as Chris gave a small head nod in understanding as they walked up to the door.

Chris knocked quickly and motioned for Hood to back up so that Will wouldn’t feel threatened when he first opened the door. They heard commotion and finally Will appeared. He looked stunned to see Chris.

“We gotta talk brah.” Chris said smoothly as he walked into his dressing room and closed the door behind him, not waiting for an invitation.

“Well…have a seat.” Will offered as Chris shook his head no.

“I’m good. Wasn’t coming here to start no sh*t. Just here to finish what you started.” He replied aggressively as Will smirked.

“And what exactly did I start? I opened up to a friend of mine about how I felt and they released my statement to a blog. I can’t control that.” He answered staring Chris in the face with his arms crossed. Both didn’t want to show weakness to the other.

“You a sore loser huh? Can’t take the fact that she chose me over your punk ass and just had to go on some foul sh*t. That’s weak nigga. That’s a pussy move.” Chris spat as Will chuckled.

“Never been a pussy.”

“I can’t tell. You’ve been meddling since me and Tiff started dating. Always interfering some grimy ass way. If you really wanna know, I’m the one that even told her she should talk to yo stank ass after she was avoiding you for months when she first got pregnant…”

Will interjected, “Hm. Wonder why? And you want to talk about interfering? You NEVER wanted her talking to me. You was always sneaking your way into ours. You bought her a CAR for her birthday, not to mention I saw you trail after her the night of her birthday party. God knows what ya’ll did up there to get her so confused about me. You started to foul sh*t first my nigga. Don’t get that twisted.”

“But to go as far as trying to say my son is yours? You know she’s not pregnant with your baby.”

“Oh, you sure? You positive it’s not MY son growing in her stomach? You got a room in your house for MY baby nigga.” Will taunted as Chris started to jump at him but stopped.

“Man, you ain’t even worth it. You’re a b*tch ass nigga! Always was and always will be! No wonder Tink ain’t want you man.” Chris said fanning him off and walking towards the door. He turned around to give one final message.

“Stay away from my family dude. And don’t let my girl’s name slip from your mouth, and don’t reference <strong>my</strong> son. They don’t got sh*t to do with you, and you don’t got sh*t to do with us. Stay giving the audience a punk ass performance for this nothing ass play! B*tch!” He slammed the door on his way out and motioned for Hood to follow him.

“Yo, what happened in there?” Hood asked following closely behind Chris.

“Nothing. F*ck dat nigga.”


I was typing away on my book in the living room, attempting to take my mind off of the drama that had taken place over the last couple of days. I had to stop myself so many times from calling up Will just wanting to know why he would even start some sh*t like that. I never once wanted anything but happiness for him whether we were together or not. But I had to understand, that I had hurt him and broken his trust, and all of his actions were only out of spite and emotion. He deserved to be slapped for the b*tch he was acting like.

As I was beginning to start the next chapter, I felt my phone vibrate and smiled a little when I saw Chris’ name. My smile quickly turned to a frown when I quickly snapped back into reality and realized our situation was nowhere near perfect.

“H-hello?” I stammered as I heard a small chuckle on the other end.

“Hi.” He simply replied as I looked around the room awkwardly.

“Hi Chris.” I answered trying to contain my smile. I didn’t want him to hear it over the phone.

“Soo…I know we beefin and all…but you still my lady. And I miss you. And I miss Christian…” He admitted shyly as I sighed a little.

“We miss Daddy too.”

“During this time is it okay if I come over every time I miss ya’ll?” He asked innocently as I nodded as if he could see me.

“Of course…I want every opportunity to let you know how sorry I am, and how I will never put you through anything like this again…”

“Okay coo,” He said before I heard the doorbell ring on his end and on mine. I couldn’t contain my laughter.

“Your creepy ass is outside my door?!” I giggled as I stood up and answered the door to find Chris standing there with the phone to his ear. We both placed ours down simultaneously and he let out a deep breath.

“I missed you today. And yesterday. I’m not sleeping without ya’ll another night.”

This muthaf***ing b**** is trynna make us start a murderer Inc. Like who the f*** does this type of stuff. And although she should've told him, she was single at the time and we all know that's Chris baby. Will is just f***ing stupid, that's the type of situation you would expect a female to try. And for him to think she would wanna be around him after that is crazy. Anyway RunIt! And congrats on your book your writing!!

Her night with Will shouldnt matter. She was single and could do whatever she wanted. Chris actually cheated.

Granted she should have said something to him about it but she really didnt have too. Chris f***ed them up...Not Tink.

I believe Christian is Chris' and Chris is gonna feel dumb for not believing Tiff.

Will needs to fall off the edge of a f***ing cliff.

she should have never messed with will... he was too...smh anyway, hope she takes it as lesson learned

Im with Chris with this one but I believe that Christian belongs to Chris. I also believe that if they love each other enough then they can get through this. If Chris can be forgiven for what he did then so can Tink. I went through a situation a little similar to theirs and my man and I got through it!

Team Chrink!!! Bump Will!!!

Ummmm....I kinda feel bad for saying this but I'm on Chris's side for this one. Mostly...cause Tink was being a single woman at the time. Not like she f***ing cheated. But still, you can't mess with a man like that. How are they gonna bounce back from this if they should happen to find out that Tink wasn't lying? Damn this s*** is wild! RUN IT!

Love this but Will makes me sick. Never did like him

I'm sad your not adding to Scared i f Beautiful no more :'( but anyways Chris do have a point about Tink making him feel bad about his mistake but she failed to mention that night with Will. Run it

Ugh!! Will is just so unwanted right now...
I get where Chris is coming from though, Tink should of definitely told him, even if she didnt think they were gonna get back together. I truly hope (know lol) Christian is Chris'.
Im sad its almost over but I know you're gonna give that novel your all! Just dont forget about us little ppl lol!

so where would we find you novel

If any nigga in the world feel tink right now i know i do! Men do not take that shyt lightly. I almost lost my fiancé to a similar situation. It's definitely stressful af on the pregnancy too...smh yall can make it tink n Chris!

Run it!

Will was wrong in so many ways. Chris has a reason to be mad also! I know it's Chris' baby tho! RUN IT!

I will.definitely be buying your book good luck on everthing. i do hope that Christian is Chris and not will'S Because that last lost really broke my heart , just hope everything will be good between Tink and Chris

dang no more scared of beautiful.. i was waiting on that add :( oh well..but the book sounds awesome!

dang tink u effed up huh!? its gon take ALOT for chris to forgive this one.. i feel where he comin from..dont make him feel bad when u did something just as bad.. smh hopefully the baby is Chris' and not ol trifling Will's..Tink betta PRAY she got them dates right lol .. RUUUN IT!

I don't know what to say....I just.....I just don't

Hi tnicole! I'm one of the silent readers because I'm too lazy half the time to login and reply lol forgive me but back to the story. True she should of told him, and Will really is gettin on my last damn nerve. Can like someone go kick Will's ass please and thank you. I don't want that baby to be Will's and that baby don't need Will as a daddy. I think that Chris will be the perfect dad to Christian. Let's see what these DNA results are about. Your breaking my heart man :'(

Run It!

Run It!!

Murder Will now cry later!!! Will need his a** beaten I swear dude done pissed me all the way off

chris is right tho . she made him feel like s*** for everything he did , but she fcks with will , which jeopardizes their relationship , not to mention their family , & all she can say is ' i'm sorry ' ? so unfair . now , to strangle will . how could he go and do that ? he didn't think of the consequences ? he's losing a friend , and messing up her life . i honestly don't see things ending positively with chris and tiff . things just won't be the same . karma will bite you in the ass , tiff . and you had to find that out the hard way ..

ready to see the outcome . all these what if's in my head , ugh . RUN ITTTTT !

run it



I have been reading this story all day and I have finally caught up! I would like to say this is one of the best stories I have read in a long time. Your writing skills are awesome!!!! Wish you luck with your novel and I probably will be one of the first people with a copy!

OAN: Poor little Tink Tink she should have just been honest up front. Just because she did not see it as a big deal its better to get it out then hold it in. Some times lil things turn into big things (this is a prime example)! I hope this is Chris baby so Will can go sit his tail down somewhere!

I will be buying the book but you just broke my heart ! Sigh

Now I read :)

Thank you pretties! More sooonnnn!

PS: I'm turning Scared of Beautiful into my novel. I'm using what I've posted to the board as a "rough" draft, because my real books contain wayyyyyy more detail than that. You're going to get both of their back stories, what life was like before. Why they are they way they are, and THEN they meet and It'll be soooo much more craziness before it gets to the point where it is on the board. So I'm no longer adding to that post so none of it will be posted on the internet. I'll still be active on the board, may add a short story here and there just because you guys have shown me so much love and support.

Just wanted to keep you guys posted on that as a side note lol. Run and comment!

Oh when I do finally post my last post to this story, I want EVERY reader that's still reading this story silent or not to leave at least one comment! Even if its to say "Hi" lol. Just want to know how many people are actually reading this you know?! You just never know lol

Chris walked somberly up to Tink’s door step. His palms were sweaty as they were clutched tight into a fist. He had spent the last hour trying to calm down from his rage and heartbreak of hearing another man even talking, like the child he was growing to love could possibly not be his. He was even angrier that Tink had failed to mention any of this to him, if there was any truth to it. How could someone he held so close to heart, be capable of harboring such a secret?

As he reached her door, he rang the doorbell and waited patiently for someone to answer. He hadn’t even told Tink he’d be on his way.

Moments later, Indigo opened the door smiling softly at Chris, “Hey Peanut Head. Tiff’s in her room.” She greeted opening the door wider and allowing him full entrance into the house.

He walked in slowly as she studied his body language, “Is everything okay?”

He turned and looked at her before nodding and headed straight for Tink’s room. He didn’t even knock, just barged right in causing her to jump a little with her computer resting in her lap.

“Ooh, Chris you scared the sh*t out of me.” She breathed as she placed her hand on her chest. She watched him pace back and forth in front of her bed as she squared her face at him.

“Uh..what’s going on with you?” She questioned as she leaned over to close the door, sensing that a serious conversation needed to be had.

“Is….” He started as he clenched his jaw tight. “Is Christian mine?”

My mouth dropped as I felt the anger rise up inside of me, “Are you f*ckin kiddin me right now?!” I yelled as Chris huffed.

“Answer the got damn question. Is he mine or not?!” He roared back as I jumped.

“Of course he’s yours. Why are you even asking me something like that?!” I asked as he laughed in disbelief.

“You know..” He said as he started pointing at me. “That night, when you popped up at my house. I asked you over and over if you f*cked Will. And you never answered me. I just assumed you didn’t because you loved me..”

I felt myself feeling nauseous, where was all this coming from, and why now was he bringing it up.

“You had sex with Will didn’t you?” He asked me as I remained silent. “Didn’t you?!”

“It happened weeks before I came to see you…and my period came after. He didn’t get me pregnant Chris. You did.” I replied softly before I watched him turn around and punch a hole in my wall. The tears wouldn’t stop flooding my eyes.

“F*ck man!! I had to be honest with you about ALLLL my sh*t Tiff! ALL my sh*t! I had to put EVERYTHING out on the table and on the f*cking line for you! For US! For the betterment of US because I thought I was the one f*cking up!! Is this the reason why you ain’t wanna be pregnant at first?! Why you was talking about abortion?!!” He asked me as I shook my head.

“Chris that had NOTHING to do with it! I knew from the beginning Christian was yours. I forgot all about that night with Will! It wasn’t sh*t! I just did it because I was watching you be hugged up with Rihanna and I didn’t think we would ever get back together…” I admitted as I watched him heave in deep breaths, trying to prevent the tears from falling down his eyes. He was hurt.

“Why couldn’t you just tell me though?! I had to find out with the rest of the world, that some other nigga is claiming my son to be his! Do you know how that f*cking feels?! You know how DUMB I feel right now?!”

“…I just didn’t think it mattered..” I said as a weak attempt to explain myself.

“Didn’t think it mattered?! You get pregnant shortly after and you didn’t think it mattered to tell me that you had sex with someone else close to the same time you f*cked me?!”

“Stop making me sound like that! It was nowhere near each other! I got my period right after f*ckin with Will. He ain’t get me pregnant!” I screamed as he rolled his eyes.

“And now you just expect me to take your word for it?! I’m just supposed to believe your ass now?! After you’ve kept this secret from me for six months! I can’t believe you right now man! You’re not even this kind of person!” He spat as I finally saw a tear escape his eye. Knowing he was disappointed in me, hurt like hell. I would’ve rather been smacked in the face with a ton of bricks.

“Baby I’m sorry..” I started as I walked towards him and he quickly put his hand up to stop me.

“Save that sh*t! This is deeper than some I’m sorry sh*t Tink. This is our LIFE, this is our FAMILY! You don’t just allow somebody to feel like sh*t for what they did, when you got skeletons too. That’s unfair man.” He said breathing deeply and placing his hands on his hips. If looks could kill, I would be buried six feet under.

“So..what do you want me to do? Where do we go from here?” I sniffed as he walked towards the door.

“I’m making you an appointment to get a DNA test.” He told me as I furrowed my brows.

“While I’m still pregnant?” I questioned as he nodded.

“Hell yeah. You don’t have nobody to blame but yourself. If you had been honest from the beginning I wouldn’t even be questioning the paternity of my son. Now I have to, just to prove a point.”

“Prove a point to who Chris?!! You know, and that’s all that matters.” I cried as he turned his nose up at me.

“I don’t know for sure. I’ll pick you up for the appointment tomorrow.” He said before walking out and slamming the door. All I wanted to do was cry…and then murder Will.