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Til the end «Repost» Updated 09/01 (FINAL POST ADDED.!!)

Since I cant post in the old one I decided to remake it so here yall go.!!!!!!

<a href="">i</a> knew i should never had went against <a href="">my daddy</a> and got involved with <a href="">jason</a> but what can i say im addicted to tattoos and bling.! and jason was all that and more when i first met him. he was a sweetheart and we did everything together.! now, two years later, as i walk around in our <a href="">my bedroom</a> i am scared for my life when im here with him.
im so alone in this world now and not even my daddy can save me. after what happen last night im frightened to see what happens when he comes back home.

two years agao
our first encounter

its the first day of school and i went all out with my <a href="">outfit</a> for the day. i just moved here with my dad and i really was kinda nervous but at the same time kinda excited but only because my dad told me my child hood friend <a href="">keyshawn</a> was going to be going to school there and im excited to see what he has grown up to look like.
"good morning daddy." i said kissing my dad on the cheek and climbing up on the stool and eating a plum.
"stand up Renee." my daddy said walking towards me.
"whats up." i hopped up saying.
"where are the rest of those shorts.?"
"what do you mean.?"
"you heard me."
"mommy got me these for school."
"oh really.?"
"yes" just then there was a knock at the door. "i'll get it."
"who is it.?" i yelled.
"its keyshawn." i opened the door and my mouth dropped. <a href="">he</a> was standing there looking so adorable.! i can not believe this is what he turned out looking like.
"hey big head." was all i could make out.
"yoo renee you have grown up.!" he said stepping up and giving me a hug.
"i can say the same about you too."
"hey Mr. Bryant." he yelled pass me to my dad. "so you ready.?"
"yea let me just grab my bag." i ran back to the stool grabbed my bag and kissed my dad goodbye.
we pulled up to the school and all eyes were on us. it seemed like i was like a brand new toy that everyone was scared to play with.
"yo shawn why is everyone staring at me like that.?"
"because you with me."
"what are you the king or something around here.?"
"something like that. im the king of the basketball court."
"ohh i see." just then i seen <a href="">him</a> sitting on a bench across the street just staring at me.
"yo shawn who is dude sitting on the bech over there.?"
"oh thats this cat named jason. stay away from him. he is nothing but trouble."
"he looks harmless. imma go say whats up." before leeting keyshawn say another word i was headed over to the staring stranger.
"hello." i said standing in front of him.
"hi." he responding dryly.
"i saw you staring so i just thought maybe i should come speak."
"oh yea i was looking and i like what i see. whats your name cutie.?" he asked standing up.
"renee bryant. and yours.?"
"its nice to meet you renee. mines is jason. jason keys."
"well mr. keys next time i see you i expect more than a stare down between us ok.?"
"yea sure baby girl." with that i walked back over to meet up with keyshawn and he took me in the building to the offive to get my classes scheduled. i just couldnt get jason out my mind the whole morning. he was something different and i wanted to know more about him. i was drawn to him by a force i dont even know and i actually like it.

details plz
Run it


this story is done read the sequel <a href="">The End And Beyond</a>

Im Glad Shes Ok..... But Baby Huh?...
Run It....

Lol this story is overy the sequel has already been started


Lol this was by far my best story on here
imma really work on finishing the sequel
check it out its called The End And Beyond

YES that nigga is dead!!
Never thought I would say those words
now she's pregnant -_- no words

I can't wait to read this sequel!!!

Oh btw great ending to this great story!!!

omg yes.. sorry but im glad jason is gone.. he was killin me but omg she was pregnant by him smh thats crazy.. this story was too good. im glad u are doing a sequel. i think thats going to be very interesting...
run itt

Before the shots were fired I really began looking back over my life and honestly I never saw this being how I died. There were so many things I have yet to do with my life but I guess the actions I took over these past two years completely remolded my life ending. I always figured I die a 89year old great-great-grandmother with all my descendents around my bed watching me take my last breath but unfortunately I cant even become a mother first. I will never truly understand Jason's reason for doing me the way he did but at this point I guess it doesn't matter. But what about Keyshawn.? My bestfriend, my lover, my everything. I didnt even get the chance to say goodbye. This is not how our story is suppose to end.
<cite>Bang.! Bang.!</cite>

The shots rung out yet I was still breathing but I couldn't move.
"Renee baby wake up." a voice told me. my eyes fluttered open and I found Keyshawn looking down at me.
"Keyshawn.? Where is Jason, what happened.?" I said barely above a whisper.
"on the highway to hell." Keyshawn said smiling. Just then my dad finally busted through the front door gun at the ready.
"aw damn I missed it.?" he said as he looked at jason's lifeless body. Keyshawn and I shook our heads and he helped me up.
"daddy can I see that.?" I asked pointing to the gun. he handed it to me and I limped over to Jason and began to empty the clip into him. even after all the bullets were gone I was still pulling the trigger hoping more would magically appear. My dad slowly walked up behind me and grabbed the gun. I turned to him and broke down in his arms.
"daddy im so sorry for everything." I said between sobs.
Suddenly I began to feel every weak and I collapsed in his arms.
"baby girl you alright.?" just then my body began convulsing and I blacked out.

*Keyshawn's POV*
When Renee's dad told me she was leaving Jason I was happy but at the same time worried as fuxk. There's no way Jason would let her go that easily after all the shyt he put us through. So I took it upon myself to go over there that morning with my dad's 22mm and make sure she gets out safely.
I saw renee's dad as he pulled up and he decided to try the front while I went around back. I could hear Renee screaming and I knew I had to hurry up. It took me a few minutes to pick the lock but I got in to find him over top of her with a gun and with any hesitation I shot him twice in the head and ran over to my battered but still beautiful future wife.
her body was covered in bruises and I was devastated but at the same time happy that I had her back.
That changed when she had thd episode in her dads arms and passed out.
"nooo I cant lose you again Renee wake up.!" I yelled shaking her as tears begam falling from my eyes.
"hello.? yes I am calling from 3675 E Elm St. and I have a male teen dead and a very battered teen girl here. Please hurry.!" Her dad yelled to the 911 operator then hung up. he continuously did CPR on Renee until the paramedic arrived to take her to the hospital.
Once we got there I called the crew and told them to come up there. the first ones there were harmony and tati and maleek.
"how is she man.?" maleek asked.
"they haven't came out and said anything yet." I responded.
"this is all my fault." harmony cried.
"dont blame yourself harm." I said comforting her.
"what do you mean its your fault.?" Renee's dad asked.
"last night at prom I arranged for Renee and Keyshawn to have alone time which went against jason's orders and the deal she made with him at her party." harmony confessed.
"what deal.?"
"Renee had to breakup with Keyshawn and go back to Jason or else everybody would have been killed at the party by him." I could tell by the look on his face he was completely thrown off by this news. Just then Caine, Nasir, and Ana walked in.
"you have alot of nerve steppingfoot in this hospital." Tati said walking in Ana's face.
"come now I cared about Renee too." Ana replied.
"the hell you did.! you were always instigating the fights she had with Jason."
"thats not true."
"oh so Keyshawn's party wasn't your fault." I looked at Ana shocked to know it was her fault the greatest night of my life was ruined.
"you put it in jason's head that Renee wanted Keyshawn even though at the time she didnt."
"Renee could have left Jason long before I did anything yet she didnt. she brought this upon herself now she has to suffer the consequences."
"you little bytch.!" Harmony said before pouncing on Ana punching her repeatedly in the face and head. Everybody, including Caine sat there and did nothing while harm gave it ti ana for about five minutes then maleek and Nasir broke it up and security came and removed her from the building.
Twenty minutes later the doctor finally came out to us.
"can I speak with the family of Renee Bryant.?" He asked.
"this is her family and im her father."
"ok well she's stable. she had several fractures within her skull, ribs, hand, and legs. he tailbone its self was broken and her fibula had and to be reattached after we got the knife out. she lost a great deal of blood but we were able to do a successful blood transfusion in time to save the fetus."
"FETUS.?!!?" We all yelled.

This is the end of this about to work on
the sequel later so look out for it to be posted.!!!

Run it.!!!

I second everything toya said lol
A sequel would be HOT!!!

*dances* YES A SEQUEL!!!

Girl I will go PSYCHO on someone if my homegirl got shot!
Jason need to die
Be gone
Be over
Adios you king kong

*dances out of post*

Toya you are too much lol

Ladies after this last run I may make a sequel...
What yall think.???

I know he did not shoot her!
That was her pops shooting down the door and then that bullet hit Jason
That negro done lost his mind if he dear put a bullet in homegirl
I will jump in this story and kill him if you don't get his ass out the picture asap!

You guys are soooo impatient lol jk
Just a few more runs then imma update.!!!

Run it (:

Oh hell nah
Run this s*** like asap lol
he couldn't have shot her...please tell me he didn't do it!!
oh em gee

Run It!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Run it

o hell no girl lol... u can not end the chapter like that.. bang bang.. ? nah he couldnt had shot her.. omg please update this..
run it

*Renee's POV*
No words were being exchanged at this point. we just stood there looking at each other. I cant even lie I was beyond afraid and just really prayed my dad would hurry and get here. Jason walked to the livingroom and sat in his favorite chair staring at me. I began to wall towards the kitchen but he held up on his as if to tell me to wait. he pulled out his little flask, did a line then charged at me. I ran for my life to thd kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife I could see.
"stay away from me Jason." he quickly stopped and just looked at me.
"so what you think you can kill me now.?"
"I dont want to but I will." tears began to form in my eyes. "why Jason.? I loved you throught it all yet time and time again all you did was hurt me. do you know how hard it is explaining blue and black bruises to my dad and his friends hell my friends too.? I cared so much for you that I looked pass all that and still wanted to be with you because I hoped and prayed that one day it will stop but it didnt so I tried to move on. I was happy with Keyshawn. he loves me like a real man is suppose to love his woman and he makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have him. just let me go Jason please. im begging you."
"you know what Renee I give up. you wanna leave then go right ahead." he said raising his hands in a surrendering fashion the moving away from the doorway. I slowly began to walk by, knife still pointed towards him and headed to the door. as I opened the door I could see my dad driving up the street and my heart skipped a beat because I was so happy. Just then Jason grabbed a handful of my hair pulling me back in the house and shutting the door and locking it.
"did you really think I was gonna let you go that easy.? naw you wanna leave so imma send you off in a bodybag." I spun around trying to stab him but unfortunately I only grazed his side which angered him and he back handed me to the floor.
"bytch have you lost your mind.?" he said picking me up and tossing me into the glass side table causing it to shatter instantly. he then came towards me but before he could grab me I kicked him in the dicc and he fell to the ground. I got up trying to make a run for it but he tripped me and I fell head first into the TV stand cutting the left side of my head.
"Renee open the door." I heard my dad say.
"DADDY HELP ME.!" I yelled crawling towards the door. I could hear him trying to break the door down. then outta of nowhere I feel a sharp pain in my calf causing me to let out a piercing scream. I look back to find that Jason has stabbed me in the leg and left the knife hanging out my leg. I saw him trying to come towards me so I try to crawl faster but then I looked up to find myself face to face with then barrel of his 9mm.
"I guess this is the end my love. dont worry though, your precious Keyshawn will be joining you soon." Jason said with a sick grin on his face. I closed my eyes realizing this was the end and a single tear drop fell from my left eye.
<cite>Bang.! Bang.! </cite>

Run it.!!!



Run it :-)

Thanks for the comments next post coming soon (:

Run it (:

Ugh Jason -__- . I feel bad for her, but she chose to get in that relationship. Should've left when he hit you that first time. But, I hope her dad comes in time before he does some stupid mess.

Ughh why Jason always gotta come around and ruin something
I hope her dad is on his way.
I have a bad feeling about is

Run It

omg i cant believe he beat her like that...he is too much...
o damn i hope dad comes when jason comes n set this guy straight..
this is gettin juicy
run it

*Jason's POV*
This bytch must really think im dumb or something if she think she bout to leave me and go back to her damn daddy's house. Imma fix that ass tonight doe. oh yea imma show her what happens when you try to leave me. then to top it off that bytch was with Keyshawn tonight I knew it when I seen that he was still there. oh yea her ass is about to get handed to her. she fuxking with the wrong muthafuxka tonight and imma show her as soon as we step in this house.
"dont go up them steps yet." I said waving my hand for her to come back to me.
"come on Jason we have had a long day and I really just wanna lay down." she saying turninh to walk awsy from me.
"BYTCH I SAID NOT YET NOW GET THE FUXK HERE NOW." I yelled and she stomped back downstairs and flopped down on the couch.
"what do you want.?" she asked.
"that shyt you pulled tonight was not cool and frankly it was dumb as fuxk."
"what are you talking about now.?"
"bytch you know exactly what im talking about. so did you fuxk him.?"
"Renee keep playing dumb with me and imma bash yo face in."
"quit beating around the bust and tell me what the fuxk you talking about."
"I know you left that dance with Keyshawn. was it worth it.?"
"Jason come on now. Keyshawn left like an hour before me and Tati even left out so what you talking is completely stupid."
"lie to me again." I said while taking off my shoes.
"im not lying." I could tell in her voice that she was lying and I didnt wanna hear her talk no more. I got up, grabbed my left shoe and went over to her and began beating the fuxk outta her with it.
"JASON PLEASE STOP.!" she yelled.
"you right this shoe is too much." I threw the shoes down and took off my belt. "imma really show you how to act."
"do hit me with that belt Jason." she yelled running upstairs. I took a quick snort of my lovely booger sugar and then began walking up the stairs to find her.

*Renee's POV*
Jason was beyond crazy right now and im scared shytless. he has never beat me like this and now im really freaking out.!
"you can run but you cant hide baby." I heard him say as I hid deep in the back of the closet and call Keyshawn. sadly he didnt answer and now I knew I was done for.
"SURPRISE.!" Jason yelled when he found me and dragged me out to the middle of the room.
"why do you always gotta be difficult. take this ass whooping like that boss bytch you pretend to be." with that he grabbed my arm and began beating me with the belt buckle all over my body. as it hit my hands I swear it factured a couple of the bones in my fingers. all I could do was scream and attempt to crawl away but he stayed right behind me cussing and hitting me the whole time. it lasted a good five minutes but thats only because he got a phone call.
"dont leave this muthafuxking house Renee or I swear on your life I will kill you with no hesitation." I couldnt even more because my whole body hurt like crazy. I guess Jason could sense my inability so he picked me up and threw me im the bed.
"you brought this upon yourself Renee. Im sorry but I just want some order in my house, is that so wrong.?" he kissed my forehead and left out.

*Finally Completely to the present*
I finally got all my stuff packed up and ready for my dad to pick me up. my body was still in pain but I blocked that shyt because im finally getting away from Jason. my dad called and said he would be to me in a half an hour so I began taking my things downstairs. Right when I got the last bag down I heard Jason coming in the house. <cite>Fuxk.!</cite>

Run it.!!!

damn jason ruined their moment.. im getting tired of his ass like damn something needs to get done but this story def has all my attention n i love it. up date soon

Toya you are too silly for that lol
but im working on the next add
yall are gonna hate it but hey in
the end it'll wrk out.!

Run it.!

Ugh I'm so tired of Jason lol
Somebody need to f*** him up real quick
I'm mad as hell he ruined their love making

Ugh!! Lol

Run It

Grrrrrrrrr time to plan Jason's assassination

Renee makes sweet love to him make him lose thought and all
Shawn sneaks in the room with Harm
Harm injects Jason with a poison
Renee lets go
Shawn gives him another lethal dose of poison
They all run off leaving him to die

*rubs hands together*

Run it girrrrrllll I like I like
Hate Jason though

*Renee's POV*
what did you do.?" I asked harmony as I got close to them.
"made this officially the best night of your life." she responded overjoyed.
"what do you mean.?"
"I asked obviously confused."
"you'll see."
we stood there for about twenty minutes in silence then tati out of nowhere yells surprise.
"wtf tati.?" I yell.
"Renee I need to to go with me to pick something up." she yells grabbing my arm and pulling out to dance upstairs to some room and pushing me inside. for a minute I thought tati had completely lost her mind and I had it in my mind that I was gonna hurt her for this but then he said my name and I knew I was in heaven.
"Keyshawn is that you.?"
"yea baby its me. you looking very good tonight baby."
"thanks so are you."
"Renee I been missing you girl. like fareal babe I been going crazy without you."
"I been missing you too. Jason is crazy as hell."
"babe im gonna get you away from him real soon. I hate seeing you like this."
"how Keyshawn.? I cant lose you over this shyt. thats why I did what I did in the first place. I love you too much to let Jason harm you."
"we gonna work something out babe." with that he walked closer to me and began kissing me so passionately I was melting in his arms. he picked me up and carried me to the counter and we began to undress each other. I knew we were about to make love and I was all too excited. I didnt have a care in the world at this point because this was how it was meant to be but ofcourse we were interrupted by Nasir banging on the door.
"yo dog let Renee go Jason down here freaking the fuxk out.!" he yelled. I kissed Keyshawn one last time and then ran on down to the dance and found Jason swinging his gun around yelling.
"Jason baby im right here." was all I could say and that seemed to work because this weird grin crept on his face as he came towards me.
"Renee baby dont ever leave me again I was so worried." he said pulling me into his arms.
"im sorry tati needed my help but im back now. come on lets go home." we walked out to the car and while I was putting him in the back seat I saw Keyshawn looking out at me and I blew him a kiss and mouthed 'i love you' then got in the car and drove off.
As I was driving I noticed my dads car parked at the night club where he usually hosts amateur night so I decided since Jason was passed out I would give my plea to my dad in hopes of him letting me come back home because I was seriously getting fed up with his psychic ways. as I walked through the doors the DJ saw me and I went straight over to him.
"hey Lil Renee how was prom.?" <a href="">Pauly</a> asked as I got in the booth with him.
"it was ok I guess but check the out I gotta song I wanna dedicate to my dad can I have a moment.?"
"sure thing baby girl. oh and by the way, you are rocking that dress. if your dad wasnt my boss I probably would be tryna smush right now." he said laughing.
"whatever Pauly." I said mushing his head as he cut the song off to introduce me.
"aye yall I got a real special treat right now for the boss man himself stand up homie.its your baby girl." he made me the mic and told me to do my thing.
"hey daddy its me. I just wanna first apologize for everything I put you through these past couple months and I wanna come home." I took a deep breath and looked hi dead in the eye and began singing.
<cite> I'm so far away from home I don't know how I ended up here all alone 
Seems, Like just yesterday everything was alright
How did I get here tonight
I was raised better than this
Daddy you don't know how much I miss
All the lesson life taught you
You tried to tell me so I wouldn't have to go through
I cry myself to sleep(cry myself to sleep) 
Try to find some peace(try to find some peace)
Your little girl just have one question for you tonight
Daddy can I please come back home?
Hold me close don't never let me go 
I wanna say I'm sorry daddy every time I let you down
Can I come home tonight tell me everything will be alright </cite>
I could tell as I was singing the song he was tearing up just as much as I was and by the all he could do was say 'come on home baby' and that touched me deeply knowing that my daddy still had my back. It was my mission to be outta jason's house tonight. but as soon as I got us to the house Jason had another plan for my ass.

Run it.!!!

omg!!!! She ... i mean he is the enemy!!! ;) he must die

but yo i made a good as plan. lmaoo

and i swear jason is ugly af. i swear i hate him

he look like Jason jason. lmao hahaha

run it yo. i wanna see what happens next