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If I Want To I Can Replace You {Updated 10/16}

Waking up next to a fine ass bytch is what <a href="">I</a> do on a daily basis. Thats just who I am, I love bytches and I love puccy. Niggas try to hate on me because they know as quick as I snap my fingers I can have they girl on my arm. Its not my fault doe so why be mad.? I dont even have to do much to get any of the girls I have had. I lost my virginity at the age of 8 to my nanny who was 26 and boy let me tell you that shyt was on point.! I remember it like it was just yesterday....

I was sitting in my room playing video games when nanny <a href="">Sofia</a> came in and sat on my bed. At the time my parents were away on their seventh honeymoon trip so being home alone with Sofia was becoming very normal to me.
"Keyshawn honey can you come here please." she said to me softly. I stolled over to her calmly and sat on the bed next to her.
"now sweetheart I have been noticing lately that you have been starting to explore your body, am I right.?"
"yes." I said putting my head down in shame but with her index finger she lifted my chin uo so I world be looking at her.
"baby boy its perfectly natural but your missing something in those explorations."
"what.?" when I asked that she got up and took off all her clothes and stood in front of me.
"me silly." she stood me up and proceeded to take off my clothes and laid me in the bed. At first I felt kind of awkward but when she started sucking my dicc I began to relax more.
"ay papi.! su pene es mas grande de lo que esperaba.!" she said looking up at me smiling but then going back and sucking it more. Now back then I couldnt even have told you what the fuxk she said but now I know it was ' your penis is bigger than I expected' and damnit when I learned thats what she said to me couldnt nobody tell me shyt about my dicc but any back to the excitement. She was down there sucking my dicc for a good ten to fifteen minutes then she got up and straddled me sliding my dicc inside of her soaked puccy and began to ride me. That shyt was too fuxking wet and I was liking every moment of it. I could tell Sofia was too because the whole time she said not one English fuxking word. I only lasted about ten minutes then I came so fuxking hard inside her and she just sat there laughing.
"aww little Keyshawn we will work on your stamina. No girls likes a minute man baby." With that she got up and went to tge shower and I just laid there staring at the ceiling still shocked I just lost my virginity.
Over the next few years me and Sofia continued our secret love affair until I turned about fifteen then she ended up getting pregnant and had to quit and move away. She told me she didnt want our kid to have anything to do with me so that I can have a normal life and a bunch of other bullshyt. At the time I was hurt but shyt after a while I was like fuxk it.! Its time to live my life and every since I been a fuxk machine.!

* Flashback Ended*

Well here I am three years later still on my same shyt and I aint changing for nobody.!!!

What yall think.?
Run it or Dump it.???
Details please


Sofia acting like a little *beep* .... She is crazy not wanting Shawn to be apart of her life .. smh just simple

I am so happy he is really putting his best foot forward right now. and I am happy I am meeting the little chica.

What was all that was said in spanish? mmm being sneaky!

That meal is sounding right *rubs tummy*

Runn It Zay!

*Keyshawn's POV*
"have you lost your mind.?" Sofia asked obviously worried.
"nope I found it. Sofia this is my child just as much as yours and I will do anything to make sure I am apart of her life."
"she doesnt need you in her life Keyshawn. she has a father that has been there for everything."
"I wasnt there because you took her away from me damnit.! its your fault she doesnt know me not mines. I wanted to be in her life from the beginning. and now whether you like it or not I am." With that I walked away back to Lillianna.
"hey baby girl you wanna go see grandma and your aunties.?"
"ok lets go. Sofia can I have her car seat.?" Without a word she went back and got the car seat and brought it to me.
"baby I'll be to get you shortly ok.?"
"ok mommy."
" Es una buena niña y que si ocurre algo que no le gusta correr a nuestro lugar especial ok.?"
"pero y si yo no pueda encontrar el lugar especial"
"entonces escóndase donde usted es. mommy has to go now sweetie. I love you."
"I love you too." Sofia strapped Lillianna in and closed the door.
"take care of my baby Keyshawn."
"I will Sofia." With that I walked around to the driver's side and got in and headed to my mom's house.
Once we got there I picked Lillianna up and carried her inside.
"mom I have a surprise for you." I yelled out.
"what is it.?"
"come see." She walked from the kitchen wiping her hands and when she saw who I had her mouth dropped.
"oh my, how did you find her.?"
"I was at the mall and saw them. Lillianna this is your grandma Joyce."
"hi." was all Lillianna spoke.
"hi my darling." my mom said as she grabbed her into her arms hugging her and kissing her cheeks. While she had her I decided to call Bre'Na and Kimmie. I know they would be excited to meet her and I was right because it took them twenty minutes to get there.
"where is she.?" Kimmie asked as she walked in the door with Bre right behind her.
"in the kitchen with my mom." I told them.
They bypassed me and went straight in there to her.
"hey little one." Bre'Na said.
"whats your name.?"
"well hello Lillianna Im Bre'Na and this is Kimmie."
"your friends with my daddy.?"
"yes we are."
"so momma Joyce whats for dinner.?" Kimmie asked.
"meatloaf, cabbage, Mac 'n' Cheese, and cornbread muffins."
"yum I cant wait." Bre'Na said rubbing her hands together.
we sat around with Lillianna playing with her toys and watching cartoons then mom fixed our plates then we took her for a walk in the park. And just my luck Renee was there.

Run it.!!!

Thanks for the feedback ladies (:
I know it took me a minute and just for that
Im working on two more adds (:

Another chap!
*reads add*
Aww! Ren is cool peeps!
Shawn is actually sweet!
Aww Illi!
Yeah Sofia Shawn gone take you rapist ass to Jail!
I hope me and Kim meet Illi soon!
Run it Boo!

damn he threaten sofia but o well u cant keep him from bein in his childs life.. run itttt

Aww damn !!! Sof what you bout to do?
But Shawn stop throwing empty threats you know you aint bout that life !!!

Renee warming up to Shawn ... In a sec that glow for her guy will be for him.

Runnn It!!

run it

Ren is cools
Damn Shawn told Sofia straight!!!
I want her to dare him and see if he wont take her to court!
That would be some dramuh!!!!

Run it Roseee

*Keyshawn's POV*
For days I sat in my house unable to do anything but think. I guess you can say the thought of being a father is finally hitting me and this shyt is hitting me HARD. I cant really explain it but I know what I need to do, get in my daughter's life.
I finally got up the nerve to go out today and I headed straight to the mall to get some things for my little girl. As I was in Toys R Us I notice Renee walking by and I immediately go over to her.
"hey evil." I said with a smile.
"can I ever go anywhere without seeing you.?" she said tilting her head slightly to the right.
"I guess fate strikes again."
"more like a coincidence." she replied again began to walk away.
"look I just wanted to apologize for how I treated you at the restaurant. there was alot of things that happened and I took my frustration out on you."
"you didnt look so upset to me."
"well I was and im sorry. can I make it up to you.?"
"that depends, can you get me my job back.?"
"then you cant make it up to me." she turned to keep walking but I walked around in front of her.
"Renee at leastlet me take you to lunch or something."
"I dont want to go anywhere with you dude."
"but why.?"
"I have a boyfriend."
"so, im not tryna get with you I just wanna show you that im not as big of a jerk as you think."
"cool let me go grab my things and imma be right back."
"hurry up."
"yes ma'am." I said as I went back in and paid for my items for Lillianna.
We headed to the food court and I got us some Panda Express and we sat down. For a while it was quite between us but soon she broke the silence.
"so I gotta know, what the hell is your name." she said causing me to chuckle.
"its Keyshawn."
"that cute."
"thanks. so tell me about yourself."
"what do you wanna know.?"
"whatever your willing to share."
"well, im 18 years-old. I moved here with my step aunt and step grandma a year ago. I just graduated and I have a performing arts scholarship to Spelman College."
"thats whats up girl. well im 18 as well born in Tappahannock, Virginia moved here when I was about four. graduated last year but no college plans yet. got two friends, Kimmie and Bre'Na who I think mighf takd a liking to you. my pops passed last year from brain cancer and my mom is still running around here driving me crazy."
"sorry to here about your dad. I never kbew my real dad but my stepdad Rufus was killed on our porch. that's why im here."
"where's your mom.?"
"somewhere on drugs."
"oh. so whats up with this boyfriend of yours.?"
"his name is Tyson and he is the greatest. I love everything about him." As she spoke about him there was this glow in her eyes which kinda made me salty because I know that means she genuinely cared about him leaving me no way in.
"well I actually have to be going." I said cutting her off from talking about him.
"yea me too. this was nice though Keyshawn we should do it again sometime."
"can we exchange numbers and set something up.?"
"sure." I handed her my phone to put her number in the I called her so she would have my number then we parted ways. This girl was reallynot like any of the bytches I mess with. She actually had goals and dreams and I reall liked that about her. I hopped in my car and headed to my moms house hoping she had a number for Sofia but before I could leave the parking lot I noticed Renee walk out and hug some guy who im assuming is her boyfriend but then I ended up hitting a car that was pulling out behind me.
"YOU IDIOT START PAYING ATTENTION." A lady with a deep Spanish accent yelled. I got out the car and turned to her and found that it was none other than Sofia.
"Sofia, I cant believe your here."
"¡Dios mio! Keyshawn.?"
"yea it me girl. where our baby.?"
"in the car."
"can I meet her please.?"
"sure." Sofia walked back to the car obviously still in shock that we ran into each other like this and frankly so am I. After all these years she stayed here. She walked bacj to me with Lillianna at hand.
"here <a href="">she</a> is. Her name is Lillianna."
"I know my mom already told me." Looking down at her I began to tear up. She was just so beautiful and innocent.
"hi Lillianna."
"hi" She replied.
"do you know who I am.?"
"im your dad."
"yea. I got yoi some presents you wanna see em.?" She smiled and nodded her head yes and I picked her up and took her to get all the toys I got her. She sat in the back seat playing with them and Sofia pulled me to her car clearly upset.
"why would you tell her that.?"
"that your her dad."
"because its true. I am her father."
"so what she doesnt need you in her life."
"but I need het in mines. dont deny me my rights to her."
"you have no rights."
"Sofia if you try to keep her away from me I will take this to court whick will lead to you going to jail for having sex with a kid thenI will have full custody of her." Saying that shocked me as much as I shocked her but then after a little thought I wasnt worried anymore.
"you wouldnt dare.!"
"try me.!" God I hope this cracked her.

Run it.!

Run it Zay!

damn wow moms went in lol gt dat ass bt im glad he told her run it

Aww wow his mama was not playin she beat that ass. Aww it's a girl Keyshawn has a daughter, hope he gets to meet her soon. And his mamma needs to see that he was the victim technically and not hit him for it.

Well damn mamma
Don't kill him
It's Sofia's fault
She raped him at the age of 8!
Can you imagine?!
Will Shawn ever meet his daughter?

All caught up!!

Renee's mom is something else but at least she had Rufus. She really went through it but now she was her boo thang taking care of her. and WOW Keyshawn told his mom the truth, that's a big step and he has a baby girl and he's ready to meet her :)

Run it

Shawn gota Daughter!
Run it Zay!
@Lele That did go better than I thought

Awww ! It is a babygirl :)

That went better than i thought honestly ..:)

Runnn It!!

My heart was pounding as I waited for my mom to get to my crib to reveal my deep dark secret. I was pacing the floor nonstop unable to sit still for any long amount of time.
"bro sit yo ass down cuz now you making me nervous." Bre'Na said.
"fuxk you Bre im losing my mind right now." I said pointing at her.
"dude it may not be that bad." Kimmie said just as my mom knocked on the door.
"well here goes nothing." I said as I walked to answer the door.
"hey momma." I said as she walked in.
"hey baby how are you.?" she said kissing me on my cheek. "hey girls I didnt know you were here."
"hey momma." they said getting up and giving her a hug.
"so Jerome whats going on.?"
"first I need you to sit down. you want something to drink.?" I asked tryna prolong this as long as possible.
"no baby im fine. whats going on. you sweating like you stole something."
"mommy I fuxked up badly." I said across from her.
"talk to me jerome." I took a deep breath and looked at Kimmie.
"go ahead Keyshawn." she said.
"baby your scaring me right now." my mom said as tears formed in her eyes.
"mom I've known about Sofia's baby since she quit or as dad told you got fired."
"your lying Keyshawn."
"I wish I was mom but its true."
"so you knew your dad fuxk that bytch abd sat in my face at lunch like it shocked you."
"no mom thats not it. dad never fuxked her mom I did." once I said that her mouth dropped.
"no thats not true. that baby is almost three and your only eighteen." she thought about it for a second then broke down. "Keyshawn Jerome what the fuxk did you do.? when did this happen.?"
I started explaining everything to her and I could see she was so devastated about it all but I knew it had to be done. after letting all set in she got up and started beating me in tge head repeatedly. I knew she would be upset but damn I didnt think she would act like this.
eventuall Kimmie and Bre'Na got her off of me and I couldtell by the look in her eyes that she was upset.
"have you seen that kid.?" she asked calmly.
"no ma'am I don't even know what she had."
"well it was a girl and she named her Lillianna."
"wow." I have a daughter. I cant wait to meet her.

Run it.!!!

Best of luck Keshawn

Bre'Nae and Kimmie are gangsta lol Keyshawn better watch his hoes they aint playin lol. Aww damn he's bout to tell his momma... Hope this goes well....

Run it!
Run it!
Lol foreal Zay!

damn rnee mom wrong for that u selln yo kid for drugs n j mom gn flip wen she find out thats his bby lol run it

Mmmhhhmmm Renee knows to tell his ass where to go
Sadly, she got fired because of his dumb ass
Damn Sofia bouta be *sings* BUSTED
Hope moms can take this well
All I can say is...


Update coming soon (:

I have no words for Renee mother .. Damn shame

Im glad we talked some sense into shawn because this could have gotten out of hand. But im sure this won't go as perfectly planned :/ ... s*** I'm nervous for him

Runnn It Zayy

I I hope me and kimmie be there with shawn!
I him to know we got his back.!
Run it Zay!

*Keyshawn's POV*
Just as Megan was leaving Bre'Na and Kimmie were walking up and I could tell by the looks on their faces they were about to say something ignorant.
"I hope yall took showers cuz I dont walking up in here and it mess like fish." Bre'Na said bluntly.
"bytch you dont know me so dont say shyt about me." Megan shot back.
"boo boo I dont wanna know you but my left and my right will be more than happy to get better acquainted with you and your pretty little face." Bre'Na said walking towards her but Kimmie grabbed her arm.
"come on Bre we are here for Shawn not his hoes." Kimmie stated.
"bytch I aint no hoe.!" Megan said getting in Kimmie's face. I immediately stepped in because Kimmie's crazy ass is known to black the fuxk out when she fights and I need my stress reliever looking right next time I call her.
"come on now yall cut this shyt out.! Megan imma call you a little later baby girl. Kimmie and Bre get yalls asses in this house." I said standing between them.
"ok then baby." Megan said kissing me then walking on to her car. I waited for her to drive off before I spoke to those two goofballs.
"man why everytime yall see one of my bytches yall gotta talk shyt.?" I asked as we walked inside.
"because yo bytches is ratchet and I dont like them. any more questions.?" Bre'Na said flopping down on the couch.
"me personally I couldnt give two fuxks either way. baby girl stepped to me outta pocket but whatever." Kimmie said walking to grab a bottle of water out the fridge.
"anyways we gotta major problem yall." I said getting right to it.
"ok first is 'we' as in it involves all of us or 'we' as in you got into some shyt and by affiliation we're involved?" Bre'Na asked.
"a little bit of both. yo momz saw Sofia and our baby yesterday but she thinks my pops is the daddy."
"get the fuxk outta here." Kimmie said shocked.
"real shyt.! she going crazy about the situation and I dont know what to do."
"tell her the truth Shawn." Bre states.
"if I do then Sofia could go to jail."
"oh well that bytch knew there would ve consequences for fuxking an eighg year old." Kimmie says obviously upset.
"but what about her kid.?"
"Keyshawn what would you say if one of us were in the sams type of situation."
"I'd say put that nigga in the chair and fry his ass but thats only because yall females.which means yall would have to be the ones losing yalls freedom because of a kid. Im just so confused right now and I dont know what to do." I said sitting between them and placing my head in my hands.
"Keyshawn you have to tell your mom truth. Thats her grandchild for heaven sake." Kimmie went on saying. I truly was conflicted at this moment but im gi witth my girls and call my momma.
"hey Jerome." My mom answered after three rings.
"hey momma can you come over tonight I have something to tell you."
"is it good or bad.?"
"its bad, very bad."
"im on my way." And there it is im bout to expose my deepest secret to my mother. I just hope she handles it well.

Run it.!!!

Zay I just noticed that to!
Run it!

this is intresting. and funny as s***...

but run it. i need a lil bit more before you get a long comment outta me nigga!!!

i was see the baby!!!

run it

If you notice her and Keyshawn lost their
virginities at the the same the same age

I just realized that myself lol

Renee mom need help!
And thats bold he got shot up!
Run it!