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If I Want To I Can Replace You {Updated 10/16}

Waking up next to a fine ass bytch is what <a href="">I</a> do on a daily basis. Thats just who I am, I love bytches and I love puccy. Niggas try to hate on me because they know as quick as I snap my fingers I can have they girl on my arm. Its not my fault doe so why be mad.? I dont even have to do much to get any of the girls I have had. I lost my virginity at the age of 8 to my nanny who was 26 and boy let me tell you that shyt was on point.! I remember it like it was just yesterday....

I was sitting in my room playing video games when nanny <a href="">Sofia</a> came in and sat on my bed. At the time my parents were away on their seventh honeymoon trip so being home alone with Sofia was becoming very normal to me.
"Keyshawn honey can you come here please." she said to me softly. I stolled over to her calmly and sat on the bed next to her.
"now sweetheart I have been noticing lately that you have been starting to explore your body, am I right.?"
"yes." I said putting my head down in shame but with her index finger she lifted my chin uo so I world be looking at her.
"baby boy its perfectly natural but your missing something in those explorations."
"what.?" when I asked that she got up and took off all her clothes and stood in front of me.
"me silly." she stood me up and proceeded to take off my clothes and laid me in the bed. At first I felt kind of awkward but when she started sucking my dicc I began to relax more.
"ay papi.! su pene es mas grande de lo que esperaba.!" she said looking up at me smiling but then going back and sucking it more. Now back then I couldnt even have told you what the fuxk she said but now I know it was ' your penis is bigger than I expected' and damnit when I learned thats what she said to me couldnt nobody tell me shyt about my dicc but any back to the excitement. She was down there sucking my dicc for a good ten to fifteen minutes then she got up and straddled me sliding my dicc inside of her soaked puccy and began to ride me. That shyt was too fuxking wet and I was liking every moment of it. I could tell Sofia was too because the whole time she said not one English fuxking word. I only lasted about ten minutes then I came so fuxking hard inside her and she just sat there laughing.
"aww little Keyshawn we will work on your stamina. No girls likes a minute man baby." With that she got up and went to tge shower and I just laid there staring at the ceiling still shocked I just lost my virginity.
Over the next few years me and Sofia continued our secret love affair until I turned about fifteen then she ended up getting pregnant and had to quit and move away. She told me she didnt want our kid to have anything to do with me so that I can have a normal life and a bunch of other bullshyt. At the time I was hurt but shyt after a while I was like fuxk it.! Its time to live my life and every since I been a fuxk machine.!

* Flashback Ended*

Well here I am three years later still on my same shyt and I aint changing for nobody.!!!

What yall think.?
Run it or Dump it.???
Details please


*Renee's POV*
After the ass hole finally left I was called into the manager's office and ofcourse fired. It seems like all my life I could never catch a break. And its always a man screwing me over, for a while when I was younger that saying was all too literal.
Its all started after my mom married this big time drugdealer name <a href="">Rufus</a> and eventually getting hooked on crack herself. Dont get me wrong I loved Rufus and he loved me too but the guy was kinda loveblind. From the time I was eight up until my sixteen birthday my mom would trade me for drugs to any and everybody who would want me. Her favorite line was 'if you love your momma then you would do this to help me feel better' and me being so young I did it everytime she asked me to. Thankfully it finally stopped on the night of my siteen birthday when Rufus came home to a whole line of about fifteen guys ready to have their way with me and one already giving me head and another holding me down. Rufus acted a fool swing and shooting and all who got in his way. I cried myself to sleep in his arms as I exposed each and everytime my mother made me do those things. Later that night he beat the hell out of my mother for allowing it all to transpire and even involve me. By the next morning she was gone and I haven't seen her since. Sadly for me, a year later Rufus was brutally gunned down outside our home and now I moved down here to Georgia with his mother and younger sister. Sometimes I feel like they dont like me that much. Especially they day his mom took me to the clinic for a pregnancy test and a STD test yelling out all my dirty business. To say I was embarrassed was an understatement but then again that was the same day I first met the love of my life <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Tyson Neverson</a> and im glad I mst him. Although it took quite some time he is the love of my life and I dont know where I would be without him. He so much of Rufus by how much he showed me he cared and after all the men who just used me for my body it felt good to have one that really genuinely cared for me.

As I sat and waited for Tyson to pick me up I fir some reason caught myself actually thinking about jerkface that got me fired. Why was he so intrigued about me.? What the hell is his name.? Something is real fishy about this guy and I hope I can stay as far away from him as possible.

Inspired by the wonderful idea my
Kimmie came up with. I hope this
gives you guys an idea of why
Renee is the way she is...

Run it.!!!

Lol they were messed up at first
but I changed them

You didn't mix up our guys. Alicia don't know what she talking about lol Pause you probably change it before I read lol never mind. His mom is livid!!! He needs to tell her but it's gnome get messy either way. His momma finna beat Sophia ass. And that girl is a cluts always running into people smh

Run it run it

I was waiting for that chap!
But ill wait!
Run it Rozay!

Sorry guys my phone died mid post so now
I have to remember EVERYTHING I wrote.!!

Thank ya'll for the support and feedback (:
Im working on my update now but while
yall waiting go check out my other story
called Til the End cuz I need some major
inspiration on that one (:

Love this add girl!
Key know he bold for spitting on his mama!
And Renee got alil attitude!
Run it!

Lol it must be fate or something
This is good
Run it :)

thats crazy how his mother ran into sofia, i hope chris get in touch wit her. this story is good
run it

Thanks hun.!

Rozay this is really gud already. How he gona tell his mama the he nd sofias bby. Momma gona snap.

Thanks I completely didnt even catch that lol

But you know what I think my next post will
be renee's background thanks for the idea.!

Run it.!!!

I can't believe he spit on his mommy lol !!! But ms.renee bout to make him settle down.

He should have told his mother the truth smh he wanted it just as much as she did so she wouldn't go to jail. He needs to man up and move fast !!

That man got a 3rd degree burn on his jewels lol jk but I know that didn't feel good .

Renee a little rude somebody but im sure she has a backstory to her rude exterior.

Runnnnn It !!

P.S. I think you got bre and jaz guys mixed up .. ??

I finally got to the restaurant where my <a href="">mom</a> wanted to meet at for lunch. Ofcourse I was late but hey this was kinda last minute and I had other shyt planned so I know she will understand.
"whats up Joyce." I playful greeted her kissing her cheek.
"did you bump your head on your way over here.? its mom to you Jerome." She said back calling me by my middle name.
"I was only joking momma dang." I said sitting down. "so whats up, why did you wanns meet with me.?"
"I cant want to.spend time with my only child.?"
"momma you know thats not what I meant." Here she go being sensitive and shyt.
"I know baby. so how are Bre'Na and Kimmie doing these days.?" she asked taking a sip of her sprite.
"their good momma. still working my nerves."
"are they still with bevis and butthead.?" She asked causing me to chuckle a bit.
"yes ma'am they are still with <a href="">Angel</a> and <a href="">Alex</a> but still not minding their own businesses."
"what do you mean.?"
"they are forever asking when im going to settle down and stop fuxking, I mean, messing with all my girls."
"well they have a point Jerome. im really wondering the same thing. hell im worried you might even be gay." When she said that I completely spit my water out all over her.
"im so sorry mom. but really gay.? im very far from that mom. I just love girls and im young so im enjoying as many as I can."
"I know baby I was just teasing." She laughed wiping her face and chest.
"you are something else momma."
"i know. oh by the way guess who I ran into yesterday."
"your old nanny Sofia."
"are you serious.?"
"yea. she has a baby now."
"what.? thats crazy." I said playing like I was clueless even though I know cuz that baby is mine.
"you wanna know the best part.?"
"yea what is it.?"
"that kid looks just like you when you were a baby."
"get the fuxk outta here."
"I been going crazy about it all night."
"why momma.?"
"cuz I think your father had an affair with her and when she got pregnant thats when he fired her."
"momma you know pops wasnt like that." I said defending my late father who died a year ago from brain cancer.
"all I know is that baby looks like you and thats all I need to know."
"but mom I dont believe pops touched that lady."
"well when you come up with a better explanation come holla at me but until then thats what im believing and im gonna find out for a fact if its true." With that my mom laid a few bills down to cover lunch and stormed off. I couldn't tell her that the baby was mines because theres a chance Sofia could face criminal charges and now we're parents and I would feel like shyt if she was taken away from our kid. But now my mom thinks the kid belongs to my dad and thats even worst. I need to find Sofia and see if we can do something about all this mess she caused.
As I was getting up I was the knocked back in my chair and a hot bowl of soup was wasted in my lap.
"SON OF A BYTCH.! DO YOU NOT SEE PEOPLE AROUND.?" I yelled trying my hardest not to let the tears of pain escape my eyes.
"I am so sorry sir the young lady is new but I can assure you this wont happen again." The manager rushed over to me saying.
"well make this her last fuxking day before you lose all your customers."
"are you fuxking kidding me right now.? it was an accident I difnt mean to drop the soup on you." When i head her voice I knew it was that same chick who bumped me at the mall earlier and that just made me wanna add a little extra.
"you know nothing is ever your fault is it.? just like earlier at the mall when you bumped into me. you need to start taking responsibility for your actions." Once I said that she pushed pass the manager to get in my face and shawty was fashoe bad as fuxk.
"please dont come into my place of work bringing up something that was from earlier and yoh bumped into me so get it right."
"oh no <a href="">Ms. Renee</a> you got it twisted." I said flicking her name badge. "but its cool just give me your number and we can pretend none of this ever happened."
"in your dreams dude. just pay your check and go."
"see there you go being rude again. look ms. lady I just wanna get to know you it must be fate that we was each other again so lets roll with it."
"naw you cool. have a nice day sir." With that,she walked away leaving me kinda dumbfounded. All my shyt usually works on females but she didnt even almost fall for it. I need me some puccy right about now so I pulled out my phone and strolled through looking for a possible contender then I found her, my little snowbunny <a href="">Megan</a> . I called her up and within a half an hour she was at my crib and we were fuxking like there was no tomorrow. That girl is a pro at what she do and I love calling her to release my frustrations. But this time that whole baby situation wont let me go. Ugh.!!! What am I gonna do.?

Run it.!!!

Who was the rude girl that didn't fall for his good looks lol

Run it

If that chick woulda said something else it woulda been over!
Kimmie & keyshawn lucky we had to do s***!
Run it!

Lol I agree her head is pretty big xD. I wonder who that rude girl girl was
Run it

Im working on the next post.!
Its about to go down [thats all
imma say lol]
Run it.!

Looool that post had me laughing.
Keyshawn got his eyes on somebody!!
Sofia hmmmmm she raped the guy
Turned him into a sexaholic junkie
Up and left him
Bre'Na got me rolling!!!!!
I wanna know who that chick was though

Runs its!

Yall can't tell me that b**** ain't got a big forehead lol !!

Bre always ready to square up ! Lol but she was hella rude like damn . Your momma ain't teach you manners

Today im going to the mall and meeting up with two of the only females I have any type of respect for, my bestfriends. these two girls are in different ways exactly like me and dont give two fuxks what anybody has to say about. First there's my girl <a href="">Kimmie</a> I've known her since I was 14 years old. She was there when Sofia ran off with my kid and she comforted me through that tough time of me trying to get over that bytch. I know I can trust Kimmie with my life thats how close we are. Then here's my girl <a href="">Bre'Na</a> who I actually met by accident. I was fuxking with this girl who just so happened to be her cousin. We couldnt stand each other for a while but eventually we realized we had some things in common so we took the time out to actually get to know each other and now thats my boo. These two mutaf***as are like pitbulls when it comes to me. If a bytch steps to me outta line they got my back and vise versa if a lame ass nigga was to step outta line with either one of them it would be curtains for that nigga too. We dont play around with muthafuxkas not in our circle(well more like a triangle but yall get the point) and we dont give a fuxk about anybody who get offended.

"so Keyshawn what bytch was you fuxking last night keeping you away from us." Kimmie asked as we walked into footlocker.
"some redbone bytch." I answered.
"you dont even remember her name.?" Bre'Na asked shaking her head.
"naw but here's a picture of her." I said pulling out my phone and strolling through my photosuntil I found <a href="">her picture</a> to show them.
"Aw she's cute. Her forehead is kinda big but hey thats just my opinion." Kimmie said causing me and bre to crack up.
"you are so fuxking stupid Kimmie." Bre said handing me the phone back.
"hey im just stating facts." She said putting her hands up in a surrendering fashion.
"anyways lets hurry up I gotta meet up with my momz in a couple hours for lunch." I said as we headed to pick up the shoes we ordered. As we were walking out a girl ended up walking straight into me causing both,of us to drop our stuff.
"damn can you watch where your going next time." She said squatting to get her things.
"you bumped into me shawty."I said grabbing my bag.
"yea whatever." with that she walked away never even looking at me. Baby girl had a body doe but her attitude was fuxked up fareal.
"ignorant bytches these days. You,want me to get her Keyshawn.?" Bre'Na asked.
"naw not today Bre we got shyt to do." Kimmie answered.
We went to a couple different stores then headed out. We made plans to meet up at my crib later on tonight and I headed to meet with my mom. For some reason as I was driving I couldnt get shawty off my mind. Imma see her again I just know it.

Run it.!!!

wow wth she need her ass beat for sexn that lil boy n nt only that she did it till he was 15 and she gt prego wat u neva heard of a condom lol smh she left cus she aint want to gt in no s*** lol gt this boy being a hoe now lol run it

Whatttt??? 8yrs old?
Nah sorry she should get shot for that
Now she turned him into a conceited man hoe!!!

Loving the comments lol

Update in the works as we speak.!
Run it.!


Im loving this!
Lmao she having sex with that child!
Run it!!!!

she raped him lmao she had sex with an 8 year old that crazyyyyyy!!
run it!!

*two thumbs up*

Thats kinda young for sex *shrugs* but whatever works for him lol

Runnn It !!