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Bad Girls Club Amsterdam

Episode 1- Intros

"b**** i'm not the won to f*** with, you don't know me"
"do it look i like i give a f*** about who you are" she said stepping in her face.
"you gonna do something, pop off b****" she said
"you want me to pop off b****" she said swing.

*4 Weeks Earlier*

<a href="">Bree</a>

"Amsterdam b****!!!!!" Bree called out."im boutta get High as a kite out here" she added.

<em>My name is Bree and im from Tennesse. Chicks love me like im hella lovable and cool to be around UNTIL you mess with my food or man, thats a no, no. People say im Bipolar and i truly believe i am one minute we could be laugh the next we scrapping that it. 2 type of chick i don't mess with are Sneaky hoes and scheming ass b****.</em>

"damn this house is big as hell" i said as the limo pulled up to the Bad Girls Club <a href="">Mansion</a>. I got out and walked in to the house luckily i was the first one here.

"let me get the good bed before these other b****es get here" i said as i rushed off to find the best room. Hopefully i don't room with no sneaky b****.

<a href="">Nani</a>

"Nani's in the house b****es!" i yelled as i walked into this huge as mansion.

<em>i'm nani and im from VA, two up two down you know what it is. I'm sweet as hell like i can be a b****es best friend....until you you f*** with me or my s***. I got hands don't let my sweet face fool you i'm known to f*** b****es up and i'll let you get the first hit to be nice but after that b**** its over</em>

"anybody here?" i yelled out as some girl came from down stairs.
"hey!!, im bree" she said as we hugged each other.
"i'm nani, are we the only ones here?" i asked.
"yeah so if you wanna get a good bed nows the time" she said.
"you right, i hope i don't room with no grimy ass b****" i said.
"thats how i feel" bree said as she walked me towards the room.
"where you sleeping, i feel like were gonna click" i asked.
"in here" she pointed.


"NY is about to take over Amsterdam"

<em>i got 3 rules and hopefully these b**** obey them, 1- Don't touch my s***, @-Don't touch my man, and 3-Don't talk s*** if you can't back it up. I'm funny as hell anybody who's around me is going to have a good time. I loyal ass b****, ride or die type chick. as long as you rocking with me i'm rocking with you</em>

"b****es!!" i called out as i walked into the house."am i the only one here?" i asked out loud as i got no reaction. I walked up the stairs and looked into the rooms to see two chicks talking.

"hey im Lexi" i said shaking their hands.
"i'm bree" one girl said.
"hey" i said to her as the other girl didn't speak at all."and you are?" i asked trying to speak to her.
"nani" she spoke dryly.

<em>i haven't been in this house for 10 minutes yet and i already know imma end up given this b**** a NY beat down</em>


"bad girls club get ready for the baddest bad girl"

<em>im candace and im from Orlando baby!. I'm a bad girl cause i love to drink, party and have a good time. Being a bad girl doesn't mean punching a b**** in her face. don;t get me wrong tho if i have to lay hands on someone i will but i try my best to avoid conflict.</em>

"CANDACE IS IN THE BUILDING" i yelled as i walked into the house.
"aye!!" some said coming in the room."i'm lexi" she said hugging me.
"hey, who else is here?" i asked her.
"two other girls, but the one named nani is a b****, just warning you" she said walking away.

<a href="<a href="">Joslin</a>

"f*** with me get f*** up, thats my motto"

<em>the name is Joslin and i'm from Georgia Hoe!. i'm nice when i first meet you just to see who you really are, if you cool we cool but if your not, them were not, obviously. i don't play games with chick and i don't do the talking if we got a problem imma pop off point blank end of story</em>

"queen B have arrived" i said as i walked into this huge house."hey im joslin" i said to the first girls i saw.
"i'm lexi" one of them spoke.
"i'm candace" the other said as two ther girls walked down.

"hey i'm joslin" i said shaking their hands.
"i'm nani" one of then said.
"joslin? like the hoe from love and hip hop?" the other girl asked laughing.

<em>*laughs* haters already, b**** are two much *laughs again*</em>


"don't touch my s*** i wont touch yours"

<em>im dany and im from Cali!!. Im a chill as chick, i get along with everybody until you press the wrong buttons. I'm athletic but i'm far from a tomboy. I speak my mind and if i got something to say to you i will say it to YOU. i'm not about the sneaky s***.</em>

"aye ladies" i called out as i walked into the house."damn am i the last one here?" i asked as i looked around.
"hell yeah we taking shot you need to catch up" one of the girls said.
"well then pour me a shot" i said laughing."im danyell by the way or just dany" i said.
"i'm bree"
"i'm lexi"
"i'm nani"
"i'm candace"
"i'm joslin" they said introducing themselves.


<em>This season on bad girls club: "that b**** better not even look my way or she leaving in a body bag" josline said, "YALL BTICHES WANNA TRY AND JUMP A b**** COME I"LL f*** ALL YALL UP!" Nani yelled, "i seriously feel like i'm going crazy, i'm about to stab a b**** nani" Bree spoke</em>

(please tell me i did a good job, lmao)


you just proved that youre
irrelevant && not worth myy timee
bcus yo asx gotta steal
Draya linee frm bball wives la

gtfoh with yo clit riding asx

damn shame

You right. You a boss b**** alright. Probably at the pound you came from you lil poodle ass b****. Woof woof ho. I forgot you not used to humans quite yet...

Enough talking.

Tina NEED to add right now!

Lmaooo b**** give me my ass kisser I dare you mother f***er!

Ya'll can't even keep up with a b**** like me! That's why YA'LL MAD!

Ahaa' and you wish I was irrelevant, I got niggas coming left and right b**** niggas be thirsty for me and my pussy! Come correct when you steppin' to me or I'll drop kick both of ya'll ass at the same damn time!

And we know what loyalty is, who was there when I put these hands on ya hoe Nani? Lexi was b**** you ain't s*** and you ain't gone never BE s***! I got something for ya'll hoes!

Smh, I don't know when ya'll females gone learn to respect the boss b****!

I'm just saying Nani.

Real recognize real...

These b****es will turn on each other. Watch.

i got yo asx kisser b*tch!
dnt be mad cause you && yo b*tch asx friends
dnt know wht tf loyalty is
or is it tht you mad cause you are WHAT ?????

so kill tht sh*t shawty

i hope Bree kick yo asx


Lmaoooo b**** I would never rub my damn period blood across no damn floor, classy never trashy b****!

And hoe I pulled hair but that's not the ONLY thing I did I know I hit yo ass! And b**** they pulled me off you when Lexi jumped in so b**** who the weak one?

And ahaa' I ain't no follower, You don't see me kissing Lexi ass like Nani kiss yours! Nani ain't s*** but a damn ass kisser and a brown noser!

If Nani a follower, yo b**** ass too.

And y'all the weak hoes because y'all tried to jump and didn't do s*** but pull hair!

So that explains it.. Weak af.

And I guarantee you didn't make s*** bleed. You probably just got yo period and rubbed it on the floor because you a nasty b**** like that.

f*** y'all hoes! That's all lol.

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting but I know I beat Bree weak ass! Weak ass b****es get no licks with these hands!

And me and Lexi run this damn thang! f*** yo s*** Bree! And Nani sit yo followin' ass down somewhere this s*** ain't Twitter! You don't follow people! If Bree ass jumped off a cliff ]which I hope she does or I'll just push her ass] will you do it? No b**** so shut the hell up!

You see these other girls telling us what you guys said?! Exactly and I hope I beat that b**** ass! Nvm I ain't even got to hope cause I know I did, that b**** blood is on my motherf***in' hands! I know I dragged that b**** all across the damn place! She gone learn today!!!

f*** that!

Me and Lexi here to damn stay!

Run it

Candace weak af !
But they should've already known
they was gon get it
theyy got big asx targets on theyy back
all THREE of em !

&& ik theyy ain't bad bcus who jumps ppl
I mean reallyy though you tht
weak you gotta jump somebody
Smh please do better

Jose better watch her bck
bcus I already know her && Lexxi
won't be cool the wholee timee

tht b*tch threw her sh*t in the pool
smh punk asx move that's gon get her fckd
up && ain't nobody gon help her asx

Sh*t @Dany is right !
We gon fight it out till the end FYM!
I bet Dany real af though
just wait till somebody fck with her
I bet she go off && beat Jose asx
if Bree ain't got to her


You need to run this ASAP !

b**** f*** yo juice box! Lol

Man how you just gone end it there?
If someone gets sent home can i be the replacement chick??


whoa whoa whoa where tf u come from dany stay the backround like you been doing trick leave this to the grown ups go play in the sandbox i'll bring you your juice box soon kiddo.lmfaoo

LMFAOO i cant did u really just say feel the wrath lmfaoo

that sound like something stewie on family guy would say CTFU im done i have a headache Run this s*** we'll see whoses the one bleeding soon

These b****es aint about this f***ing life.
We all know Bree and Nana gunna battle it out till the end.
Them b****es are like peanut butter and jelly, they go together.
Joslin aint s***!
Bet you she wont do nothing without having Lexi or Candice backing her up.
As for Candice, you fake as f***!
Lemme catch you slippin b**** and im gunna f*** you up!

Run it

Smh fake b****es DO flock together lol.

You the weak b**** because you HAD to jump!

Dumb slut. If it's not your blood, it's Joslin!

Y'all hoes so stupid. I'm done talking about this.

Candace is next to get her ass killed. b**** I don't like yo snitching ass. You fake af and I cant wait til them hoes turn on you lol.

Feel the wrath of Breana you soup gargling ass hoes!

it deff aint my ass you the weak one b**** had to have to someone jump in your fight hoe you not as bad as you think you is b**** f*** outta here im ready lets get it lmfaooo and leave my homie candace alone she dont lay down with DOGS b**** nobody want your mf fleas you and your nasty ass friend can keep them s***s to your self once your s*** is packed up and out the damn door

These are some weak ass hoes! Dumb ass b****es! Ughhh I don't like none of these peasants! At all! Tried to jump! I guess they thought Nani wasn't gon' jump in! Dumb ass b****es! And I swear I'mma knock they ass out! Im NOT going no f***inh where but jail in this b****! Candace is a f***ing sneaky, fake ass b****! We need to beat that b**** just for being a false ass ho! Don't like her. Smh. Joslin a gremlin! Blood? It's probably Lexi's weak ass. Cuz if I'm bleeding, best believe they ass is TOO! She slapped me? Let's get it! I'm about to kick this ho heart out her chest! All these ratchet ass, wide nose ass hoes. Little rusty asses. Orphan Annie ass b****es. Whew! Lol...


TF I'm snitching and s*** for?

Me no likey.

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooo u cant leave it off there i want blood and from the looks of it either skanky ass bree or her raggedy ann ass cha cha chia pet nana the one leaking lets ggggoooooooooo round 2 b****es lets gooooo!!! i'm ready for war
and dany need to mind ha MF BI before we tag that ass next f*** b****es thought this was

its about to go down *kevin hart voice*

lmaoo run it

Episode 3- Queen's Games

<em>Joslin- I've got a master plan *smiles* i want 2 new roommates to replace Bree and her little follower Nani. Once we get Bree out Nani's little clumsy ass is gonna go right out with her, this is my house, my rule, my game, i'm the queen</em>

"i'm not even gonna lie Bree's gonna be tough to get out but once she;s out the door, Nani's gonna be alone so i already know she's just gonna up and leave" joslin spoke to lexi in the phone room.
"joslin you are BAAAAD!" lexi said laughing.
"you haven't seen anything yet" she added.

They both saw Nani walked pass the phone room and got quite.

<em>Nani- b**** i heard your scared ass, now you wanna be quite cause i walked pass, damn shame</em>

"wheres bree?" nani asked dany as she walked into their room.
"in the back, why?" dany asked.
"i heard joslin and lexi talking about getting me and her out" she told her.
"your gonna tell bree?" she asked.
"yeah, i have to" nani said walking out the room.

<em>Nani- why wouldn't i tell Bree that's my b**** what kind of friend would i be if i didn't tell her but don't get it f***ed up, im not a snitch.</em>

"BREE!" nani called out as she walked to the back yard.
"what you yelling? whats going on?" bree asked as nani sat next to her.
"i over heard joslin and lexi talking about sending us home, they--" bree cut her off my getting up and walking back into the house. She walked into the living room to see them sitting on the couch so she sat on the across from them.

"yall got a problem with me?" bree asked calmly
"yuup" joslin spoke."i think it's time you left cause we don't want you here" she added in.
"well let me tell you something sweetie.." bre began to speak."i'm letting yall know now im not going anywhere, i came here to stay and yall gonna have to deal with it" bree spoke.

"you talking but don't nobody give a f***" lexi stated.
"b**** nobody was talking to you" bree said.
"and b**** you got a problem?" lexi said getting up out her sit.
"f*** you standing up for? you gonna hit me?" bree asked standing up as well.
"b**** you need to go" joslin said getting up to.

"i aint going nowhere b**** and you and your little b**** here aint gonna do s***" Bree spoke as joslin pushed her and they began to fight. Just as the security came to break it up Lexi jumps in the fight and starts hitting Bree and Nani runs up and pulled her off as they began to fight.

"imma f*** you up b****" Bree yelled as a guy held her hand."let me go! i wanna kill her!" she screamed.

<em>Bree- This b**** got the nerve to push me then pull my hair, i bet non of that s*** came out, because its mine stupid hoe</em>

"my b**** got my back" bree yelled as she and nani walked into their room.
"lexi really thought i was gonna sit there and watch her jump you, nah f*** that" nani said as she and bree gave each other dap.
"these b****es weak, they about that jumping life" Bree said.

<em>Joslin: I ain't going home just yet, b****es better watch they backs, me and laxi going out to cool off but when i come back, its on</em>

"what the f*** happened?" dany asked as she walked in with candace.
"they tried to jump Bree, i wasn't having that s***, when they come back im f***ing them both up, f*** that" nani said.
"yall b****es crazy" dany said laughing as candace walked out the room.

A few hours later Joslin and Lexi return to the house with candace waiting for them.

"pssst come here" candace called them over."when yall left Nani was upstairs claiming she was going to f*** yall both up" candace said.

<em>Candace- yeah i told them, im closer to them anyway plus nani wanna make a big deal about a 200 dollar dress when the b**** know she bought it at the flea market</em>

"where they at?" joslin asked candace
"out somewhere" candace said as joslin ran off to bree and lexi's room as lexi followed behind her.

"you thinking what i'm thinking?" lexi ask as joslin nodded her head and they began to grab Bree's things and through them in the pool.

<em>Lexi- it wouldn't be BGC if somebodies s*** didn't get tossed in the pool and who better to do it too them Bitter Big Bree</em>

Meanwhile Bree and Nani where in the car coming back from eating a a restaurant.

"you think they got there before us?" Bree asked.
"if they did i know we walking into drama" nani said.
"i'm ready to fight, i don't give a f***" bree said.
"no hit to the face, remember that, that s*** gets you sent home" nani reminded her.
"i got you" Bree said as she parked the car and they walked into the house.

Bree walked into the kitchen to put her left over food away as Nani walked out into the back to see Bree's I (Heart) Money t-shirt so she knew it was bree's stuff.

"BREE! BREE! you s*** is in the pool!" nani yelled as she walked back into the house.
"what?" bree asked as she walked out to the back yard to see her clothes all over the place."JOSLIN!!! YOU STUPID HOE!" bree screamed running back in the house.

"b**** where you at!" bree called out."JOSLIN! b****! I KNOW YOU IN HERE COME OUT I WANNA TALK!" Bree screamed.

<em>Joslin- yall hear this b**** laughing like a wild animal *stops to listen* i'll be back</em>

"you wanna talk? what you wanna talk about" jaslin said coming out of the confessional and getting in Bree's face.
"you threw my s*** in the pull?" Bree asked.
"and if i did?" joslin asked as slapped her in the face....

<strong>Next Time on Bad Girls Club:</strong> <em>"Theres blood everywhere" dany said.--- "who would have know it would get this crazy" candace said.---"hahahahahaha im so f***ing bad" joslin says</em>

Joslin is gunna be the first b**** to get her ass mobbed on!
Lexi is next!!!
These b****es aint running s***!
Candace dont be a follower boo boo.
That s*** aint gunna get you anywhere,
especially right aftet those b****es you call
friends are sent home.
Nana, knows how to get down.
If you're falling and s*** when your drunk,
you know you're having a good ass time.
Why do I feel like its a BGC thing to throw s***
into the pool?

Run it

b**** I look good in red. Idgaf. I hope you do too. Oh well.

b**** i lay with him every night you not saying nothing hoe lol

watch you get your ass handed to you trick i'm not stopping till i see blood.

b**** I dance with Satan.

f*** you and everything else ho.

You STILL don't put an ounce of fear in my heart lol.

I'll erase you permanently from this earth.

Tina add right now! I'm tired of these lil ass dogs barking loud af but not saying s***.

b**** your psycho got nothing on my island mf b**** i'll out the voodoo on you ass hoe f*** with me if you want only b**** getting cut in this mf gonna be you skank talking all this s*** wwhere yo mf pet hoe damn chewbacca in the face lookin hoe f***ing bark bigger then ya'll bite quit while you ahead before i stomp them ass into the dirt from which you came

we dont get along this is bad girls @candace lol

for real thou run this quickly lmaoo

b**** I'ma catch a body.

Lexi stfu you don't scare me chile. Hush up. Please go Island on me while I go psycho/serial killer on yo ho ass! Slice and dice yo ass so bad yo parents won't recognize you.

Take you and your little pet with you!

Y'all gon get that ass WHIPPED! Pshhh.

Lil delusional hoes lol.

Cant we all just get along? BOL

And I like this way better too.

Some body get this b**** before I catch a case!

blah blah blah that s*** else where hoe u soon see wtf it is b**** lol

Naw b**** I'm going to jail while yo ass go home to the lord.