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HEY CHRIS \\(^_^)//

My name is jasmine and I'm 23 years old actually 4 day's older then you LOL. I just want to say I love everything you do and got going for yourself. I am not a fan and I don't mean that in a bad way at all. Don't get me wrong I love you're f***** music LOL. What I mean is that I rather get to know you as you and not the famous guy. I see you just like everyone else on this earth. I mean just to be real if you didn't have the talent you got you would be just another guy on this earth. I would love to get to know Christopher brown as a person. You have talent dude keep up the good work I'm behind you 100%. No matter what you do. I wish they would let you're past go people make mistakes and learn from them. Just do you and don't let these people get you down keep you're head up. Hopefully one day I will get to meet you or talk to you. (I'LL. NEVER JUDGE YOU) Love Jasmine ^_^


I agree with Jasmine 100%. Im sure u are a great person and would love to see u as a person. I'm glad you're giving the world all your talent and letting us see it. No matter what happens i would never judge you either. Just remember that you'll always have me as a fan when you don't think you have anyone else. LOVE YOU!