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Night Fall

The sunsetting on a cool summer night. We were driving back home from the beach. <a href="">My mom and dad</a> were singing along to All My Life by K-Ci & JoJo, their wedding song. 

<em> All my life I prayed for someone like you. And I thank God that I finally found you. All my life I prayed for someone like you. And I hope that you feel that same way too. yes I pray that you do love me too. </em>

<a href="">I</a> joined in in the backseat.

My little brother <a href="">Elijah</a> was giggling like crazy next to me as I sang to him. 

"what you laughing at?" my mom said  turning around to tickle him. 

"Ariel can you get me the camera out the beach bag please" I leaned over Elijah and handed my mom her Nikon. 

She began snapping photos of the beautiful Miami sunset. Then her kids. Elijah and I began posing together and acting goofy in the backseat as she snapped away. 

"babe smile" she took a few of my dad.

He smiled goofily and she captured the moment.

"give me a kiss" he leaned over poking out his lips.

She pecked them and smiled.

A tractor trailer came speeding down the intersection and hit us. My dad tried to gain control of the car as we went spinning down the road. I held on to Elijah for dear life. He began to scream and cry out of fear. It looked like my dad was slowly gaining control but then the car flipped twice then stopped and fell to its side. I shut my eyes tight while holding on to Elijah. I opened them slowly and immediately got a pounding headache.

"Elijah?" I heard his quiet sobs "Elijah" I said softly 

"Mommy, Daddy" he whispered in between sobs.

I leaned over slowly and managed to open the battered car door. I got him out of his seat belt and eased our way out. 

I sat down on the curb with Elijah in between my legs as I stared at my parents lifeless bodies. Soon enough we heard ambulance and police sirens. . . .