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I know alt people have already got on here and said alot about how they can dance like Chris that they're chris browns biggest fans. But my boyfriend is one of the biggest fans ever since chris brown started singing and got famous my boyfriend has admired him he knows chris brown back ground where he was born how he got found all of it there is not one song he does not know he even knows every unreleased song i went on a search to find a song he did not know i would play random chris browns songs and my boyfriend would start singing along. as a girlfriend i make fun of him of curse saying he has a crush and what not but my boyfriend looks up to the man because of chris my boyfriend taught himself to dance and sing. if i watch my boyfriend dance and watch chris brown dance its way beyond alike. my boyfriend learned to dance by just watching chris dance in videos my boyfriend also didnt take it step by step you know foot work, body work hand work so on so fourth he learned and taught HIMSELF all of it at the exact same time. chris browns skull and halo tattoo on his hand my boyfriend loves it and yes this seems crazy but he got it on his chest. my boyfriend admires chris alot my boyfriend is dying to one day meet chris brown he wants to get and a dance off he says i qoute "i just wanna get in a dance off knowing i'd loose but i can walk around atleast saying yeah i got in a dance off with chris brown and lost" i am actually waiting for chris brown tickets to go on sale and surprise my boyfriend he might have a heart attack haha. i know alot of people will read this and be like why'd this girl post this and all that good stuff but i posted it to show how amazing chris brown is he inspired my boyfriend to dance and sing he does he sexy dances with me lol and sings me to sleep because f chris brown also a lot of his songs me and my boyfriend say well damn is chris following out lives because they sing about us how me and my boyfriend are like chris's latest song "i love you" thats mine and my boyfriends current song it used to be "next 2 you". well im about done i just wanted to show how much inspiration chris gave to my boyfriend <3



its not fare thath you have everything that you can wish for because you got a voice that the most people don't have i envy you because i can not live the life you live, just beacause i'm a normal person i just wanna live the life you live for 1day and i'm happy just 1day not more