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<em>Loosely based on the song <strong>Overdose</strong> by Jamie Foxx</em>

<strong>Main Characters</strong>

<a href="">Amani</a>

<a href=" ">Daryn</a>

<a href="">Clayton</a>

<a href="">Liam</a>


<em>Looking up at the white ceiling seeing fluorescent light after light pass by, I knew something wasn’t right. “Check his heart rate!” a booming voice commanded. Soon, the moving stopped and I was lifted and put onto another bed. Trying to look around I noticed that all I could move were my eyes. “He’s responding!” a woman shouted. What does she mean responding? I can’t move anything! I looked around and saw all the bright lights and masked people. It brought me back as to how I even got here. “He’s fading out of consciousness!” another female voice shouted as a machine beeped.</em>


<em><strong>Chapter 6: Izz You Izz Or Izz You Ain’t My Baby?</strong></em>

Amani couldn’t believe that she had just been asked to try a relationship with Clayton. Of course she liked him, which was obvious. She just wasn’t sure if she wanted to take that step with him. They were coworkers and in the dance industry that could either be an amazing thing or a disastrous event. So when he asked the question, she answered him the best way she knew how.

“Can I think about it?”

Clayton stared at her for what seemed like forever, “Uhh sure. Yeah, yeah. If you think it’ll be better then yeah. But don’t take too long.”

“Okay, I just wanna make sure that I actually wanna do this.” She commented.

He cleared his throat, “Well, honestly you know whether you wanna do something within the first 20 seconds after the question is asked. You just wanna make sure if you’re making the right decision.”

“Well yeah.” Amani nodded.

Clayton sighed, “I won’t hurt you Amani. I care too much about you for that.”

“Do you know how many times I’ve heard that and ended up with a broken heart still?” she looked into his eyes.

“I understand that your heart has been torn apart millions of times. But let me be the one to help you pick up the pieces, let me be that one in a million. I wanna be that for you.” He ran his hand across her cheek and then placed some hair behind her ear.

All Amani wanted to do was believe him. She wanted to take that chance, but talk was talk and she needed action. But before she could even let it be known, her thoughts were interrupted by Clayton talking again.

“I know actions speak louder than words, but I’ve been showing you nothing but love and care ever since we went to dinner that night. I wanna show you more. Let me show you more Amani.” He gazed into her eyes with so much passion, her clothes would’ve fell off from that look alone.

She bit her bottom lip, “I understand that Clayton, I still wanna think things over. I mean I just came from a date with your cousin. I actually like him. Do I like him more than you? No, but still he’s an option that can be explored. I just got out of a relationship before moving here and I wanna have fun. See what Chicago has to offer.”

“I can tell you now that Chicago ain’t got sh*t to offer a real woman like yourself. These niggas ain’t worried about sh*t but pussy, money, weed, and sometimes being a rapper. And as far as my cousin goes, you might as well let that one go. He’s a player and I’d be damned if you were another notch on his belt. Plus, you’ve been single for almost 3 months, that’s long enough. Let a real nigga show you what’s up.” He rested his head on the head rest as he licked his lips.

Amani smiled. She had to give it to him, he had a good game. And held a strong argument. He was pulling her in the more and more he talked and all she wanted was to get out of the car. She really wanted to think things through but as he kept talking, she kept wondering ‘what the hell is it to think about?’ and what was it to think about? Either she wanted to be with him or she didn’t. Simple, right?

“Wrong, that’s all wrong!” the instructor said as they ran through the opening group piece.

The dancers were all fatigued. This had been the seventh time they had done the piece full out. There was no half stepping, not this early. The music restarted after the instructor’s corrections and they were starting the eighth run through.

“I’m ready to move on.” Amani voiced to her cousin that was partnering her at the moment.

Daryn let out a long and heavy breath, “So is everyone else. She’s riding our asses today.”

“Shut up, she’s looking at y’all.” Clayton voiced as he landed a double attitude turn.

The three performed their small group piece and then exited for the next group. As they waited on the sides for their cue to rejoin the group, Clay burned holes in Amani. It had been a week since he asked her to be his girlfriend. He knew that a lot has been going on in the past week, but an answer could’ve been given. But he didn’t want to pressure her. However, Clayton needed an answer soon.

“Stop looking at me.” Amani spoke to him without looking his way.

Before Clayton could respond, it was their cue to rejoin the group. He’d definitely say something once they got home though. The group went through about four completed dances, perfecting things and making a few changes. It was 7pm when the instructor called rehearsal. Everyone was tired and beat and dragging out of the studio.

When the foursome reached the parking lot, they all headed in the same direction because the cars were parked next to each other. As they neared the cars, Liam started to head to Daryn’s driver’s side of the car while Daryn walked to the passenger side.

“What are you doin?” Amani asked tiredness clear in her voice.

Liam popped the locks, “Driving. Ryn is too tired.” His statement was so clear but Amani was still confused by his actions.

“But you always ride with Clay. I can drive.” She tried to perk up a little.

Liam and Clay laughed at her sad attempt. “You’d crash turning out the parking lot. You’re mad tired ma.” Clay voiced for the first time since the conversation started.

“Right, just get in the back and let me do this aiight?” Liam smirked.

Daryn had already found her way into the car and had passed out quickly. Amani just stood there, between both cars, looking at Clay and Liam.

“Why would you let Clay drive alone?” she finally voiced.

The two laughed again. “I’m good ma. I was gonna get some grub before going home anyway. I understand Liam wantin to get his girl home safe.” Clay was looking her right in the eyes. Something he wasn’t able to do in a while. She always avoided his eye contact since the talk they had. She was afraid and he could sense that. But this time she looked right back. Maybe it was her tiredness and she only appeared to be staring back. There was a thin glaze over her eyes, alluding to sleep being soon on the way.

“Hey look, if you’re worried about Clay driving all alone why don’t you ride with him?” Liam suggested.

Slight alarm graced her face but she quickly covered it with her blank expression. Clay caught it though, no matter how fast she tried to recover. His eyes had never left her face.

“Fine.” She finally spoke.

“Nobody is forcing you. I’m good by myself, I promise.” Clay voiced once more. He knew she didn’t really want to ride with him, which he had no problem with, but he wished she’d stop runnin scared when it came to him.

Too tired to argue, Amani dragged herself to his passenger side and got in without another word leaving her lips. Clay and Liam shared a look before both getting into the cars. As he started the car, Clay looked over at a drained Amani who set her attention to outside the window. He shook his head and turned on his radio. Connect by Drake filled the speakers and he upped the volume.

After pulling out into the street, Amani reached over and turned the music down. Clayton looked at her as if she had lost her mind. After 3 months of riding in his car, she had yet to touch his radio. And now she broke his number one rule. Without speaking, he turned it back up to the volume that suited him and relaxed into his seat as he drove.

“Clay, please…” Amani looked over at him finally.

Clay sighed and turned it down a little, “You lucky I like you girl.”

“Whatever.” She mumbled as she settled back into her former position.

Clayton killed the music all together, “What’s your problem?”

“What are you talkin about?” She sat up now, giving him her attention. She knew it was only a matter of time before he said something.

He glanced at her, “Your attitude all of a sudden. If you not tryna be with a nigga you can just let me know. My feelings not gon be hurt, I’m a big boy I promise. But what you not gon do is play me to the left cuz you can’t admit to your own feelings.”

“What do you want me to say Clayton, huh?!” she didn’t know if it was because she was tired but she was way more irritated than she should’ve been which caused her to raise her voice.

He sighed, “I don’t want you to say anything you don’t wanna say. Long as you’re real with yourself, then I’m good. Just quit having me hangin. Let me know what’s up.”

There was a silence that fell over the car. “I want you.” Amani’s voice broke the silence just above a whisper.

“What?” Clayton asked because he couldn’t hear her clearly.

She looked at him, “I want you.”

Clayton stopped at a red light and looked at her. He never wanted anything more in his life, not even to dance. He knew that something real was about to blossom from this and he couldn’t wait to see it through. “I want you too.” He replied softly.

They both smiled at each other and joined in a deep passionate kiss. Everything was in that kiss. Sparks flew, fireworks exploded overhead, angels got their wings, and the first hint of love was conceived. The light turned green and the cars behind them started to honk. They slowly broke the kiss and Clayton began to drive, grabbing hold of Amani’s hand. He loved how hers felt in his and promised in that moment never to let go.

oops lol... run it

Love love lovee this!! Runnn it!

lol why everybody keep calling her Armani?
it's AMANI [AW MAW NEE] lmao

oh lord lol
Armani seems so damn lost lol
she just happy to be with anybody who willing to show her a good time it seems lol
Like she is gullible as f***...
but then again ppl are always gonna show you there good side at first
because first impressions are everything

but armani should have at least thought about
clay's feelings before being all into Clay
and they both bout to piss me off acting like they dont
have feelings for each other.
They better get a grip and get it together!!!

Run it

no runs???

<em><strong>Chapter 5: Jealousy is a Muthafcka Though</strong></em>

<em><strong>Come up, I want you to meet somebody.</strong></em> Amani read the txt from Clayton.

Amani sighed as she looked around her room. Today was their off day and she was gonna use every bit to lounge and watch movies. Daryn had already deserted her to be with Liam so she was planning to be all alone.

She sighed again and txtd back, <strong><em>Ugh Clay Clay you’re irritating my soul right now!</em></strong>

Clayton laughed at her txt message. She only got mad when he asked her to go somewhere when she wasn’t dressed and had been laying around. He learned a lot about her in the past month and a half. Especially when they were almost always together because of the solo and other pieces they were both in. <em><strong>Girl, get your ass up and get dressed then come up here! And stop calling me that!</strong></em>

Amani threw herself back on her bed, upset that Clay could get her to do anything. She threw her covers back and got up to get in the shower.

“So what’s up with this girl, you like her?” Clay’s cousin asked him.

Clayton looked at him sideways, “Naw nigga, I just dance with her. She’s cool peeps. I look at her as like a little sister almost.”

“Sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself more than you are me dude.” His cousin chuckled.

He chuckled along with him, “Naw man. I don’t like her like that.”

“Aiight man, but if she cute I’m hoppin down.” His cousin joked.

Clay shot a glare at him, “Aiight nigga. f*** around with them f***-arounds, and you f*** around and get smoked!” he quoted a Lil Wayne song.

His cousin looked at him and then burst into laughter, “My nigga, what does that even mean?!”

“It means if you f*** her over, I’m coming at yo head nigga! Blood or not, straight up.” Clayton wasn’t even playing. He knew his cousin and knew that he was only looking to f***. He would not allow Amani to be his next conquest. She was better than that, and deserved more.

His cousin nodded, “Aiight nigga, I won’t holler. But if shorty be on that, I’m not denying it.”

“Whatever nigga, lemme see if she ready.” Clayton stated as he picked up his phone. He almost didn’t want her to meet his cousin now. <em><strong>You dressed yet?</strong></em>

<strong><em>I’m not coming.</em></strong> She txtd back as she sat in the living room fully dressed. She didn’t feel like going up there or meeting anyone for that matter.

Clayton chuckled, “She said she not coming nigga.”

“What you mean, she not coming?” his cousin asked.

“Just what I said b****!” Clayton laughed.

His cousin laughed, “Aye, f*** you nigga! I’m hungry though.”

“Let’s eat then. Come on.” Clay gathered his keys and wallet and walked out into the hall with his cousin following him.

Clayton walked to the elevator and pressed the button. Soon after, the doors opened revealing Amani.

“I thought you weren’t coming up.” Clayton looked at her confused as she stepped off the elevator.

She shrugged, “I changed my mind. Who’s this?” she nodded her head at Clay’s cousin.

“That’s my cousin--” Clay started.

He cut him off, “<a href="">Mason</a>.” He put his hand out, “Nice to meet you….?”

“Amani.” She blushed as she took his hand.

Clay glared at his cousin. He didn’t like this one bit. “We were just leaving, so maybe we’ll see you when we get back?” he pressed the button for the elevator again.

“I mean, we were just getting food. I’m sure you’re hungry.” Mason spoke up.

Amani smiled and looked at Clay, “I could use something to eat.”

Clayton sighed, “Fine.”

The three of them all stepped on the elevator and rode it down to the parking garage. When they got off, they made their way to Clayton’s car. Amani sat up front with Clayton and Mason sat in the back.

“So, where we gonna eat?” Amani asked.

“I was gonna head up north to this lil burger stand we like. They got the bomb milkshakes.” Clayton filled her in.

Amani looked back at Mason, who sat behind Clay on purpose, “So you’re from out here?”

“Naw, LA. But I come out here a lot, for business.” He informed with a smile.

Her face screwed, “Business?”

“Yes beautiful, business.” He said nothing further.

“What kind of business?” she pushed.

He chuckled as Clayton remained silent, “I uh, have a clothing line. Some of the local stores out here carry it. I come every now and then to check on everything, fill orders, try to get a bigger section in the store, stuff like that.”

“Really, which stores?” she beamed. Fashion was her second love after dance.

Mason took off his hat to scratch the back of his head, “LDRS, Jugarnt, and Succesz.”

“I’ve only heard of LDRS. Liam shops there a lot. So what’s the name of your line?” she had an interest in him, well his line, and wanted to know more.

“Aviator Club. It’s popular in LA, Chicago, New York, and Miami. I get mad love here and LA though. I just started distributing to New York and Miami. But it’s on so it gets shipped pretty much everywhere.” He divulged about his ever growing success.

Amani smiled, “Wow, that’s what’s up.” She turned around to face forward again.

“Word. We gotta get you in some.” Mason flirted.

Amani blushed and bit her bottom lip while still looking straight ahead. Clayton caught it and gripped the steering wheel. This was exactly what he wanted not to happen. His cousin was working his magic and Amani was falling right for it.

Not too long after, they pulled up at <a href="">Susie’s</a> on the north side of Chicago. They all got out and walked in. there wasn’t anyone inside, but there were people sitting at tables outside.

“It’s so small in here.” Amani voiced.

Clayton looked at her, “That’s so you can get in and get out.”

She nodded, sensing something in his voice and demeanor. She made note to ask him about it later. She let them order first while she read all the menus and figured out what she wanted.

“What’s good here?” she asked no one in particular.

Mason chuckled, “Everything ma.”

She looked at him and smirked before turning back to the menu. She ended up ordering a chicken philly with everything and a caramel apple shake.

When they got in the car, Clayton told her to hold his food. She looked at the large thing on her lap and then looked back a Mason, who was holding the same thing.

“What did you guys get?” she had to ask.

They both chuckled, “Cheese fry bowls.” Clayton informed her.

“What’s that?” she looked confused.

“You’ll see.” Mason smiled.

Clayton got back home faster than it took to get there. They rode the elevator up to Clayton and Liam’s apartment to eat. They sat on the floor around the coffee table and ate.

“OMG! Those look so good!” she said referencing their bowls.

“And they are.” Mason put a forkful in his mouth.

She looked at both, “What do y’all have?”

“I got the polish bowl.” Mason answered.

“Confused chicken.” Clay ate.

She nodded and took a bite of her sandwich. “Whhhyyy is Chicago food sooo good?!” she practically had a food orgasm.

“Slow down shorty.” Mason stated as him and Clayton both laughed.

Amani rolled her eyes as she sipped her milkshake, “Whatever niggas.”

They all sat and ate while joking and laughing. When they were done, they were all stuffed.

“So wait, you two are dancing together?” Mason looked at them.

They nodded and smiled.

“Y’all niggas like each other.” He stated.

Amani and Clayton looked at each other and then at Mason. “Noooo!”

“I mean she’s an amazing dancer, but naw dude.” Clayton shook his head.

“Yeah and he’s just Clayton. Wait, did you say I was an amazing dancer?” she looked at him.

Clayton laughed, “Did you just say I was just Clayton?”

“You know what I mean.” She said getting up going into the kitchen for a bottle of water.

Clayton looked at Mason and Mason just looked the other way. He wasn’t sure how to feel about what she said, or what she really meant for that matter. Just Clayton? The f***?

Amani pranced back and sat on the floor against the couch next to Clayton. “Let’s go see a movie.” She smiled.

Clayton got up, “Naw I’m good.”

She looked at him weird but brushed it off. “What about you?” she looked at Mason.

“Sure, I’m down.” He smiled at her seductively. Mason grabbed Clayton’s keys, “Let’s go.”

Clay heard the door close. He knew they had left without him. He didn’t really care, mostly because he was in his feelings about her comment. Clayton hated that he felt this way. If it were anyone else, he
wouldn’t even care what they had to say. But Amani wasn’t just anyone else.

“C, what up?!” he heard Liam’s voice come through the door.

He didn’t say anything. Liam found his way to his room.

“Oh, I ain’t think you were here. Why you ain’t say nothing?” Liam looked at him.

Caleb shrugged while looking at the ceiling, “I don’t know, just feel like being alone.”

“Where’s Mason?” Liam looked around for Clay’s cousin.

Caleb sat up in bed, “Took Mani to the show.”

“And you let that s*** fly?!” Liam asked, surprised that Clay would even allow that given Mason’s track record. And the obvious feelings Clay had for her.

He screwed his face as he shrugged, “Yeah, so nigga? They both grown, f*** I’ma do? Tell them to stay home or some s***?”

“Naw man, I just thought…you know.” Liam started to walk off.

“You thought what?” Clay got up and went to his door.

Liam looked back at him, “I just thought that you liked her.”

“Naw man.” Clayton retorted.

“You sure?” Liam asked.

Clayton nodded, “I’m sure.”

Liam nodded not really believing Clayton. He knew Clay had something for Amani. It was all in his actions. His words said one thing but the way he acted around her said another. Plus, he knew Clay was feeling some type of way that Mason took her to the movies.

Liam txtd Daryn, <strong><em>I think C likes your cousin.</em></strong>

Daryn chuckled at his txt. She had seen it too but wasn’t sure. <strong><em>Yeah, I think so too.</em></strong>

<em><strong>You think she likes him?</strong></em> Liam txtd back

Daryn remembered first day of rehearsals and then how she always talks about him. <em><strong>I wouldn’t say she doesn’t.</strong></em>

<strong><em>Well tell me why she’s at the movies with Mason?!</em></strong> Liam txtd, upset himself.

Daryn did not like Mason at all. He was a womanizer and was surprised Clayton would even let him near Amani, whether he liked her or not. <em><strong>WTH?! What is wrong with Clayton?</strong></em>

<em><strong>Idk, but that nigga in his feelings for something.</strong></em> Liam txtd back.

Daryn read his txt, <em><strong>Idk, I’ll talk to her when she gets back.</strong></em>

<em><strong>Okay, love you babe.</strong></em> He txtd back.

She smiled, <strong><em>Love you more sweetie!</em></strong>

Daryn sighed and laid down in her bed, turning on the tv.

“So what you wanna see?” Mason asked as they stood in line for tickets.

Amani shrugged, “I don’t know, anything really.”

“Well what are you in the mood for?” he looked up at all the movies that were screening.

She thought for a minute, “Something funny.”

“What about Here Comes The Boom? Can’t go wrong with Kevin James.” Mason smiled.

She smiled as well, “Let’s go.”

They walked up to the window and Mason paid for two tickets. They then got popcorn, slushies, and candy all on Mason’s dime.

“You know, this is officially a date.” Mason smiled at her after they found their seat.

Amani couldn’t help but blush, “I guess I’m okay with that.”

“I was hoping you’d be.” He smiled as he put some popcorn in his mouth.

The previews started and they were quiet as well throughout the movie. After the movie was over, they walked out to the car cracking jokes about it. Mason loved her smile and wanted to see it as much as he could. She was an amazing girl and could see why any guy would be feeling her. She was more than just beauty.

He drove them back to the apartment complex and walked her up to her door. “Did you enjoy yourself?” he asked standing in front of her.

“Yes, I did.” She blushed.

Mason blushed himself, “I’m glad. I had a good time too. We should do it again.”

“Yeah, most definitely.” She smiled at his offer.

He liked that she agreed, “I really like you Amani.”

“Really? I like you too Mason.” She confessed.

He felt all giddy inside. Mason hadn’t felt like that since he was in high school, if then. “Well goodnight.”

“Night.” She spoke softly.

Mason quickly kissed her cheek and they both laughed a little.

“A peck on the cheek? We’re grown here.” She stated while still giggling a little.

He chuckled and pressed his lips against hers. As they both started feeling the kiss, it deepened as they added tongue. Amani placed her hand on the back of his neck and he put one on her waist and the other on the side of her face. It was broken as the door to Amani and Daryn’s apartment flew open, causing the two to jump.

“Amani, where have you been? You know we have rehearsal tomorrow!” Daryn grabbed Amani and pulled her in.

“What’s up Daryn?” Mason greeted Amani’s cousin.

She looked at him, “Goodbye Mason.”

“Night Amani, I had I good time!” he rushed to say as the door was being slammed in his face.

Amani looked at her cousin, “Why’d you do that?”

“Because I don’t like him. And neither should you. What were you doing with him alone anyway?” Daryn asked walking into the kitchen as her cousin followed her.

Amani looked at her older cousin confused, “Clay bailed on us. Wait, what’s wrong with liking Mason. He’s…..amazing.”

“No, he’s not. He’s manipulative, that’s what he is.” Daryn said sipping some of the juice she poured herself.

“Why can’t he really like me?” Amani questioned, not trying to believe what her cousin was saying.

Daryn sighed, “Look, no one’s saying that he isn’t a cool person to kick it with. But he only has one thing on his mind. Believe me, I know him. We all know him. He’s going to try and take advantage of you.”

“He told me that he really likes me.” Amani divulged.

Ryn chuckled as she shook her head, “Look, I’m never gonna tell you anything wrong. I’m your cousin and I care about you which is why I’m telling you, Mason is doing nothing but trying to get into your pants.”

“Mason just doesn’t seem like that type of guy.” Amani tried to run back the day to find a sign that she might’ve missed.

Daryn shrugged, “Of course he’s not. He had a great personality and he uses that to get what he wants. It’s been countless times that he’s been out here and f***ed a new girl every time. You’re next if you’re not careful.”

Amani nodded, she was going to heed her cousin’s warning but still see if he could be different. “I’ll be careful.” She said.

“Okay, I’m just looking out for you, you know.” Daryn watched her cousin’s demeanor change.

Amani nodded, “Yeah, I know. Thank you.” She forced a smile and then walked off to her room. She fell face forward into her bed.

“Yo, I’m back!” Mason announced as he entered the apartment upstairs.

Clay came out of his room, “Yo where the hell have you been?”

He had been watching the clock ever since they had left. Clayton was not happy with that fact that Mason was alone with Amani for that long.

“Chill cuz, I went to the movies with Amani. You checked out remember?” Mason said as he plopped on the couch.

Clay looked down at his cousin, “You bet not had tried some s*** with Amani.”

“Yo, I’m really starting to think that you like ol girl. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t care as much.” Mason stated nonchalant as he turned on the tv.

Clayton started to get upset, “I don’t! I just care about her. And I know how you are with these girls man, you be reckless. You not about to do that s*** to Mani.”

“I guess man, if you really like her I’ll fallback. But it’s gonna be crazy weird for her.” Mason looked up at clay smirking.

Clay screwed his face, “The f*** you talking about?”

“We kissed man. And not some lil kiss, it was like a passionate one.” Mason described.

Clayton clenched his fists. He didn’t want to fight his cousin; he really had no reason to. Mason hadn’t done anything yet. Clay couldn’t even think of a good reason why he wanted to punch the s*** out of his cousin at the moment. Maybe he did like Amani more than he thought. He did admit that he was attracted to her the first time her saw her. He liked her even more after he found out what kind of person she was. Clay would be damned if he was going to let his cousin just swoop in and f*** her heart over.

Mason looked at his cousin’s fists, “So you gon fight me for the girl man?” he chuckled, “Yo she cool as hell and I like her and everything, but you can have her dog. If it really means that much. I don’t wanna stand in the way of true love.”

Mason laughed some more to mask what he truly felt. He was really diggin on Amani and wanted to try and see if it could turn into something. But seeing his cousin this upset over some girl, he knew there had to be feelings there. Even if Clay wasn’t willing to admit them.

Clay sighed, “I told you, I don’t---”

“Like her like that?” Mason finished. “Look cuz, me and her wouldn’t work out anyway. I’m in LA most of my time and with the line going to New York and Miami now, I’m not gonna be out here as much. There would be no point.” He tried to convince himself more than he was Clayton.

Clay softened and sat down next to his cousin. “You really like her man?”

“Not as much as you, obviously. You guys would go better together than we would. I saw how you guys vibe, it’s like you’re already together. Y’all just keep denying s***. Just be together already, damn.” Mason laughed as he flipped through the cable channels.

Clay cracked a half smile, “I guess you’re right.”

“I know nigga!” Mason forced a smile. It kinda hurt him to kill these feelings he had for her already, but he knew she deserved better and who better than Clayton.

Clayton got up, “Yo, I’ll be back.”

“Yup.” Mason said as he kept his eyes glued to the tv.

Clay grabbed his car keys and walked out of the apartment. He jogged down the flight of stairs and to Daryn and Amani’s apartment. He knocked on the door and waited for a response.

“Oh hey Clay.” Daryn greeted him at the door.

He half smiled, “Amani here?”

“Yeah, lemme go get her.” Daryn smirked and went to go fetch her cousin.

Soon, Amani came to the door still dressed. “Hey Clay, what’s up?”

“Wanna go for a ride?” Clayton flashed a smile.

She smiled as well, unable to say no. “Sure.”

lmao! i'll come thru this screen and knock u out monroe but i understand

I'm trying to write something super long so please have patience

run it

run it

lol melissa you are not a threat b**** lol
like good day! lol
and aww they are so cute I'm excited to see what
they come up with. lol

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<em><strong>Chapter 4: Shall I Have This Dance?</strong></em>

“Stop playing around, you gotta get this!” Clayton laughed at Amani being silly.

She laughed too, “Fiiine! I’m just so hungry!”

“Fine, get through this last phrase and you can have this protein bar.” He pulled one out of the back pocket of his sweats.

Amani smacked her lips, “I don’t want no damn protein bar, I want food!”

They both laughed as Clayton swung her around the room. It had been close to a month, and the director thought it would be good for the two to pair up. Clayton had been preparing a contemporary duet just for this moment. It was originally for him and Melissa, but now he was dancing with Amani. She was a better dance partner than Melissa ever was.

“Fine, I guess we can call it a night.” Clayton walked over to turn off the music.

When he turned around, Amani was still standing in the middle of the studio.

“What’s your deal dude?” he chuckled at her as he walked over to his bag.

She twirled a little in the mirror, “Can I talk to you about something without you getting crazy?”

He sat down against the wall and watched her while drinking water, “What?”

“I don’t know how I feel about it.” She said referring to the dance.

He adjusted himself not really liking what he was hearing, but wanted to hear her thoughts on the matter. “What do you mean?”

“Well,” she started as she walked over and sat in front of him, “I wouldn’t say that I don’t like it, but I can’t help but think that it was made for somebody else.”

Clayton looked at her, not really expecting her keen perception. “Yeah, I uh…I choreographed it for me and Melissa.”

“Your ex-girlfriend Melissa?” she looked down at her dance shoes.

He nodded, “Mmhmm.”

“Now I really don’t know how to feel about it.” She got up and walked across the room to her bag, grabbing her jeans to put them on over her dance shorts.

Clayton screwed his face and got up, “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“I just don’t feel comfortable doing choreography that was meant for some other b****.” She expressed while holding her water bottle in her hand.

Clay was taken aback by her frankness, “Some other b****?”

“I’m sorry, but can’t we do something else?” she pleaded.

“Something like what Mani?” he asked, now irritated.

She shrugged, “Forget it, you’re mad now. Let’s just go.” She picked up her bag.

“No, tell me. I don’t want you doing something that you don’t want to do. Your heart won’t be in it and it’s gonna show out on that stage.” He stood there waiting for her response.

She sighed, “We should come up with something together.”

“Okay.” He stated, satisfied with her answer. He wanted to see what she could come up with. He just knew that them collaborating would be magic on the stage.

She paused, “Okay?”

“Okay.” He repeated as he went to grab his bag. “What you wanna eat?”

Amani shrugged as she tried to hide her smile, “Whatever you want.”

“Whatever I want?” he asked as he draped his arm around her while they made their way to the elevator.

She wrapped her arm around his waist and looked up, “Yes Clay Clay.”

He rolled his eyes, “Mani I swear I hate when you call me that.”

She giggled, “You better get used to that s***.”

“Oh yeah?” he playfully put her into a headlock.

“Clay let me gooo!” she pleaded through her laughter.

They both laughed while he still kept her in the headlock. They were playing so much that they didn’t see the elevator open, revealing <a href="">Melissa</a>.

“Wow, Clayton. Never took you for the playing around type.” She stood there with her arms folded over her chest. She was still salty about their split and didn’t like that the new girl had took her spot in their duet.

The two stood up and stopped laughing.

Clayton shrugged, “You were never the play around with type.”

“Whatever, are you and your little girlfriend getting on the elevator?” she asked holding the door.

Amani picked up her bag, “I’m not his girlfriend and yes we are. Come on Clay.”

They both got on and stood behind her. Melissa was beyond pissed. She still had feelings for Clay and for him to act as if they were never together, bugged the s*** out of her. Clayton and Amani were still playing behind her but tried to stifle their laughter. When the elevator reached the first floor of the parking garage, Melissa got off without a word.

“Gosh she always has a f***ed up attitude.” Amani expressed.

Clayton shrugged, “I guess I’m used to it.”

Amani looked at him and laughed while shaking her head, “I guess my dude.”

They made it to the street level of the garage and got off, walking over to Clay’s car. Amani was always excited when she got to ride in it. She had never rode in anything so expensive before and savored every moment of it.


“Portillo’s?” Amani looked up at the sign of the restaurant as she got out of the car.

Clay smiled, “Yup!” he hit the locks on the car and proceeded to walk to the entrance of the place.

Amani shrugged and followed his lead.

“I’ll order for you. You trust me?” he asked once they were in line.

She looked around and then at him, “Yeah.”

He smiled and walked up to the order counter. “Yeah lemme get two Italian beefs, dipped with American cheese, and hot peppers.” He looked back at Amani, “What you wanna drink?”

“Ummm coke.” She simply stated as she tried to figure out what he just ordered her.

“Lemme get two cokes and cheese for the fries.” He turned back to the lady taking the order.

She told him how much it was and he paid. He handed Amani the receipt and walked over to a nearby booth.

“What’s this for?” she asked as she sat down.

He looked at her sideways, “When they call our number nigga.”

She laughed, “Calm that s*** down though player.”

“Whatever nigga.” He laughed while imitating her California accent.


“What’s this s***?” Amani looked at the food.

Clayton laughed, “Food nigga, eat!” he took a big bite out of his beef.

“Why it look like a Philly though?” she asked picking at the meat.

“Nigga…it’s good Chicago eating. Expand yo horizons!” he dipped a fry in cheese and threw it in his mouth.

Amani shrugged and took a bite. “Oh. My. Gosh. This is soooo good!” she smiled and started to eat everything.

“Told yo simple ass.” Clay laughed as he continued to eat as well.

awww mani and clay are so cute
I agree with clay I mean they both got out
of rough relationships but i just love how there
They both seem like really really sweet people
and Im just interested to see how this goes :)

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this is a great story, Monroe!!!!!!!
I'm loving the fact that they're dancers....I haven't seen that on this board before..... I wonder what's gonna happen when they go out for drinks....idk if the four of them are just gonna have one round..they gon get drunk and end up late for practice the next day!! lol lemme stop, I'm sure Daryn is not gonna let that happen.
I'm glad that Clayton is interested in Amani, but he shouldn't rush into it, because I believe that they both don't wanna be tied down at the moment.
let's see what happens next!
RUN IT!!!!!

<strong><em>Chapter 3: Table for……two?</em></strong>

After a long day of dance, Amani was pooped. They made it home around 5pm.

“Just letting you know, this is early for us.” Daryn explained as she opened the apartment door.

Amani trudged in, dropping her bag by the door. “Wake me up when it’s time for dinner.”

Daryn laughed as she watched her tired cousin drag herself to her room. She then proceeded to make her way to her room as she prepped herself for a shower.

Right before she got in, she got a txt from Liam. <strong><em>You and yo cousin wanna do dinner with me and C?</em></strong>

Ryn smiled and replied, <strong><em>Sure. Where we goin?</em></strong>

He instantly replied, <strong><em>Giordano’s…Clay feelin pizza tonight.</em></strong>

<strong><em>Melissa not coming is she?</em></strong> Daryn rolled her eyes as she thought about Clayton’s rude ass girlfriend.

Liam txtd back faster than before, <strong><em>Hell NAW! Clayton broke up with that hoe 2 weeks ago. He just chill right now, that’s why I said bring lil cuz.</em></strong>

Okay, just come down when y’all ready. She put her phone on the sink and got into the shower.


“Aye ma, wake up.” Amani heard as she felt her body being shook.

She shifted a little and fluttered her eyes open to see Clayton hovering over her while sitting on the edge of her bed. Her eyes widened as she realized who it was.

Amani pulled the covers over her head in shock, “OH MY GOSH!!”

“Chill girl, your cousin told me to wake you up. We’re going out for pizza in a lil bit.” He chuckled and got up, heading for the door. He stopped and looked back, “You look cute in your sleep.”

After she heard him leave out, she slowly took the covers off of her head. She couldn’t believe that Daryn would send him out of all people to wake her up. She shook it off and prepared herself for a quick shower, but she made a mental note to address her cousin about it later.


The quartet sat at a booth in Giordano’s busiest downtown Chicago location. The girls sat in the middle, while the guys sat on either ends. While they were waiting on their deep dish pizza, Daryn and Liam hugged up and started their own conversation. If you’d call kissing and whispering a conversation. Clayton and Amani looked at them and shook their heads.

“So, you got a boyfriend?” Clay asked for no reason in particular. He just figured he should spark a dialogue.

Amani swallowed her coke and shook her head, “No….no.”

“Why’d you say it like that?” he chuckled at her awkward response.

She smiled as she looked up at him, “Say it like what?”

“Like you did have a boyfriend but said no anyway.” He called her out.

Amani shook her head again; it was a sore subject for her. “No, I truly don’t. We just broke up recently, that’s all.”

Clayton nodded, “Yeah, I just broke up with my girlfriend too.”

“Care if I ask why?” she decided to press her luck.

Clayton shrugged, “She wasn’t the one I was looking for. I kept trying to make her that person, only to be disappointed countless times.”

“Mmm, sounds deep.” Amani stated while taking another sip of coke.

Clay chuckled, “Not really. What about you?”

She sighed and tried to smile, “He didn’t care too much for the move. He umm, didn’t really support my dancing career that much. He’d always complain about things being the way that they were.”

“And how were things?” Clayton asked as if he knew her longer than just a day.

Amani looked at him and giggled, “Umm, I guess he felt that I was choosing dance over him, which wasn’t the case.”

“So he broke up with you over the fact that you were doing something you loved?” Clayton couldn’t believe that those types of people were out there. He was always pushed to do what he loved so he never knew that some people who were close to you who would act so selfish.

She shook her head, “Oh no, he gave me an ultimatum. Told me to choose between him or dance. I obviously chose dance.”

Clayton laughed, “I’m glad you were bold enough to follow your dreams instead of run in behind a nigga. That tells me a lot about your character.”

“Yeah?” she responded.

He nodded, “Most definitely. Now all I gotta do is see you dance.”

They both locked eyes and smiled. Clayton didn’t know what it was, but he had to know more about her. She was definitely the kind of girl he would go for, but he didn’t want to rush things. He wanted to be friends first. They had both got out of some bad relationships and that they both needed their time to be alone for a while.

“Pizza’s here!” Liam exclaimed in his New York accent.

The two broke their little staring episode and cheered for the food as well. After they all started eating, there was no talking.


“I say, we got out for a round of drinks.” Liam declared as they walked out of the pizzeria.

Clayton and Amani were down for the cause.

“Are you kidding? We have rehearsal at 9 am tomorrow!” Daryn retorted concerned.

Liam took hold of her shoulders, “That’s why I only said a round.” He smiled and kissed her forehead.

“I guess.” She rolled her eyes.

He put his hand around her shoulder, “Follow me!”

The group walked over to Michigan street and hopped on the bus. They got off right in front of the Hard Rock Hotel.

“So how was your first time bus riding experience?” Clayton asked Amani.

She smiled and handed him back his spare bus card, “It was okay, nothing special.”

“Right.” He smirked as he took it.

They walked in and had more than just a round of drinks. Afterwards, they all stumbled out and took the bus back to their apartment building.

run it run it run it run it i want more i want more lol

Awww cute!!!!! I can see they are already hitting it off.

I love this so far monroe :)
and I was wondering when someone was gonna say that there a jazz dancer, ballet, or something lol
AWWWW s*** now clay is a contemporary dancer :)
i'm pretty sure he's good at hip hop as well lol

and armani and him seem to be hitting it off
thats so cute to me lol! and I can't help but to laugh my ass off
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s*** I wouldn't want to be late either if I knew that debbie allen was the instructor of my dance studio lol

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<em><strong>Chapter 2: First Impressions</strong></em>

“Now, with it being your first day, almost everyone is gonna wanna see what you’re made of. Just keep that in mind okay?” Daryn spoke to a very confidant gum chewing Amani.

Amani blew a bubble and popped it with her teeth, “Yeah aiight.”

Daryn rolled her eyes, “And take that f***in gum out of your mouth! It’s not allowed in the studio.” She shoved a napkin in her hands as they stepped off the elevator and bumped into the two guys from earlier.

“Damn!” Amani exclaimed as she stooped to grab her fallen iPod.

She was beat to it by the guy that caused her to drop it, “Yo my bad, you good?”

Amani rolled her eyes as she took her iPod, “Yeah.” She then looked up at him and her attitude disappeared. “I’m Amani, by the way.”

He smirked, “Clayton.”

They shook hands and then he left her, entering the dance studio with Daryn and Liam not far behind him. Amani soon followed and dropped her bag next to where her cousin had laid hers.

“Why didn’t you tell me Clayton was so damn cute?” Amani asked her cousin.

Daryn looked across the studio at Clay stretching while the other girls fawned over him, “I guess it just slipped my mind.” She shook her head as she giggled at her sister.

“Everybody to the middle!” The <a href="">director</a> of the group called as she entered the room.

The talking ceased as everyone made their way to the middle of the huge dance studio, sitting Indian style on the floor.

“Now, we have 3 new performance artists with us today.” She looked at the crowd and then back at her clipboard. “When your name is called, rise gracefully and tell us your age, where you’re from, your style of dance, and a random fact about you.” She smiled and pulled up a seat from the corner of the room.

The room was quiet as she fumbled through her papers. Amani glanced over at Clayton and caught his stare. He quickly looked away and began talking to Liam. Amani blushed and stared down at her hands.

“Ah okay, here it is. Now, this group is filled with outgoing, fun, live, and loud dancers. So when you 3 newbies stand, please do not be shy. You are part of the family now.” She smiled again and looked at the sheet. “Now this is in no particular order, <a href="">Eboni Secka</a>.” She called.

A dark skin girl stood smiling from ear to ear, “Hello! I am 22, from Ghana, my style of dance is modern, and a random fact about me is that I have only been in America for 2 weeks.”

The group of dancers all clapped, “Hi, Eboni!”

She smiled and sat back down.

“Woooow, all the way from Africa! Well, I hope you love it here and the group and I will try to make sure that you enjoy yourself.” She smiled at Eboni and then went back to her list. “Next is <a href="">Jordan Bulé</a>.”

A very fair skin boy rose up, “Hi, I’m 24, I’m from St. Louis, my style of dance is classical, and a random fact is that I am half French and speak it fluently.”

“Oh quelle partie de la France est de votre famille?” Amani smiled over at him. <em>(Oh what part of France is your family from?)</em>

He smiled back, “Bordeaux, nous possédons un vignoble! Et vous? ” <em>(Bordeaux, we own a vineyard! And you?)</em>

“Cannes, ils aiment le poisson.” She answered back. <em>(Cannes, they love fish!)</em>

They both laughed as the class looked between them absolutely confused.

“Well, seems as if we have two French speakers up in here! And I’m fluent as well, but that comes from my international studies in college.” The instructor giggled to herself. “And Jordan, I love that fact that you are a classical dancer, but we’re gonna have you loosen you up a bit hun!” She looked at her paper, then at Amani. “Well, seems like you’re our final baby, Amani Bellárd, is it?”

Amani nodded and rose, “Hey everyone, I’m 23, I’m from Los Angeles California woot woot!” she paused to laugh with everyone. “Annnnd a random fact about me issss…hmmm, oh okay! It’s that I also do hair and makeup on the side.” She was about to sit back down but was stopped.

“You forgot your style of dance?” Clayton belted out.

She looked over at him and smiled, “Contemporary.”

“Awwwww!” The crowd cheered as they playfully pushed on Clay.

The instructor shushed them, “In case you were wondering Amani, Clayton over there is the only other contemporary dancer in this group. He’s been whining for a suitable partner for years!” She laughed along with the group. “Guess I’ll have to think of a duet for you two.”

Amani looked over at Clayton and smiled. He caught her gaze and winked, then quickly looked away.

“Okay settle down class! Who’s ready for some warm up dancing?” She clapped her hands.

“YEESSSS!” The others cheered.

She smiled as she got up and pushed the chair in the corner. “Okay, why don’t we use this exercise as an introduction of everyone to the new editions!” she went over to the wall and opened the panel revealing the sound system.

ayee its tough times out here you have to be on the move
lol i wonder how this will work with them being in the same
room with already a bad connection


Lol!! That nigga really ain't wanna be late to the point he bout to run people over! lmao! run it!

<strong><em>Chapter 1: Beginning of an End</em></strong>

“Clayton man, wake up! We gonna be late for rehearsal.” I heard my roommate Liam warn me. I rose out of bed not really knowing where I was.

After sitting on the side of my bed for a while, I had woken up a little. I looked over on my bedside clock and it read 9:15. “s***!” I cursed to myself and jetted out my room and into the bathroom.

I quickly brushed my teeth and took a shower. I did this in record time. When I got out I threw on some gray sweats and a white tank. Over it, I put on a black v-neck. Then I proceeded to put on my red, gray, and black Jordan Spizikes. I grabbed my gym bag and walked out into the living room to see Liam waiting.

“You ready dude?” he grabbed his bag.

I nodded and grabbed my car keys, “Yeah.” I grabbed an apple before leaving out.

We rode the elevator down to the parking garage of our building. “How you feel about first day of rehearsals?” Liam asked like he always did.

I shrugged, “Same way I feel about em all. Another song, another nigga tryna take the lead, another new member, another performance in 6 months.” I summed it up and bit into my apple.

He chuckled at me shaking his head as he stepped off the elevator. “You the best dancer in Alvin Ailey Dance Company and you actin like you just be in the back all the time, peepin s***.” he laughed more.

Joining in on the laughter, I popped the locks on my Audi a6. “I don’t have to be in the back to peep s***, remember that.” I then sped out of the parking lot and onto the busy streets of Chicago.


Daryn went to go wake up her cousin, “Amani girl wake up! You can’t be late for your first day!”

I groaned and then smiled widely; this was my first day dancing with the Alvin Ailey Dance Company. It had only been my life’s dream!

Hopping out of bed, I turned on some music and danced the whole time I was getting ready. I threw on some black dance shorts and gray sweats, with a black sports bra and a high low white flowy shirt. After placing my hair into a perfect high bun, I grabbed my dance shoes stuffing them into my dance bag. As I reached the door, I stepped into my white, gray, and black retros.

My cousin looked at me with a straight face, “Ready?”

I giggled and put in my iPod, “Ready!”

She smirked and shook her head as we entered the hallway and to the stairs. I don’t know why we didn’t take the elevator to the parking garage, but I’m not complaining.

When we reached the parking lot, I was working on the piece my cousin showed me last night. She was choreographing one of the pieces for the exhibition in 6 months.

Soon as I ended my double pirouette, a car beeped and sped out of the garage. I was in total shock, and then totally pissed. “Who the fck was that?!” I asked my cousin as we reached her car.

She shook her head, “That was Clayton and my boo Liam. You’ve met Liam; they stay on the floor above me.” She popped the locks and we both got in.

“Ugh, he could’ve killed me! What was he doing going so fast?!” I was really pissed. The fact that I wasn’t even in the way had he’d been going a normal speed really got to me. He could’ve ended my career as a dancer before it even started.

Daryn started the car and shrugged, “He doesn’t wanna be late.”

I screwed my face, “Late? Late for what?”

“Rehearsal.” She stated plainly as she joined the cars on the busy streets of Chicago.

I looked at her wide eyed. Not only did the homicidal creep live in our building, but I have to dance with him too?! I turned up my headphones and melted into the seat trying to enjoy the ride.

Oh Em GEE! I LOVE that song!!! I'm loving the intro it's gonna be hot!!