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Once Upon A Time

decided to let y'all know how me and trey met.
some of y'all WILL be popping in and out of this so
be on the look out.

<a href=" ">Before the fame</a>

I was with him before the fame
Before everyone knew him as Mr. Steal your girl
I was there when his first mix tape wasn’t s***
When he gave up on music
I was there before he was the panty man
Hell I was their when he didn’t even have stroke
I was the first one to hug him when he got signed
The first one to sit all night in a studio till he got the song right
His first everything

Once he started making hits I was the only one he never told he was leaving. I was young and in love he was my first and only but he broke my heart the day he got on that air plane. I had to find out from his mother that he was on his way to New York. That day I cried myself sick I felt lost I was depressed hell I even stopped eating for a matter of time. For months I blamed myself was it me who f***ed up, was I not as supportive as he wanted me to be, could I have done more. But soon I just stopped kicking a dead horse and realized he was just a dude who never truly gave a care about what he had back home.

As crazy as it all sounds though I bought every last one of his albums downloaded every mix tape and watched every interview, anytime he was even mentioned on BET or MTV I was there hanging on his every word like a fan. It made me feel closer to him for some reason like I still had a part of him. Even though I hated him with every ounce of blood that dripped through me and the day I see him would be too soon.

I was stuck in Virginia and he was traveling the world doing things I said I always wanted to do, but couldn’t. Time just wasn’t in my favor I had the real world to deal with and that b**** was cold.

I sat in front of the mirror staring at myself as I tried to drown in Hennessey. If I didn’t get drunk this night would seem longer than I would have liked it and I would dread every second. I worked at a strip club called ‘Pure Pleasure’. I had been working here for the past six months but it’s only because I became that typical college girl who couldn’t see the light behind her tuition. So in the day time I went to class and at night I was here. Was I over qualified to work here f*** yea and so was the next b**** and the next b****. Hell all of these girls were on their s***, but responsibilities came first and that’s the one thing I guess we could all respect about each other. Other than that all these b****es could drown in a lake I didn’t give a f***.

“Kitty you’re up” I heard my name being called. It was my turn to shake my ass for change. Taking another huge gulp of my relaxer I closed my eyes and turned into the night freak they loved while shutting my true self out.

4:19 in the morning is when I made it home and my first class started at 9 a.m., you get used to it after a while though. Walking into my empty apartment I shut and locked my door making sure to pull my table in front of it. This neighborhood was getting bad. I just didn’t have the money to move anywhere else all the money I got from stripping went toward rent and school hell food even came last but I rather starve then live on the streets. As I stripped myself of my work clothes I hopped in the bed and snuggled up to Mr. Groove. Yea trey gave him to me almost 4 years ago I couldn’t let him go he was the only thing that held me when sirens rang through the night like midnights theme song and I needed that little extra comfort even if the person who gave him to me was a complete ass.

Turning my radio on to fight out the noise of the outside his voice rang out on repeat over and over I played the same song ever night ‘It would be you’. Why I loved that song I don’t know, he made it once we were over, but it did seem like words he once spoken to me or maybe words I wanted him to say right now. As my eyes drifted to his voice the world faded out and he became louder and he was the last thing that was on my mind once more.

My alarm clock contrasted with trey’s voice which caused me to jump up. Giving the clock a quick glance I groaned 8:15. Throwing the covers over the bed I made my way toward my dresser. Turning him off and switching on something more lively while making my way to the shower.

Dancing to the music in the shower I began to try to twerk to ‘Bandz” as the radio began to turn up. But on a failed attempt I almost bust my ass so I quickly stopped and finished the task I was originally in here for. Stepping out of the shower I heard the radio host come on and begin talking I wasn’t really paying attention I just continued to get dressed since I didn’t have much time left. Shimmying into my jeans I threw on a top, brushed my hair into a messy bun and clicked off my radio. Making my way to my kitchen I tried to see if I had anything to eat but I didn’t. I wasn’t sadden by this though it wasn’t anything new to go anywhere hungry for me I just waved it off and grabbed my keys. It looks like I was going to have to work extra hard tonight.

Once I made it to campus I felt out of place. Most of these kids where here on scholarships or loans. I was here from naked dollars; I always kept my head down ever since that one day some creeps choose a day to let the whole campus know who I was. So to avoid any problems I just kept to myself with quick feet.