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I Wish I Never Met Him ~Finished 1/6/13~

This is my 1st story on this board. I dont know how to post pics so I'll describe every thing until i learn how to :) Let me know what u think.


Olivia Smith/U Draya Michele
Tori Jackson/ Jarell Houston
y/m Nicole Ari Parker
Ke-ke Ciara
Tremaine Neverson himself
Stacy Angel Lola
Christina Brown Elle Varner
Ashley Chanel Iman
Stephanie logan browning
Chris Brown himself

More will be added later.

U just moved from New York to Virginia because your parents (lawyers) got better jobs:( u r the only child. As of now you are 16.

The day before u start school u are in your room laying in your bed on skype with Tori your best friend.
Tori: its been 3 days how u liking it
U: iono nigga its only been 3 days (lol)
Tori: (lol) whateva ma u know I miss u like crazy
U: aww yeh I know I miss u too Tori (making a puppy face)
y/m: (coming in your room) Livie
Tori: Mommy!!
y/m: didn’t I just speak to u
Tori: (looking at his phone) that was 30 minutes ago on my phone this is skype ma
U: (lol) Tori ill hit u up tomorrow
Tori: cool (loggin off)
y/m: I have to run to the office they’re throwing a little get together and they’re bringing their kids u should come
U: (making a face) no thanks mom I’m going to finish (looking around at ur finished room) doing my hair for school tomorrow
y/m: ok call me if u need anything
U: k
* your mother left and u fell asleep the next day u woke up did all hygine. U put on a black polo shirt with some dk blue str8 jeans a red belt and some black red and white retro 11s :) Your hair is in a doughnut and u put on gold bamboo earrings with a neck lace and bangles to match…u grabbed your black PINK vs back pack and u went down stairs
y/m: u look cute
U: thanks (grabbing a piece of turkey bacon) am I driving today
y/m: no I have to enroll u
U: ok lets go
*yall went to your school and she registered you and she left. You got your schedule and had to wait for some girl to come show u around. After all of 5 minuets she came in
t/g: Hi Im ke-Ke
U”: im Olivia
keke: (smiling) can I see your schedule
U: yeh (giving hit to her and putting on chap stick)
keke: ok (the bell rings) come with me
U: (following her)
keke: you have algebra 2 next and im in geometry so I’ll meet u back here after class
U: iight
*U walked in the class and sat down as the class slowly started to fill up. Then the bell rung and this light skinned chick with pretty eyes and long hair walked in with the sexiest boy u ever saw
t/t: Stacy, Tremaine please take a seat
*U couldn’t help but to stare at him we was so gorgeous!!
t/t: I am Ms. Williams
Stacy: we know
Ms. Williams: not u smart ass im talking to our new student Olivia
e/b: (turns and look)
Ms. Williams: u got anything to say
U: no
Ms. Williams: Don’t be shy give us some basic info
U: (thinking “this b****”) uh--
Ms. Williams: come to the front
U: (thinking “s***” and getting up) Im Olivia im 16 and im from New York
Stacy: (lol)
U (looking at her with an evil expression)
Stacy: u got a problem (smartly)
U: no, but if u keep talking u might have one
e/b: oooh
Ms. Williams: everyone settle down , Stacy leave her alone, take out your books and turn to page 75 and do problems 1 through 18
*u sat down and did your work when the bell rung u got up and met keke
keke: how was your class
U: I met a b**** already
keke: who
U: stacy
Keke: ugh that’s my cousin I cant stand her
U: who’s the boy she be with
Keke: Trey?
U: I guess
keke: a boy she likes and follows everywhere. She’s a hoe, he doesn’t really like her
Stacy: Kiera you’re talking to Olive--
U: it’s Olivia boo boo
Stacy: it’s not important ma ma (rolling her neck)
U: (raising your eye brow) no u’re not important
Stacy; look new girl, I am important. This is my school if u don’t like it u can go back to new York
U: I don’t like it and im not going back to new York so u better get used to me (smiling) keke u ready
Keke: (lol and walking with u) u r crazy
U: (lol) I don’t care for girls like her
Keke: she really doesn’t like u
U: she don’t know me
Keke: I got gym with u this block so I gotta introduce u to my girls
*yall walked in the gym and the laid back teacher Mr. Johnson took attendance and let yall chill u and k eke walked over to 3 girls
keke: hey
e/b: wass up
keke: this is Olivia she’s from New York, Olivia this is Stephanie , Ashley and Christie
e/b: hey
Stephanie: what part u from
U: Manhattan
Stephanie: oh ok
Christie: so do u know anyone on va
U: just yall
Ashley: u should come party with us so u can meet people
Christie: ooh we should throw a party
e/b: (excited) yeh
U: sounds good as long as stacy doesn’t come
Stephanie: (w/an attitude) u don’t like Stacy
U: (sizing her) No
Stephanie: (cheesing) good u r going to be my best friend
e/b: (lol)
somebody: Yo Christie u need to go get your brother he’s spazzing in the parking lot
Christie: why
someboy: Jessica thinks she’s pregnant
Christie: (running out)
e/b: oh s*** (running behind her)
keke: come on u come too (grabbing u)
*Yall walked out to the parking lot to see a cute tall light skinned boy (l/s/b)mad as hell flipping out on this skinny brown skinned chick and the sexy boy from algebra holding him back
l/s/b: what the f*** r u talking about
t/g: im pregnant
l/s/b: by who? Because I haven’t been f***ing you
Trey: Chris chill
Christie: (pulling chris) what happened
Chris: that b**** cheated on me
Christie: watch ur mouth
Trey: no f*** that Christie she’s a b**** and u know it
t/g: f*** u chris and trey! Im filing for child support so get a job b****
Christie: (holding chris back) watch ur mouth Jessica
Jessica: f*** that Christie ur brother wanna play dumb. I hope we having twins So I can get all of yo money
Chris: b**** I will kill u (charging at her)
Trey: (pulling him back) yall want me to take him home before he gets locked up
Christie: yeh
Jessica: yeh take his b**** ass home
Christie: Jessica call my brother a b**** one more time
Jessica: and what Christie?
Christie: I will beat you ass like I did last year don’t act like u forgot how I get down (walking towards her)
keke: no Christie (grabbing her arm)
Ashley: I say u let her beat her class
Jessica: bye b****es (walking away)
keke: omg (gripping christies arm)
Christie: u better watch ur back u stupid hoe
Intercom: Students we are entering a lock down anyone found outside of their designated classes without permission will be suspended!
Trey: oh s***.. ok 2 people ride with me and 3 ride with Ashley
*U Keke and Stephanie rode with Ashley to this big ass house and yall went in. Trey Chris and Christie was already there when yall walked in and Chris calmer talking about the situation
Chris: oooh she lucky I didn’t (looking at u) who is this
KeKe: this is Olivia, Olivia this is Christies twin Chris and Trey
U: wassup
Chris: (smiling)
Trey: ok (not interested)
Christie: no u can’t date her
Chris: (looking guilty) what? I wasn’t tryin to holla (looking at u) she’s cute tho… u got a man
U: (lol) you’re funny
Chris: Trey she’s from the city u hear her accent
Trey: (nonchalant) yeh, she’s the same broad from my algebra class
U: broad?
Trey: (looking at u) yeh u got a problem
U: yeh that’s disrespectful
Trey: ok (looking away)
U: (rolling your eyes) ugh
Ashley: Trey stop being stuck up
Trey: whatever yo. im hungry (looking in the kitchen)
Christie: ignore him… how long r we staying here
Stephanie: until class is over
Ashley: we need to plan our party
Chris: where r yall doing his s*** at
KeKe: my house
Stephanie: r u comfortable in a swim suit
U: yeh
Stephanie: since the season is about to break lets do a pool party
Chris: HELL NO
Trey: I’m down to look at some asses
U: (thinking “he just need to stf up”)
Christie: (looking at u and laughing) Olivia u ok
U: yeh im good, so how many dudes and r they cute
Chris: u think im cute?
U: (looking at him) yeh u r cute
e/b: oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Chris: (blushing) u think so?
U: yeh, but I don’t talk to dudes with kids
e/b: (ltao)
U: im kidding, that’s none of my business (lol)
Chris: (lol) u cool, I like u
Trey: I don’t
U: who gives a f***
Trey: (looking a u stupidly)
Christie: oh s***
Trey: u talking to me
U: yeh
Trey: f*** u
U: (raising your eyebrow) f*** u too nigga, let me go he’s to negative for me
Keke: u wanna go back to school
U: yeh
Keke: iight ima go
Ashley: cool ima go too
*yall left ant went back to school.


RUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN ITTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! Im loving this story...

AW thanks @shestayfly89, i feel special lol. i can wait for you start Amnesia

Lol ok I'll run part 2. It wont be until a week or two but i'll run it thanks to @tweetybird92 lol. It will be called Amnesia :). It will take the back burner to The One I Gave My Heart To. Meaning that Amnesia will be my second priority... but I'll do my best :) ~Easha



Lol Stacy told on that ass. What goes around comes around. Nd dont think just cus you creeping in the dark people wont shine the lite on that ass run it. Writers block suck

Now how the heck he find her?? Smh can ya say stalker? I just knew Veronica was gonna try Olivia man I was ready for Olivia to wear her tail out cause I was disgusted with Veronica's fake a**

Run it u CNT jus stop it rite there lol please run it

thanks guys. But i dk if im going to run part 2 because im stuck 0_o i dk where to go from where im at.


OMGosh..I can NOT wait until the sequal!! I hate to be left hanging

2 hours later u was sitting on the table while everyone danced and Chyna came over to you.
Chyna: what’s wrong
U: nothing just bored
Chyna: come on let’s play a game (grabbing your arm)
Christie: ooh yeh truth or dare
everyone except you: yeh
U: nah, somebody might get their feelings hurt
e/b: punk, pussy, coward (ect)
U: (taking a shot) iight I’m game
Christie: whoever don’t take the dare has to take 2 shots
e/b: ok
Veronica: can it be grape juice
Christie: No--
Stacy: (looking at her funny) No b**** alcohol
e/b: (lol)
Shannon: Ok let me start Chy truth or dare
Chyna: dare
Shannon: I dare you to kiss Drake
Chyna: b**** you know that’s Christies man u either tyna get me drunk or u tryna start some s*** (taking her shots) Chris truth or dare
Chris: Dare
Chyna: I dare you to tell Veronica what happened the night of your party
Christie: (eyes widen)
Veronica: what is she talking about? I already know
Chyna: oh yeh--
U: Christie Truth or Dare
Chyna: damn Livie I had a point
Christie: (lol) Truth
U: is it true that you love Drake
Christie: u know that’s true
Trey: Olivia Truth or Dare
U: why the f*** is he talking to --
Chyna: Dare
Trey: I dare you to come --
U: this game is whack New Game
Veronica: I didn’t get a chance to go
Stacy: (looks at her) ok truth or dare
Veronica: dare no no truth
Stacy: is it true that you’re pregnant
Chris: (shaking his head) f***
Veronica: we didn’t wanna tell you all this way but yeh!! I 5 weeks pregnant!!
U: are you f***ing s***ting me!?
Veronica: nope
Chyna: damn
U: (looking at Chris and laughing) Really? Christie did you know?
Christie: nope, I’m just as shocked as you
U: so you wasn’t gone tell me? (mad and hurt)
Chris: I was
U: so who was going to find out about who first? (looking at him through glossy eyes)
Chris: (looking at you) not here
Christie: then where Chris? You’ve played this game way to long and I was on your team give it up.
Veronica: OK what’s going on
U: are you going to tell her?
Chris: (looking at you) Please Livie
U: ok since you won’t I will. Chris cheated on you multiple times--
Veronica: with who
U: me and he got me pregnant and never told you
Veronica: (about to cry) Chris--
Chris: I’m sorry baby I was caught up in the moment, I never meant to get her pregnant
U: (walking over and slapping the s*** out of Chris and Drake grabbed you) CAUGHT UP IN THE MOMENT?? EVERYTIME?? A MISTAKE ONLY HAPPENS ONCE AND YOU KNOW DAMN WELL YOU f***ED ME RAW MORE THAN ONCE (in tears)
Veronica: Olivia how could you
U: don’t come at me with that s*** talk to your “man”
Chris: man f*** this (getting up)
U: so u still not gone man up?
Chris: whatever
U: let me go Drake
Drake: only if you’re not going to hit him
U: let me go!!
Christie: let her go
*he let you go and you walked over and stood in front of Chris
U: You’re a piece of s***. I shoulda never listened to you talking about you love me and you wished you woulda wifed me (syh) you’re a pussy if I woulda known that I wouldnta never let you hit
Chris: Olivia I know you’re mad but I don’t want us to be like this. Just sleep on it for a couple more days and we can go back to being friends.
Veronica: No, I don’t want you being friends with her since you can’t keep your d*** in your pants around her.
Chris: Veronica you can’t stop me from loving her. I love Olivia it’s just f***ed up how this s*** had to go down.
Veronica: (lol and crying) You love her??
Chris: (looking at you) yeh, I love her…
Veronica: you b**** (slapping him and Christie grabs her)
Stacy: Veronica I don’t know why you mad because I heard Chris wasn’t the only one you was f***ing either
Mike: hot damn this s*** keeps getting better and better
Chris: what??
Stacy: Vee and I got cool over the last two months and she was f***ing other dudes while you was at practice
Veronica: (looking down)
Chris: (clenching his jaw) I’m done with you. Is it my baby?
Veronica: no and I’m glad it’s not
Christie: lets be logical Veronica. Are you sure?
Veronica: hell yeh I’m actually 8 weeks pregnant, I was going to say I delivered early, this is Travis’ baby
Chris: (shh)
U: Christie can you take me home
Christie: yeh
Chris: Olivia--
U: don’t talk to me
Chris: Please (grabbing your arm)
U: (shaking your head) no Chirs, I’m done. I wish I never met you
Chris: (standing in front of you) you don’t mean that
U: (looking him dead in his eyes) yes I do. Can you move
Chris: Olivia please hear me out.
Christie: Christopher it’s too late
Chris: (letting your arm go) I-I just
U: I’ll see y’all later
Chris: Olivia
*U got in the car and left

2 weeks later you are finishing packing the remainder of your things with Chyna and Christie.
Chyna: I can’t believe you’re moving to New York
U: you, I need a change of scenery
Christie: a change of scenery of to get the hell away from Chris
U: both—he hurt me Christina and I know he’s your brother so you’re sympathetic towards him but I just cant.
Christie: No, I have no sympathy for him if the shoe was on my foot I’d be pissed if you was still on your brother’s side
U: I’m miss y’all
Chyna: you sure you don’t want me and Chyna to ride with you
U: no, I’m good loves (giving the boxes to the movers and they close the truck)
Christie (teary eyed) I love you like a sister
U: (teary eyed too and hugging her) I love you too and no matter what you are my sister
Chyna: me too??
U: (lol) yes Chy (3 way hugging them and then getting in your car)
Christie: call us as soon as you get there
U: ok (lol) y’all have to come party with me
Christie: ok
Chyna: you know I’m down
U: Ok, bye loves
Both: (waving)
*You made it to New York in 7 hours and u started looking around and you smiled. It was really bitter sweet. You hung up a pic of you Christie and Chyna and someone knocked on your door.
U: who tha f***? (walking to the screen door and stopping) Chris what are you doing here???

2 months later
You did get induced that day, they told you to take it easy for six weeks and you did. You’ve been avoiding everyone except Christie and Chyna. You took the remainder of the semester off because you just weren’t into school. You haven’t seen Chris since that day in the hospital. It’s like he just dropped off the face of your world. Christie wanted to come get you and get you out since you haven’t been out since you got back home and you finally agreed. You washed and put on some straight legged black ripped jeans with a hot pink no sleeved shirt that had lace down the middle of the back and some pink peep toe pumps. You left your hair out curly and out on some earrings when Christie called.
U: yep
Christie: I’m outside
U: Ok *hanging up and going out and getting in her car*
Christie: you look cute
U: Thanks, now where are we going?
Christie: to meet up with Jay, Mike, Chyna, Drake, Chris, Vee, Stacy, Shannon and Trey
U: you know only people I f***s with out of that group is Chy Jay and Drake
Christie: But everyone misses you
U: (putting on chap stick) whatever
Christie: why haven’t you been answering Chris’ calls
U: I have nothing to say to him. I’m not carrying his children anymore and I’m not his girl. After the procedure was done he never checked up on me. So you can quit with all the Chris questions.
Christie: ok Livie. I know it’s f***ed up but--
U: but nothing Christina you’re only protecting him because he’s your brother and you know it--
Christie: and because I know how great you 2 would be together
Christie: ok Olivia I don’t wanna piss you off but you know I’m telling the truth
U: (rolling your eyes) I’m glad we’re here
*Y’all both got out and walked into Chyna’s house. You was greeted by Stacy, Shannon, Veronica and Chyna hugging you.
Chyna: b**** we missed you
U: Chyna u was at my house yesterday
e/b: (lol)
Chyna: Oh well b**** u look cute
Stacy: who did ur lashes
U: (syh) Stacy you know these are mines right
Stacy: b**** please
Christie: (lol)
Veronica: I haven’t seen you since you was pregnant. I’m sorry about the baby
U: (fake smile) well where’s the Tequila?
Chyna: in the kitchen
*You walked in the kitchen and Chris, Trey, Jay, Mike and Drake was at the table playing cards and no one noticed you until you opened the cabinet and it squeaked.
Jay: Oh s*** Livie (getting up)
U: (low) s***… Hi Jay
Jay: you look good baby (hugging you) I’ve missed you how’ve you been?
U: (1/2 smiling) I’m good
Drake: (making a squeaky voice) Oh Hey Drake (normal voice) oh yeh was good Livie I didn’t see you since last week
U: (lol) Hi Drake and everyone else
e/b: hi, wassup ect.
U: well let me get my s***
Chris: can I talk to you
U: (ignoring him and getting shot glasses)
Chris: Olivia
U: (looking at him)
Chris: please
U: (exhaling) 2 minutes
Chris: (grabbing your hand and taking you in to Chyna’s foyer and staring at you)
U: 1 minute 30 seconds
Chris: why are you ignoring me
U: because you don’t give two s***s about me only reason why you’re talking to me is because I’m here
Chris: but you ignore my calls
U: uh, duah nigga after all the s*** I’ve been through these last 2 months and you didn’t ride for me… I don’t have s*** to say to you
Chris: how would I explain to Veronica that I got you pregnant??
U: (thinking “is he f***ing serious”) You shoulda thought about that before you f***ed me without a condom each time (turning to leave)
Chris: (grabbing your arm) Livie--
U: (not facing him) you go back to pretending everything never happened and while you got amnesia forget about me too (wiping a stray tear *he didn’t see it* and going into the living room)

Thank you all for the comments and runs I really appreciate it all. Unfortunately this story has come to an end. I started writing a sequel to this but I got writer's block like a motherf***er (This story was written in 2011 but I just got around to posting it). So I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Be on the look out for another story in with in the next few weeks <3


Awwww omg I want to cry for her smh did sum sad s*** run it

Aww man that's so sad she lost both of them smh run it

AWH that is so sad, i was hoping for them have a the baby and be happy. am prettty sire everyone will be there for them. Run it

Aww man, I feel for her. I hope she doesn't try to shut everybody out. She knows it still matters. I'm absolutely sad right now. I just wish somehow they came back.
Run it

Dang man that's messed up

2 months later
You are one week shy of 4 months pregnant and just about everyone knows. You moved off campus and into your own apartment like 30 minutes away. Chris has been perfect, but he’s still dating Veronica, and she doesn’t know he’s the one who knocked you up. You are on campus with Chyna when Veronica walked up.
Veronica: Hey preggo (touching your stomach)
U: Veronica please don’t do that
Veronica: what
U: rub my baby, that s*** is annoying
Chris: (walking up and rubbing ur stomach) Damn ur baby bump is sexy.
Chyna: (shaking her head) in front of your girlfriend?
Chris: what Veronica know how me and Livie get down (still rubbing your stomach)
Chyna: oh really (raising her eye brow)
Veronica: how he get to touch the baby
Chyna: (mumbling) cause he helped make it
U: (nudging her)
Veronica: what?
Chyna: I said because when it’s time to the nursery he’s going to make it
Veronica: aww so if Chris is the god dad that’d make me--
Chyna: tha Step Mom
Chyna: I mean the step god mom
Chris: what the f*** r u on
Chyna: I’m smoking on truth u wanna try some baby?
Chris: (about to say something but u cut him off)
U: Christie is at my house and my feet are starting to hurt plus I want some ice cream and cookie
Chris: oreos?
U: no vanilla ice cream with the Pillsburry dough boy chocolate chip cookies that u gotta bake
Chris: (nodding)
Veronica: well I’m going to Cheer practice (kissing chris) see u later bae (leaving)
Chyna: (rolling her eyes) yuck any ways Livie I’m going to Mike’s room and I’ll be at ur house later
U: (hugging her) ok Tell Mikey I said hi
Chyna: (touching your stomach) bye god daughter
Chris: it’s a boy
Chyna: I bet. U look like u make Livie put in all the work (walking off)
U: (lyao)
*You went home and Christie was at your house helping you organize stuff.
Christie: I can’t believe I’m going to be and aunty!!! She’s going to be the cutest baby ever
U: (lol) don’t call my baby a she because she’s going to end up coming out with a looonngg ddiiiccckk
Christie: (lol) shut up. I know she’s not a boy. How’s Chris treating you?
U: he’s perfect except he still has a girlfriend
Christie: I know, I told him about it, but he’s being Chris. He said he going to stop by later and bring you some ice cream and cookies.
U: yeh I told him. Everything I ask for he brings… he’s trying to fatten me up. (Yawning) I’m sleepy
Christie: well go to sleep, I’ll finish doing this
U: ok thanks for cleaning up my stuff
Christie: only for my future Maid of honor and future sister in law
U: (walking off)HA!
Christie: (lol)
*U laid down and went to sleep. Throughout your nap u felt some cramps but u ignored them and continued to sleep. You woke up to Christie screaming
Christie: OMG! OMG! LIVIE!!
Chris: (walking in and looking at you) Oh my god
U: wha—ouch (touching your stomach and looking down and seeing your white sheets full of blood)
Chris: (walks over to you with widened eyes) Live we gotta go
U: I-I-I
*Was all you said before you passed out. When you woke up you saw your mom Christie, Chris, their parents, and Chyna.
U: (raspy) where am i
d/t: (walks in) Olivia you’re up
U: yeh, can somebody tell me what’s going on?
d/t: ok I need everyone to take a seat in the waiting room except for Christopher
E/b: (leaving)
D/t: ok so we’ve run some tests and did and ultra sound and it’s confirmed that you lost a baby
U: (silently crying)
Chris: (trying to hold it together) what? Why?
d/t: sometimes with twins a piece of or the whole placenta can detach causing no nutrient--
U: wait twins? I was only carrying one fetus.
D/t: (taking off his glasses) now you’re carrying one, the second fetus was right behind its sibling and their heart beats were in unison. That’s why your hcg levels were very high. I’m going to get a tech in here and see what’s going on in that belly of yours.
*He leaves
Chris: how u feel?
U: I don’t know how to feel after what he just told me(staring off in to space)
Chris: I’m here for u (kissing your forehead)
*The tech comes in with the ultrasound machine
t/t: Hi I’m Tia and I’ll be doing your ultrasound
*She starts the machine, type in the info and puts the gel on your stomach. She picked up the probe and placed it on your stomach. She moved it around for a minute and she stopped it.
Tia: hold on one second (leaving)
U: something’s not right
Chris: why u say that?
U: my aunt used to be and ultrasound technician and she said if they leave the room after a minute something is very wrong.
Chris: don’t think negative
*Tia comes in with the doctor
D/T: ok let’s see here (using the probe and looking. His facial expression changes as he shuts off the machine. He stands up and fixes his glasses) there’s no easy way to say this but--
U: baby #2 is gone
d/t: (slowly nodding) I’m so sorry for your loss. Sometimes when baby a goes baby b becomes too distressed. And with your placenta abruption… poor baby just couldn’t make it. Now you don’t have to tell me now nut within the next 2 days we need to take those babies out of you.
U: let’s do it now. It doesn’t even matter anymore (looking off in to space)

run it

Thanks u all. Ok so I guess I lied about this being finished in 2012 because tomorrow is new years eve and I didn't up date. I'm try to update tonight or some time tomorrow.

Omg she's pregnant yay I'm proud of Chris too run it

Awww Shiitt! In the next 3 months she gon be tryna sex every dude talking about Chris just her baby diddy! I knw I put "diddy." Lol I can't wait to see Livie pregnant!
Run it

I'm glad Chris is willing to take care of his responsibilities

Aww Man u Got 2 Run This One Quick I Want 2 Kno Wats Goin 2 Happen Nxt...
Run It!!!!

awwwchris realy in love wit her run it

*U got u a couple of drinks and danced with Jay and Chyna grabbed u.
U: wassup
Chyna: somebody came here with no hickies and ended up with 2
U: (lol) what idiot would get hickies at a house party
Chyna: u
U: (looking lost) what
Chyna: (shaking her head) u f***ed Chris didn’t u
U: (looking down) yeh
Chyna: well he put 2 big ass hickies on ur neck (pulling ur hair to cover the hickies) I’m glad u was backing it up on Jay cause I know he woulda said something
U: (syh)
Drake: (walking over) Did y’all see-- (looking at u) DAMN WTF IS THAT?
U: what
Drake: u still f***ing Chris
U: omg! Does everybody know
Drake: come on u kno Chris and I are cool so u know I been Knew
U: damn
Drake: he put his mark on u (lol)
Christie: (walking over) what’s funny
Drake: what’s noticeable about Livie
Christie: what? (looking at u) OMG! Y’all didn’t
U: I’m leaving
Chyna: I’ll go with her
Chris: (walking over and standing next to u) we need to talk
Chyna: no u did enough (grabbing u)
Drake: (lol)
U: I’ll see yall tomorrow
Christie: oook don’t forget that I’m cooking tomorrow be there at 8
Chyna: ok
*U and Chyna went back home and u washed and fell asleep. The next morning u woke up to Chyna laying on ur bed eating chocolate.
U: what’s up doll
Chyna: My period is on which means we are staying in eating chocolate all day. I got u a heating pad. I know how ur cramps get.
U: (grabbing ur phone and looking at ur calendar and then going in the bathroom)
Chyna: pads or tampons?
U: hold up
*U sat on the toilet and wiped and there was nothing but clear discharge (a/n: sorry if it’s tmi… but if ur a girl, u know). U wiped again and nothing again.
Chyna: what
* Flushing the toilet, washing ur hands and sitting on the bed.
U: I’m late
U: I usually come on 2 days before u, and there is nothing there
Chyna: soooo (her eyes widen and she jumps up) Ur knocked up
U: no (shaking ur head) I’m just probably late sometimes my cycle change
Chyna: cycle change my ass (putting the snickers in her mouth and running to her room. Seconds later she came back with a bag)
U: what’s that?
Chyna: clear blue, first response, the plain pregnancy test from the dollar store and an e.p.t. Go drink some water piss in a cup and lets get all of these tests popping
U: wait, why do u have all of these
Chyna: Mike and I don’t always use condoms and birth control doesn’t always work
U: I’m not pregnant
Chyna: (looking at u stupid) how many times did u and Chris have sex
U: I lost count after 5
Chyna: and how many condoms have u used
U: (looking down) none
Chyna: and how long have u been on birth control
U: I’m not
Chyna: ok (opening the boxes) let’s go
U: wait, maybe I should wait until tomorrow
Chyna: no do it now (getting u a bottle of water)
10 minutes later u peed in the cup and she put on gloves and took the little dropper thing from the dollar store test and put two drops of urine on it. Then she poured the rest of it over the other 6 test and out the caps on them and laid them flat.
Chyna: (shaking her head) I thought we knew better than this
U: We do. But He’s Chris. I told u how I felt about him and when we did it I never thought about him getting me pregnant
Chyna: (shaking her head and looking at the tests) well he did
U: stop lying (jumping up and over to the counter where the test were. 3 of them had 2 lines 2 of them hat a plus sign and the other 2 had “pregnant” on them. U just stood there as ur eyes began to swell)
Chyna: (hugging u) don’t cry.
U: (shaking ur head) I’m not pregnant Chyna
Chyna: yes u r Livie. All of these came back positive
U: (tears fall) I can’t be
Chyna: but u are Livie (rubbing ur back)
*U got in the bed and cried ur self to sleep. When U got up it was 6 o’clock . U got up and showered and threw on some black sweat pants with white a baggy t-shirt and some white converses. U put ur hair in the messiest bun ever and put on a black hoodie over it.
Chyna: why r u dressed like that
U: I’m going to go tell Chris
Chyna: u want me to come
U: no I’ma make this quick
Chyna: yes please do, so u can come back and get dressed for Christies party
*U nodded and walked out. U walked to Chris and Trey’s apartment and used ur key to get in. They must’ve been too busy playing the game to hear u come in because u heard them talking…
Trey: so u f***ed Livie after I called dibs on her and I told u how I felt about her
Chris: yeh man my bad. After the way u treated her when she moved here, even though u was playing that s*** was f***ed up. We got cool and I ended up liking her. It’s a good thing u didn’t wife her because I f***ed her 1st
Trey: (lol) Nigga no u didn’t I’ve been eating that pussy since high school and I was her first.
Chris: WHAT? Damn son u coulda told me, that’s f***ed up she didn’t say s*** about y’all or nothing
Trey: (lol) I know. That b**** got good pussy tho
Chris: don’t call her no b****
Trey: (looking at Chris) U got a soft spot for her
Chris: yeh. (nodding) even though u had her first. I love her
Trey: (smiling) Iight cool. U can have her I’m on to the next one
Chris: I’m about to go find out why she aint been tell me
Trey: Aye on a serious note tho. When u wife her ask her who got better d*** (lhao)
Chris: That’s f***ed up son (shaking his head)
*U walked out embarrassed. You went home and Chyna was sitting there.
Chyna: what he say
U: (shaking ur head)
Chyna: let me go call my brothers (getting her phone)
U: Chyna he didn’t say nothing because I didn’t get a chance to tell him. Trey told him about us (biting ur bottom lip as tears flow from ur eyes)
Chyna: (shaking her head) I’m sorry. U wanna stay in tonight
U: (shaking ur head) No. Trey isn’t going to be there so I’ma talk to him then.
Chyna: ok go get dressed
*U nodded and went in ur room and threw on some light blue capris with an orange shirt and some orange flip flops. U fixed ur hair in a better ponytail than it was in put ur pregnancy test in ur purse and u and Chyna headed to Christie's. When y’all got there Christie opened the door and smiled then she looked at u and her smile faded.
Christie: what’s wrong
U: I’ll talk to u about it later
Christie: (hugging u) ok
*She let y’all in and Chris and Drake were watching tv. When Chris saw u he smiled and walked over to u and kissed ur lips and u turned ur head (no Veronica wasn’t there) He picked u up and looked into ur eyes
Chris: what’s wrong
U: we need to talk
Chris: (nodding and putting u down) when
U: like now
Chris: ok (grabbing ur arm and pulling u into Christies room) what’s wrong baby
U: (smiling) I found a lot today
Chris: like?
U: Like I’m her
Chris: what r u talking about
U: the girl ur in love with
Chris: how u figure
U: I heard u and Trey talking
Chris: (eyes widen) about what
U: about everything. Truth is that he wasn’t lien, we both promised that we’d never tell anyone (lol) but I guess the joke was on me. I cant do this
Chris: do what
U: this (giving him ur pregnancy test)
Chris: (shocked) ur pregnant
U: yeh
Chris: with our baby
U: (looking down) yeh, but I’m not keeping it
Chris: u can’t abort my child
U: Yes I can (crying)
Chris: u wont
U: u don’t have time for a child and neither do I
Chris: I’ll make time (grabbing ur waist)
U: (looking at him stupidly) yeh and how do u think it’s going to go when Veronica finds out that u cheated on her and got me pregnant
Chris: I don’t care what she thinks. My main focus is u

Run It...

She did him like she was the guy. Got hers off nd left. Lol hope they can b cool again run it