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What you neeed? What , what you need?

Yooo! Hi, Wassup? How are you? Good.
I'm kay..

Yes, the girl who likes Chris Brown..
But morely the dopest blunt you can ever smoke.
I'm super down to earth. Like those b****es who be eatin' scooby snacks singing " Gotta Have It " while scratchin' her balls.

I'm indeed a female, but my personality is a total hermaphrodite.
Known, Loved & Happy is what I am.
It takes a whoooole lot to break me down. So if there's any bullies on here, you might wanna beat my ass before my sarcasticness slaps yours.
Am I the only mf here who dies over Saints Row?

Lmaooo but to finish this Obama ass speeech off .. I write alot of stories and soon to add some. I will admit all of you are goodmuffin talented. I have read about 10 stories before speaking my mind so Im sorry for being a down-low b****.

Kae, let me know if you want your story read or any reviews. I will do so. And just get to know me, I swear I keep friends longer than school supplies.. which is.. very.. very.. very sad.

Btw , I came from Chrisitis
Here's my account there : @KayTayloor:
- With love .. Kay ツ


Lmao I was goggling everything about me & ran into this. Omgosh I was such a newbie &hearts;

Oh my goodness lol

I remember this :"( lol

* spins around with you * OMG! Your so thick!

Lmao OhKaeKaeKae Bree (:

I'll be back man.... you just wrote a story on my ass lol.

*peeks in sees kay..Runs jumps on you*

* makes it to the studio & sees Drakes body gaurds *
Hey Jeff , Hey Mike..

* They nod * Wassup Kay?

I got a text from earlier telling me to meet him.

* Jeff opens the door * Just turn right when you get down the hallway.

* I smile & walk down the hall to the studio & hear music playing *

* He sees me & smiles * Sup Kay?

* Sits down on the couch * Just tell me what Im here for before Bow becomes worried about me.

* He sighs * is this really how you want us to be left off at? I miss you kay. I miss everything about us.
I mean.. What you did was random. I hadnt even seen it coming. & had I known you were leaving me for another nigga I would've fought harder for us.

* Rolls my eyes * It wasn't even like that.. I just.. I..

* Tears form in my eyes * Idk.. My heart has always been with him..

* Drake turns his head away * I cant believe this. Kay.. Wake up! I put more into our relationship than you have. The problem is you cant stick to ONE man. I gave my all to you! & you repay me back by f***ing around with some other niggas because of what your friends say? .. Let me ask a question. Does he even love you like I do? Is f***ing you or making love to you? Is it like our connection that we have?

* shakes my head as more tears fall *
Im in love with him..

* tears fall from Drakes eyes * Why are you doing this to me Kay? Im f***ing in love with you! & I admitt it 100% ! I have never in my life felt this before. You change my prespectives on love. & Im feeling it.
Please Kay.. Please just hear me out. I dont cry.. Ever for a woman. But im doing it for you.

* Looks him in the eyes * Your making this harder for me.. I cant be with the both of you.

Then take your time. Just.. Please.. Before you give up on me. Think about us. About me. I love you kay. I really really do.

* Nods & hugs him * I will.. But for now we have to be friends.

* He kisses my forehead * Anything to be near you.

* I smile small & wipes my tears away * I hope im not being a butthole for asking you to take me home?

* He shakes his head * Nah your good. I was on my way out after f***ing around with this song anyway.

* Grabs his coat shutting of the lights & we go to the car *

*Chris continued pushing us* I'm about to get on the monkey bars. I can't help it....

*Laughs* Go then.... I'll push us...

*He nods & heads over to them*

* 20 minutes later *
* I get off the Bus & start walking but gets stopped by a guy standing outside a strip club with a blunt *
Excuse me babygirl..

* Stops & turns around * Yes?

* He walks over smoothly & stares at me *
You looking for a job?

* Nods * Well, kinda..

You ever thought about working at a strip club?

* shakes my head * Im not.. really a p-person comfortable enough to take off clothes in front of everybody.

* He smiles & blows smoke * I can help you feel comfortable. Your body is right. I can have you making thousands of dollars a night left & right babygirl.

* smiles nervously * thanks.. But no thanks. Stripping is not my kinda.. thing.

* He chuckles & pulls out a card * Well, when stripping does become your kind of thing.. Call me.

* I nod & grab the card , stuff it in my pocket & walk to Drake's studio *

*Chris pushed us* You having fun Shai?

*She smiled*

*Smiled too and kissed her cheek* Me too!

To: Bree
• Lol have fun for me too whore ^.^

* Finishes my cereal & change my clothes *

* Grabs my house keys & leaves *

*Texts you back*
•You're welcome slut :P

*Then looks out the window as Chris calls his body guard & tells him to meet them at the park.*

Alright, Big Pat is on his way there.

*Nodded my head*

<em>Several minutes later...</em>

*He pulls up to the park & Big Pat gets out and comes to the car*

*Get out and help Shai out as well and then grabbed her hand and walked around the park with Chris and Big Pat beside me*

Let's get on the swings! *I yelled excitedly and placed Shai on my lap as we swung on the swings*

* texts back *
To: Bree
• Okay , thanks for the help again. (:

* Focuses my attention back on the TV *

*He drives off & heads to the park.*

*Texts you*
•In case you where wondering, we got Shai. We taking her to the park.

* gets up & go look in the room for yall *
Where the hell did they go?

* Shrugs & fix some cereal while watching All That *

*Eats my snacks & looks at Shai* Damn, I'm somebody mama...

Yes you are... but let's take her to the park. *Chris suggested*

Alright, let me grab her things.

*Grabs her things and heads outside to Chris car.*

*He places her into the car seat & strap her up tight*

*Gets in the front and then continues eating my candy* Let's ball out.

Lol is not. :D

* falls into a small nap *

OMG you're a whore... Bow and Drake are labelmates lmao....

*Me and Chris play with Shai*

Man this baby look like Bow and Joie for real. Like the perfect combination.

Yup, but ma'am... You ain't gon' put me on child support right? *He jokes*

If you act up, I WON'T hesitate to put yo ass on it. Long as you being a good father, then I'm good.

In the room* Not upstairs lol

* He nods & comes in my room *
Hey beautiful.. Wassup?

* Smiles & turn over looking him * Hey king.. Im sorry about the whole thing at the store today. Guess my ADHD got to me huh?

* He smiles * Or.. It was an uninvited guess.

* stares at him * How did you know?

* He turns me over on my stomach & starts massaging my back *
Because.. I just know. But I didnt come in here for all that.. I wanna chill with my baby.

* Nods & closes my eyes *

We'll watch her... besides, I gotta get use to this parent thing.

*Chris cut his eyes at me & then laughs a little* Yeah, keep her in here. But if she get on my nerves, I'm sending her right in there with daddy and step mommy.

* He chuckles * Aight.. Do yall wanna watch shai ., or should I take her upstairs?

Bow, that's not my place to say. If she wants to talk she will, just don't press the issue. Sit yo short ass down somewhere and go comfort her. Make her smile, laugh and forget about his bushy eyebrows ass.

* Chris rolls his eyes trying to stay out of it *

* Shad sighs * So you want me to sit back & let her handle it? What if he does something.
Has he done anything to her?

*He's her ex

Alright... alright... Basically, she saw Drake while y'all were together or whatever and she panicked... Old feelings started coming back... BUT listen to me closely... Do NOT worry about that because that's normal.... I already gave her advice on what to do next and I promise you that she loves you and want to be with you. And PLEASE don't do anything about it or try to talk to him. Let her DO it. She's her ex. Let her handle it.

* He points to the bed where Chris has already ate some *
Come on , tell me Bree.

First off, where's my food?

* shakes my head , smiles & lays back on the bed *

* shad looks at you when you go in the room * So.. Wassup? Did she say anything?

Girl, if he becomes a stalker that's when know you got that good s***. *Winks at you & laughs, while walking out of the room*