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But seriously yall...Go VOTE tomorrow!

Seriously yall...every vote counts...they can't turn you away. Its just one day...Go Vote!!!!!!


uuughgghhh the polls are virtually tied..Obama 48% Romney 47%..but Obama is leading in the electoral votes 277 to 191

I got up at 6 this morning and went to vote here in chicago. i was so glad the line was not long too. go Obama

I don't let them make no difference to me!
Girl I live in redneck Alabama but I make sure my black ass going to vote bright and early tomorrow. I will be at the polls on campus BRIGHT and early!!!!

girl yes!!! sucks that I'm in this RED I had to go to school today so I missed First Lady Obama in Charlotte should see the signs ppl have in their yards about Obama/Biden!! I really want to hop the curb in my car and run them all over but then I have to woooo saaaaaw and realize that ultimately it's in God's hands

Good! I just came from the democratic headquarters here in Alabama making calls making sure ppl VOTE for Obama!

right!! i got in on the early voting down here in nc