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The Nanny Affair

*(all my other stories expect 'Her Room: Make It Work' will be discontinued until further notice, i just don't know where i'm going with them)*


"i don't know about this Ana" <a href="">Maurice</a> said to his wife.
"think about it, we don't have time in the morning to take mimi to school and we don't have time to pick her up" his wife <a href="">Ana</a> spoke.
"a live in nanny though, i don't want strangers in my house" maurice spoke.
"it needs to be a live in how else do you expect them to be here early in the morning" she spoke."it's that or one us quits or gets fried for being late everyday" she said staring at him.
"fine" maurice said giving in.
"thanks, but you have to take mimi to school today, thanks, bye" ana said grabbing her bag, pecking her husband on the lips and heading out the door.

"MICHELE!! lets go!" maurice called out as their <a href="">Daughter</a> ran out the living room.
"okay lets go" he said picking her and her bag up."make sure you don't get yourself dirty, you have to look nice in your pictures" he said.
"i won't" she said
"promise?" he asked
"promise" she said giggling.

(BTW the baby i used is my little cousin :) lol)


Ana is up to something she is being too distant towards him..she prolly cheating smh..

whoah maurice i wonder what he got to show her lol RUN IT!

run it

Yeah at b**** Ana's cheating Talking bout she gone be to busy to call even if it has something to do with her daughter, like really no case is that important. And hmm Maurice needs to get proof that they had her clients case in Cali.
He and Lauren seem to be a little more comfortable around each other. I bet Chris liked seeing how flexable she is lol. Im glad she's so good with Mimi. I see some closeness coming between Chris and Lauren. hmmm. RUN IT!!!

Ana lying like a muhf***a...she going to see her other man lol

Run it

ana gurl we all know ur ass is in cancun with some other dude smh u crazy leaving something so dam sexy for some ol dude -__- its ok maurice and lauren would we a cuter couple anyways
run it!


I have a feeling Anna is cheating on Maurice smh but she can go cause I like him and Lauren together better lol
Run it!!!!

Oh shiiiiitttt. Ik Maurice aint gone try no freaky s*** on Lauren while ana gone. Ana on the other hand...... tht b**** is creeping. Run it.

Chapter 4

The next morning lauren was in the kitchen packing a small lunch for mimi ans mimi sat on the couch watching Sesame street. Ana came down the stairs quickly with her cell phone to her ears. He gave mimi a quick kiss on the forehead and waved bye to lauren as she rushed out the door. Lauren watched her curiously and her attention was brought back to the stairs as Maurice made his way down them.

"good morning ladies" Maurice said.
"good morning daddy" mimi said
"morning" lauren responded.

Maurice looked down as he grabbed his keys off the kitchen table and made his way out the door before saying anything else. Lauren watched him leave out the house as well sensing that something was wrong but decided to push it aside because she was there for one reason, and one reason only.

"okay! you ready to go!?" lauren asked mimi
"yes" mimi responded as she got up and let lauren put her book bag on her back.

Later on that day as lauren sat with mimi helping her with her homework like she always did Ana came in through the door.

"okay, see you then" she smiled on the phone before hanging up."what are you guys doing?" Ana asked walking up to lauren and mimi.
"ABC's and 123's" mimi said proudly.
"cool, count for me" ana said.
"1, 2, 3..." mimi began as she counted all the way to 10 before messing up a little.
"good job!" ana said and in that same moment Maurice walked through the door.

"i thought you were working late today?" ana asked.
"i decided to come home early and spend some time with my wife" he said trying to kiss her but she back away.
"umm your daughter just counted to 10" ana said.
"really? do it again for me" maurice said with a smile on his face.
"1..2-" mimi began as ana cut her off.
"before that i have some news for everyone" ana said.

"what is it?" maurice said
"my case moved to LA so i have to be out there in 2 weeks" ana said.
"it moved to LA?" maurice said as a question.
"yeah, theres a whole issue about that were my client came from, you know the deal" she said to maurice.
"yeah, just be safe okay" he said to her.
"i will" she said with a smile.
"now can i have a kiss?" he asked biting his lip.
"no, i just put this lip stick on" she said pushing his back and walking away.

--2 Weeks Later--

"okay, so i'm sure you will have everything under control and if you need a womans help ask Lauren don't call me i'll most likely will me busy" ana said to maurice as he helped her bring a few bags down.
"babe, i got it don't worry" he said.
"okay well i'm leaving we you soon" she said looking up at him for a minute before turning away and rolling her bags out the door.
"I Love You!" maurice called out.
"yeah, i love you to" ana said as she threw her bags into her car, got in and pulled off.

Maurice closed the house door and walked up the stairs and headed towards his room. He stopped half way when he saw Lauren sitting his the middle of her bedroom floor and doing what seemed to be meditation.

"what are you doing? Mediation" he asked laughing as lauren opened her eyes and looked towards the door.
"yoga for your information" she said stretching her arms and legs out in front of her.
"okay, i'll leave you to do your yoga" he chuckled.
"that you, she said as she moved into her next <a href="">position</a>.

Maurice went into his room and laid across his bed scrolling through his phone. He began to feel restless and couldn't keep still so he started to walk all around his house, pacing back and forth everywhere. He walked passed Laurens room again this time being stopped by her.

"you miss her already don't you?" she asked as he took a few steps back to see her in this <a href="">position</a>.
"why you say that?" he asked leaning up against her door frame.
"because your walking back and front around this house like a lost puppy" she said sitting Indian style and facing him.
"i'm just bored, i have nothing to do today" he said.

"cool so you can go pick up your daughter from school today" lauren said standing up.
"isn't that your job?" he asked
"yes, but your here today, and i'm sure it will make her happy if she sees you" lauren said.
"your right" he said looking at his watch."come with me" he said.
"the whole point in you going is so i won't have to" she laughed.
"come one, we can get something to eat after" he said.
"white castle?" lauren asked.
"white castle" he agreed.
"okay i'm down" lauren said

Lauren got <a href="">dressed</a> quickly and met Maurice out in the front.
"why you dressed like you about to run in the Olympics?" he joked.
"you always got something to say, don't make me puts these paws on you" she said as they got in his car.
"okay lil scrappy" maurice said.
"you watch that show?" she asked.
"yeah, why?" he said looking at her."i can't watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?" he asked.

"you just don't look like that type" she said honestly as he pulled off.
"theres alot you don't know about me" he said smiling.
"whats with that smile? are you a killer or something let me out the car" she said joking.
"shut up" he said laughing.
"okay so what don't i know?" she asked.
"i'll show you when we get back to the house" he said smiling again.
"dude your freaking creepy" she laughed.

Ana bytch you better get it together, you slippin when it comes to Maurice,you better straighten up before he be all on at petty young thing yall call a nanny. Talking bout she going to Cancun then ignored his phone call to aww hell nawl. and I bet she aint planning on takng him or Mimi with her.You know what they say While the cats away the mice will play IJS. And Maurice seemed to be enjoying Laurens company... I like how they made his day better from how sucky it was at work. But why Ana come home talking all that bullshyt dude. Loved the add RUN IT!!!

Ana creeping ass!!! She is not slick!!! She gone get her ass caught too. Maurice and Lauren are fools lol and Mimi is such a cutie. Run it!!!

uh oh ana bout tolose her man if she dont get it together lol
Run it !!!


daaaang thats how u put somebody in a bad mood..fussing as soon as u walk through the door..thats how u drive somebody away..smh RUN IT!

Yay u added!!!! :)


ana aint slick...who she call herself going to cancun wit? she aint even say hey. just come thru the door fussing smh.

Run It!!

Chapter 3

A few days passed and Lauren was getting the hang of her daily routine and Mimi was getting used to Lauren. She was at the table helping Mimi trace over her ABC's and learn which letters were which.

"done" mimi said as lauren looked at her paper.
"good, high five" lauren said holding her head of as Mimi hit it."what do you wanna do now?" lauren asked.
"ummmm, dance gave" mimi said point at the xbox in the living room.
"you know how to play that?" lauren asked her.
"a little" mimi said hopping of the stool and running into the living room.

Lauren laughed as she got up and walked into the living room to turn on the game for Mimi. She set it up on easy for her and watched her dance, Surprisingly enough she followed along with the dance moves.

"play with me" mimi said.
"uh, i don't dance" lauren said
"please, please, please" mimi begged. Lauren stared at her puppy dog face trying not to give in but failed.
"okay, why not" lauren said setting the game up for 2 player.

Maurice was in his office gathering up his stuff after a meeting he had with a few of his business partners.

"Mr brown?" his assistant Kevin knocked on his door.
"come in" maurice said.
"um Johnson lost Case 11305" kevin said.
"11305? your kidding me right?" maurice said looking up at him.
"i'm afraid not" kevin said.
"this case was our way in, tell Johnson he's fired" Maurice said pacing back and forth clearing upset.
"with al do respect Johnson is one of the best here, Firing him isn't really good idea" kevin said.

"your right, okay have you taken your break yet?" Maurice asked.
"no not yet" kevin answered.
"okay, go take your break and when you come back start typing up those case file" maurice said.
"got it" kevin said walking out.

Maurice walked out his office, looking the door behind him and walking pass all his worked.

"Johnson!" maurice said as he walked pass him."thank kevin that you still have your job here" he said and walked away.

"cancun? YES!" ana said excitedly on the phone."i'll definalty go with you" she added."cool but i'm at work right now i'll talk to you when i get home" she said ending her phone call.

Ana sat at her desk and continued to typed after getting off the phone. Her phone rang again with Maurice's named popping up across the screen. She looked at her phone, pressed ignore and got back to doing what she was doing.

Lauren and mimi played about5 times each time lauren let mimi win.

"oh, you cheated again" lauren said laughing.
"no i'm not" mimi giggled.
"how do you win so much?" lauren asked.
"i don't know" mimi shrugged playfully."lets play again!" she said
"again!?" lauren asked."i'm tired" she added in.
"no your not, come on" mimi said trying to pull lauren off the couch.
"okay, okay only one more" lauren said giving in.
"yayyy" mimi smiled.

Towards the middle of their game the door opened and slammed shut. Maurice put his things on the kitchen table and looked over at his daughter and lauren is mood instantly changing.

"daddy come play" mimi yelled out
"not right now, maybe later" maurice said.
"please daddy" she begged running over to him.
"he's scared your gonna beat him" lauren joked.
"i'll let you win" mimi said to her father causing him and lauren to laughing.
"i'll let you win too" lauren said from the living room.

"you talking alot of trash over there" maurice said with a smirk.
"i didn't say anything" lauren said looking over at him quickly.
"you know what?" maurice said as he took of his jacket and his tie."lets play" he said walking into the living room as he and lauren stare each other down.

"don't break anything old man" lauren joked.
"you got jokes huh? okay" maurice laughed."start it up" he said as lauren press and they began the game.

"look at" Maurice said pointing to the screen."who the old man now?" he asked lauren.
"you still are" lauren said laughing.

By this time it was just Maurice and Lauren playing, Mimi was to busy running circles around them to excited to even play the game.

They played another 3 games and Lauren won all of them. She gloated in his face as he stood there with a smile on his face.

"iight i bet i win the next one" he said.
"nope, imma quit while i'm ahead" lauren said laughing.
"oh so what you scared, how about i make it interesting lets put money on it" he said.
"how much?" lauren asked.
"20" maurice said.
"i could use an extra 20 dollars, lets go" lauren said
"talk all that s***, watch when you lose" he said as they got ready to start the game.

They danced along with the game, both of them concentrating on what they were doing. The game ended with Maurice winning.

"you know what i'm not gonna even make you pay me" maurice said."imma take it out your pay check" he said gloatnig as they both laughed.
"you still ass" lauren said.
"if i'm ass, why i beat you?" he asked.

As they playfully bickered back and forth ana walked in through the door and cleared her throat. Maurice looked up and straightened his posture.

"why are you playing with children maurice? did you even pay the bills today?" ana asked standing with her hands on her hips.
"don't worry about that, i got it" he responded.

Ana motioned her head for him to follow her upstairs and began to walk off. Maurice half groaned half sighed as he rolled his eyes and walked out of the living room.

"i think somebody is in trouble" lauren said to mimi as she sat down on the couch.

You already KNOW it's boutta go down.
The only question is: when?

Run it!!

i can just see what's going to happen .

Runnnnn ittttt

SMH if u gon have a in home nanny make sure she is OLD or very unattractive! lol Ana done messed up.lauren is very attractive and her husbaand is already not home as it is...he gone mess around and stay home more than usual and she gon wonder why..its cuz he gone be creepin wit lauren lol..smh i can see it now RUN IT!

Oh damn Ican sense the hormones in the air lmao
Run it!!!!!

I love it so far!!!

RUN IT!!!!

Ohh jeez. RunIt!!

they r gonna b f*ckin real soon lol smh

run it!

Maurice soooo likes her lol, and I think I know what's gonna happen >_<
Run it!!

Yeah Maurice and LAuren... wont be too long before something pops off IJS.

Look at maurice starting already smh
Run it.!

Bol. Lauren is feeling some type of way ab Mr. Maurice!!!! This bout to be a juicy storyyyyy. Run it:)))

Chapter 2

Maurice put her Lauren's boxes in what would be her room for as long as they allowed.

"thank you" she said with a smile.
"no problem" he said looking back at her as he walked towards the door. He walked out her room and ran his hands over his face as he shook his head.

Lauren unpacked her boxes and out her belongings where she wanted them to go. She stacked the empty boxes on top of each other and put them in the corner of her room and looked around the <a href="">room</a>. It was nothing like what she had back at her moms house. It was definitely going to take her some time to get use to.

Lauren walked out her room and went <a href="">Downstairs</a>.

"is everything okay? i can move you into another room if you want?" ana asked as she stood.
"no the room is fine" lauren said with a smile.
"great, are you ready to meet Michelle?" ana asked.
"yes" lauren said.
"okay, stay here i'll go get her" ana said as she rushed off up the stairs to get her daughter.

Lauren sat on the stool at the kitchen table and looked over at maurice who was watching some basketball game. As lauren looked away maurice looked over at her and looked her up and down admiring her figure. He shook the thoughts out his head as he turned his attention back to the TV.

Ana came back down the steps with mimi at her side. She picked her up and walked over to lauren.

"mimi this is lauren, your nanny, she's going to help us take care of you" ana said as mimi gave lauren a small wave.
"hi cutie" lauren said with a smile. Both ana and lauren looked over at maurice who grabbed his jacket and walked out the door.

"don't mind him, he's not really a people person" ana said.
"uh okay" lauren said.
"okay, well your job starts now" ana said."its lunch time and mimi like to each grilled cheese sandwiches" ana said sitting her daughter in her booster seat and walking up stairs.

"you hungry?" lauren asked hopping off her hair and walking around the counter to get to the stove.
"yes" mimi said nodding her head.
"okay then" lauren said as she looked around the kitchen for the things she needed.

She began to make the sandwiches and put them in the pan as she pretended to have a conversation with mimi who spoke in mostly gibberish.

"oh really?" lauren asked pretending she knew what mimi was saying.
"yeah, she's crazy!" mimi said as lauren let out a small laugh.

Lauren put the grilled cheese sandwich on a plate and cut in half before sitting it in front of Mimi.

"be careful it's hot" lauren said.
"hot burns" she said as if lauren didn't know.
"i know, thats why you have to be very careful" lauren said sitting on the chair next to her.

Moments later the front door opened and Maurice walked back in and hanging his jacket on the rack. He looked over at lauren and sat on the couch with an un read able expression on his face.

"wheres ana?" he asked.
"up stairs" lauren responded."are you okay?" she asked as he looked over at her.
"yeah, i'm good" he said."just tired" he answered her.
"maybe you should get some sleep" lauren suggested.
"sleep isn't an option around here" he said.
"oh" was all she said as she turned her attenton back to her phone.

Maurice watched her curiously as she sat there scrolling through her phone.

"why did you want to become a in home nanny?" maurice asked breaking the silence in the room. Lauren looked over at him before answering his question.
"i love kids, and i needed the money" she said honestly.

After mimi finished eating lauren unstrapped her from her booster seat and put her on the floor and she ran off to go play with her dolls. Lauren got up and went to go wash the dish mimi used.

Maurice got up and walked to the fridge to get a soda. Lauren suddenly felt nervous as he stood next to her looking through the fridge. She rinsed off the plate and went to put it in the rack but she dropped it, luckily it didn't break.

Lauren reached down to grab it not seeing maurice was reaching to grab it as well. lauren's hand landed on top of Maurice's and they both looked at each other before standing up .

"sorry" lauren said.
"it's cool, it didn't break" he said as she rinsed the plate off again. He walked away with his soda in his hand as lauren watched him from the corner of her eye.

"Jesus help me" said under her breath.