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Strawberry Lies

I missssssed myy babies !!!!!!!!

Where are y'all ?!?



Gaaah !

&& we were likee the first ppl there so we had
even awesomer seats !


Night lovees !

i wanna see twilight too but i'll b damn f i stand on crowded lines n cnt find no seat in this crowded as theaters i'll wait for it to come online

Lmao Ana... hell yeah.

then thats going to be a quick as date

Yayyy you're back lol.

Breaking Dawn dont start till 12 soooooo

Check Nani .

Lol have fun....

And yeahhh what Ana said! lol or it's your ass!

nani be back before 12:30 lol
or your grounded


I'm about to go on one Bree
Uk me sooo well

but im already soar

Right.... It just feels more natural lol.

im in a story oh goodie
wait kick my ass..
with the left or the right foot lol

Lol, I think Nani ass on a date!

ana check ur messages & read my story for i kick ur ass outta future ones =P

and bacon lol



i know right just drop dead disgusting lol




YUCK ! !


She squirted? DISGUSTING.... Keep her bodily fluids to herself!

I dont even notice that sheit, Gross!

nani kirko made lexi squirt all over this post earlier lol

yea im snitchin lol

*sticks tongue out*

@dany see thats the spirit now go get you some of that lockridge lol

Grosseseses right? RIGHT lol.

Kirk . . . Rain Forest . . .

*pauses to think*

oooh . . .. oh . . .ooooooooooooooh


i'm finally finished s***
now im not writing for the rest of this month....maybe

*wipes tears* I know, he loves me for me, not for anything else

yeah yeah w/e

I ain't playing Nani..... lol.