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My pussy began to throb as I watched him lick the lips closed on the blunt. I knew I wasn’t supposed to look at him in that way but damn, everything he did had me ready to jump on him and give him all of me. “You gon continue to watch me or you gon break your s*** down” he said while reaching for his lighter, not taking his eyes off of me the whole time. I think he knew what he was doing to my body and was enjoying every second of it. Running my thumb and my index finger over the bud I began breaking my match down biting my lip the whole time as I watched him create small circles with his smoke. “You better lick that s*** tight too” he said now watching my every move as I placed the open blunt to my lips and began to moisten it, damn. Taking the lighter and sparking my end I inhaled deep and then exhaled with my eyes closed day dreaming while Kendrick Lamar played in the background. “When Kara get here you know she will have a fit that we smoking in here” trey spoke while ashing his ends in an empty vase. “She aint the only one to pay rent around here” I could honestly hear her b****ing right now about how she had asthma and how she hated the fact that we choose to smoke in the house, but I didn’t give a f***. I have been living with Kara for the past year now and hate every minute of it. I wish I never put up those flyers for a f***ing roommate, but at the same time it was hard for me to keep up with bills on my own living in this area of L.A. Right on the strip close to shops and the beach I wasn’t going to give that up so I had to make sacrifices which meant bringing her, only incentive I could think of was her very attractive, sexy god gifts to earth boyfriend, tremaine who moved in with her.

I was dying for him to be in my insides from the slick grins he gave me to the low key tongue flicks over his lips that he did once he knew Kara wasn’t looking I mean everything had me about ready to say f*** the b**** she wasn’t my friend anyway, but at the same time I had morals and rent coming up in two weeks I needed her. “Can I ask you something” trey said smashing the butt of his blunt in the vase and looking at me. “Why are you alone” “what” I was a bit taking back I didn’t know to either take that as in insult or be depressed as f*** that he low key called me lonely. “I mean don’t take it the wrong way but I never see you with a guy I know you are not gay just but the way you look at other dudes and myself…so what’s the deal” I slightly rolled my eyes at the fact he was hitting a touchy subject “I don’t like people” “why not bad break up or something” out of all the times he read that my body wanted him he couldn’t take the second and read that I wasn’t feeling this conversation, ashing my butt I grabbed the vase and threw away the dust and washed it out in the sink. “When people go through bad break ups they are usually like this yes…I gave a guy my time and he wasted it so now I’m over the bulls***” he stood off of the couch and slowly made his way toward the kitchen I really didn’t pick nothing out of the way he was looking at me until I could feel him behind me as both of his arms rested on each side of me, pressing his front into my back taking in my scent as I did the same to him slightly tilting my head back feeling the hard he was developing. “You mean to tell me that because some random mark f***ed with you, you aint giving the pussy up to anyone” his left arm slid down my stomach to my hips to my inner thigh. I swear it I wasn’t wearing sweats I probably would have come right then and there but instead I bit onto my bottom lip and closed my eyes tight. “mmm that s*** always turns me on when you bite your lip…but I rather hear your words” trey grabbed my chin and pulled lightly freeing my lower lips and ran his thumb across it. “Guys I’m home” Kara shouted from the living room. Trey quickly stepped back from me and smiled before rushing over to Kara helping her with her bags and placing a kiss to her lips.

“Have yall been smoking in here” she said pushing trey back and looking at me but I was so much in a daze from the weed and the stunt trey just pulled that all I could do was smile walk past her and trey and make my way up the stairs. I began laughing which made trey high ass laugh, and whether or not we were laughing at the same thing I knew that little moment pissed Kara all the way off. “So you want to get high with Rima again tremaine really” “shh baby you’re really blowing my s*** right now” trey said I couldn’t see what they were doing but I could sure hear them and I knew he was working that sexy ass smirk mmm and them deep brown eyes probably glistened while he spoke.

Listening to the fact Kara had nothing else to say told the whole story he had her, and me to. Slightly opening my door so I could hear even more I listened as they both made their way to Kara room. “I’ll be right back” trey said while shutting her door and walking past mine but not before stopping to look at me massage my clit through my sweats. Licking his lips and placing his eyes on my lower half. “I hope you pretending that’s me rubbing that pussy” he said with a deep sensual tone that sent shivers up my spine causing my head to shoot back. “If it’s me baby move faster…get that s*** rima keep going until you cum baby” moving at a stronger pace I placed a smirk on my face while fighting a moan. Trey smiled bright then walked off back to the room with Kara giving her the d*** I knew in my mind was mine.