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::T W I S T E D | Lies

How could one small white lie,

mess up so many lives.

Turn success into failure.

cause Damage,

cause drama,

cause DEATH.

Alot of s*** goes down....

over Twisted Lies...


:) I will add in a min

:) I will add in a min

Omg, I love this.

Run it.

Is Flo really selling herself
for some damn money?
That is such a damn shame.
Lust, huh? That nigga sure
does live up to his name.
All on Flo's clit just for her name.

Now Star, she is a crackhead for real.
Everyone can tell just by the way she
act, there is no doubt about it.
I have a feeling she just got her and
Flo in a situation. This man is the one
looking for her right? Doesnt she owe
him money?

Run it


Chapt2: "Money is the Motive"

<em>The money is the motive
f*** wit the money, it get ugly as coyote
Ok I’m reloaded
Better pull it if you tote it
I buy a pound, break it down and put it in a stogie</em>


<em>“Damn girl slow down”</em>Lust looked down at her as her head moved back and forth; pleased at her work a smile grew across his face. 'Where did my dude find this chick?' The way she moved turned him on. He wasn't always down for having random females for pleasure but sometimes when doubt, GET head. His Motto. "Slow down girl" he commanded while trying to balance his self and keep his dark grey Levi jeans from slipping to far from his knees. “s***” struggling to reach for his phone that he placed in his back pocket a few minutes ago before the chick showed up. Reaching down as his fingers kept slipping by inches until he finally got it.

<em>“Hello?”</em> He breathed into the phone. <em>“Yea, I got it”</em> sucking his teeth, “Damn I said I got it, I’m busy right now.” He paused and looked down at her. “He said what?” Looking at his phone as if the person could see him “My Nigga is you serious?, ay tell that punk if he want beef he got it” Hanging up, now totally aggravated at the news his brother just gave him. He nostrils flared. Feeling annoyed he grabbed her by her hair and made her go even faster. “Do that s*** girl” reaching into his near top dresser with his free hand, taking out a lighter, still holding his balance as he lit the blunt that was behind his ear and now positioned between his lips. Feeling his blood warm up, and his toes curl, he blew smoke into the air as he felt his penis throb. “ooo s***!” Looking down at her as she went faster. “s***” he kept saying over and over as he let go, he lifted his head back as the feeling was overwhelming. “Yes” releasing into her mouth, waiting until she clean him up he slipped his jeans up and straighten his clothes out.

Looking down at her as she wiped the corners of her mouth, he so badly wanted to f*** her. As she stood up, he couldn't help but notice how pretty she actually was, how her body was form. Just Right. Watching as she turns to the side in the room mirror to straighten her self out as well, he wanted to just grip a tight hold of her ass. Trying to let the thoughts of f***ing this total stranger release his mind. He just couldn't for some reason.

“What’s your name sweetheart?”

Watching as she turned to him, and he seen attitude plastered all over her face as she scrunched up her lips. “Why?”

“Damn, shorty okay” he said with surrendering hands. “I was just trying to make conversation that’s all”

“You make convo with all your hoes?”

“Who said you was a hoe?” Trying to make his self sound sincere, knowing damn well he was lying.

“Whatever, can I get my money”

“Damn your attitude is all f***ed up” reaching into his dresser once again and pulled a big wad of rolled up money. He watched her as her eyes lit up. Typically Hoe.

“Don’t get too excited” He announced to her, making the smile fade. “How much you charge again?”

“20 thousand if you got it?” She stated jokingly but serious.

“It was good, but not that damn good. You ain't no super head”

“Whatever, 200?” she questioned more then asked.

“Why should I give you 200 dollars for some head, you a crack head?”

“Do I look like a motherf***ing crack head? What type of questionsis that, I’m just a b**** tryna get paid.” Her attitude flew past him out the door and around the corner. He liked the way she talked. DAMN. 'I want to f*** this broad'

“Give me my damn money” Snatching away the $250 he had just given her, she turned around and headed towards the door.

“You still ain't give me a name!?” He shouted out behind her trying to keep her around longer to make up his decision if he wanted to have sex with her. They call him Lust for a reason.

“Flo” she said before swinging the door to entrance open and storming out.

<strong>Flo. Flo. Flo.</strong> He kept saying over in his head. "Flo"


Getting agitated as she sat outside on a nearby bench waiting for her sister to exit the building. Her hair was beginning to get frizzy and her stomach was doing turns as she really wanted a fix. “Ay man, you got a cigarette?” asking a nearby stranger. Getting excited as he reached into his pocket and pulled out one and handed it to her. “You got light?” she asked after.

“Damn you need everything!” He stated back with much attitude. She ignored it though because she didn't want to mess up her chances of calming her nerves. Instead of giving her the lighter he lit it for her and headed towards the entrance of the building. Glancing back at her and shaking his head.

“f***ing you shaking your head for?”

“Ayo Lust let me up!” She watched him as he spoke in to the call box. “Lust, don’t make me beat yo ass” Watching him get frustrated she let out a chuckle as she blew smoke and started to gaze down the street.

“Make no damn sense” he said in a calm but stern voice. She watched as he tall frame lean onto the red brick building waiting on the buzz from whoever he was calling up too.

Swatting her eyes as the sun was moving over her, she took another pull while looking at him. “You alright?.” She asked laughing being sarcastic as she blew the inhaled smoke from her mouth.

“Come up Nigga” the guy on the call box shouted, the buzz sounded after.
“f***ing crack head” she heard him mumble as he entered the building. Hearing that caused her to flick her cigarette onto the ground. She fixed her clothes and looked herself over.

“I a crack head? please motherf***er, I’m Star Jackson. I aint no
crack head” she said out loud to herself. “f***ing loser, damn what is taking Flo long to talk to the Insurance man” Scratching her head and standing up, she thought she’ll take a brief walk to the end of the street. Fixing her plain white tee she rubbed her finger through her now frizzy curls that sat on her head. It’s been two weeks since her and her sister left Lint. Co. She really wishes they could go back, Flo won’t tell her why they'd left. She felt a bit sad as she seen some local high school kids exit off a school bus. Thinking back on her good times in high school, she didn't realize that she was walking without thinking. Hearing the tires screech on a car, she looked up and seen a red car nearly 6 inches from her.

“Get out the street crack head” he yelled out at her. She just stood there staring him down and not because she was in shocked, but because she knew him. Her mind started calculating. <strong>'I know him. What is his name again? It was some color. Blue, Red, white, Black….Black….yea that’s it I think my sister know him.'</strong>

“What’s up?” She said tryna get friendly, thinking maybe he’ll give her a few bucks to get a hit since he’s a 'family friend.'

“What’s up move out the damn way”

“What? You don’t remember me? I’m Flo lil sister”

“Flo who?” She send the questionably expression in his face.

“From Lint. Co, we moved down here a few a weeks ago, you know to get away makes some moves”

“Oh yea?” He said with a smile plastered on his face.

“Yep, so since you know my sis, can I borrow a few dollars to get something to eat?”

“Where she at?” He said completely ignoring her question.

“s*** I don’t know, somewhere with her friends shopping. I haven’t seen her all day” She said lying knowing that if she told him where flow really was he would probably tell her that’s she tryna get high. “But when I see her I’ll tell her I seen you”

"Shopping huh?"

"Un huh"

“Nah, don’t even mention it I want to surprise her, here get this to keep your mouth closed” Looking down at the two $20’s he had given her, she muted everything else out.

“Good looking out, see you around” she said with a big smile on her face.

“That you will that! you will lil mama, and what's your name”

"Star, star Jackson" she said as she moved away from the side of his car so he can pull off eyeing the crisp bills as she waled in the opposite direction of where Flo was.

I can tell I'm gonna be sad if this story ever ends, I'm in love already!
Run it

Thank you Dany!

Yeah, you have to read from the bottom up.

And no you cant edit because the site is mean and took that button away.

SO.... the first post is always at the top and you have to scroll from the bottom up to read stories right?

Also can you edit a post already posted?

Good already. I want to see where this goes...

Seventeen and she already hitting hard on them drugs, huh?
Such a shame, especially since her <em>sister</em> is the
one who introduced it to her. What kind of role model is that?
I feel bad for Star, she's just all over the place, that isn't the life
a girl of her age should be living. She's going to die before she
even hits the age of twenty one.

Run it

<strong>Chapt.1:</strong> "Dope Head"

<em>Pills with million side effects
Take em when the pains felt
Wash them down with Diet soda!
Killin off your brain cells</em>
-Lupe Fiasco


Lifting her head up and putting it back down, letting the bitterness take control of her body, enjoying the flavor that was poisoning her mind. <em>“Mmmm”</em> she knew that it would only be seconds before her body goes into pure ecstasy. Eyes dropping low, as she began to giggle. Looking all around her room, yes, she said over and over she loved this feeling; no one could take this from her. This is her escape from reality.


<em>“Whaaaaat?”</em> she dragged, thinking it was just her mind playing tricks on her, she began to laugh again. <em>“God, is that you?”</em> She began to laugh historically. <em>“God forgave me for I have…..”</em> her voice trailed off.

<em>“Star!!”</em> a voice yelled louder.

<em>“Wait, wait wait”</em> shaking her head from side to side. <em>“Let me finish”</em>

<em>“Star get the f*** up!”</em>

“Ooooooo, I’m telling mama!” she fell onto the floor and rolled back and forth in laughter. Oh this feeling. This sinful feeling.


She watched her as she lay out across the floor, making a fool of herself. As Always.Knowing that no matter what she said right now she wasn't going to comprehend anything. Putting both hands onto her face as she stopped the tears from falling. She hated seeing her little sister like this. She hated herself for introducing it to her. Exhaling as she bent down to pick up Star's fragile body. “Star you gotta stop this s***”
Throwing her barely over her left shoulder, she used the right hand to gather up the plate and dollar bills that were on the bedroom night stand, dumping the white substance into the bathroom sink. Knowing if she threw it into the trash star would just go in and empty it back out.

“Shhhh I see dead people” Trying not to laugh at her sister’s goofiness, her pure face and small frame sloppily laid on top of the toilet as she sat up with her eyes half closed. She looked like a straight dope head, which made Flo giggle just a bit.

“You’re going to be dead if you don’t stop doing this s*** ”

“Flo, shut up. You’re blowing my high. You do it too!” Finally realizing her sister was kneeling down in front of her.

Flo turned on the cold water and let the shower run ready to put her sister in as she laid there not moving. Scooping her body up she placed her onto the showers floor, getting wet in the process.

“You’re 17 Star, I’m 21. I suppose to be a role model for you, but I can’t even do that s*** for five minutes” Watching as her lil sister recovered from her trance she grabbed a nearby towel and just stared, wanting to tell her the news about her moving out of town but right now wasn't the right time, she seen how badly her sister needed her, and she was willing to sacrifice her life to do just that. Realizing that her left back pocket was vibrating on her ass, she sat up a bit to retrieve her phone, without looking at the number she pressed the talk key.

“What?” Grouching with much attitude, most people known her to carry one so this was common.

“b****, where the f*** you at?, and who the f*** you what’n?” Looking back down at her phone she realized the number she had answer for.

“I’m so sorry Black; I didn't know it was you”

“Damn right you didn’t, when are you bringing my money?”

Looking back at her sister who was now getting up and taking off her wet clothes like she was use to it, it was her daily routine. Reviewing as her ribs nearly poked out of her skin.

“Can I call you back?”

“Flo, you really want to me to hurt you. I really don’t want to cause you my friend. If I don’t have my money by 5:00 p.m. today you better say your goodbyes” Getting up to go into the other room, so her sister wouldn't hear the conversation. Making sure she closed the bedroom door behind her.

“Don’t motherf***ing threaten me, I said I’ll have it when I have it”

“Make that 3 o’clock!”



Hearing the beeping noise on the phone notifying her that he hung up she sighed in her hands as she thought of all the possible ways she could get his money. Being that Star stole half to get her fixes and the other half she spent. She only had $1,000 left. She needed $20,000 by three.BULLs***. She was an unemployed black women in the hood.She knew Black was about his money no matter who you are. Thinking back on her plan of getting the hell out of Lint Co. for the sake of her life and her sister, but she knew that the amount of money they had wouldn't take them far.Looking up at the clock as it read 1:21p.m. f***.She stomped her feet in frustration. Finally releasing her phone from her hands and placing it on a nearby dresser.

"We got to go" she said out loud as she gathered her body and went to check on Star. Opening the bathroom door she could see Star rumbling through the trash can looking for the drugs she threw down the drain. Ignoring her sister cry out for a fix.

“Sis you want to take a trip?”

Aw. Thank you !! :)

Aw. Thank you !! :)


Heyyy..Nice to meet you Dany! I'm Nizzy. New to this site so I'm trying to see how this thing works. && Thank you! :)

oh s*** she shoot somebody head clean off
i think but then again i could be completely
wrong.. i wonder what happened
and i agree very nice writing


This is deep af!
I like you're writing, it has so much imagery.
I could see the whole scene happening in my head
as I read the paragraphs.
How bad of a crime did she commit?
Why did she do it?
I need answers!

Run it, my name is Dany by the way.


The hard pavement pounded against her feet as she took off running out into the outside world. No shoes, for thou she was in a hurry. Cold wind sweeping across her face as she looked around for the red 2010 Cadaliac Truck that was suppose to be awaiting for her.Thinking over and over in her head. Did he say blue? or was it Red s***.Glancing around and realizing that only one car was in the parking lot, with three boots on it. Quickly coming to her senses she took off running, No where to be seen. She took off down the street, knowing that what she predicted was true. Crossing red lights, green lights, She had in her mind to never stop…. to keep going. Not knowing where to. She has no destination. No direction. She just kept running. Turning down streets and alley’s she was for sure to give out of breath soon. Horns blew, words were thrown all at the stupid female running through traffic. Tears quickly flew down her cheek as for all the things that were going through her head.

How could I be so stupid. How could I be so dumb.


The hearing of her name tempted her to stop and turn around, but she knew it was just her voice inside her head. So she thought.This was her hometown, where she grew up. Where she use to have a home at. Now it has less menaing, less value, and the worst memories. Stopping at the railroad that connects to Lincoln Park, the other side of the tracks is a whole different city with alot of different people.. Taking another glance back at her town she quickly cross over knowing that she can never go back again.

“Star I got you, I promise ma”

Flashbacks play over and over in her head as she sit balled up on the side of an abandoned warehouse. Thinking of how badly she wish that tables had turn and it was him. Fistful of tears. She now feel the soft, wet rain drops as they start to drop one by one. Looking up to sky as for it had an answer in the clouds.


Why did I pull the trigger?

“I did what I had to do” She said over and over in her head.

“mam are you alright, do you need some help?”

She looked down at her blood covered hands and shirt. Trying not to let her mind take over, she tried to quickly gain her thoughts and erase all the sin she had done. She looked up at the sky as the rain starting to fall, then back up to the tall dark figure that stood above her. Staring off into the distance of the dark streets.

“He lied”