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"YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM ME" <a href="">him</a>. I was running in the middle of the night away from him. "CHRIS STOP! THIS ISN'T FUNNY ANYMORE!" I yelled. I just wanted to take a walk, but he had to ruin it. "KAYLA! JUST COME BACK!" he yelled. "I PROMISE I WASN'T SERIOUS! I WAS JUST PLAYING!". I felt my legs giving out and I slipped and felled on the ground, I couldn't hide from him anymore. Chris finally caught up to me and sat down in front of me. I tried screaming, but he covered my mouth. "Look shut the f*** up" he demanded. I bit his mouth, but he jumped ontop of me. "Why are you acting like this?" he asked. I didn't want to look at him, "You are f***ing crazy Chris" I replied. Chris started to laugh at me, "Why cause I'm in love with you?", I shrugged my shoulders and rolled my eyes, but he grabbed my cheek. "I'm trying to protect you, I..." "YOU'RE STALKING ME" I yelled. Chris wanted to tell me to shut the f*** up, I look deep into his eyes, "No <a href="">Laith</a> told me that he over heard <a href="">Rose</a> talking about finally getting a taste of you. "CHRIS WE AREN'T TOGETHER!" I screamed. Chris started to become frustrated, "Rose isn't that type of guy, I was going to his house to help him on his chemistry homework". Chris didn't want to talk no more, "Look if you think Rose isn't going to do anything to you, then just go" he said. Chris got up and left, he walked away and I saw him pulled off, and that was the last time I ever saw him.

Kayla's Pov
I was struggling to finish the last of making this dinner for Rose. I wanted to give him a home cook meal, since he has been away traveling for his job. We have been inseparable since that night, from senior year to graduating college, me and Rose we together. Yes, we had our struggles but we got over them. However lately something been off with Rose and I couldn't put my finger on it. I heard him come in and I jumped into his arms, "I missed you" I said. He kissed me on the lips and got a little excited, "Me and someone else did" he replied. I smirked as I fixed him a plate of Shrimp Alfredo with Garlic Bread and vegetables, his favorite. I pour him a cup of Scotch and let him relax. "Thanks bae" he said. Rose got up and went into the bedroom to refreshen up and become relax, I laid on the couch as he finished his meal. He got up and went to the kitchen to put it away. "How was MiamI?" I asked. He shrugged his shoulders, "It's straight, I don't hot weather all the time" he said. "Two months away from you in the heat was unbearable". He got on top of me and started to kiss my neck, but I wanted to surprise him. I told him to stay right there as I got up walking to the bedroom, locking the door so he wouldn't come in. I hopped into the shower getting prepared for what was about to happen next, I changed into this black lace set for him, but I heard his phone buzzing. I grabbed the phone, so I can give it to him, but I was in shock in what I had saw.

Chris' Pov
"There wasn't a day were I couldn't stop thinking about her" I told Laith. I was moving back to New York to open up another store. I left New York to pursue a career in art and etc, yes I know New York was the kingpin of that industry, but I needed to leave to get her off my mind. I own a store that offers sneakers and men's clothing. I was making money right out of my ass, with websites such as twitter and tumblr, I knew would become wealthy. "She's still with Rose" Laith said. I shrugged my shoulders, I don't care about that guy. "He cheating on her" I said. Laith was confused, "No he isn't". "He's engaged to another girl in MiamI". Laith was dumbfounded, "WHAT?" I shook my head.
"Well hello Mr. Brown" the hostess said. I adjusted my Cartier cufflinks as I was celebrating the grand opening of my Miami location store. "Mr Neverson is waiting for you" she said as she escorted me to the back. I saw my cousin <a href="">Trey</a> sitting in the lounge sipping on a Corona. "Sup, Congratulations" he said. "Preciate It' I replied. Suddenly these two <a href="">girls</a> sat next to us. The one in the black name sat next to me, Her name was Erica and she was a little to interested into me. I mean she was attractive, but she came off as too easy. Trey gift to me was some ass. As we ordered some drink and appetizers, Trey became tensed. "What's wrong?" I asked. He kept staring at someone behind me. I turned around to see Rose. "Kayla's here?" he asked. I continued to look back hoping to see here, but some other girl came to his table. They started kissing and etc. I went back to my meal and Erica entertaining her, while Trey was becoming annoyed by Gia. "He pulled out a ring" Gia said. I turned around to see Rose proposing to that girl, "Isn't he with Kayla" Trey asked. I shook my head, and I knew what the hell had happen".
"Tell her" Laith said. "She won't believe me" I replied.

Kayla's Pov
"GET OUT!" I yelled, throwing various items at Rose. I was pissed, he proposed to a girl in Miami. " I CAN EXPLAIN" he yelled. I didn't want to hear it, I was over it. "GET THE f*** OUT!" I smack him in the face so hard that I left a handprint. I knew Rose anger was about to explode. He pushed me into the wall, while grabbing my face and began to yell at me. "I DON'T GIVE A f*** ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK! YOU CAN'T BE MAD! I LOVE SOMEONE ELSE YOU STUPID DUMB BROAD! Rose picked me up and threw me on the bed. My robe began to slip of "Mhhmm, is that my little surprise?" he asked. I started shaking, I tried running away from him, but he grabbed me by the hair and held me down. He started shaking me and I was screaming, begging him to get off of me, but he did. "My finance is moving into my house anyway".


Chris' Pov
I knew it was something wrong with Kayla, she was becoming extremely quiet and started crying. "Why didn't he love me?" she asked. I shrugged my shoulders because deep down in my heart I was extremely happy. "I don't know Kayla" I respond. "NO YOU DON'T KNOW! YOU DON'T KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO BE IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE WHILE THEY LEAVE YOU FOR SOMEONE ELSE!". I stop the car because I knew exactly what she meant. I gave her this look, I wanted to scream and everything at her, but I knew it wasn't the right time. "I know exactly how it feels" I replied. Kayla turned to me and started smacking me upside his head, "STOP IT!"...."I HATE YOU CHRIS!". I let her cool down, but I turned to her and she started to cry some more. "YOU LET HIM HURT ME FOR SOME f***ING PUSSY" she screamed.

Kayla's Pov
I couldn't hold it anymore. Chris did some trifilin s*** that day, I just never told him. I held everything in for many years, but he couldn't say anything. "I'm sorry" he said. I was starting to sober up, so I tried to get out of his car. Chris grabbed my arm and wanted to kiss me. I slapped him in the face and got out of the car. As I made it a few blocks, Chris continue to follow me, "Come on, please listen to me". My bun was becoming loose, so I decided to let my hair down. Chris pulled up besides and continue to beg me to get in his car. "NO!" I screamed. Chris stop the car and got out. "MOVE" I said. CHris wasn't bulging, he stood his ground. "I SAID MOVE" while trying to push him. Chris grabbed me by the wrist and kissed me. "I love you" he said. I was in shocked. "I can't Chris, I wanted you to be there for me, but you didn't for some pussy". Chris hung his head low because he knew I was right "Kayla just listen to me, I didn't know what to do" while getting on his knees. I look up to the sky and it continue to rain. "Please....Let me love you" he said. I wanted to say something so hurtful, but Chris was harmless. "Let me go" I said. Chris continue to hold me tighter, "NO! I MADE A PROMISE TO MYSELF THAT I WOULD NEVER LETTHAT HAPPEN AGAIN!" he yelled. I was confused, "ANTHONY! I PROMISE THAT I WOULD NEVER LET HIM HARM YOU AGAIN!" he screamed. I couldn't accept it, I covered my mouth as I scream my lungs out. I took my heels off and jetted far away from Chris.

I got into the shower and cried my f***ing eyes out. I was in there until my fingers started to prune up. As I wrapped the towel around my body, I heard keys jingling coming inside. My heart started racing as I grabbed a butcher knife and my cell phone. I dial 9-1-1 but didn't hit the button. I waited until the predator was inside, I hid under the cabinet, I covered my mouth so they couldn't hear me. I heard the voices of two males looking for me. "Where tf is she?" one of them ask. I started crying again some more, until they started opening the closet door, suddenly I felt a figure grabbed me out from under the sink. "STOP!" I screamed, but I heard a familiar laugh. It was Anthony, he look the same execpt he had this huge scar on his neck. "Go home Jason, I got it from here" he said. I continue to hold the towel around my body while shaking. "What do you want?" I asked. Anthony started laughing because he could smell my fear. "I wanted to give my apologizes on your relationship". He continue to step towards me as I step back, "You see, I miss you" he said. Anthony rubbed my face and wrapped his fingers around my hair. He got ahold of it and grabbed it extremely hard, "STOP YOURE HURTINGME!" I begged. Anthony slammed his fist against the wall, "I DONT GIVE A f***! WHERE IS MY CHILD?" he yelled. I was in disbelief, he actually received my voice mail. "I HAD A MISCARRIAGE!" I screamed. Anthony look down sadden, "I know, Tyga told me" he said. "You lied to me, you said we'll be together forever Anthony, YOU SAID YOU'LL NEVER HURT ME!" I screamed. "I LOST A CHILD BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU DID! I...." Anthony decided to cut me off "YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH ROSE! YOU f***ING CAUSED THE s*** I DID! YOU BROKE MY HEART! YOU LOST MY CHILD! YOU DECIDED TO STAY WITH ME! YOU THOUGHT U WAS GROWN!" he yelled. Anthony had began to snap, he slammed me against the wall multiple times and continue to yell in my face. I was becoming scared, then I started feeling faint and blacked out.

That girl was wrong for not letting her in, Chris is even worse. So that's why he was being a creep he made a promise. Too bad she didn't know he did.
Run it

Chris you know you wrong for not letting her in, even if your gf was there. Se should have enough respect to let her in. Then the nigga gon have the nerve to go to her house. I woulda woke up & kicked his ass out. Tsk tsk tsk run it sis :) <3

<a href="">Anthony</a> continue to bang on the bathroom door. "GET YOUR ASS OUT!" he yelled. I locked the door and sat in the tub while in the fetal position. Anthony was high and whenever that would happen, he would become a different person. "I TOLD YOU TO GET OUT!" he yelled. I started crying and begging for my life. Anthony kicked the door open and grabbed me. "ANTHONY STOP!" I pleaded. Anthony started laughing as I started soaking his shirt with my tears. "Stop crying" he said. Anthony pushed me into the mirror and continue to take my clothes off. I grabbed the soap dispenser and slammed it into his head, I rushed out of his house without grabbing my pants, all I needed was my phone. I knew Chris was nearby, so I ran towards his house. I finally reach his doorstep, I started banging on his door. "CHRIS!!!" I repeated. "CHRIS OPEN THE f***ING DOOR" I begged. I slid to my knees as I knew Anthony was nearby. I saw Chris peeped through the window, but he didn't answer it". "WHAT NOW" he said. "PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!" I screamed, I felt my heartracing as I saw Anthony's car creep up. "CHRIS HE f***ING COMING!" I screamed. Suddenly this girl got in front of Chris and refused to let me in. "NO IDGAF WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN! I SWEAR IF YOU OPEN THIS DOOR, THEN WE'RE DONE" she said. Chris couldn't say anything and I was in disbelief. I slid towards the ground and saw Anthony standing outside. He was laughing because he saw everything. I knew I had nowhere to go, so I just got into his car and mentally prepared myself for what going to happen next.

Chris' Pov
I went into the school looking for Kayla. I saw Laith and Alexis and went up to them. "Hey Chris" Alexis said as she gave me a hug. "You seen Kayla?" I asked. Laith shook his head no, but Alexis said she wasn't feeling well. "Why what's up" she asked, "she wanted to ask me something, but I didn't know she was sick, I'll just visit her after school". As a few hours went by, I continue to drive to Kayla's house. I didn't see Anthony's car, so I decided to open the door. I walk inside to sleep Kayla asleep. Her face was a little bruised and scratch up, but she had handprints around her neck and her right leg was bruised pretty badly. I couldn't see her like this anymore and made a promise to myself that I'll never have her out my sight and will always protect her.

Keep it coming &hearts;
I feel what Chris is feeling right now.

*right mind*

s***, the big crush I had for Derek is gone! Who the f*** in their right man can marry a girl that they only knew for a month and not even try to propose to the girl they had for four years, f***ing dogs I tell you. That s*** just blew my high. I hope her and Chris get back together and Rose's ass is gonna be salty as f***.
Run it

Kayla's Pov
I has been two days since I seen Rose. He has been blowing my phone up asking me if I was okay and all that other bulls***. He left me for some girl he met in Miami for over a month. I been with him for four f***ing years and all I got was a pair of earrings. I was throwing every memory I had of him away. I ripped his clothes, pictures, and letters from him. I couldn't take it nomore, I was over him. I decided to get <a href="">dressed</a> to take everything off of my mind. I called a taxi because I knew I was going to be wasted. I met my girl Alex and we caught up with everything. As we sat at the booth I continue telling her what happen. "So, you're telling me that Rose happen to fall in love with another girl, while in Miami and they got engaged?" she asked. I shook my head yes as I took a sip of my cosmo. Alex rolled her eyes because she knew Rose was no good. "His cheating ass" she said. Alex was happily committed in a relationship with Trey, so she wasn't having any issues with him. Maybe a few arguments here or there, but not what I had just went through. "You know Laith asked about you?" Alex said. I shrugged my shoulders because I knew Laith was asking for Chris. The last time I saw Chris was four years ago, but I knew he was becoming an entrepreneur. I didn't hate him, I was overjoyed for him, it was just he did too much when we dated.
"Where have you been?" Chris asked. I didn't know what he was talking about, but I knew Chris had been drinking. "I was at a meeting Chris" I replied. Chris breath smelled like straight up vodka, his speech was sluggish and his movements were all over the place. "Then why was Rose looking for you?" he asked. I didn't know what he was talking about, so I just tried leaving his place. "NO DON'T LEAVE ME!" he yelled as he grabbed me and pushed me into the couch. "You're drunk" I said. "I Love you" he replied, I didn't want to believe him because I knew apart of me thought it was the alcohol talking. Chris got on top of me and tried kissing me, but I didn't want to have sex with him while he was drunk. I didn't want to have sex with him period. It was the right time and I wasn't ready to let him get that intimate. Sure, we made out, but I was serious about who I would let inside of me. "I want to put it inside of you" Chris said. I tried pushing Chris off, but he wouldn't move. "I know you got that good pussy" he whispered. I tried wiggling away from Chris, but he didn't move a muscle. He held my hands over my head and started to kiss my neck. "Chris stop" I said. Chris continued to kiss me, "COME ON KAYLA!" he yelled. I wanted to leave so badly now, "I'm not going to hurt you" he replied. I kneed Chris in his manhood and tried running, but he grabbed my by my leg as he felled to the ground. I felled, but got up quickly suddenly Chris turned me around and smack me in the face. I felled to the ground and held my cheek, tears were about to fall from my eyes. "Kayla.....I didn't mea...."
Alex continued talking about how she going to tell Trey to beat his ass and s***, but I knew I couldn't take it no more. "Rose hit me" I said. Alex dropped her fork and got up. "Where are you going?" I asked. "To the bathroom".

Alex's Pov
I knew I had to tell Trey. I called him and after the second ring he picked up, "Come to the Blu Lounge Now" I said. "Why? Is something wrong" he asked. "I'll tell you there, hurry up and come now". "But bae my cousin is here he just moved and we're trying to get him settle in" he said. "DAMMNIT TREY IDGAF COME TO THE f***ING BLU LOUNGE NOW!!!" I hung up on him and returned to Kayla who was now crying her eyes out as she order another c**ktail. By this time she was becoming drunk and started becoming loose. "Why her? What is she f***ing gorgeous? Did she suck his d*** how he likes it, Can she f"uking cook....Oh look its Trey" she said. I turned around to see Trey and Chris walking towards us. "You guys are a little underdress" Kayla slurred. Chris sat next to Kayla, looking into her eyes "What Chris?" she said. She tried taking a shot, but Chris snatched it away. "No, you had enough" Kayla started cussing at Chris, but Chris kept ignoring her. "Why are we here?" Trey asked. "Okay, ummm Kayla tell them". "Tell them what?" she said. I hated seeing her drunk, she did this with Anthony every time he would lay his hands on her, that's why her and Chris broke up. "Oh Rose laid his hands on me and got engaged to another girl". Chris got up and left.

Chris' Pov
I had to leave, because I wanted to find Rose, but Trey stopped me. "Where you going?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulders, "She doesn't want me around" I said. He knew I was referring to Kayla, because I did show my anger towards some times, but that day I didn't mean to. Suddenly I see Alex helping Kayla out of the restaurant because she was drunk by now. "I want to see Rose, Alex" she said. "I want to ask him why? Why didn't he ask me to marry him? What, will I make an ugly bride?" I asked. I laughed because I dreamed about marrying Kayla before, but Rose interrupted it. Kayla sat down on the curb, crying her eyes out. "GET UP!" Alex yelled. Kayla sat there in her emotions crying. Alex got in her car as Trey got in with her, "Chris can you handle this, because Alex is pissed" Trey said. I shook my head yes. I seen them drive off and look at Kayla. "Are they leaving?" she said. I shook my yes, I held my hand out, but she wouldn't get up. "No Chris" she said. I couldn't take it nomore, I picked her up and took her to my car.

Lol thxxies ^-^


Oh that dirty dog ass nigga!!! But it's her fault, kinda. She should've listened to Chris. He's the one that loves her & all that. I just knew he was bad news. Even his name gives off a bad vibe, cause roses has pricks & if you prick your hand it hurts. Meaning she fell for the wrong one & got pricked(hurt) Lol anyways
Run it girl :)