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Bad Boys & Bad Boys Do Bad Things

Chapter 1

The Journey Begins
<ahref="">I</a> watched as the customer came in and out of Olive Garden. The restuarant was filled with families and friends, the usual. I guess they thought our job was easy and we ain't sitting here working like slaves, smh.
Ummm excuse me miss but I didn't order this. I sighed at this womans attitude. I kept hearing the same s*** every damn day. I sighed and took the plate to the back and gave them the correct order. I walked back over to her table and slammed it down.
Enjoy ma'am. This certaintly isn't a dream job. I actually wanted to be a fashion designer, hopefully one day that will come true. working here I know exactly where I put myself...into a dead beat job. But unusually today was different, very different. I just felt my womans intuition kicking in. Like something was about to happen that would change my life forever. My boss walked up to me. I hated this b****.
Hi Mrs. Clitoris, is there something I can do for you? I said plastering a fake smile on my face. I was trying so hard not to laugh, many teased her about her last name. She said that's one of the reasons she got teased in school.
Yes, why is that your just sitting here on your ass and not waiting the tables!
I didn't notice any new cus- Before I could even finish her stank ass breath was in my face.
LOOK I DON'T PAY YOU TO SIT AOUND! GO WAIT THE TABLES! I covered my nose the entire time she talked. Her breath makes my soul want to commit suicide! How the hell you brush your teeth with crest but your breath smell more like crust? I searched around the place to see if there were any new customers. I spotted this group of men sitting at the table looking like straight up jailbirds. I was shaking a little because I knew their faces. They were wanted in Las Vegas for robbing the biggest casino they had there. The reporters said they stole more than 2 billion dollars! Just imagine what kind of drug business their running with that money. but one caught my eye. He was a brown skin man, pink juicy lips, and a seductive smile. I think they called him ummmm....Chris I think it is. I shook out of my thoughts and walked over nervously and cautiously.
H H H Hi my name is ummmm....what would you like to ummmm....drink....sir...sirs? I said as I shook taking out my notepad. I didn't want them to see my fear but it was hard as hell. I mean they just looked like they would bite your head off if you said something wrong. Dios Mio I'm starting to sweat! What should I do? Should I call the police? Should I run and hide? He finally looked up at me with the most beautiful brown eyes.
Well for one I'd like to know how you fit all that ass in them jeans. His collegs laughed as if what he said was funny. I rolled my eys and slammed my notepad down. Criminal or not he don't know who he f***ing with.
Look here are you gonna order or what? I have tables to tend to!
I don't know if you've looked around but its dead in here. I looked around and sure enough it was as empty as ever. I was a bit embarrassed, I picked my notepad back up and lookes at him.
What can I get ya'll? I said with attitude. I was close to pushing the alarm button on the wall. He smirked and was reaching into his pocket. I ran over to the button and pressed it. But nothing happened. Damn f***ed up alarm system! I felt something c**k behind my head. I slowly turned around to see a gun pointed to my head.
That's very rude of you. Haven't you ever heard of the gold rule. No matter how rediculous the requst, the customer deserves the best. I deserve some sort of respect girl. I closed my eyes as tears began to fall. Then I felt this warm liquid running down my leg. Oh my God, please tell me I'm not peeing on myself.
I bet your wondering why nothing happened. Well lets just say its amazing how I learned the wires of them, I control them, its fascinating really. I became extremely scared. I thought this was the end of my life and I'm only 17. I wasn't prepared for these type of situations. I mean come on who would plan to rob a restaurant? I mean seriously I understand a casino, bank maybe even a amusement park but not here.
W w w w what do you want??? I asked willing to give him my damn birth certificate if he needed it. He licked his lips while looking me up and down.
I'm not so sure anymore...get on the floor! He demanded rudely. I slowly got on my knees with my hands in the air. All of a sudden people started coming in as if I wasn't in danger. Then there was a shot fired into the air POW!
GET ON THE FLOOR NOW!!! Everyone started screaming and running around. But they couldn't escape because the doors were locked and had a bomb strapped to it. His men started pulling out all types of damn amo. I mean AK47's, Shotguns, Revolvers, Grenades, Silencers(guns that shoot but make no sound), L55 calibers even damn machetes. They were trynna commit a masacre not robbery. Some poeple weren't listening and I heard gun shots, screams, banging and more screams. I covered my ears because it was loud and chaotic. They took their eyes off of me and I began to crawl over to the door that lead to the back. But my co-worker Stephanie grabbed my leg.
No girl they will kill you!!!!
We need to get out of here girl! This is no jke, their not planning on robbing us. Let's go! Come on!
No I heard these guys are crazy!
How crazy? I heard that voice say. I looked up to see <a href="">him</a> standing over us with a gold silencer.
Come here. He motioned with his finger. I slowly rose not wanting to be killed. I felt my heart pounding in my chest. He grabbed my arm tight and dragged me in the center pinting the gun to my head.
Aye ya'll mothaf***as listen up, this is a robbery. Now it can go one or two ways. One you do what the f*** I say or two bodies WILL hit this floor in 2.5 seconds. There are no second chanes, do what your told the first time! I could hear sirens in the distance. Lord I pray they get here in time before anyone else dies. See I'm scared of two things for sure: dead bodies and the dark. Let's just say my childhood was somewhat dark.
Today's the best day ever, I'm so excited. Wouldn't you agree pumpkin? he said smiling a bright smile. Something was seriously wrong with this guy. I had to do my best not to set him off like a bomb. Who knows what will happen when he does.
SO! What's your name again?
Its...its...its....I looked down but my name tag wasn't there. It must've fell off..
So your name is Mrs. Its, that's unique.....what's your name? He asked again but this time a little bit more calm.
............Danyell....but everyone calls me Dany. I can't believe I said that without crying.
Your very beautiful Dany. He I say thank you to a guy that's no doubt armed?
Aren't you gonna say thank you, I mean that is the proper thing to do. I said weakly. How rude of me, I'm Christopher by the way but everyone calls me Chris for short, but you can call me daddy. This guy was bipolarm, I had to make note of that. I wanted to roll my eyes but he'd probably slap the hell out of me. He did have some pretty big hands.
Now all of the workers, I want you all to start fillings bags. My guys will assist you .If you try anything, your dead. But you are all smart people, you'll make the right choices. His guys split up some went over to the people demanded they fill the bags and the others were in the breakroom. All of a sudden I heard a BOOM sound go off. I nkow it was a bomb. He handcuffed me and we went in the back. We walked in to see half of the wall gone. But what shocked me the most was the fact that behind these walls was a big silver safe door. What the f*** was Mrs. Clit into? They strapped a bomb to the safe and the door exploded. Inside was a lil room filled with nothing but diamonds and rubies. And I mean the rare diamonds too. Diamonds you wouldn't find nowhere in the U.S. They grabbed bags and bags of diamonds and walked back out. We walked back into the main room and I was sitted in a chair.
WE HAVE YOU SURROUND COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!An officer said. I looked at Chris to see him smilng, what the f***.
They might have me surround but when one door closes another opens. He snatched me up.
Now heres the fun part guys, we have a lil shawty we taken back with us. They all laughed and licked their lips. Lord please let this be a dream, they weren't seriously about to take me with them. I had to think of something quick!
They forgot the managers room! I said hoping this would work.
Lead the way. Chris said pushing me forward to this guy he called Trey. This guy was a bit darker than him and had had tattoos over his arms. I could tell he had some on his chest cause his shirt was buttoned half way down.
Where is it? His voice was way calmer than Chris's and I must admit he was sexy. I led him to a random door in the back It was empty but I'm guessing this guy wasn't hired fo r his brains cause he went in first. I slowly shut the door and locked it. I ran into the breakroom and saw the emergency door. I ran for it but was quickly knocked off my feet. Pain shot through my back. I groaned in pain. I looked up to see Trey standing there.
That was cute but it didn't work seetheart. He said smirking.
I'm sorry p p p p please don't hurt me.
Gees Dany that sounds pretty tempting. He grabbed a piece of my hair and twirled it around his finger.
Hearing you scream. This what is he was gonna rape me.

Turn Up The Music Or Turn It Down lol jk
But Run It Or Dump It??


I been away for awhile I done forgot about this lol I'll try & continue. I'm just gonna have to retread the whole thing.

Wat happn to dis story

yes! please two :D

Tram- the answer to your question HELL NO!!! Lol
But what happened was sad but I still think Ana's heels need to make a trip up Trigga that Niggah a**!

Chapters gonna be up today :D Maybe even 2!

aww that was so sad like i was getting pissed at dany
dad and family for just blaming him for the s***
but then again... get the f*** OVER IT lol

sorry but you have some one now and chris will kill you if
you take dany from him i do believe they need to
fill her in on everything just so there is no secrets
but don't make me have to shot up that whole
house because someone plays me lmfao
naw jk i aint tripping :)


run it

omg i feel bad or trey i love him again but he gone have to get over his love for her becuase son she gone fall for chris and plus he has ana i loved that it was so sad

aww dam no wonder trey was so nice to her
was hasnt chris spoke up about "his" girl going out so much with trey??
the girls are b*tches tryna gain up on her tho
please let dany come back trey cant die and she know she bound to love somebody either chris or trey
or if she do get away dont her ass get caught or shad will take her jaw off ...
run it!

Damn, Trey and I were together once upon a time ago. He was so friggin sweet. Then I get shot and lose my memory and not only that but I dont remember anything. Poor Trey he must've been heartbroken knowing that my dad wasnt going to let me see him anymore. I bet he's been waiting for me forever. Dang, does Ana know? Chris really is going to kill him, especially since he's going to want to know why he was with me in the first place. Damn, Trey been going through so much.

Run it

Chapter 7
Part 2

Trey Songz POV
I watched as Dany went to the bathroom. God she looked so beautiful, she hasn't changed a bit since the last time I seen her, let alone held her. I bet your wondering what the hell I'm talking about, well let me refresh your memory.

It was on Christmas Day and I was visiting my beautiful girlfriend Dany. I had just got into a fuss with the neighborhood drug dealer. See my dad owed him a few g's and he was expecting to get it from me. Hell no, I ain't poor but I sure as hell ain't no damn Michael Jackson. I can't just pull money out my ass. He said he was gonna get his money one way or another, I wasn't stunting it. Anyway,I was 17 and she was 14. I didn't care that she was younger than me, I was in love with her. I knocked on her door and her father opened the door smiling.

Merry Christmas son, come on in. He moved out of the way and I came in and walked into the kitchen to see Mrs. Garcia and Dany cooking. I started smiling and went up behind her covering her eyes.
Guess who? I said giving my worst girl impression. She turned around and gave me the look.

You know I knew that was you. She said kissing my lips. I smiled feeling the touch of her soft pink lips. We pulled away slowly and I hugged Mrs. Garcia.

Is there anything I can help with? Everything looks pretty good. I said rubbing my hands together looking at all the good food set up on the table already.

No Trey you just help us put the rest of the food on the table. After everything was in place, we sat down and said grace and began to eat. It was a little quiet which wasn't that awkward because I talked to her parents and they agreed. They were a little hesitant at first but they trusted me enough to agree. After dinner me and Dany walked out on the patio sat down looking at the stars. I held her in my arms.

The night is so beautiful, just like you. I could feel her smiling against my face. She turned to me and pecked my lips.

That was corny but I'll take it. She said giggling cuddling up to me closer.

I wanna spend the rest of my life with you Dany, I love you so much. We've been together for two years and I'm in love with you. Your like my other half. When I was down and out you was there to encourage me. You complete me that's why. I pulled out the small box from my pocket and got on one knee infront of her. She gasped as tears already formed in her eyes.

I know your still young, and you can say no if you want. Even though its gonna crush my heart. Danyell Adelmira Garcia will you marry me? She looked at her parents and they nodded silently smiling. She turned back to me as my heart began to race.

............Yes Trey yes. She said as I placed <a href="">this</a> on her finger. I stood and embraced my fiance.

I love you Mrs. Neverson.

I love you Trigga. She said standing on her tippy toes.

You may now kiss the bride! Her parents teased looking at the beautiful scene unfold before them. I lifted her chin and gave her the most passionate kiss I ever gave anyone. Everything was going good til I heard gunshots ring out into the night. My eyes shot open and I looked into Dany's eyes to see a blank pool of brown orbits looking back. A trickle of blood ran down the side of her mouth and onto her shirt. I looked down to see she had been shot in her head. She suddenly fell but I caught her before she fell.

SOMEBODY CALL THE AMBULANCE! HURRY THE f*** UP!!! I screamed panicking like hell. Oh God there was so much blood, so much blood. I was becoming sick. I could hear Dany's mom screaming and crying on the phone. While her dad tried to run after the bastard who did this to my fiance.

Come on baby wake up, wake up dammit. There was no movement from her. I could hear the sirens off in the distance. I carefully picked her up and carried her to the front just as EMT was pulling up.


Okay okay sir first we're gonna have to get her to the hospital quick! Now if you could just lay her right h-

NO I'm not letting her go. I refused to let her go.

Let's get to the hospital quick! Me and her parents hopped in the back and were on our way. i prayed all the way there.

God please let her be okay.
I sat in the waiting room pacing the floor.

Trey sweetie come sit down, your gonna drive yourself crazy. Her grandmother said patting his back softly. I sighed and sat down with my head in my sweaty hands.

The family of Danyell Garcia. I jumped up and ran over to the doctor.

Is she okay? What's going on? Can I see her? I said throwing questions at him. He put his hands on my shoulder, he looked sad.

I.....I'm sorry son but.......she's gone. The bullet hit her right in the head. Causing the vessels in her brain to burst an-

NO NO SHE CAN'T BE GONE, NOT DANY NO! I pushed past the doctor and ran all the way to her room. I could hear them in the background, but I wasn't stopping til i saw Dany. I ran inside her room and saw all these machines hooked to her. I saw this gauze wrapped around her head with a huge blood spot on her head. I fell to my knees and crawled over to her bed.

Baby I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen. I swear I didn't just please come back. I promise I'm gonna kill the mothaf***a that did this Rick is dead. I said holding her hands as I cried even harder. It was so quiet in the room, all I could hear was the heart monitor.

God please, just let her live. I promise I will change. I will change for the better. I felt a light squeeze on my hand. I looked up with a slight blurred vision. I wiped my eyes furiously and noticed her staring at me.

BABY!!!!!!!! I jumped up holding her like no tomorrow. I'm so sorry Danyell, I promise from now on I will protect you.

W W W Who are y y y you? She said confused as my smile dropped.

D D D Dany?

W W W Whos Dany? She said looking around at her surroundings.

That's what I was trying to tell you son. She lost her memory, who knows how long its gonna take before she gets it back. The doctor said as I turned to look at him. Her parents were standing right behind him. I sighed backing up a bit. Dany gave me a sad smile.

I'm sorry I I I I I don't remember.

Don't worry princess he wasn't that important. Her father said giving me this angry look. I knew I was in for it.
*End of Flashback*
That was the last time i ever saw her beautiful face. Her father blamed me for everything that has happened and banned her from seeing me. She never seemed to get her memory of us back. I was forever just a faint breeze in her mind. Don't get me wrong I love Ana....I think. But you never forget your first love. I can honestly say I love her more than Ana. When I saw her at the heist I nearly s***ted in my clothes. She looked so beautiful...but I had to remember I was faithfully with Ana. I sighed as I shook the thoughts away and focused on eating again. She's been in the bathroom a long damn time. Maybe I need to go check on her. I got up to go check on her. I looked around before entering the ladies room.

dany, are you okay? Its getting pretty late and its time to head back. No reply.

Dany? I checked every stall but there was no trace of Dany. I checked the trashcan and found....a wig. I sniffed it feeling quite embarrassed but I knew it was hers. Her natural sent of vanilla filled my nostrils. I threw it down and ran all the way to the parking lot. Pushing past people as they yelled and cursed at me for dropping something of there's.

I'm sorry!!! I yelled as I continued on to the parking lot. I ran to the spot where my used to be car was. I spun around double checking every sign of her. She escaped.

Oh no......what have I done. I felt dizzy, as if i was gonna pass out.

This is not good....Chris is gonna kill me.

I know I haven't made it to Chris's POV yet but he's is gonna be next. your opinion about Trey changed? lol Let me know

Run It!!!!!!!!!! :)

damn im bold for that i thought me and her were gona b best friends cuz we can relate but i hope we do me her and ana but i am a good friend to ana for telling her and shad trying to buy me stuff is dumb af we shouldnt jump her and trey and her is too close she thinking he cte and stuff and i cant believe all this is going down i cant believe she got away

Chapters gonna be up today, maybe can 2 I have so many ideas its driving me crazy XD
It only gets crazier after this! But I know Trey loves Ana......I think he does.
He doesn't know Dany.......or does he?
Lol well your gonna find out in the next chapter, it's gonna be Treys POV!!!

ok ok havent commented in a while so i have a lot to say
i do not censor s*** so sorry dany you know i will always love you

with trey though come on dany tyga he seems more like chris you love chirs lol
dude trying play all buddy buddy and s*** let me a few friends
where the f*** is michael ealy at i will show you a great as
friendship with high rides and funnel cakes lol

ok maybe im talking to fast how the f*** does trey know all of this
stuff ... does he already know dany like know him know him

aww that little girl broke my heart i know that is what
truly hit dany to the core
hopefully she doesnt try to run away really like turn around
before chris or any of the other boys hurt you
then you will have to come back to the house and deal with the grils
cause idc if you cooler then mike's hard you dont play
with other peoples man
that is chick rule 52175 duhhh

ok ok come


These girls are reckless.
They just want ro fight me and everything.
How does Trey know me tho?
Its kind of scaring me.
Is he like trying to protect me?
Or does he really want me?
That little girls names was Dani too.
I peeped that.
I got away! Yes!!!

Run it

Chapter 7

Nicole's POV
~Week Later~
It's been a month since that whole little incident with Shad. Quite frankly I was trying to keep my distance from the little prick. But he's been doing everything to get my attention. And I literally do mean everything. From buying me expensive gifts to buying me a puppy. I have to admit that part worked but I still wasn't talking to him. I've also noticed how close Trey and Dany were getting, I'm gonna have to watch them. If anything goes down I wanna tell Ana everything I know. Yeah, me and Ana became the best of friends. Carson, Bre, Asia and Dany became the best of friends. Look I have nothing against the girl, I just feel her and Trey are getting a little to friendly. Maybe if I talk to Chris about this he can put her in her place. I walked downstairs to see Dany and trey making what looked like dessert. I shook my head and rolled my eyes. I coughed so they could notice I was in the room. They continued to ignore me. I walked over to he fridge and slammed it shut. That seemed to get their attention.

Trey where's Ana? I said with a hint of attitude.

I don't know somewhere, anyway Dany wanna go to the fair I heard they got this ride that takes you 377 feet, its called Tower of Terror! You down?

Hell yeah I am when is it?

It's open now, so go ahead and get ready so we can go.

Yay! I'm so excited!! She ran upstairs like a damn kid in a candy store. I looked over at him shaking my damn head.

You guys are pretty close aren't you? I mean you've only known each other for a month and your already taking her out on dates.

Woah woah woah first of all that's none of your goddamn business. Second of all it shouldn't concern you of what we do. Third of all what we do is what we do, and you can't tell me s*** cause I'm a grown ass man. I can't believe he just went off on me like that. I just grabbed my bottle of orange juice and walked out the kitchen and into Ana's room.

Hey there's gonna be a girls meeting in the library hurry. I went across the hall to all the room and told the girls about the meeting. Once all of them were in there I made sure to lock the door.

Why are we in here? Is something wrong? Asia asked sitting on top of the desk.

Oooooooo are we having a slumber party? Let me go get the nail polish and stuff, God I'm so excited!!! Carson yelled, sometimes she could be so clueless.

No, its about Dany and Trey. I mean I understand she's uncomfortable with being around this surrounding. But now its just ridiculous. Their going to the park, cooking together, going out to the club I mean come on. I know I'm not the only one getting suspicious.

Your right I have noticed them getting a little to close. Bre said nodding in agreement. Ana looked angry and sad at the same time.

I give him my all and he wants to be with Dany. What am I gonna do? She said breaking down into tears. It pained me to see her like this.

Group hug. Carson said jumping down off the chair as we all gathered around giving a big group hug.

Look I have an idea. How about we teach Mrs. Dany a lesson not to be taking no ones man.

I be DAMN if she gon take Tyga. Oh hell no we gone definitely fight then.

Look, how about when they get back from the fair. We take her downstairs, maybe pretend we're having a sleepover and then get her ass!

I don't know, that sounds a little risky. I mean the guys are gonna know we did it. Ana said wiping her eyes.

Not if we say we were out somewhere and she got into a fight. Look this is gonna work trust me. Now are you guys in or what? They all looked around at each other before slowly answering.

The girls: We're in.

Good, lets start planning.

Dany's POV
I slowly backed away from the door with tears in my eyes. I couldn't believe these girls were plotting against me. I thought they were my friend. I wiped my tears away quickly. I had to get out of here and quick. I know what Imma do. I noticed how Chris has been a little distant lately maybe he's sorry for what he's done. But he's the last thing on my mind. I ran back into my room and closed the door quietly. I started packing my s*** and quick. I opened the balcony door and walked out. I could see the garden and then the car port. All I had to do now was get my things in the trunk and I was gone. But I couldn't make myself obvious. I was gonna wait til we were at the fair. I cautiously put my things in the trunk of the truck and then went back inside just as trey walked in all smiles.

Hey beautiful are you ready? I wanna make sure we get a good park. He said looking me up and down. I guess he liked my outfit. I felt really uncomfortable with his stares like I was a dessert.

So are we leaving or what? I said trying to clear the air.

Yeah let's go. He said as I hurried and walked downstairs and to the car. Making sure my luggage wasn't noticeable. He came out looking handsome...wait what am I saying. I shook my thoughts and buckled my seat belt. He put the cooler in the backseat and got in starting the car.

LEGGO!!!!!!!!! He screamed as he pulled out and started driving down the road like a bat out of hell. He turned on the radio as Left Eye's part on Scrubs started playing my fav part.
OH HELL YEAH YOU GONE HAVE TO SHUT UP! I started moving in my seat and singing.

See, if you can't spacially expand my horizon
Then that leaves you in the class with scrubs, never rising
I don't find it surprising
and if you don't have the Gs
To please me and bounce me here to the coast of over seas
So, let me give you something to think about
Inundate your mind with intensions to turn you out
Can't forget the focus on the picture in front of me
You as clear as DVD on digital TV screen
Satisfy my apetite with something spectacular
Shake your vernacular
and then I get back to ya
With diamond like precision
Insatiable is what I envision
Can't detect acquisition
from your friend's expedition
Mr. Big Willy, if you really want to know
Ask Chilli, could I be a silly ho?
Not really
T-Boz and all my senoritas
are steppin' on you Filas
but you don't hear me, no.

The chorus came on and I sung that part too. I looked over to see Trey nodding his head. I'm guessing because he liked my voice. See I could dance and sing, it was just a rarity that I did.

Why you ain't tell a brotha you can sing? You can be on the next mixtape no lie.

Thanks but I rather keep my singing low key. I wouldn't want my life to end up like these celebrities you see nowadays. All over the news and no peace. Oh no, I'd rather be a regular ol citizen. I chuckled as we continued to listen to the music. I turned to the CD as this song came on. I looked at the screen it was called Here I Am Ft. Trey. It started off with a slow beat and then a woman started singing. But the weird thing was she sounded just

Ummm Trey who is that? She sounds sorta like me? I said giggling as he suddenly became nervous.

Ummm nobody important lets just listen to the radio okay. He said stuttering a bit. I wonder what the sudden change in attitude was about. I shrugged it off as we continued our journey.

We finally arrived at the fair and boy must I say it was pretty big to be just a fair.

You sure this is just a fair? I said looking around at all the big rides and lights.

Yeah, its the state fair. Come on leggo get the tickets. We got in line and people were smiling at us as if we were a couple. I had to make a mental note of why I even agreed to escape. I sure as hell wasn't going to let those girls get the chance of hurting me. we got our tickets and went inside.

Hey lets get on the Drag Me To Hell ride. I looked at him like he was crazy.

With a name like that, hell no. I said continuing to walk.

How about we get on that ride. I said pointing to a kiddy ride. He gave me the face like girl seriously. I burst out laughing.

Seriously, you'll learn to enjoy it Aldon. He stopped and stared at me.

How did you know my middle name?

You had to have told me.

No, no I never told you what my middle name was. How did you know that?

I don't know................After that we didn't say much til we got on the rides. We got on this one ride called the Tower of Terror and that s*** was exotic. I mean I thought I was literally gonna die we were up so high and then they dropped us so fast I didn't have time to breathe. Once we got off that ride Trey carried me to the food court to eat. Cause I felt if I didn't eat I was gonna get sick. He put me down and we ordered. I got some chicken tenders with fries while he got a philly cheese steak. A little girl ran by giggling. I watched her as a man came chasing behind her.

Danielle come back here now. He finally caught her scooping her up while laughing.

Don't do that okay, people can snatch you up, daddy doesn't want anything to happen to his princess. i sighed missing my own parents.

Hey don't look so down girl, I'm sure DaWayne is missing you too.

Woah wait a minute, how did you know my dads name? I said putting my fry down. He looked away not answering my question.

Tremaine I asked you a question. How do you know my dad? I said sternly, I don't know where this inner person was coming from but it was coming out.

Look to make a long story short, we have a little bit of history together m m me and your dad. But don't worry about all that it doesn't concern you. He said getting back to his food before I could ask anything else. I sighed and remember my plan. I almost jumped up a little to quick.

Hey, I'm about to head to the bathroom.

Okay, but put my keys in your purse my pockets are full. Wow this was to easy. I put his keys in my purse and made sure I was nowhere near him as I went into the bathroom. I quickly changed out of my outfit and took the blonde wig off. See I had dyed my hair a while back but I didn't want them to know so I bought a blonde wig. I did this just in case if I tried to escape like now they couldn't identify me. I decided my new <*a href="">look</a> was good enough. I peeked outside to see he was in the same spot I left him. I exited out the other side of the bathroom and blinded in with the crowd. I felt so happy I was finally getting away from it all. I quickly exited the park and by then the sun was setting. I searched for the car til I found it. I got in and crunk it up. I backed up out the park and was now on the highway.

HA..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YES I'M FREE I'M FREE!!!!!! I kept driving, I figured I'd go back home. But that was to risky. So I just decided on going to Virginia since it wasn't that far away. My mind just happened to wonder off to Chris. Hmmmmm....I wonder what he's doing.

Hope you guys like, I kinda feel like writing another so Imma start on it now :)

Runs it like a marathon!!!!!

Sorry it's taking long but I'm bout to post.....there a twist in the story be prepared XD

Lol I knew I was right! Trey up to something "Unusual" word to Ana he gone "Cheat On You" bets correct yo man! Before he get dany "Alone" and "Dive In" it. Smdh hoes these days!

I agree with Taquilla, he is too damn friendly

Ana and the girls need to go shopping n Ana need to get some timbalands for when they making a trip up trey's chocolate ass!

XD Okay I was distracted let me get back to what I was doing lol
But seriously though he loves Ana........I think :O

I agree with them he tooooo friendly and ALLL I GOTTA SAY IS WHY TF U AINT RAN THIS YET??? COME ON DAMNN

LMFAO Girl you cray XD
He just want to get on good terms.

1st of all- he tried 2 rape her when he 1st met her in a "friendly" way
2nd of all- he walked in on her when she was showering tryna be "friendly"
3rd of all- he being a lil 2 "friendly"
4th of all-he was out with her for HOURS talking and going to the park but he just being "friendly"(if my man was gone for more than 2 hours SOMETHING is going down that needs to be brought up)
5th of all- he took her on a "friendly" date!
6th of all- he told dany bout how er'body else met but not him and Ana! But he "friendly" though so that's okay
7th of all- he told her bout his whole life and he only knew her for a hour and some change
8th of all- he kissed her damn hand! Yet he being......."FRIENDLY"

Trust me, Trey came there for more than just "2 Reasons"!!!!!

1st of all- he tried 2 rape her when he 1st met her in a "friendly" way
2nd of all- he walked in on her when she was showering tryna be "friendly"
3rd of all- he being a lil 2 "friendly"
4th of all-he was out with her for HOURS talking and going to the park but he just being "friendly"(if my man was gone for more than 2 hours SOMETHING is going down that needs to be brought up)
5th of all- he took her on a "friendly" date!
6th of all- he told dany bout how er'body else met but not him and Ana! But he "friendly" though so that's okay
7th of all- he told her bout his whole life and he only knew her for a hour and some change
8th of all- he kissed her damn hand! Yet he being......."FRIENDLY"

Trust me, Trey came there for more than just "2 Reasons"!!!!!

Lmfao what if he's just being nice to you? Like a big brother.

What a d*** hole.
Stupid ass Chris.
As for Trey, that nigga
was a little too nice!
Like, how does Ana feel
about that? Not only that
but what if Chris finds out
about all this extraness?
This nigga might be crushing
on me? Oh hell no! Remember
in the first add when he thought
I was cute and wanted to have me
when I tried to lock him in the safe?
No? Okay. He going to bring trouble tho.

Run it

What's wrong with him taking her to dinner getting to know her better?? XD

Trey being a lil 2 nice Lol I think Ana need to check her man!

I am I am XD