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Our Thanksgiving .

"Drake! Levi! Hurry up before we're late!" I yelled while fixing my hair into a neat bun. It was thanksgiving, and Chris' mom had invited everyone to come, although I wanted to do thanksgiving dinner this year. But thats another thing I'll just have to let go, 'cause I cant say no to her.

Walking down the hallway, I heard groans and yelling. "Ooooh come on Miami! You had the assistance Lebron!" I stood in the doorway of Levi's room, as he stood in front of the TV in his boxers goofing around. Clearing my throat to make my presence known Levi turned around with a nervous smile. "Hey momma." Quickly beginned to put on his clothes. "You should've been dress! I swear if you and your father make us late, Im kicking both your asses." Grinning, I kissed his forehead and threw a pillow before leaving the room. "Hurry up!"

"Baby, have you seen my OvOxO cardigan? I can't find it anywhere." I giggled at the thought of seeing Levi wearing it a couple days ago. "Ask your son." Checking my outfit in the mirror, I grabbed my purse and keys walking downstairs. "When I count to five and your not down these steps your getting left. Starting in Five.. Four.. Three.. Two—" Aubrey and Levi ran down the stairs like bats out of hell. "Thats what I thought."

We piled in the car and we were off. "Oh! I forgot to get the stuff for the devil eggs out the fridge!" I yelled mini punching the steering wheel. "Were almost there, just stop at the store." Drake said. "Thats the reason I actually bought the ingredients yesterday, just so I won't have to stop at a store. Dammit."

It was packed inside of Pick N Save. "Okay, Levi you go get the sandwhich spread and mustard while I get the eggs and soda. And please hurry up!" He nodded and made his way down a random aisle. "C'mon Aubrey." My arm wrapped around his pulling him with me. Making it to the dairy aisle, Drake started to bug me with questions. "Who's all gonna be there?"

"Dany, her kids, Chris, Bree, her kid, Ana, Us, and I think Lexi might." He nodded and asked another. "Is shad gonna be there?" All these questions were driving me crazy. "I dont know. Aubrey why are you asking all this questions. Where's Levi with my stuff?" Grabbing the eggs I went over three aisles to get the sodas. "Baby calm down." his arms reached from behind me around my waist and he nibbled my ear. "Nah uh, not here boy!" I giggled grabbed a case of sodas walking to the cash register. "Here," I handed him our things,"You wait at the register while I go look for this a**hole." Walking down some aisles I reached the party aisle and saw him.. flirting with a girl.

"Levi Graham! If you dont bring your ass on!" Obviously I was embarrasssing him, but it was my mother instincts that did it. "Mom, your embarrassing me! Always knocking my flow man." He said walking over to the register where Drake was. "She wasn't that cute anyway." I said matter-of-factly paying for our things.


I got kind of lazy, so Ima add another one in a minute. Erm, if you would like to join in you can add your part in this too.
Its just something I wanna do for thanksgiving to show how appreciative I am of you guys and your friendships.
All the time I have been on this site, I felt welcomed and happy & I thank god I joined this site and got to know yall.

— Sincerly Kay , Happy Thanksgiving &hearts;


See Mama J loves everyone.
I'm glad she embraces Drake
as if he never had beef with Chris.
Why are these boys so wild?
Talking bout eating pussy?
Especially to my little boy.
This should be interesting though
because we all know our boys don't
tell us about stuff like this. Awe! Look
at Chris beong protective, but it's true
we dont a repeat of what happened between
Jah and Kay.

Run it

Oh okay....

Because, harlem is in new york, its the name of my favorite story & it has the letter 'A' in it. (:

Why is your name "HARLEMS"?

The vary scents of food hit my nose when Mama Joyce opened the door. "Hey Mama J, how are you?" I said giving her a tight hug. "I been doing fine honey. But I should be asking you that." I smiled as she hugged Drake and then Levi. "I've been good, just living life at its best with my family." We shared a small laugh. "What about you Aubrey?"

He smiled and nodded,"Without all the concerts, exhausting studio sessions and Levi's Hockey coaching, Im just fine Ms. Brown." Mama playfully nudged Drake. "Now I done told you about the Ms. Brown thing." Drake chuckled and hugged her once more. "Oh yeah, sorry about that.. Ima go find the guys." 

Mama nodded and focused her attention to Levi, who was making his way upstairs. "Don't you think about going up those stairs without speaking to me boy. Now, how has my baby been?" He smiled shyly slowly walking back down. "I'm gucci Mama. Except Mama wanna mess up my flow."

He glared at me before turning his attention back to her. "Booooy, you and these babies with all this slang. Speak some english." Levi laughed. "Im fine Mama." "How are your grades?" She said arching her eyebrow. "Their perfect ma'am." She pulled him into a bearhug. "Thats my baby," I smiled at their bond. "Ima stop asking all these questions and let you go upstairs with King C and them. I love you." 

He smiled so hard, you could probably swim in his dimples. "Love you too Mama J," he said heading upstairs. "C'mon Kay, we got some cooking to do." I followed her into the kitchen. Dany, Bree and Ana had been in there cooking with Chaos, King and Safiyah at the kitchen table. "Hi guys," I squealed hugging them all. 


I jogged up the stairs to Chris' old room. King, Kingston and Haven sat at the foot of the bed playing 2K12. "Man only a real man eats pussy." I heard King say to Haven. "Sup my niggas," I said dapping them and grabbing a controller. "Sup," they all said back. 

"What yall up here talkin' about?" I asked focusing my attention to the game. "My nigga, tell Haven here that eatin' pussy don't make you a b****." I laughed and shook my head. "Naah, ain't nothin' wrong with pussy lickin'. My pops does it to my moms all the time."

"Your pops is also a gay ass nigga too," Haven said making me glare at him. "Calm that s*** down yo!" Haven chuckled and turn his attention to the game back. "Anyways, have any of you ever ate the box?" I asked..


"You treating my sister right?" Chris asked me as we shot some hoops. I nodded and shot a 3 pointer. Chris, Trey, Tyga and I had been outside in the backyard playing ball. "Thats good. Keep it that way." he said firmly. I chuckled and shot another 3 pointer scoring 23 for me and Trey.

"I'm serious. Im already at Jinsu's head. Don't have me at yours." I looked at Chris' with a stern look. "Is that a threat?" 


Leaving you guys with a cliff hanger. This ones dedicated to Dany. I &hearts; you (:
Happy thanksgiving Lexi pooh :D

srry was busy stuffin my face & drinkin


Okay. Give me an hour.

Okay, I will.. Only If you will (:
Im writing it right now infact ^.^

I should add another one?
You should add another one.

You should add another chapter-thingy cause Im bored :D
Sometimes I do, and the other times the watet is tooooo cool lol

Ugh, fake beaches frustrate me.
I like the real deal.
And yeah it kinda does. Lol

Well turn on the heat to 83. Put some water in the tub & get the swimming.
For some odder reason, I find fake beaches fun then a real beach.
Lmao when I type beach & say it in my head it sounds like a british person saying the 'b****' lol

s***, I was like tf? Haha
I would be at the beach but its too cold for that.

Were in the indoor water & naah its kinda warm for some odd reason. It might be like last year when it did not snow the WHOLE entire winter. Everybody was like "its not snowing? The worlds going to end." im like.. Haha! Sure! :D

Bree I thought you might like this I made it a year ago.

Why are you in the water?
Aint it cold in Winsconsin?

I know you do, when I get back home; Im traveling to memphis so we can make or own amusement / water park (:
I think its 50 dollars a person. Im pissed though cause this fat boy just jumped in the water and got some on my iPhone!! -.-

Yeah, 60 people does make that expensive because its really mot thay expensive when you go by yourself or with other people

Awwww...... I wanna go too lol.

Happy Thanksgiving Bree hunny (:
Alot of people say its expensive, but I think it was only expensive because 60 of is were going.
Yes, 60 lol :O

Man, I wanna go to six flags :(

Happy Thanksgiving to you to Bree :)

Happy Turkey Day!

In like 3 or 4 days. But she's a drama queen. She's always trying to keep my uncle from coming around. She
has always thought she was better than us. I hate that girl.
Im making the best of mine here at Wisconsin Dells thanks to everybody who forgot when Six Flags closes :-*

Oh, when is she do?
And not that much fun, epecially since both sides of my family dont get along.

Hey Tram :)

Oooh. Ouch. That sounds painful. :D
It well sort of. My uncles self obsorbed girlfriend is in the hospital which I find very stupid cause its not even her due date & theres nothing wrong with her.

*Tramicia Thank you love. Happy thanksgiving to you too, how's your going?
Oh! And ima go review your story I only read two chapters but didnt finish (:

& run it sis

Uh, havent had thay d*** in a minute ;)

My thanksgiving is going good. My fam is starting to show up and stuff. And yours?

Whats the worse he could do to you? Put you in d*** time-out? Lol
How's thanksgiving going for you?

Hell yeah. Spa day :)
If you get her belly pierced I had nothing to do with it.

Ima take her and get her belly pierced. Let Chris say something, I'll kick his ass personally.
He should let her do SOMETHING to remember when she was a teen. But if we go, your coming too. (:

Yes please cause everytime I try to hook it up for her Chris comes along and ruins that s***.