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Inside My Love.

<a href=>I</a> pulled up in front of the large building, adorned with dark LED lights. The parking lot was being swept by a young boy in Jordan's. He couldn't have been much older than me. I tightened the strap on my purse and walked towards the door apprehensively. It had come down to this. I didn't have another option. I knocked softly on the door at first... only for it not to be answered. The boy that was sweeping approached and hit the door loudly with his hand flat. I jumped, startled and looked at him. He tossed me a smirk and went back to sweeping. The door opened and <a href=>he</a> stood there, looking me up and down.

"...Who referred you?" He asked.

I put my hair behind my ear and parted my lips to say something but nothing came out. I shrugged. He studied me once more and looked me dead in the eye.

"Name?" He asked.

"Veronica... I go by Ronnie." I said softly.

He opened the door wider for me to come in, so I did. I hadn't ever been to one of these places, I'd only heard about them... saw them in movies. I looked around wondrously, and heard the giggles of females arriving and leaving, all of them carrying gym bags. I studied their curves and looked down at myself.

"What you here for..." He asked, dismissively. His eyes didn't dance in my direction, as he strolled casually beside me, checking out everything on the floor - making sure nothing was out of place.

He stopped suddenly and I did too.

"...I need a job," I said, searching his face.

He snickered. "So go to the mall and fill out applications, sweetheart. This isn't something for your resume,"

"I understand that," I said, shaking my head. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't need to be. I need a job," I said, pleading with my eyes.

He scratched his face, as he ruminated. He pointed to the bar. "You start there," He said, before he began to walk.

"I was hoping to dance!" I called after him.

He shook his head, "We'll see,"

I exhaled, and dropped my bag on the floor before the DJ put on some music. I looked around and sat down on one of the bar stools. Well... at least I had a job.


Lol jazz that is because ain't room for Carter
Aubrey is sweet.

Thanks readers! Run it(:

Every time I say I want Ronnie and Carter to try it out Aubrey comes back lol
Run it

I'm happy they're back together and trying to make it work. Is she still pregnant? Run it

I lied on the side of the bed where I always slept with my eyes shut. I opened them to find Aubrey looking at me.

"What?" I asked, smiling.

"It's just been a while," He said.

I nodded and moved a little closer, minimizing the space between us.

"It's okay to cuddle." I said, laughing.

He jumped at the opportunity and wrapped his arms around me before he kissed my forehead. "Welcome home," He whispered.

I kissed his neck and looked up at him, "...I don't want to ever make you choose, Aubrey." I said softly.

"I won't have to," He said, reassuring me. "Music can be done anywhere. Love won't happen everywhere."

I nodded and shut my eyes once more.

"I'm afraid to ask this," He started and my eyes opened.

"What is it?" I asked.

" you still love me?" He asked.

I exhaled against his chest, "...I'm still a little hazy on this, Aubrey but...I do love you. That doesn't disappear overnight...or in 4 months. But we've gotta work on restoring <em>us</em>, the foundation...decide what we want out of this relationship.

"As long as you're here, Ronnie." He said. "...don't leave like you did before. You could've stayed and we could've talked about this. That's what people do when things stop making sense. We're in this together and when you leave for individual reasons, you compromise this union." He said.

I nodded, "I know." I said softly.

"I love you, alright? I'm so glad to have you...I'll probably say this a million times for the next few days, 'cause I really want you to know that I'm serious." He said. "I love being here for Cayden. I love the support that you provide. I don't wanna trade this in for anything else, that's my word."

I slid up a little and pecked his lips, "I love you too." I whispered. "Happy to be home,"

Full of cotton candy and pizza, the girls were sleepy as we walked back to our cars. Aubrey got Kelsey and Krissy in the backseat and shut the door, just as I shut the backdoor of mine. I looked across the parking lot at him. He smiled and pulled out his phone, shaking it. I called his number and he answered.

"Will you come over?" He asked. "I still want to talk. The girls have been around so we haven't gotten to the root."

"...yes, I'll come." I said softly.

"Do you still have the key?" He asked.

"...yes." I said.

"Then I'll see you later. Bring clothes for Cayden." He said, before he smiled, blushing and ended the phone call. He got in his car and drove off. I got in and looked back at Cayden, who was asleep already. Later on that day, I stared at the bag I'd packed for Cayden, as she napped on her bed. Should I even go over there? Maybe I should leave things where they are... I went with my first mind and turned on the light in Cayden's room.

"Sleepover with Kelsey and Krissy." I said, kneeling down and rubbing her back.

She popped up and looked at me, her hair a curly mess on her head.

"Yes!" She said, swinging her legs over the side of the bed.

I smiled and kissed her cheek before I instructed her to go wash her face and teeth. She came back with wet hair. I touched it.

"What did you do?" I asked.

"Washed it!" She said, smiling.

I shook my head and laughed, "C'mon."

When we got to Aubrey's, I opened the door with my key and Cayden took off her shoes immediately.

"We're home!" She yelled, her bag on her shoulder.

I shook my head and chuckled, when <a href=>Aubrey</a> came out of the kitchen, carrying Krissy and Kelsey who were eating marshmallows. He sat them down and they both greeted Cayden with a hug, before they ran off down the hall. Aubrey smiled and eyed my lips, but he hugged me instead and kissed my cheek. I followed him back into the kitchen where he was making stir fry.

"Is this okay?" He asked, looking up from the stove.

I nodded, "Looks really good." I said, leaning on the counter and smiling over at him.

It was so good to see him... to smell his cologne, to feel his warmth only a few steps away. He glanced at me.

"What was that thing with Cay's father at the pier earlier?" He asked. "You two...back together, or?"

I shook my head, "No but he's back in the picture for Cayden. Been spending a lot of time with us." I said, nodding.

"...and Christina. Where's she?" I asked.

"Long gone." He responded. "Got her another job with Tyga so, she's off my team." He said.

"Are you two still friends?" I asked, softly.

"Barely." He responded. "Pretty sure that the day you left that message...she got rid of it. As well as your number."

"Guess my suspicions were warranted." I said, looking at him.

He nodded, "Guess they were." He said, looking back at me. "Hit me though...with all of your concerns. The reason you left. I've been tryna play this convo out in my head for months but I could never quite get your words right 'cause.. I don't know why you left me, Ronnie."

"The convo you had with Christina that day...I heard it and...just a lot of the things she said hurt and also made sense, you know? You love music. You deserve to have it. I didn't want to stand in the way of that." I said.

"I love you...and I deserve to have you, too." He said, his voice steady and confident. His words, carefully chosen.

I didn't respond and went to the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water. We left the conversation alone and for the rest of the evening, we danced around it really and filled each other in on the pieces we'd missed. When the girls started to simmer down, Aubrey put on a movie then came down to find me gathering my things.

"Where you going?" He asked, perplexity on his face.

"Home," I said, exhaling.

"We're going back to that? C'mon. This is home. You've just been on an extended break." He said. "I need your shampoo scent back on my pillow." He said, smiling.

"Keep your hands to yourself..." I said, warning him.

He nodded and smiled, turning off the living room light. I walked down the hall to his bedroom and smiled at the familiarity of it all... the way the carpet clung to my feet.

"I left so much stuff here," I said, sitting on the bed and looking around. "Where is it?"

He gestured for me to follow him to the closet. I went in to find a few drawers there, amongst his things, with all of mine there.

" made space for me? What if I wasn't ever coming back?" I asked.

"Eh wishful thinking," He said, leaving the closet. "I just did this before you came over." He said, laughing.

Summer had gotten here quickly for Cayden. She was done with the second half of second grade, and would be entering third in the fall, at 6 years old. I held her hand as we walked across the parking lot to my car. Cayden skipped alongside me, as I carried the things from her cubby. She slid into the backseat and bounced up and down.

"Mommy can we go somewhere?!" She asked.

I looked at her through the rearview mirror, "Sure, wanna get some ice cream?" I asked.

"Can we go to Canada again?" She asked.

I froze and looked out in front of me. It had been so long since I'd spoken to Aubrey and for the first time since we weren't together, I'd finally gotten used to waking up without him in my life.

"Someday," I said nodding. "Wanna go to the pier?"

"Yes!" She said, beginning to bounce again.

We drove over to the pier and I parked, grabbing one of Cayden's jackets out of the trunk. I had her put it on and we headed toward the cotton candy kiosk first. I handed her a pink one and got a blue one for myself. She marveled at the size of it and attacked it with her free hand. I looked up to see <a href=>him</a> staring at me, his mouth slightly ajar. He got stopped a few times, but due to the time of day and the number of people here, he wasn't swarmed. His goddaughters let go of his hands and ran toward Cayden and I. Cayden waved at Kelsey and Krissy, each of them grabbing one of her hands. My heartbeat quickened when I saw Aubrey approach, his hands in his pockets. Cayden smiled and her mouth fell a little.

"Hi Aubrey!" She shrieked.

He picked her up and swung her around, "I missed you." He said.

"Me too! Where've you been?" She asked, smiling. "I wanna go to Canada."

"Of course you do," He said, smiling.

He looked up at me as he sat Cayden back down.

"Hi," He said.

I could feel his heart beating and from the look on his face, he was just as nervous as I was.

"Hi," I said softly.

"Can we ride something?" Cayden urged.

I nodded, "Yeah yeah, c'mon." I said, ushering the three of them over to a ride across the pier.

Aubrey walked alongside me, silently. When the girls got on, I stood by and waited for them to start the ride, my arms draped over the gate. Aubrey walked up next to me and looked out in front of him.

"...I miss you." He whispered.

The words hit me in the face like a bag of bricks and my eyes watered without warning, "You don't." I said softly.

He looked at me, "How can you say that? Of course I do."

"Then why didn't you call me back?" I asked, searching his face.

"What are you talking about, call you back? When did you ever call me, Veronica? Besides that time you left a message where you didn't say anything." He said.

"I called right back and I told you that I was sorry and that I wanted to talk about things... and then I never heard back from you so I figured you didn't want anything to do with me." I said.

The ride started and I looked back at the ride. Aubrey moved close to me and kissed my forehead.

"I never heard that message. I promise, Veronica. If I had, I would've called you back. I thought you left and had no intention to come back." He said.

"...guess the wires got crossed, huh?" I asked.

"I guess so." He said, searching my face. "Tell me you haven't...moved on."

I put my hair behind my ear and parted my lips when I looked up to see Carter walking down the pier, carrying a teddy bear. I texted him earlier to have him meet Cayden and I here, to celebrate Cayden's school year.

"No," I said, shaking my head.

Carter approached apprehensively. "Ronnie," He called.

I looked over at him, just as the ride ended. Cayden, Kelsey and Krissy came running out. Cayden smiled at Carter.

"Hey daddy," She said, before she went and stood next to Aubrey. She grabbed his hand and smiled up at him. "Aubrey can you buy Krissy and Kelsey cotton candy too?"

I watched Carter's face change, "Cayden come here." He said sternly.

Aubrey studied Carter and looked over at me. Carter kneeled down and handed Cayden the teddy bear. He whispered something to her and stood back up.

"I'll pick her up Saturday," He said to me, before he turned and walked away swiftly.

I looked back at Cayden, who was hugging the teddy bear. She smiled at Aubrey and I. "Canada now?' She asked the two of us.

Thanks for all of the love (:

That's what Christina gets smh but apart of me still wants Carter and Ronnie to try again.

Run it

Ok I am glad Aubrey can put two and two together and see Christina for who she really is! Now Aubrey has to get Ronnie back!! That is easier said than done though. Especially since Carter is back in the picture. Ugh!! He makes me so mad. He can't make up his mind! But it's not far to Ronnie and it's especially not far to Cayden for Carter to just dip in their lives whenever he pleases. That is so wrong. I hope that Ronnie and Aubrey can move forward together. That seems like the best move for anyone. BUMPS!!!

So glad Aubrey saw Christina's true colors cause she was working my nerves!

Idk how I feel about Carter coming back, it's so hard cause u want your child to have both parents in their life, them being together is even better but with him already walking out twice, I can see why she's kinda iffy about it. It's gone take some time, at least for me it would

Run It!!!

soo First of all, Aubrey should have known Christina was a hatin' a$! b!+<# from the start...ugh! she made me mad.
Secondly, Carter needs to get his life together for real 'cause he keep saying that he's there but he keep leaving Ronnie to pick up Cayden's heart when he decides he can't stay anymore
Finally, Loved the adds keep them coming! <3

I'm glad Aubrey at least noticed what was going on now!!!!! Took him long enough!! I like Carter. I was kinda always rooting for him to get it together. I could tell he was dealing with some s***!! I hope something sparks between them again, but whatever happens, happens. Run it!!

Run It...

I'm speechless ..
Carter is FAKE he confusing af he dnt know wtf he want talking bout he was scared NOT SCARED ENOUGH TO TAKE NIGGAS TO COURT HUH?!?!!! Mamas boy
christna you trifflin just down right trifflin .
Runn it !

Humm, where to start?
I like that she supporting Cayden and is co-teaching her dance class and taking up some of her own, that's cool!I also like the fact that she is slowly letting Cater be in Cayden's life, that's sweet and takes a strong woman to do so! I am glad she found it in her heart to do the right thing and take the high road for Cyden and the fact that she treats others the way she wants to be treated

But, now I fell like she's falling into this deep dark pit that both Aubry and Carter pushed her in and at the bottom is Chris, whom i am not quite sure I want her with?

Now wit her feeling like she in high school all over again needs to stop now, don't take a 100 steps back, he also left you pregnant and alone in high school lets not forget that shall we? Like I ma need you to forget the past, it reminds of this epsiod of how I meet your mother with James Van Der Beek when he came back in Robin's life and she couldn't stop acting like the school girl she was when she was first with him and he played her the exact same way all over again and for the same girl and Lilly would act all "hood" and childlike wit her high school homie whenever she was around...I need her to chill...

Now for Aubry get your s*** together it took for all her dark alternative motives to come to light for you to know she a dirty decitful b****? You better pull Jay out the ass and come up wit some creative s*** like some really sweet letters or sum? You a poet you write pomes in these songs, right?

Now @ Miss. Andrea' aka Char? I think I don't want to assume and make and ass out of you and me? 0_o But if my guess is correct you would you next little Miss. Zane ummm humm! and I would all like to point you in the direction of these few lines:

"I was afraid... of failing you and of failing Cayden. My dad was in and out of my life and made a mess of me." He said.

"So you leave Cayden and do what he did to you?" I asked.

He sighed, "I'm his son, right?"

<em> <strong>"Not a justification." I responded.</strong></em>

"I know it isn't and I see my faults. I just wanna be around you again, Ronnie." He said. "Just near you."

You peep that? I would just like to point out Ronnie's excellent response, I need Kiara to find Ronnie's strength and wisdom that's what she need to tell Monty's dirty rotten d*** ass! (for those who don't know it's reference to Mercy's Spirit on PR which is another banger hit a really hot sotry) p.s i will come comment in two secs just give a min Char..

Wow, RUN IT!

Carter.....I still don't know about you...but I will say that I admire the fact that he's trying with Ronnie said...Cayden needs he needs to be there for everything....a little girl's first love is always her dad.

Aubrey...honestly should've been saw through Christina's fake ass....and now...she may have cost you Ronnie...cause even though Ronnie was wrong for just running away like that.....she had kinda warned you about Christina.....and she really did step around the wall that she had built up to reach out to you.....I hope you can make it right though because I really liked you for Ronnie....and Cayden as well.

that damn christina...finally aubrey sees the true her! took long enough..glad carter is comin around hope he doesnt disappoint once again..RUN IT

been silently reading this for some time now
but nah must jump in again and make a comment

Man fcuk Carter he's not worthy of Ronnies love. It's nice of Ronnie tolet him spend time with Cayden but as far as she and Carters relationship goes she needs not to mess with him. Cute hair or not.. Aww Deanns preggo happy for her. Laughing at this hoex Christina. She really though Aubrey still wanted her. Went through all that trouble to keep he and Ronnie apart and he still didn't want her ass haha. That what she gets. Bet Aubrey really missing Ronnie though. Im also glad Ronnie got back into dancing she needed that release. Man I hope she bumps into Aubreyaagain soon. RUN IT!!!

Dummy actually thought she could've had something going with Aubrey again smh sucks to be her...I hope Carter is there for good now no more running away like a lil boy anymore

Oooooooh s***!! Lol


Carter with that sneaky s*** and Aubrey finally saw the light. Good for him.

Can I make a request....

Since Ronnie is obviously not going to be invovled with Chris, can she at least have a hot slutty fling with him?

(looks around at the side eyes) What...did I say something wrong? Lol!


After dinner, Carter came over and spent some more time with Cayden before she had to go to bed. We sat in the living room watching Martin re-runs. He laughed, his arm behind his head. I ran my fingers through his hair and he shuttered a little and looked over at me.

"What's that?" He asked.

"What's what?" I asked.

"Your fingers are in my hair, Veronica." He said, chuckling. "What's that?"

I shrugged, "Always loved your hair...and the way that it goes in every direction but the way you want it to...Cayden got it from you."

"She could've easily gotten it from you. Your hair's the same way," He said, smiling a little.

I nodded and he searched my face. " were seeing someone, weren't you?"

I nodded.

"What happened?" He asked.

I slid down in the couch and put my feet on the coffee table, before i smiled over at him and shrugged. "Remember that time junior year when you and I got in that huge argument about basketball?"

" would make any excuse to spend more time with your basketball than with me. Selfish f***." He said.

I chuckled and lied my head on his shoulder. "...Music was his basketball." I said softly.

Carter sat quietly next to me, and I enjoyed the rhythmic rising and falling of his chest. I shut my eyes and it felt like high school again, in my living room, after a basketball game. I opened my eyes and lifted my head, looking back at the TV. We were so damn far from there. After a while he decided to leave and I invited him to come over the next week. I shut the door and went down the hall to my room, where I curled up in bed and looked out of the window...wondering if someone was looking back.

Aubrey lied in his bed staring out of the window when there was a knock on his bedroom door. He looked toward the door to see Christina pop her head in.

"What's up?" He asked.

She came in and stood by the bed. "Can't sleep." She said.

Aubrey slid up in bed and looked over at her, yawning. "Okay.." He said, waiting on her to say something else.

"Can I sleep in here?" She asked.

Delirious, Aubrey nodded and lied back down, his back turned away from her. Christina got in the bed and for a moment, she kept her distance. Soon enough, Aubrey could feel her lips on his neck.

"What are you doing." He mumbled.

She didn't respond. She ran her hands up his chest and he opened his eyes.

"Christina?" He asked.

She wrapped her legs around him and he snatched away from her and stood up, "Bro go to your room."

"Why are you acting like this?" She asked, glaring at him through the darkness.

"No, why are YOU acting like this? There's no us, Christina. I've made that abundantly clear. I don't know how else to say that to you." He said.

"There's only US, Aubrey. Always has been," She said.

"You're delusional!" He shrieked. "We're done. We've been done. It's time to move on."

"I can't move on from you!" She yelled. "Why do you think I chose to be your manager Aubrey? To spend damn near everyday with you."

Aubrey stood quietly and she came and stood in front of him.

"Tell me you love me." She said. "Because I know you do."

Aubrey stood still, his hands at his sides, looking down at Christina. Things were making sense. All of the advice about Ronnie, the encouragement to go back to music...Ronnie's number miraculously disappearing from his phone. Christina wanting to live here. It all made sense.

"...I <em>don't</em> love you, Christina. Not like you need me to," He responded.

"...why not?" She asked, and the sound of her voice sounded like her world had shattered.

"Because it took darkness to finally see you," He said softly, before he left the room.

Cayden was slow to respond... and a little weary, I suppose. She stood next to me, holding my leg. It was when Carter kneeled down and opened his arms that she took the bait and ran over to him, falling into his embrace. He hugged her tightly and picked her up. Cayden cried on his shoulder. Teary eyed, I walked toward the two of them and looked at Carter, who adjusted Cayden on his hip and smiled at me.

"Thanks for letting me come...Ronnie," He said, resting his hand on my hip.

I smiled and kissed his cheek, "You shouldn't have to miss these moments," I said softly.

I couldn't believe that these words were coming out of my mouth, but even after all that he'd done...Carter was the first man I'd ever loved. When he hurt, so did I. All it took was Cayden to stop that hurt. He grabbed my hand.

"Can I take y'all out for food?" He asked, searching my face.

I nodded, "Yeah just let me grab my things." I said. "C'mon Cay, let's get your clothes."

"Are we coming back?" She asked, sheer terror on her face.

I laughed, "Yes! C'mon. Daddy can come too." I said.

A happy-go-lucky Carter followed. He introduced himself to Cayden's other dance teacher and a few of the parents. I grabbed Cayden and I's things and we went outside to the car. I followed Carter to California Pizza Kitchen. Cayden chose to sit on the side with him. I wasn't offended. I looked over the menu and then at Cayden, who was studying Carter, memorizing his every move. He put his arm over her shoulder and looked at her menu.

"What do you want to eat?" He asked.

She pointed at something on the menu and he looked down at her.

"Can you read it?" He asked.

She nodded and got on her knees, leaning forward on the table. "It's pepperoni pizza." She said.

He smiled, "Look at you. Smart like your mom." He said.

"Flattered." I mumbled, debating on an item. I shut my menu finally and looked at him. "Tell me about your life. What are you doing these days?"

"Just got a promotion at work, leading the marketing team." He said.

"Wow Carter. I'm proud of you. That's great." I said, smiling.

"...You know what I've always admired about you?" He asked.

"Enlighten." I responded.

"...You're genuine. No matter who the person is, or what they've done to you...when you say something, you mean it." He said.

"I'd hope that people would do the same with regards to me." I responded.

He nodded. Dinner was great. Cayden was enjoying herself and I was having fun watching her interact with her father. I knew that Carter had something to say all night so I wasn't surprised when he stood outside of the car longer than he should've. I turned to get in when I noticed him standing there still. Cayden sat patiently in the backseat.

"What's up?" I asked.

He grabbed my hand and bit his lip, "...I was wondering if maybe you and I could spend some time together. I know this sounds like a ploy to get you back but I want to strengthen our relationship...kind of be on one accord, so that we can provide the best partnership for Cayden."

"...You rehearsed this." I said, staring blankly at him.

"Yes because I knew you'd give me that damn look. I'm serious, Ron. I miss you." He said.

"You did us wrong twice, Carter. I'll never forget it." I said softly.

"At least let me redeem myself." He responded.

"Show up when you say that you're going to...and be here for every birthday, every Christmas, every heartbreak and every A. Cayden needs you. I don't," I whispered.

I went to open the door and he grabbed my hand once more, "Please...dinner. That's all I'm asking for."

"Why, Carter?" I asked.

"Because I'm in love you with Veronica. I always have been and I always will be. When I split the first time, it wasn't because I didn't love you... I was lost, and some days I still am. I didn't know who I was, or where I was headed but it was never because of you. Ever." He said.

"And the second time?" I asked.

"I was afraid... of failing you and of failing Cayden. My dad was in and out of my life and made a mess of me." He said.

"So you leave Cayden and do what he did to you?" I asked.

He sighed, "I'm his son, right?"

"Not a justification." I responded.

"I know it isn't and I see my faults. I just wanna be around you again, Ronnie." He said. "Just near you."

"Dinner...with Cayden, on Wednesday." I said, my face still blank.

He nodded and cracked a smile, "Your palms are I know you hear me, but you'll never say so. I'll see you Wednesday." He said, before he turned and walked away.

I exhaled and got in the truck before looking at a sleepy Cayden who was rubbing her ear. I smiled. Carter does that before he goes to sleep, too.

Aubrey opened the door to his apartment, with Christina following close behind. October came down the hall and circled Aubrey's feet. He smirked at him, as he read over the mail in his hand. Christina sat down on the couch and ran her fingers through her hair before she turned on the TV. Aubrey sat down in a chair and exhaled, scrolling through his phone when he looked up to see the local news covering some dance recital coming up over the weekend. He barely listened as he yawned, heading off into a doze. It was when they said the name that his eyes opened. Christina looked over at him.

"Thanks for letting me crash here. I don't know if I say it enough," She said, smiling.

He nodded. "You needed a place to stay. I have ample room." He responded.

She nodded and bit her lip, before she stood up and went down the hall to where she was staying. Aubrey closed his eyes and drifted to sleep.


I stood backstage, helping the girls get into their leotards when I got to Cayden. She looked up at me, wiggling.

"Mommy it's making my booty hurt," She whined.

I snickered and kneeled down, adjusting the leotard. I pulled her hair up into a tight bun and smiled at the line of girls. I'd been co-teaching Cayden's modern dance class. While I wasn't taking a class, it still felt good to dance again and give back. I kneeled down and kissed Cayden's cheek.

"Are you nervous?" I asked.

She shook her head, "No 'cause you're here." She said, smiling.

I kissed her cheek and stood back up. The girls filed out onto the stage and I stood backstage watching them. I scanned the crowd in search of the face I was looking for, when I spotted <a href=>him</a> in the front row, snapping photographs.

I wrapped my fingers around the hot chocolate that I cradled in my hands, as I watched Cayden swing carelessly on the swings across from me. D looked over at me and smiled a little.

"What are you smiling about?" I asked, glancing at her.

"...I'm pregnant." She whispered.

My eyes widened and I let out a chuckle. "Deann, are you serious? How long have you known?!" I shrieked.

"About a week. I wanted to tell you in person," She said, smiling.

"I'm so happy for you," I said, hugging her tightly and rubbing her back.

She pulled back and looked at me, "...are you happy now, Veronica?" She asked.

I smiled, "Happiness. Depends on the day." I said softly.

"...You should call him again." She said.

I shook my head fiercely, "Nah. I tried to you know... walk around that wall I'd put up but when he never called back it just, reminded me of my place." I said.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"I'm supposed to be on the other side of that wall. Protected," I said, before Cayden got off of the swings and ran toward me.

She used my legs as a buffer and collapsed on me.

"Mommy I'm bored," She said.

I smiled and kissed her forehead. Deann studied the two of us and took note of everything we did, from my hand on her head, checking her temperature, to Cayden's fingers in my hair. Deann wanted that with her kid. We stood up and left the park with Cayden skipping next to me. She'd stopped asking about Aubrey about 2 weeks ago, when she realized he wouldn't be back. I wish it were that easy for me.

I'm not taking up for Ronnie by far she just went left for the way she handled Aubrey's heart. But I do understand the fear of competing with the first love. for some reason tht relationship doesn't die until a new greater love takes over. I personally have nt experienced tht feel I only imagine how it feels. As for bxtch made heaux axs fxck broad axs Hostina. f*** U WIT A U IN THE AXS WIT A SICK DIXK NO LUB! You are really fxcker and I hope Ronnie stomp tht ass if she don't please allw me the honor!

Run it love!