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Catch Me

That fateful night keeps playing in Serenity’s mind. It was the night her whole life changed for the complete worse. She never thought anything like this could ever happen to her. From the outside looking in, Serenity had the perfect life. Perfect job, perfect house, and perfect man; perfect everything. But on that cool fall night two months ago, everything became the exact opposite of perfect. Serenity looks at the empty spot next to her on the bed. She slowly turns over on her left side and gently rubs his side of the bed. Tears instantly fill her eyes when she thinks about him and she closes her eyes shut and wraps her arms around herself as she starts crying hard.

“Darius….how could you leave me like this? You promised me you would never leave me. You said we would be together forever…..and now you’re gone. You’re gone. I can’t live without you. I love you so much and I need you. Especially now….I wish you were here. I wish you would come back to me….I just….I never wanted to imagine my life without you….but….the truth is….you’re gone. And….I just can’t accept it yet,” Serenity said as tears continuously streamed down her cheeks. Serenity suddenly feels this warm presence take over her and she can’t help but smile. Whenever Serenity gets this feeling, she is almost certain that it’s Darius’ spirit. She wishes she could see him one last time, hug him, kiss him, and make love to him just once more. Serenity suddenly feels a distinct kick against the right side of stomach. She looks down at her protruding stomach and smiles. She places both of her hands on her stomach and rubs it gently.

“Do you feel daddy’s presence too DJ?,” Serenity said softly to her stomach. Serenity is seven months pregnant and her son, Darius Junior, DJ for short, is the only reason she feels she can even keep living at this point. Her son will forever be a reminder of her husband Darius, and she is so thankful that a part of Darius will live. Serenity rubs her stomach for a few minutes and then she turns her head to look at the dresser. She notices a picture of her and Darius and she just sighs and looks at the ceiling and thinks. At age 25, Serenity never thought she would be at this point in her life. She’s hurt, angry, sad and confused all at the same time. Darius was truly her only family and now that he is gone, it feels like her heart has been ripped out of her chest and she feels completely alone. How can Serenity keep everything together, when she only wants to fall apart?



freaks on the real
aww the bracelet was a cute gesture :)
i hope they dont get away for the crime they committed
this wouldnt have happened if they just accepted her...smh
run it

They're some freaks! ! Lol run it

Run it

Oh my goodness you added to this Nicole. I love this story.
Serenity a lil freak huh lol. Giving Terrence some morning head then some good sex yeah they some big ol freaks lol. But they finished before the kids woke up lol. I hope Daniel and April get life ibm prison for what they did. Aww that bracelet was such a heartfelt gift. Terrence and Anisa did a good job picking it out. Very thoughtful. Yes there a family an amazing family. Loved the add Run It.

Surprise add for you ladies lol! Can't really say for sure when I will add to this again BUT enjoy this add :)

Serenity wakes up the next morning at around 8 am. She yawns and stretches and she realizes that is naked under the covers. She smiles when she thinks about the lovemaking session her and Terrence had about 3 am this morning ;). She looks next to her and sees Terrence sleeping peacefully on his back with his head turned to the side. His torso is exposed from the sheets. Serenity smiles to herself and scoots closer to Terrence. She runs her hand gently down his torso and feels he is naked too. She grabs his d**k and gently strokes it, while planting kisses on his chest. He squirms around a bit and he turns his head towards me and opens his eyes and we smile at each other.

“Good morning,” Terrence said.

“Good morning baby,” Serenity said.

“What are you doing?” Serenity just smiles and licks her lips. She hides under the covers from Terrence and the next thing Terrence knows, his d**k is being swallowed!

“Serenity!,” Terrence whispered loudly. He pulls back the covers and looks at Serenity licking the head of his d**k.

“Oh you freak.....I want to see what you are doing, don’t hide from me,” Terrence said sexily. Serenity winks and takes all of Terrence in her mouth. Terrence purses his lips closed so he doesn’t let out groans that the kids might hear.

“F**k,” Terrence said lowly. Serenity strokes and licks Terrence until he is completely hard, which didn’t take too long. Serenity then straddles Terrence and grinds her p***y against her d**k.

“Babe are you trying to get pregnant? Because there is nothing stopping me from just sliding right inside of you raw,” Terrence said jokingly. Serenity just giggles and she grabs a condom from the dresser. She takes it out of the wrapper and then slides it onto Terrence. Serenity lifts her hips up and then guides Terrence inside of her. Serenity throws her head back the minute all of Terrence is inside of her and Terrence groans out lowly. Serenity opens her eyes and looks at Terrence and Terrence looks at her. Terrence grips Serenity’s waist tight as she starts to ride up and down on him slowly.

“Damn you feel good,” Terrence moaned.

“Mmmm so do you baby,” Serenity said. She rests her hands on Terrence’s chest and picks up her pace. Terrence grabs Serenity’s face and pulls her down to kiss her passionately. Serenity wraps her arms around Terrence as she bounces up and down on him. After a passionate kiss, Terrence holds Serenity close as he moves in and out of her.

“I love you Serenity,” Terrence whispered in Serenity’s ear.

“I love you more Terrence,” Serenity whispered back. Terrence flips Serenity over so she is on her back and then he positions himself on top of her and stares her in her eyes as he slides in and out of her. Serenity wraps her arms around Terrence’s neck and pulls him down to her chest and holds him tight. Serenity wraps her legs around Terrence’s waist to give him better access inside of her.

“Mmmm baby,” Serenity moaned. Serenity honestly loves Terrence inside of her. She wouldn’t mind staying like this forever. 25 minutes later, Serenity and Terrence both reach their climax. Terrence pulls out of Serenity and kisses her lips multiple times. Just then, Terrence and Serenity both hear DJ making noise on the baby monitor.

“Perfect timing,” Serenity said while smiling. Terrence smiles a bit and Terrence gets off of Serenity and they both stand up from the bed. Terrence slaps Serenity’s a** a few times and Serenity narrows her eyes at him. Terrence laughs and kisses Serenity’s forehead multiple times. Serenity hugs Terrence tight and then goes into the bathroom and puts on her robe. She then goes into DJ’s room and sees him awake in his crib. He smiles and makes sounds when he sees Serenity and Serenity just smiles big.

“Hello my beautiful baby,” Serenity said cutely. Serenity picks DJ up and kisses him all over his face and he smiles big. Serenity lies him down and changes his diaper. She then washes her hand and then picks DJ up and kisses his cheek.

“Let’s get you some food baby boy,” Serenity said. Serenity walks downstairs holding DJ close to the kitchen and sees Terrence over the stove and Anisa sitting at the table.

“Hi gorgeous,” Serenity said to Anisa.

“You’re the gorgeous one!,” Anisa exclaimed. Serenity laughs and Anisa gets up from her chair and walks to Serenity and hugs her waist tight. Anisa then rubs DJ’s arm and he smiles at her. Serenity holds DJ down to Anisa and Anisa kisses DJ all over his face.

“Good morning cutie pie! Are you hungry?,” Anisa said to DJ. DJ just giggles and so does Anisa. Serenity walks over to the fridge and takes out a bottle for DJ. Serenity heats up the bottle and then sits DJ in his baby chair on the kitchen table. Serenity hands the bottle to Anisa and Anisa smiles and starts to feed DJ his bottle. Serenity smiles and then walks over to Terrence and comes up behind him and wraps her arms around him. Terrence smiles to himself and turns around in Serenity’s eyes and smiles at her. Terrence grabs Serenity’s face and leans down and kisses her lips multiple times.

“Baby what do you want for breakfast?,” Serenity asked.

“,” Terrence whispered in Serenity’s ear. Serenity just giggles and Terrence slaps her a**. Serenity just looks at Terrence in shock and Terrence laughs and kisses Serenity’s nose.

“Stop being so freaky in front of the kids,” Serenity joked.

“I’m sorry, can’t help it if you are that sexy to me,” Terrence said. Serenity smiles and kisses Terrence’s cheek.

“How does eggs, grits and bacon sound for breakfast?,” Serenity offered.

“Sounds great to me,” Terrence said. Serenity nods her head and Terrence and Serenity cook breakfast for everyone. Once it’s all ready, the family sits at the table and enjoys their breakfast together. After breakfast, Terrence cleans up the kitchen while Serenity takes the kids into the living room. Serenity sets DJ on the floor on his stomach and Anisa sits next to him. A few minutes later, Terrence comes into the living room and sits next to Serenity on the couch and wraps his arm around her waist.

“Baby are you ready for court this week?,” Terrence asked.

“I don’t know’s going to be so hard to face April and Daniel. I still have so much anger towards them. They took my baby away from me. I am so thankful that I have him back now, but the time without him was heart wrenching,” Serenity said.

“I understand baby.....would you like to see them in jail?”

“Honestly yes I would....I know they are DJ’s grandparents and I do think that they care about DJ, but they don’t care about me. They don’t care about me at all and if they can’t care about me, then I cannot let them in DJ’s life. They committed a crime, and they deserve to be in jail in all honesty. They think just because they have lots of money, they can get away with anything, but they can’t and I won’t let them,” Serenity said sternly.

“I understand Serenity. I didn’t mean to get you upset gorgeous.” Serenity just takes a deep breath and rests her head against Terrence’s shoulder.

“I just want them to pay for what they did,” Serenity said.

“I know baby and they will. They will get exactly what they deserve......I bought something for you,” Terrence said.

“What? Baby you didn’t have to buy me anything.”

“I really wanted to. Anisa helped me pick it out too.” Terrence kisses Serenity’s forehead and then gets up from the couch and runs downstairs. Within a minute, Terrence sits next to Serenity holding a long jewelry box in his hand. Terrence hands the box to Serenity and Serenity just looks at Terrence and smiles.

“ did not have to do this,” Serenity said.

“I wanted to and you deserve this it,” Terrence said. Serenity kisses Terrence’s cheek and then opens the jewelry box and gasps when she sees a gold charm bracelet. She takes it out of the box and sets the box down. She admires it and notices three heart charms on the bracelet. She looks and sees the three heart charms have DJ, Anisa and Terrence’s names. This gift is so sweet to Serenity. Serenity looks at Terrence as tears fill her eyes and Terrence smiles a bit.

“Don’t cry beautiful,” Terrence said.

“Serenity do you like it?,” Anisa asked.

“I love’s absolutely beautiful,” Serenity said as tears ran down her cheeks. Terrence wipes Serenity’s tears and then puts the bracelet on Serenity’s left wrist.

“I bought this because I just want you to know that everyone on this bracelet loves you. We all love you Serenity. And we all know that you love us. We are a family and I want you to always remember that. You are no alone anymore Serenity because we are all here and we are not going anywhere,” Terrence said.

“Thank you so much Terrence. I love you so much,” Serenity said.

“I love you too.” Serenity smiles and she picks up Anisa and DJ and Serenity holds DJ, while Terrence holds Anisa. The family shares a group hug. Serenity knows she is truly blessed. She is surrounded by people that love her and people she loves, and she wouldn’t want it any other way.

Imma need another add like yesterday!! This story is EVERYTHING..I love the chemistry between Serenity and glad that DJ is back home and also glad that the both finally got some :-D

Run it

Aww that's what's up Serenity. Get em. She couldn't wait to finally get the d from Terrence and I know he was excited to. Lmao at him saying he knew she was a freak after all that time. But yeah Serenity really is a freak tho lol. Im glad they took this step of there relationship. Freaks.. I love the lil family they've created it's sweet.Loved the add Run It!!!

Awwwwwwwwe that was cute #LadyInTheStreetsFreakInTheBed or shower which ever one fits best
Run this hun (:

I love them together its so cute

Daniel and April deserve to be put under the jail for the foolishness they have pulledby kidnapping DJ

So one month passes and the family is doing well. DJ especially is doing well. He is just such a happy baby. He is always smiling and laughing. He babbles every now and then too. He is just so active. Serenity took him to the doctor about two months ago for a physical, and the pediatrician said is progressing just fine for his age. He is the cutest little thing, he looks just like Darius. Also this past month, Serenity and Terrence have officially moved DJ into his own bedroom. He doesn’t fuss too much at night, so Serenity wants to give DJ his own space now. DJ is just a joy to have around and everyone loves him so much. Anisa has gotten so close to DJ. DJ is her little brother and she treats him that way. She is always willing to help out with him whenever she can. She can feed him now and she holds him and plays with him whenever he can. Serenity and Terrence have only become closer as well. The whole situation with DJ has brought them closer. Serenity loves to see Terrence interact with DJ. Terrence really loves DJ like his own child, and Serenity is sure that DJ will grow to love Terrence. Serenity and Terrence are incredibly close and their relationship is progressing nicely. Right now, it’s Saturday evening at around 9 pm. Anisa and DJ are both sleeping peacefully. Serenity and Terrence were watching a television program, but once it was over, Terrence gets out of the bed and he looks at Serenity.

“Baby I’m going to get in the shower ok?,” Terrence said.

“Ok baby,” Serenity said. Terrence kisses Serenity’s lips then goes into the bathroom closing the door behind him. Serenity just thinks about something, something that has been on her mind for a while. She has been having really strong urges when it comes to Terrence. He has never ever forced the sex situation with Serenity and Serenity appreciates that. She just knows that sometimes, she has very nasty thoughts about him. Whenever she sees him, she just wants him to take her. She wants him so bad. She needs him in a physical way. She wants to show him just how much she loves him and she wants him to show her how much he loves her. She gets out of the bed and she lets down her hair. She looks through the nightstand drawer and she finds a pack of condoms. She smiles a bit and she takes one and then takes a deep breath. She goes into the bathroom and she hears the shower running. She closes the door behind her and sets the condom on the bathtub rim. Terrence can’t see her since the shower curtain is a dark blue. Serenity slowly undresses and then gets in the shower behind Terrence and pulls the shower curtain closed. She just looks him up and down as his back is facing towards her. She smiles to herself. Terrence has a really nice body to Serenity.

“Baby?,” Serenity said softly. Terrence quickly turns around and when he sees Serenity he looks her up and down. This is the first time he has seen her completely naked. His d*** became hard instantly.

“Serenity....what are you doing in here?,” Terrence asked. Serenity bites her bottom lip and moves closer to Terrence and wraps her arms around his waist.

“Baby.....I need to show you how much I love you. Can you do the same for me?,” Serenity said softly. Terrence just grabs Serenity’s face and kisses her deeply. Serenity moaned the minute their lips touched. Serenity runs her hands up and down Terrence’s back. He feels so good to her. Terrence runs his hands through Serenity’s hair and then up and down her arms. He then runs his hands down her side and to her stomach. Serenity runs her hands up and down Terrence’s toned chest and abs. Serenity slides her tongue inside of Terrence’s mouth and Terrence gladly accepts and darts his tongue inside of her mouth. Terrence moves his hands up Serenity’s torso and then gently caresses her C cup breasts. Serenity moaned in Terrence’s mouth as he did this. He gently squeezes them. Terrence licks down Serenity’s chin, down to her neck and kisses it roughly.

“Mmmm Terrence,” Serenity moaned. Terrence leaves Serenity a love mark on the left side of her neck and then kisses down her chest and attacks her breasts with his lips and tongue. He sucks, bites, licks, and kisses each of them equally, focusing especially on the nipples.

“Ahhh baby,” Serenity moaned in pleasure. Serenity can feel herself becoming very aroused. Her pussy is throbbing and becoming very wet. She takes Terrence’s left hand and leads it down to her pussy. Terrence gets the message and he gently massages her pussy as Serenity sighs in pleasure. Terrence gently caresses Serenity’s clit and then slides two fingers inside of her.

“Ooohhh baby,” Serenity moaned. Terrence moves his fingers in and out of Serenity and Terrence stops kissing Serenity’s breast and watches her.

“Damn your wet as s*** baby....and tight,” Terrence said softly.

“It’s all for you baby....I need you inside of me,” Serenity groaned.

“You want me inside of you huh?” Serenity just bites her lip and nods her head.

“You’re sure about this baby?,” Terrence said.

“Yes baby I’m positive,” Serenity said.

“We need a condom.” Serenity smiles a bit and she takes the condom she placed on the bathtub rim and then turns back to Terrence. Terrence raises his eyebrows and laughs.

“You were prepared huh?,” Terrence joked. Serenity just laughs a bit and she kneels down in front of Terrence. Terrence is shocked by what Serenity is doing, but deep down he knew she was a freak!

“Terrence I love you so much,” Serenity said while looking Terrence in his eyes.

“I love you more baby,” Terrence said while looking Serenity in her eyes. Serenity licks her lips and she gently kisses the head of Terrence’s d*** and Terrence jumped a bit. Serenity looks up at him and rests her hands on Terrence’s waist. Serenity keeps eye contact with Terrence as she swirls her tongue around the head of his d***.

“Damn,” Terrence said lowly. Serenity takes the head of Terrence’s d*** and slides it into her mouth and then inches him further into her mouth. Terrence just watches as Serenity practically swallows his d***. He had no clue she had it like this!

“Ahhh s***,” Terrence groaned. Serenity takes all of Terrence in her mouth and then she starts to bob her head back and forth. Terrence can feel the head of his d*** hit the back of Serenity’s throat every time she moves her head back and forth. He gently grabs a portion of Serenity’s hair as she moves her head back and forth on him.

“f*** Serenity,” Terrence moaned in pleasure. Serenity opens her mouth and now Terrence can hear his d*** hit the back of her throat. After a few minutes like this, Serenity holds all of Terrence in her mouth and then takes him out and spits all over his d***.

“Damn baby! I knew you were nasty,” Terrence said while laughing a bit. Serenity giggles and she uses her tongue to trace over Terrence’s entire shift and then sucks on the head of his d*** really well. Serenity takes her right hand and starts to play with herself while sucking Terrence. Terrence just looks down at her and bites his bottom lip. He wants her so bad right now. He wants to be inside of her. He is so close to cumming right now, but he can’t do that just yet. He grabs Serenity’s hand and stands her up. Serenity takes the condom and rips it open. She takes it out and looks up at Terrence. She leans in and kisses his chest gently as she slides the condom onto Terrence’s d***. Serenity is very aware of the size that Terrence is packing, but she wants to feel him inside of her. She needs intimacy with Terrence and Terrence needs it with her. Serenity sucks on Terrence’s neck as she gently strokes his d*** in both hands.

“I want you inside of me baby.....deep inside of me,” Serenity said through moans.

“I want to be inside of you Serenity,” Terrence said. Serenity smiles to herself and looks up at Terrence.

“How do you want me baby?,” Serenity asked. Terrence bites his lip he pecks Serenity’s lips then takes her hand. He puts her against the wall so her front side is on the wall. Serenity smiles to herself and Terrence presses his body against Serenity’s and runs his hands all over her.

“Spread out your legs babe,” Terrence whispered in Serenity’s right ear. Serenity does as she is told and Terrence kisses her neck. Terrence grabs his d*** and he slowly guides it inside of Serenity. Serenity breaths out deeply as Terrence moves inside of her. It hurts a bit, but it feels more good than bad to Serenity.

“Damn baby you’re tight,” Terrence whispered.

“Mmmm,” Serenity moaned. Serenity has her left cheek against the wall and she looks at Terrence he looks at her. Terrence grabs her left leg and lifts it up against the wall and puts his left arm under her knee to hold it there. Terrence starts out at a slow pace. She feels so damn good! She is so tight and Terrence loves the way that feels.

“Uhh baby you feel so good,” Terrence whispered in Serenity’s ear.

“Mmm so do you feel so good,” Serenity moaned. Terrence leans in and kisses Serenity deeply as he picks up his speed. Serenity moaned through kisses as Terrence picked up his speed.

“You like that? Huh?,” Terrence asked.

“Yes baby! Yes! Ahhh f***!,” Serenity moaned in pleasure.

“Not too loud baby, we don’t want to wake the kids,” Terrence said while laughing a bit.

“Shut me up then,” Serenity said while smirking. Terrence raises his eyebrows and he bites his bottom lip. Terrence leans in and forces his tongue inside of Serenity’s mouth. Terrence then starts to drill Serenity’s pussy! Serenity yelled out in Terrence’s mouth as he did this.

“I’m not gonna shut you up. You have to control yourself,” Terrence said sensually.

“Terrence......this isn’t fair!,” Serenity said through moans.

“I believe in you. You can control yourself.” Terrence thrusts inside of Serenity fast and deep and Serenity purses her lips closed so she won’t scream out. This pleasure Terrence is giving her is making her want to scream at the top of her lungs!!

“Ahhh!,” Serenity let out somewhat loudly.

“Babe stay quiet!,” Terrence demanded.

“I can’t! Ohhh!”

“Try harder!” Terrence slaps Serenity’s ass and Serenity moaned out in pleasure. Serenity closes her eyes and shuts her mouth closed as Terrence digs her out. He is so damn deep and he feels so damn good! Serenity wants to yell so loud the neighbors will be able to hear! 20 minutes later, Terrence is still going at it. Serenity has been quiet for the most part. There was a few times where Serenity let out load moans though. Serenity can feel her climax approaching.

“Ter-Terrance...ahh! Baby I’m about to cum!,” Serenity whispered loudly. Terrence takes his right hand and puts it over Serenity’s mouth as he continues pumping in and out of her fast and deep.

“Fu-f*** babe! I’m about to cum too! But you first,” Terrence said. Terrence continues his rhythm and he can feel Serenity’s pussy tighten up around his d***. Serenity’s breathing speeds up and she yells as her climax takes over her body. Serenity’s eyes roll to the back of her head and she shakes. Terrence grunts loudly as he climaxes right after Serenity does. Terrence pulls out of Serenity and Serenity cannot feel her legs right now. Terrence sets down Serenity’s left leg and Serenity almost fell to the floor, but Terrence wrapped his arms around her waist and held her up tight. Serenity and Terrence are both trying to catch their breaths. Once they do, Serenity turns around in Terrence’s arms and looks up at him and Terrence looks down at her. Terrence leans down and gently pecks Serenity’s lips and then caresses her left cheek.

“That was amazing,” Terrence said while smiling.

“It really was,” Serenity said while smiling.

“You’re a freak. I knew it though. It is always the shyest ones that are the freakiest.”

“I are a freak too, but I already knew that.”

“You’re right....what made you decide to want to do this?”

“I needed to feel the love you have for me Terrence. I needed to physically feel it and I needed you to feel the love I have for you.”

“You’re so sweet....I love you so much Serenity.”

“I love you too Terrence. So , Anisa and DJ mean everything to me....after Darius died, I never ever thought that I would feel.....whole again. I always thought that I would be walking around with this hole in my heart....and even though I loved Darius and I always will....I know that I am able to love again....I know that I no longer have a hole in my heart.....and that’s because of you Terrence. It’s all because of you. So I thank you for that. I thank you for making me whole again.”

“No Serenity, thank you. Thank you for allowing me and Anisa to come into your life. Thank you for making us a part of your family. Thank you for helping me fill the void I have had since Sonia died. Most importantly....thank you for letting me love you and thank you for loving me.” Serenity just smiles and leans in and kisses Terrence’s lips then she wraps her arms around him and rests her head on his chest. Serenity can’t help but smile right now. She is beyond happy. She never thought she could love again, but Terrence has proven her wrong. This is a completely new chapter in Serenity’s life and she can’t wait to find out where it will take her.

It's cool Nicole. As long as they get there happily ever after

Be patient with me on this story please ladies I need to figure out the direction I want to take it!

run it

DJ's home. Yes. Thank God. Aww the familys back together. Dj healthy and happy and I pray Daniel and April will be punished by law. But for now the family's doing great and can go back to normal. Im glad Ashley and Andrew will be in their lives too. Finally able to breath now.

YESSSS They got DJ back.

Omg they are all one big happy family again!!!! I'm so happy for her, cuz Serenity was going through it for a minute!!! whoo it was soo rough, but I'm glad they made it through all of that. Ashley and Andrew are now in the family and that is so great!! I feel like they can kinda start their lives as a family now.

It’s the next day, Saturday and Terrence and Serenity are expecting DJ any minute!! Everyone is beyond excited!! When Andrew told the police that he saw April and Daniel on the surveillance camera in Switzerland, they were arrested and immediately flown to the U.S, along with DJ. The authorities assured Serenity and Terrence that DJ is fine. The maids of April and Daniel took very good care of him. Serenity and Terrence spent the day getting ready for DJ. They went shopping to make sure DJ had food appropriate for DJ’s age and also clothes, since Serenity is sure DJ has grown since he has been gone. It’s around 4 pm and Serenity keeps looking out her window waiting for someone to pull up in her driveway.

“Serenity are you nervous?,” Anisa asked.

“Yes I am baby girl....I just can’t wait to see DJ,” Serenity said.

“I know me too. He is going to be big!,” Anisa exclaimed. Serenity just smiles and walks over to Anisa and leans down and kisses her cheek. Terrence comes up behind Serenity and wraps his arms around her waist. Serenity smiles and rests her hands on top of Terrence’s as he kisses her cheek.

“I’m so excited to see DJ baby,” Terrence said.

“Me too baby. I can’t even explain to you how much....I know when I see him I am going to break down,” Serenity said.

“No need to cry though babe, you should be happy.” Serenity nods her head and kisses Terrence’s cheek. Serenity and Terrence sit on the couch and Anisa sits in between them and they patiently wait. At 5 pm, Serenity and Terrence hear the doorbell ring. Everyone gasps in shock and Anisa runs to the door. Terrence and Serenity stand up and walk hand in hand to the door. Terrence opens the door and sees Detective Hall, Andrew, Ashley and DJ!!! Serenity just puts her hand over her mouth and she just starts balling. Her son DJ is back!!!!

“...Can I hold him?,” Serenity asked through tears.

“Of course you can,” Detective Hall said. Ashley, Andrew, and Detective Hall walk in. Detective Hall sets down the car seat with DJ and picks him up gently and hands him to Serenity. Serenity just cries as she holds him tight. She cannot even explain how happy she is right now. She pulls out of the embrace and looks at him and kisses him all over his face. He smiles and squeals a bit and Serenity can’t help but laugh.

“DJ mommy missed you so much! I love you so much!,” Serenity exclaimed. DJ just smiles and Serenity kisses his nose then looks him up and down.

“DJ you have gotten so big!!,” Serenity said happily.

“DJ has gotten chunky,” Anisa said while giggling. Serenity just looks at Anisa and laughs. She hands DJ to Terrence and Terrence kisses DJ all over his face as DJ laughs and squeals out in excitement.

“Lil’ man!! We missed you so much!,” Terrence said. Serenity looks at Detective Hall, Andrew and Ashley, and she hugs all of them individually.

“Thank you all so much for bringing DJ back home to me. I can never thank you all enough,” Serenity said through tears.

“You’re welcome,” they all said in unison.

“Serenity we will let you know about court dates. April and Daniel may meet bail, but trust me, they will not get away with this crime,” Detective Hall.

“Thank you so much,” Serenity said. Detective Hall says bye to everyone and then leaves. Serenity hugs Andrew and Ashley again.

“Andrew, Ashley, thank you so much for everything. If it weren’t for you two, I am not sure if I would have ever gotten DJ back. So I thank you so much,” Serenity said.

“Serenity we had to do this for are my family. Darius lives through your son DJ,” Ashley said.

“Thank you so much,” Serenity said.

“Would you mind if me and Ashley stayed for a bit?,” Andrew said.

“Not at two are more than welcome to come visit anytime you want after what you did for me,” Serenity said. Ashley and Andrew smile and Serenity closes and locks her door. They all go into the living room and see Terrence sitting on the couch, and Anisa and DJ on the floor. DJ is lying on his stomach with his arms in a push up position and his head is lifted off of the ground.

“Serenity look! DJ can lift his head up now!,” Anisa exclaimed. Serenity just smiles at this; she has never seen DJ do this before. DJ is a little older than four months old, so this is great development for him. Serenity smiles and sits next to Terrence and he wraps his arms around her waist and holds her close to him. Andrew and Ashley sit on the couch across from Serenity and Terrence. Anisa gently rubs DJ’s back and then kisses his cheek.

“Serenity your son is beautiful....he looks just the way Darius did when he was a baby,” Ashley noticed.

“I know he really does....gosh I am so happy to see him,” Serenity said. DJ is moving around a bit and smiling while Anisa plays with him. DJ is such a happy baby and that just melts Serenity’s heart. Serenity rests her head against Terrence’s shoulder and he kisses her cheek. Serenity watches DJ and she notices how big he has gotten!! He is quite the chunky baby, so Serenity knows whoever was taking care of DJ, was feeding him really well.

“Serenity if you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask either of us....we are here for you...we are your family now don’t ever forget that,” Ashley said. Serenity just smiles and nods her head as tears run down her cheeks. Terrence wipes her tears and then kisses her cheek.

“You alright babe?,” Terrence asked.

“Yes baby I’m fine. I’m just so happy. I have a family now. And DJ is back with me. He’s so beautiful,” Serenity said. Serenity buries her head in Terrence’s chest as she cries. She is crying because she is ecstatic. She still can’t believe her son is home!! She turns her head and looks at DJ smiling while playing with Anisa and she just smiles big. Serenity feels like she missed so much, but she is thankful he is home now.

“Serenity DJ is so cute! I love him so much,” Anisa said.

“He loves you too baby girl,” Serenity said. Anisa smiles and kisses DJ’s cheek and he just giggles. Anisa rubs DJ’s back and smiles at him.

“Mind if I hold DJ Serenity?,” Ashley asked.

“Not at all, that’s your nephew,” Serenity said. Ashley smiles and nods her head and Ashley stands up and walks over to DJ. Anisa stands up and sits next to Andrew and he kisses her cheek multiple times as she giggles. When Ashley and Andrew first met, they literally fell in love with her and the same goes for Anisa. Anisa is just so lovable how can you not love her? Ashley picks up DJ and kisses his nose and he smiles at her. Ashley smiles back and sits down next to Andrew and sits with DJ in her lap while holding his hands. Ashley plays with DJ and Terrence and Serenity just admire them together. After a while, Ashley hands DJ to Andrew and he plays with DJ until he notices DJ gets sleepy.

“I think DJ is ready for bed,” Andrew said. Serenity stands up and Andrew does as well and he hands DJ to her. Serenity kisses DJ’s cheek multiple times as he closes his eyes. Ashley stands up and stands next to Andrew.

“Serenity thank you so much for letting us visit. We really want to see DJ grow up, I mean, DJ, Terrence and Anisa really mean a lot to me and Andrew,” Ashley said.

“Yeah Serenity.....since Ashley doesn’t have her brother, she really needs you and your family,” Andrew said.

“I feel the same way about you makes things a little easier knowing that someone that was special to Darius is a part of my life and DJ’s life....after Darius died, I felt so know your parents have never liked me Ashley, no matter how hard I tried.....but I’m so glad that you both are in my life. I want you both in DJ’s life and mine,” Serenity said.

“You’re sweet’re family and we love you,” Ashley said.

“I love you both too,” Serenity said. Ashley smiles and him and Andrew both hug Serenity, Terrence, Anisa and DJ and then they leave. Anisa comes up to Serenity and hugs her waist. Serenity smiles and looks down at Anisa.

“Serenity I’m happy you are happy.....I was sad seeing you sad,” Anisa said.

“You’re so sweet baby girl. I love you so much,” Serenity said.

“I love you too,” Anisa said. Serenity takes Anisa’s hand and they walk into the kitchen and Terrence follows them. Terrence fixes DJ a bottle and then hands it to Serenity. Serenity holds DJ in her arms as she feeds him before he falls asleep. She kisses his face multiple times and smiles at him as he drifts off to sleep.

“DJ is falling asleep....I am going to lay with him,” Serenity said.

“Can I come too?,” Anisa said.

“Of course you can baby girl......and your daddy can too,” Serenity said. Terrence smiles and picks up Anisa and kisses her cheek. Terrence grabs Serenity’s hand and they all walk upstairs to Serenity’s bedroom. Serenity lies down in the bed with DJ on his chest. Anisa lies on her left side and Terrence lies on her right side. Terrence rests his arm over Serenity’s waist and Anisa snuggles close to DJ. They all have their eyes on DJ since they all missed him so much. Serenity gently rubs DJ’s back and he falls asleep instantly. Serenity kisses his forehead multiple times and then she looks next to her and sees Anisa sleeping as well. Serenity kisses Anisa’s forehead and then looks over at Terrence and she puckers her lips. Terrence smiles and pecks Serenity’s lips multiple times. Serenity looks at Terrence and tears build up in her eyes.

“I know you’re just so happy babe,” Terrence said while running rubbing Serenity’s cheek.

“Yes I am....look at him. He’s so beautiful,” Serenity said while looking down at DJ then back up at Terrence.

“I know he is. He’s gotten so’s amazing,” Terrence said.

“I know he’s gotten chunky like Anisa said. Look at his legs,” Serenity said while laughing.

“I know you’re right someone was feeding him good.”

“That’s true....I’m so happy that he is back with us.”

“I am too baby.” Terrence kisses Serenity’s lips then kisses DJ’s forehead. Terrence turns on his back and Serenity scoots closer to him and rests her head on his chest while DJ sleeps peacefully. Serenity can’t stop looking at DJ or stop kissing his face. She missed him beyond measure and she can’t help but cry because she is so happy. She is so happy HER family is altogether.


*TEARS* Oh thank God Andrew found DJ, yes yes yes. Thank God Terrence stopped Serenity from hurting herself, DJ almost didn't have a mother to come home too. Love the add RUN IT!!! Aww I like that Serenity called DJ there son. Aww and Terrence does love him like his own. The newly formed family will be together soon, and I hope Daniel and April rott in prison. RUN IT!!!

im SO HAPPY dj is coming home....

OMG!!!!!!!!! DJ is coming home!!! YES!!!! Praise the lord Dj is coming home. I'm so happy their family will be back together!!! I can't believe Serenity would try to kill herself, but I'm glad Terrance stopped her. Depression and loss can be very hard to cope with. But they can be happy again, they have their family and each other. Run it!!

One month passes and DJ is still missing. Serenity thought she was bad before, now she is even worse. She is losing her damn mind without her son. She went back to work two weeks ago, but that’s all she does. She works, but she hardly eats or sleeps. Serenity has fallen into a deep depression and she is nothing like herself. She is always sad or mad, never happy. Terrence and Anisa are doing their best to help her out, but she has alienated herself from them. When she gets home, she locks herself in her room. Terrence wishes he could do something to help her out, but she won’t even let him near her. He wants to console her, but she won’t let him. Serenity has lost a good ten pounds and she looks pretty awful. She has bags under her eyes because she never sleeps and she is quite skinny now. Terrence has offered to take her to the doctor because he thinks she may need medication for her depression but she won’t. Terrence offered to take her to a psychiatrist so she can talk about how she is feeling, but she refuses that as well. Serenity calls the police every day asking for any new information, but they say all leads have led to a dead end. Ashley and Andrew call Serenity every day too to inform of her anything, but so far nothing. Andrew has been digging really deep but he says that April and Daniel have hidden themselves very well but he is confident he will find DJ. Serenity just wants her son back. She needs him back. She is nothing without him at least that is how she feels. Well it’s Friday afternoon around 5 pm and Terrence and Anisa are downstairs fixing dinner. Serenity walks downstairs to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. She walks into the kitchen and when Terrence and Anisa see her, they both smile and wave at her.

“Hi Serenity,” Anisa said sweetly. Serenity smiles a bit and goes over to Anisa and kneels in front of her and hugs her tightly. Serenity then looks at Anisa while rubbing her cheek.

“....You know I love you right Anisa?,” Serenity said softly.

“I know Serenity I love you too,” Anisa said. Serenity kisses Anisa’s cheek then hugs her again. She then stands up and looks at Terrence. She walks over to him and wraps her arms around him and hugs him tight. Terrence smiles to himself and hugs Serenity back.

“Terrence....I love you. I really have been so good to me and I appreciate you so much,” Serenity said through tears. Terrence smiles widely because this is the first time Serenity has said that she loved him.

“I love you too baby. I love you so much,” Terrence said. Serenity cries on Terrence’s chest for a bit and then pulls out of the embrace. Terrence wipes her tears and then kisses her forehead. Serenity goes to the fridge, gets a bottle of water, and then looks at Terrence and Anisa.

“Baby do you want any food? Dinner should be ready soon,” Terrence said.

“No I’m ok.....I just wanted you two to know that I love you both....and I always will,” Serenity said. Serenity turns around and walks upstairs. For some reason, what Serenity said and how she said it, did not sit right with Terrence at all. It sounded like.....goodbye to him.

“Anisa baby girl, watch the food. I will be right back,” Terrence said.

“Ok daddy,” Anisa said. Terrence quickly runs up the stairs. He looks in Serenity’s bedroom, then his bedroom, but doesn’t see Serenity. He goes into DJ’s room and sees Serenity sitting on the floor, with a razor in her hand. He quickly snatches the razor from Serenity and looks at her in shock.

“Serenity! What are you doing? Huh?,” Terrence yelled angrily. Serenity just looks at him as her hands are shaking.

“I don’t want to be here anymore Terrence.....I am nothing with’s so painful without him. I just want all the pain to go away,” Serenity said through tears. Terrence throws the razor to the side and kneels down and pulls Serenity close to him and wraps his arms around her tight.

“ can you say that huh? Anisa and I love you! We love you so much! Do you know how devastated we would be if you were to ever leave us? Huh? Did you even think about that? Think about the people that care about you! What if DJ would have come back and you weren’t even here to see it? Huh? Serenity.....don’t you ever think like this again,” Terrence said in tears by now.

“.....I’m sorry....I’m sorry,” Serenity said.

“Serenity you are strong. You are a very strong woman. You lost your husband and made it. So I know you can get through this. I know you can. We can get through this I promise we can.....DJ will be coming home,” Terrence said.

“Terrence....I’m falling apart. I’m depressed. I don’t know how to handle this’s getting so difficult.....I can’t sleep or eat. All I want to do is lie down and stare at the walls,” Serenity confessed.

“Oh baby I know....I know. I wish I could take all of your pain away but I can’t. If there is anything I can do, just let me know baby.”

“....You are doing the best you can Terrence. You are always there for me and that’s enough.....I truly do love you Terrence. I love you and Anisa so much. You two mean everything to me. If it weren’t for you two, I am not sure where I would be in all of are such a good man and I love you Terrence. I mean that with all of my heart.”

“You’re so sweet baby. I love you too.” Terrence kisses Serenity’s forehead multiple times as he holds her close. After a few minutes, Terrence pulls out of the hug and looks at Serenity. He wipes her tears then pecks her lips.

“Baby come downstairs with need to eat something,” Terrence said. Serenity just nods her head and Terrence and Serenity stand up. Terrence picks up the razor and throws it away. Serenity and Terrence walk downstairs hand in hand to the kitchen and Serenity sits down at the kitchen island. Serenity picks up Anisa and sets her in her lap and kisses her cheek multiple times and Anisa smiles at Serenity.

“You ok?,” Anisa asked.

“Yes baby girl I’m ok,” Serenity said. Anisa smiles and rests her head against Serenity’s chest and gently rubs her arms. Once dinner is ready, Terrence, Serenity and Anisa eat together. It was really nice for them all to eat together as a family. They have all missed that. After dinner, Serenity talks to Anisa while she takes her bath and then Serenity helps Anisa get ready for bed. Anisa lies down in her bed and gets under the covers while Serenity sits next to her. Serenity reads Anisa a bedtime story as Anisa drifts off to sleep. Serenity rubs Anisa’s cheek gently as she watches her sleep. Anisa is so beautiful to Serenity. Serenity loves her so much. Serenity leans down and kisses Anisa’s forehead and watches her for a little while. Suddenly, Serenity hears Terrence having a phone conversation. Serenity hears Terrence say “You found them? Where are they?” Serenity quickly leaves the room and goes into Terrence’s bedroom and sees him on the phone smiling.

“Thank you Andrew! Thank you so much!,” Terrence exclaimed. Terrence hangs up and looks at Serenity while smiling big.

“Terrence what is it? What’s going on?,” Serenity asked frantically.

“That was he found them! He found April and Serenity on a surveillance camera in Switzerland of all places! But DJ he’s ok! He is ok! Andrew has called the police and we should have him back sometime tomorrow! Serenity.....DJ is coming home!,” Terrence exclaimed. Serenity just puts her hand over her mouth as tears fill her eyes. Serenity runs to Terrence and Terrence picks her up and spins her around as he holds her tight. Serenity has her legs wrapped around Terrence’s waist as he holds her tight and as she cries.

“Oh my gosh I can’t believe this....I can’t believe it. I’m so happy,” Serenity said through tears.

“Me too baby! Me’re getting your son back Serenity,” Terrence said.

“No Terrence.....we’re getting our son back.” Terrence just pulls out of the embrace and looks at Serenity in shock; did she mean what she just said?

“What?,” Terrence asked in shock.

“I don’t see you leaving my life Terrence....ever....and as long as you are here, DJ is going to know you....I will be his mother....and you will be just like his father.....he needs and deserves that.”

“Oh Serenity....I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Aww poor Serenity. I can't belive they still havent found DJ yet. Man I can only imagine what she's going through. Man these popo better get on it. Aww Anisa called DJ her lil brother... aww. And she misses him too. Im just glad Serenity has Terrence and he can confort her. And Darius had a sister wow. And her guy is a former detective, I hope he can help find DJ, I know it's hard but somethings gotta give. RUN IT!!!

I hate seeing everyone so sad. I know they'll get DJ back. That threat was serious tho...smh I hope they find him soon.

Hey could you check out my story "Lost Souls +Ch2?" Thanks. I really need more feedback. I'd really appreciate it :)

Man I was hoping that phone call would be some good news, now I'm mad. PLEASE Update soon and get DJ back to Serenity and April and Daniel can go drive off a cliff somewhere.

Run iT! <3