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Welcome Home Mayleen ♡

Welcome Home Mayleen ♡
Chapter ::One::

"Levi! Kingston! Please put your attention back to decorating and stop monkeying around!" I scolded them. "Awe c'mon ma! We just tryna have some fun," He said slapping Kingston's neck. Kingston laughed and nodded. "Yeah Kay, just chill. I promise we'll have the whole place decorated when you get back."

I sighed and walked into the Kitchen where Mama J, Chris and Dany had been helping cook. "Drake and I are about to leave to the airport, can you guys please make sure those two aren't creating too much chaos?" Dany laughed at my worriedness. "Kay, everything will be just fine. Now stop hallucinationating and go get that girl!" Her hands pushed me to the door, as Drake came down the stairs.

 "Okay, but let me just go help them put up the sign. It'll only take me a few minutes. Dany shook her head. "No. Go now. Get out." Shoving me out the door she started laughing. "Goodbye you two." 

We waved as Drake pulled the car out the drive way and down the street. "Oh my god baby, Im so nervous. I haven't felt this since finding out I was pregnant with Levi. I hope she likes us. What if she hates us?" Chuckling, Drake put his hand over mine.

"She won't, everything will be fine. Just calm down before you give yourself a heart attack." I smiled nervously and looked out the window.

It seemed like it took us forever to get to the airport. Drake pulled into a parking space and got out. I followed behind him, nervously biting my lip. "This is it baby." He said kissing my forehead as we walked inside. 

My arm found its way around his and we patiently waited at the Montego Bay, Jamaica exit. A few people came out, then a white woman with a young girl—Mayleen. "Are you Mrs. and Mr. Graham?" 

Drake and I nodded and smiled. <a
href="">Mayleen</a> smiled too and stared at her shoes. "Hi, Im Ms. Saratago the social worker that you talked to on the phone." She said shaking our hands. "Oh Hello, how are you?" 

"Im just fine. Im really happy for you two. I know your going to be nothing but the best parents." I nodded.

"Yes we have a child of our own, he's seventeen." Her smile widened. "How great, she has another sibiling. I hope everything goes well between them. But let me stop holding you up, the Social Services office will call you to locate one here in California for you and I have a plane to catch." She said hugging our new edition before grabbing her bags, and heading off to the other side of the airport.

"You ready to go?" Drake asked her. She nodded as we helped her with her bags and we were off to the car. The drive home was quiet until I decided to break it. "So, Mayleen.. Do you like LA?" I asked kind of nervously. She smiled and nodded. "Its beautiful."

"I think you'll like it here. You know, make some friends. Oh I can't wait for you to meet King and Safiyah. You guys are gonna be indestructible." 

"Are those your other kids?" I shook my head. "Their my best friends girls. By the way, your really pretty." Her cheeks turned pink. "Thank you." 

When we got back to the house, my nerves were jumping everywhere. I hoped everybody kept their word like they said. Drake put the key in the door and in we walked. Everyone came from various places in the foyor. "Welcome Home Mayleen!" Everyone screamed.

"Heeey! She's not a baby!" Haven yelled. "Daaaamn!"  King C and Kingston said.



haven is a freak but you can see he is
in love with the girl like crazy already
im glad levi stepped up adn is already
taking responsibility for her
what a great big brother :)

bad ass kids


Haven gon get beat up if he keep on!..Levi aint playin bout his sister..even tho he only been knowin her for a hot min..but STILL its his sis and eh aint playin! lol..i like mayleen she kool and fittin in quite nicely..i like how when she was like oooh yall got two pools and etc levi was like u mean WE got two pools..that was nice of him to make her feel included..cant wait for the nxt add :) RUN IT!!

So. While Im writing this chapter. Anyone want a poptart? :D

Haven a lil freak a leak lmfaooo

but mayleen seems to be fitting in just fine
its cool that levi is so protective of her already

run it

Look at Haven tryn get his mac on.
He's really trying Levi's patience tho.
This is like the tension Chris and Drake had,
this time its between their sons Haven and Levi.
Mayleen seems like cool people tho.
Haven needs to chill a little tho, he's a little too much.

Run it

He said shoving him and getting out going into the house.*
Sorry for the typo ^.^

Mayleen ♡
Chapter ::Two::

I laughed at the boys goofiness and put my bags down. "Heeeey its a smart boy" I smiled mocking him. Everyone laughed. "Don't be gettin' all slick with me Ms. Thang," The boy with Gray eyes said snapping his fingers and rolling his neck playfully.

I laughed loudly as he embraced me in a hug. "Nah, but Im Haven, thats King C and Kingston." He said pointing to the other boys as I hugged them. "Hey," I smiled. "And I'm Joyce, but you can call me Mama J." A woman with dimples and a warm smile hugged me.

"Oh! There you are, come here and meet your sister." My new mom said to a boy with piercings and the cutest smile ever on this planet. "Hey Mayleen, I'm Levi, your new brother." He said also hugging me.

I swear all these hugs were gonna last me love until valentines day. "Hey big bro." He smiled and picked up my bags. "Here let me help you with your bags, lil sis." I shyly smiled and followed him upstairs. "Hurry back down you two! There's more people I want you to meet May." Ms. Graham said. "So where you from?" 

"Montego Bay, Jamaica." I replied as he opened the door to a purple and white room. "Its pretty," I said walking in. "I kinda figured you would like it and not all the pink stuff my moms was gonna do." I giggled and sat on the bed. 

He put my bags down by the bed. "Okay.. Well, Im gonna go back downstairs. We're all in the backyard chillin' in the pool so meet us when your done changing." I nodded as he left and shut the door. 

I could finally get out this stupid skirt Ms. Saratoga made me wear. Going through my bags, I found a two peice my last adoptive parents bought me and a pair of blue jean shorts. 



"Im telling you his new sister is fine as a mother man! Aaaand she gotta booty too!" Haven ranted on to the girls about Mayleen. 

"Hell yeah." King said butting in and agreeing. I shook my head and slapped Haven on the back of his head. "Stay away from my sister with all that bulls*** you be tryna pull nigga." 

He glared at me and rubbed the back of his head. "Well, I sure do wanna meet her," Safiyah said just as she said that Mayleen came out the patio door looking lost. 

"Yo May! Over here." Haven mumbled something to Kingston. I glared at him as Mayleen made it to the pool. "This house is dope! I can't believe yall have 2 pools and a hot tub."She said in amazement.

"You mean 'we'," I said pointing between us two making her smile hard. "Anyways, these are the girls. That's Safiyah my girlfriend," I said pointing to her. "Hey girlie!" Smiling she gave Mayleen a hug. "And Thats Chaos and King," They also gave her a hug.

"So how you like LA?" King asked her. "Its cool. Its nothing like home. Actually.. Its alot different than home. But I like it here from what I've seen." I smiled and dived in the water.

"Let's play a game of Marco Polo. I go first." Everyone agreed and I closed my eyes. "Marco!" "Polo!" After a while I cornered Safiyah and tagged her.

"Marco!" "Polo!" Soon after she tagged Mayleen. Everyone laughed as she pouted her lips. 



"Marco!" "Polo!" "Marco!" "Mar—"
I reached my hand out and felt something hard. "Already? I didn't think you was THAT much of a freak baby." I opened my eyes to see Haven in front of me and my hand on his private area of his swim trunks. "Oh my god!" I screamed moving away. 

"Haven what the f*** yo! Didn't I tell you to stay away from her?!" He moved closer to him. "Ya'll come in it's time for cake!" Lexi said coming to the patio. "Okay" everybody yelled. I quickly got out the pool, grabbed a towl and went inside.

"You gone keep playing with me until I set fire to yo ass aint you?" Levi yelled through greeted teeth. "Yo, she came on to me! I can't help that I'm fine." He laughed. "Im not laughing Haven! Keep your hands off her!" I said shoving him and getting out going into the house.


I've been doing this add since 3:00 yesterday but I kept getting distracted. So here you go :D Btw, everyone who has been in it and just now joining will all be in the next add! Thanks for the support! I love you all &hearts;

ummm where am i & chaos & reven hmmmm

and damn now gotta add another to my story s*** all theses damn kids its starting to get hard to keep track

Oh! Ima add to this now. I almost forgot!

Kay always has to be worried. smh
Trust, Danyell and Chris got this.
Awe, Mayleen is so pretty.
Hopefully she gets along with everyone.
Lmao at Haven, this nigga thought she
was a baby. *face palms* King C and
Kingston better keep away from her.
Those hornballs.

Run it