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Soulmates...Or not?

Hi this is my first entry ever and I decided to start a fanfiction story. This story is a little bit based on my life, but not so much. I'm swedish so you must pardon my english... 6 days ago I saw Chris on his concert here in Sweden! And this story is partially based on that... Tensta is a suburban place where I live, it's almost like Brooklyn, so it's quite dangerous if you catch my drift.

INTRO: "Ugh!" Just my luck... Tonight out of all nights.. I don't even know where she went. One second she was right there beside me and the next minute she leaves! How am I supposed to get home now? It's 10:30 PM and I'm in the middle of a desert like street! I know where the subway is, but I'm scared to go home alone, just the thought of going home alone makes me tremble. God knows how dangerous it's to walk around the streets in Tensta alone a this time. How could she leave me? While I continue to argue with myself, I see a blue car around the corner of the street. I ignore the car and continue forward, but the car starts to drive after me. My heart is hammering in my chest and I increase my pace. A black hooded figure gets out of the car and follows me. This is it I think as he gets closer and closer,I'm going to die.
"Let me give you a ride," he says and gives me a broad angelic smile. It's him. Chris Brown. But the question is, what does he want from me?


Run it XD

Ong that's her daddy!!! I love me some MJ he was fine as hell xD
Anyways awwww Chris is bring so caring but he still wrong.

Run it

Chapter 9
Hi guys, I know I haven't updated for a long time, I'm sorry :( But now I'm on Christmas break, which means I can update a lot for 2 weeks before school starts again :) So I don't want to be demanding but I would appreciate if you would comment on what I write :) It would mean the world for me.

I still can't believe that happened. How could he? As much as I want to loathe him, I can't. I still love him, I can't deny that, but I won't get back together with him... I just can't, it's to much for me to handle. And to top it all I had an argument with mom. It's just that she doesn't appreciate whatever I do and always finds something bad, and I got tired of proving things to her all the time! So I confronted her and we got into a fight, and now she won't talk to me. People in school won't talk to me, even my friends, they just go around and ignore me. I don't wanna live anymore, it's just so difficult.... Besides no one would even miss me if I died.

The alarm clock beeped and woke me out of yet another nightmare. I sighed and got up to take a shower and go to school. I took a quick look around the house before I sighed and went out. In school my teachers smile at me and I smile back, but everyone else ignore me. I wrap my arms around my body as I walk past Sandra and her clique, they giggle and whisper as I walk past and I can hear Sandra talking about Chris and her. My eyes tear up and I hurry to the toilet and let my tears fall.

I get out of the toilet just in time for class, it's music and we're going to rehearse. After muic class everyone get out of class, but my music teacher Matti pulls me in again after I try to get out.

"Can I have a word?" Matti says and smiles at me.

"Sure." I say and plaster a fake smile on my face.

"You have a beutiful voice and I would like to recommend you to this poducer I know, I want you to try out a career in music." he says and my eyes widens.

"Wwhat do you mean?" I stutter.

"You have the potential to become a very intresting singer, and you know what, I already talked to your mother and she's ok with it so I will tell you when the producer's gonna meet you." he says and I gulp.

"Ok." I say feeling somewhat excited, I might become a singer. At this Matti smiles and tells me to get to my class before I get late.
In class we continue to prepare for the concert and they told me that Chris was coming. I panic but zone off and tune everybody out. It's just better to feel nothing at all. During the song "Who is it" Chris suddenly enters the building while I sing. I turn and direct all my anger to Chris and he flinches and stares at me.

His eyes filled with regret, hurt, lust and love. Sandra practically throws herself on him and I swallow the bile in my throat and glare at her.
After the song I go to dance rehearsal, completely ignoring Chris and before he can run after me Sandra stops him. I dance and pour everything in to my dance. While I continue to dance I suddenly realise that no one's behind me, everyone's gathered around me watching. I take a look around everyone and see Matti, the producer and Chris. I ignore Chris and go to Matti.

"Hey." I say breathless.

"Hi, you're dancing's flawless." Matti says grinning. I blush and smile.

"So, Loreen this is Anders and he works for Sony Music Sweden and he wants to talk to you." Matti says and I shake hands with Anders.

"So, Loreen I suggest that we head to the studio right away so we can test your voice and the write our contract." Anders says and my eyes widens.

"Yyou wanna write a contract rright away?" I stutter surprised.

"Yes, I've been listening to you and your voice is truly flawless, I can't wait to work with you!" he says smiling, I smile back and we head to the studio and for the first time in weeks I forgot about Chris. After recording a few of my own songs, I signed the contract and went home with a huge smile on my face. I was going to be a singer! My smile went down when I saw Chris outside my house with a man and a few kids.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!" I screamed as soon as I saw Chris.

"Please, just let me expl-" he started but I cut him off.

"EXPLAIN WHAT??, YOU'VE HURT ME, STABBED ME IN THE BACK AND NOW YOU'RE BACK TO KICK SOMEONE WHO'S LYING ON THE GROUND!!"I bellowed feeling the adrenaline running through my veins. The man behind Chris stepped out and I gasped. It was Michael Jackson.

"I know that you are angry but, please let me talk to you and please don't take out your anger on us, just calm down." the Michael Jackson said in his soft voice. Behind him his children stared at me.

"Ok,What is it that you exactly want from me?" I said, still in shock, my eyes huge. I mean c'mon! What are the odds? My role model, my hero, my idol is standing in front of me, asking me a question. Michael smiled and automatically made me smile to, I blushed, feeling embarassed. Here I am smiling for nothing like a lunatic.

"You see, when you were little you were adopted." he started and my eyes widened.

"And I'm your father, the reason you got adopted was because your mothers parents did it without our consent, we would never do that." he said and I froze.

"So, you mean I've been going around 15 and a half years of my life living with a fake mother and a fake sister and a fake life?" I snapped feeling disgusting, no wonder I look so diffrent to my mom, correction my adoptive mother and my adoptive father.

"I know you're hurt and you have every reason to be, but I won't let you shut me out, I want my baby girl back!" he said with tears in his eyes.

I ignored him and pushed my way to m house and slammed the door in their faces. As soon as I was inside I sank to the floor sobbing. Why was my life like this? Couldn't I just have a normal life like every other kid? Everything just has to be messed up! I banged my head against the door until everything got black.

Everything around me was white when I woke up and I realised that I was in a hospital. 12 pair of eyes were upon me as soon as I really woke and I was met with the same faces as last night. I rubbed my eyes and ran a hand through my hair, I hated hospitals especially doctors. They honestly scared the hell out of me.

"How did I get here?" I croaked out and realised just how weird I sounded. It took a while for them to answer until one of the kids, the girl decided to answer. She told me that they heard me banging my head and broke the door so the could help me, but they had found me unconcious so they called the ambulance.

I nodded. I took a look at the girl. She was incredibly tall, had blue eyes and brown hair and had a kind gentle motherlike look. She also looked a lot older than me, but something in her face made her look younger. The three other boys looked different. There was this guy who seemed to be the oldest. He was just a little bit taller than me (I'm,5'4) and had a couple of tattoos and a beard. He also had the same shade of brown eyes as I did. The other boy was a lot taller than the oldest one, but seemed to be younger. He and the little boy also had the same shade of brown eyes as me. The little boy had long straight hair and big eyes. Out of all the kids the little boy and the oldest boy looked more like Michael than the other two.Now it kinda makes sence. When I look at Michael I practically see a mirror of myself, except I have straight hair.

"What are you doing here?" I asked my voice laced with venom. Chris gulped, took a quick look around and left, but not before giving me the most intence, passionate, loving, caring look he's ever given me. And I hate myself for it, but my stomach did make summersaults and my heart did flutter. I sighed. I still love him. So, So much!

"As much as I appreciate the fact that you care and want to know me, I can't handle this right now, it's just to much and frankly I'm pissed off!" I snapp at them and they look down.

"Well, if you won't agree to come with us willingly, then I'm going to go the legal way, I won't stop fighting until I get my baby girl back!, I lost you once and so help me god I won't lose you again!" Michael said angrily and stormed out, his kids following him like lost puppies. I sighed, dear god help me and make my life just a little bit more normal! I prayed as my eyes got heavy and I fell asleep, this time without a nightmare, dreaming of my Chris........

Chris you dirty dog ass nigga! She was so faithful but you cheated....slut.
Run it sis

Chapter 8
Hi guys ! :) First I wanna say that I really really appreciate the respond I got for this story :) Makes me feel great as an author :) lol.... Umm so this is chapter 8, things are changing dramatically.... Sorry... but it has to be this way... Btw I got my internet back, but the bad thing is that I'm sick....

Enjoy :)

Today I've been hopping clothes wth my friends and Chris, I'm so glad they get along! We've been choosing clothe for the concert and it's been incedibly awkward choosing clothes with Chris, he chooses quite revealing clothes for me and all my friends agree with him instead of agreeing with me.... and all my clothes are quite revealing, I'm not even sure if I will wear them...

"Babe you are weaing those clothes even if I gave to force them on you..." he said wrapping his arms around me.

"Fine, fine!" I said blushing. He smirked and grabbed my chin
and pressed his lips to mine.
I smiled and kissed him back feeling euphoric. We kept walking around in the mall and stopped at a lingerie store. Chris grinned and pulled me in.

"Chris what are you doin?" I asked as he pushed me into a dressing room pushin underwear into my arms. All of them were pretty revealing to.
"I want you to model these for me." he said and kissed me. I put a few on and modeled them for him one by one, blushing lika a tomato. He licked his lips, but didn't say a word. He ended up buying each and everyone of them and then we got into his rented car.
"Why did you buy me those?" I asked curious.
"I want my baby to have sexy clothes around me, I don't want you to wear baggy clothes, just cuz someone told you that you're ugly, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." he said and I blushed. I leaned across my seat and kissed him, he pulled me into his lap and we kept kissing.

"Can you just do me one favor?" I asked.
"Anything." he replied staring into my eyes intently.
"Just keep these clothes with you, my mom will kill me if she finds them in my closet." I said. He smiled and nodded before carrying me to my house. He placed me down when we arrived to my door.
"I love you." I said burying my face in his chest.
"I love you more." he said smiling down at me.

After a few minutes of kissing, Chris left to his hotel and I went inside my house. I immediately went inside my room and buried my head in my pillow. I can't and wont stop this relationship! I love him to much to even consider breaking up with him. I soon fell asleep thinking of my Chris and of how lucky I was. The next day I went to school happy but not realising that I was in for the shock of my life. In school everyone were giving me looks of pity. I wondered what was going on...

As I went inside our gymhall I wish I never would have entered. Inside I say Chris. My Chris, caught in a lip lock with Sandra. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as they were eating eachothers faces. I gasped and felt tears running down my cheeks. As I rushed out of gymhall Chris noticed and ran after me.
"Babe I'm so-" he began but I cut him off by slapping him.
"Don't even dare to say anything!" I said with tears running. I ran out and went home. How could he do this to me? What had I ever done to him? I wish I never met him. I can't stop crying and I really feel stupid. I knew I shouldn't have trusted him.

Days and weeks have passed since I caught Chri cheating and he hasn't stopped calling me and sending texts. I feel horrible! One part of me misses him so much while the other part hates him. I can't sleep because he's haunting my dreams and I can't eat cuz I don't feel like eating. I just don't know what to to anymore.

Chapter 7
Hi guys! So this is chapter 7, I hope you enjoy , and once again I'm typing from my phone, it's because Internet doesn't work here because of an horrible snowstorm :(

"No, no, no!" I pleaded again.

"That's not right, could you just try to make an effort?" I asked impatiently.
We were currently working on a few other Mj songs that required dancing, and nobody seemed to get it right! Honestly this bothered me a lot, how difficult can it be?

By now we had quite a few songs ready and things were going great. Chris has been coming to rehearsals and by now, everybody knows him as Chris and not 'the Chris Brown'. Me and Chris are doing 'I just can't stop loving you', 'Wanna be startin somethin', 'The way you make me feel' and 'Blood on the dance floor' together and I don't think I need to mention how hot Chris is when he's performing.

As for our relationship everything's been going great, and I've noticed that Chris really wants us to be together. But I still have that problem with my family....... I don't know what to do!
Everyday I find myself loving him more and more.

Tonight he's asked me out for dinner, and honestly,I'm really excited! This is the first time we go on an official date! All the others have been so rushed! As I was putting on makeup I noticed something really weird. Although I have no doubt that I'm my moms daughter I can't help but notice a few major differences. Unlike mom I have straight hair, plump lips and brown eyes. My mom has curly hair, slim lips and hazel brown eyes. Comparing to my dad I also look very different; he has slim lips, green eyes and no dimples. So why do I look so different? I ask myself as I look at myself in the mirror, but I don't have time to think because the doorbell rings.

"Hey babe!" Chris says with a smile as he sees me.

"Hey handsome!" I reply and blush.
He pulls me into him and crashes his lips to mine. We stay like that for a long time before he pulls away and motions for me to get ready. I put in my jacket and shoes and we head out. In the car Chris puts his hand over mine while he drives and the corners of my mouth turn into a small smile before I blush again. He takes a quick look at me before focusing on the street again. The car ride is silent, but sometimes there's no need for words, it's just enough to take in each others presence, and that's prefect for me.

After a lovely dinner Chris brings me over to his hotel. Inside his room we start talking about everything and if doesn't take long before we yet again engage in a wonderful kiss. After a couple of hours he gives me a ride home and I spend the whole night being awake texting him. Around 4 am I fell asleep with a smile on my lips.

In the morning mom wakes me up, it's time for school again...... In school I spend the half of the day calling people in the city for a place were we could have our concert at. I finally get an answer and went to the others. As they start planning in what to do, I decide to go home.

Chapter 6

Hi ya'll! So this is chapter 6! It's gonna be pretty short since I'm writing from my iPhone , sorry ;(
Anyways, enjoy!

I can't help to think that sayin I love you now was to early.... I mean I've only known Chris for a few weeks... It's not that my feelings are fake or something, in fact I'm really sure of what I feel, I'm just a little worried that it's too soon. He's definitely nice and all,and so handsome and loveable, I'm just kinda worried of how mom will react. If she demands me to leave him, then I can't say no...... She'll throw me out if I speak up against her. Besides bringing a black christian boyfriend, with a lot of tattoos, to an Iranian Muslim family is terribly wrong. It's honestly better if I commit suicide, rather than letting Chris get hurt..... But I can't let him go, at least not yet....

In school we started to work on our concert and as soon as I mentioned Chris Brown everybody went crazy. I ignored them, and continued to plan the 'Thriller' number.

"So, I start to sing, and you guys try to scare me all the time, until one of you catch me and that's when ya'll start dancing" I said excited.
They all nod and get back to work. By the end of the day we planned the 'Thriller' and 'Beat it' number. As soon as I got home, I fell asleep feeling exhausted.

The morning after I got a call from Chris. We talked for two hours straight and I almost got late for school. Gee, that boy is affecting me! Seriously, everytime he calls,he gets me feeling do good and I can practically feel my knees turning into jelly. If this isn't love, than I don't know what is!

After art class my phone starts to 'buzz' again, I smile and pickup the phone when I see that it's Chris.

"Hey baby!" He says softly and I melt.

"Hey!" I say and smile.

"So tell me, what is my pretty young thang up to ?" he asks and I giggle.

"Nuthin much, just got out of art." I reply whilst I sit down on the floor, leaning to the wall.

"Ah babe, that sounds boring, so when do you get home?" He asks and my heart stops.

"Around 12, but my mom s coming at 2." I reply.

"Great, then I'm coming over, and babe, I'm staying over for a few weeks!" he declares and I want to jump up and down.

"Really?" I ask.

"Yes,really!" he laughs.

"I love you so much." I say softly and he sighs.

"Look, I have Spanish now so I have to go, I love you!" I say.

"Bye, I love you more, so much more!" he says and hangs up before I get to argue about loving him most.

Them hoes need to shut the f*** up, loose pussy asses. They got Lori f***ed up. Anyways, Awwwww! Lori and Chris are the cutest, and she was having passionate dreams, awww she wanna make sweet love! lol
Run it

Them hatin bums needs to go somewhere they gettin on my nerves. Fall back try deserve each other.
Run it sis

iiInhaleTheGoods***: Haha yes, but she's the only famous iranian celebrity I could find, that would look the way I imagined Lori to look like.
Run it!

Chapter 5
Hi guys, this is chapter 5, btw don't expect this story to be all lovey-dovey because it won't! There will be a lot of Drama ahead, just sayin... Once again everyone of her friends are fake but Jerry who is in fact real.
PS: Her passion for singing is based totally on me, I loove to sing :)
PSS:I love and adore Michael Jackson, so although this story is more Chris Brown, there will be a shocking thing ahead, involving MJ and Lori... So hope it's okay, if you don't like the thought, just holla about it and I won't write it!


I wake up the next moning feeling nervous as hell. What will mom say? What will happen at school? I run my hand through my hair and get out of my room. Gently I touch my swollen lips, smiling and thinking 'bout Chris. I get in the kitchen to prepare breakfast when I see mom sitting alone at the kitchen table.

"How come you'e up so early?"she says while she peals of the orange.

"Dunno, just woke up." I said. The tension in the air was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. I open the refrigerator hurrying so I can get this over with.

"We're going out on a party next friday." mom said catching me off guard.

"Oh!" I said.

"And I would really love if you would come." mom pleaded and I sighed.

"Fine, but mom I gotta tell you something." I said. I couldn't keep this from her anymore, it's eating me.

"Sure, what is it?"

"I,uh,I met someone, and we're kinda together." I said swallowing deeply.

"What?, who is it?, is it someone I know?" she asked surprised.

"Umm, no...,I'll introduce you when I feel we're serious enough." I said.

"Ok, just make sure you will!" she said and the let it go. I ate my breakfast in silence, then went to get ready for school. One down one more to go, I thought as I got ready.

As soon as I entered school, everyone kept looking at me. Some of them with jealousy and someothers with disgust. The most hurtful sight was when I saw lot of my friends turning their backs at me and calling me a whore when they thought I didn't hear. The only friends I had left was Jerry, Caroline,Mik, Jasmine,Lily,Adele and Caitlyn. I guess it's now you know which of your friends that are true to you.

Next lession was music. My favorite! Let me tell ya something bout our teacher Matti! He's only the best music teacher there is, and he's also kinda famous! He goes on tours and that! Today he told us to sing,play or do anything showing how we feel. After a while it was my turn, I wasn't nervous or anything cuz I've done this before. I chose to sing Family Portrait by P!nk. That song describes my family situation perfectly. After I was done my eyes welled up and I excused myself. When I came back in class everyone stood up and clapped for me. I blushed and sat back down.

Towards the end of the day I got a text from Chris saying that he missed me. And that was literally all I needed to feel better.
But I still felt pretty upset about the namne calling. Why is it always me?

After school I got home and went in to my room to study, when chris called me again. We started talking, and I couldn't help but bring school up. He was livid when he found out about the name calling, and made sure to make me feel better before he hang up. He really succeded at that! I'm starting to realise how much I care for him, I might even love him. Wow!

Next day in school we had class council, which basically is one hour of letting everyone speak up about any suggestions they might have for our class. But since our class isn't normal, they usually spend that hour to scream. Suddenli I get a great idea, so I tentatively raise my hand. My teacher smiles at me, then yells at the class to quiet down and letting me speak.

"Well, since we have a lot of money left on our class fund, then I suggest that we can use that money to host a charity concert in the city." I say, after clearing my throat.

They all start to laugh. My teacher gets mad and yells at them, and then tells me to continue.

"I know lots of people in this class who are intrested in makeup, dancing, singing and electricity,so we can have a real concert, with soundchecks, makeup, clothing, expensive new microphones, and advanced dance routines, and at the same time we're doing it for a good thing!" I say and they all look as they like my idea.

My teacher smiles at me, and asks me what the theme will be.

"Well, I'v always had this huge amount of love for Michael Jackson's work, so why not honor him in a tribute?, besides there's so much you can do with his songs!" I say.

There's a change in the air! They agree! So we started planning, and if things will go good, then we should have a concert ready by Christmas! Everyone are so excited about this! Not only for the concert, but for doing a tribute to the king of pop. I feel that this will bring our class closer than ever!

That night Chris called me, and I told him about the concert! He's got so excited, and told me that he wants to participate. And he also wants to sing with me.. We spent the entire night, talking about diffrent clothes, and songs for the concert.

"Aiight babe, I gotta go." Chris says while yawnning. We've been talking for two hours. My mom's gonna kill me.

"Bye, I love you." I say without thinking and then freeze. Chris doesn't say anything.
"I'm sorry I did-" but he cuts me off before I say anything.
"I love you too, so much, god I would kill to kiss you right now!" he says and I blush.
"So it's ok?" I ask slowly.
"Yes, of course!" he says loudly and I giggle.
"Bye babe, I love you." I say and he replies with a soft 'Love you more' and we hang up.

Today was so much better than yesterday, I think as my eyelids start to drop, and I fall in to a deep sleep filled with passionate dreams about Chris.

That's Claudia Lynx! I loved the movie Legion of the Dead!! Lol
Run it

Thank you guys so much for the response! It really means a lot, and it makes it more fun for me to write :)
I think chapter 5, will be up tonight or something :) Got lots of inspiration today!
Run it!

BTW This is how I picture the characters looking like :

<a href=>Loreen</a>
But picture her curvier, with dimples and chocolate brown eyes :)

<a href=>Chris</a>

Oh hell no!! Sandra should've got her ass whooped. She act like she deserved to be with Chris. Lori should've hit her in her face. She's just a hater.
Run it

Chapter 4
Hi ya'll! Alright so this is chapter 4, this take place a few days after the phone call. This chapter is based on a party I was on last night :) No offence to any of my friends if you're reading this!!! Everyone except Jerry, is made up in this Chapter, none of them are based on real people!!!


Every since the phone call, Chris has been calling me every night and texting me every few minutes. He really is amazing. I'm fallin for him... Tonight I'm going on a surprise party for one of my friends. As I got up to pick clothes, my phone started ringing.

"Hey, babe!" Chris said.

"Hi!" I said blushing at him calling me babe.

"Whatcha doin?" he asked.

"Nuthin much, just getting ready for tonight." I reply as I try a skirt.

"Where you goin?" he asked surprised.

"A surprise party for one of my friends." I reply.

"Oh, can I come?" he asks sweetly and I freeze.

"Wwhaat?" I stutter.

"I was going to visit you tonight, and now I figured since you be going out, then lets go together!" he said happily.

Having a boyfriend at the age of fifteen is weird for an iranian girl here. I'm afraid that my friends and especially my mom will freak out. But then again I've missed him so much.. Screw the people who will dislike this! I think as my heart races at the thought of seeing Chris tonight.

"Sure, I would love for you to come!" I answer.

"Great, now babe could you open the door, I'm freezing out here!" he said. I froze yet again and I rushed out of my room, only in my bra, and opened the door. As soon as the door opened he embraced me and crushed me to his body.

"I've missed you so much!" he declares against my hair. He then mooves back to look at me. As I take a look at him I realise that he's it. I know it's stupid, but I can't help it. As I realised that, I pulled his face to me and crushed my lips to his. His lips are so soft! I think as I feel him start to repond. He moves his lips gently against mine and we stay like that for a long time until he pulls away so we both can take a breath.

"I've been wanting to do that for a long time." he says softly.

"Me too." I say blushing again.

"It looks as if you was desperate to see me."he chuckles eyeing my bra.

"Oh, shut ut up!" I say as he pulls me in for another kiss.

After making out a while longer, I dragged Chris to my room so I could change clothes. I leave him sitting on my bed while I pick clothes. He watches me and doesn't say anything.

"Do you think this is to much?" I ask as I show him a skirt and a tube top.

"I don't know, try them on first." He says and smirks at me.

I take the outfit, plus a pair of ripped jeans and head out to the bathroom, to change. I come back in to show him and I realise that the skirt wasn't that good, cuz all he's doin is starin at my legs. So I head back in the bathroom to change in to my jeans.

"You could have changed in here, ya know." he said smirking again.

"Yeah, so you could get a look at me? Don't think so." I said grinning.

After that I went to put on makeup while Chris kept waiting. As I was putting on blusher Chris kept telling me that I didn't need makeup. I just kept putting it on and smiling at him. Suddenly he got up and snatched my makeup brush from me.

"You don't need this s*** to make you look pretty, you're already flawless and beautiful just the way you are." he said and my eyes welled up. No one had ever said anything like that to me. Ever.

So I listened to him and didn't put anymore makeup on. When I was done, Chris took my hand and led me outside, and we started to walk to the party, enyoying eachothers company. When we got to my friends house I knocked on the door and Jerry opened. Her eyes widened when she saw Chris, and it took her a while before she let us in. I was nervous as hell and I held Chris's hand tighter.

It felt as I was walking down the hall of shame as everyone stared at us. Some of them disgusted, some jealous and some shocked. I kept my head down and felt Chris pulling me tighter against him. We sit down on one of the couches and I bury my head in Chris's chest.

"What's going on?" they all ask me in Swedish.

"Alright everybody, this is Chris he's my boyfriend!" I say in english, pulling my head out of Chris's chest.

"Your boyfriend? YOU got a BOYFRIEND?" they all ask shocked. I feel Chris holding me tighter. He's mad.

"What you mean by that?" he snaps at them. They all get quiet until one of them answer.

"She's so ugly! How could SHE possibly appeal to YOU, THE CHRIS BROWN?!" Sandra says while glaring at me. Suddenly Chris charges at her.

"What. The. f***. Did. You. Call. My.Girl?" he growled while pressing her against the wall.

I gasped and hurried up and pulled Chris off her. He reluctanly let go of her and turned to me.

"Babe, don't believe in these leeches, you're gorgeous." he said sincerely and then pulled me in for a kiss.

After that we walked out of the house and went to a restaurant.

"So, I'm your girl?" I asked after I mustered up enough courage.

"I thought you knew that?" he asked surprised. I blushed.

"Well I guess, I kinda knew after the kiss." I replied smiling. He smiled back and pulled me closer to him as we waited for the waitor to come.

We ate our food whils conversing and smiling at eachother. By the end of the night, he got me home and went back to his hotel. I wasn't going to see him for another two months, he's on tour. I sighed at the thought of missing him and went to bed. That night I fell asleep with a smile on my face, thinking about Chris.

GIRL YOU BETTA HOP ON IT XD Im glad he apologized, that was so cute ^-^.
Run it sis :D

Chapter 3
Hi ya'll! So, this is chapter 3! I'll try to make this one longer, but we'll se 'cuz I have spanish to do for tomorrow, besides this is the third update in 2 days?? So I think I'm allowed to slack a bit right?? Btw this is like a week after what happened.

While my teacher kept talking about Hinduism, and all the diffrent gods, my thoughts went to Chris. Why did he do that? I thought he was nice....Guess I was wrong..... Hmmm, why do these things always happen to me? Am I not allowed to have a little bit fun without getting punished for it! For once in my life I want to go to a concert and look what happens! My so called friend leaves me alone in the goddamn night and then to top that I almost got manhandled or whatever from the Chris Brown! Alright maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but it sure felt like he was going to manhandle and or rape me! I don't care about what happened between him and Rihanna three years ago, and I don't really think he was going to do anything, but I still get the right to be scared right?! Even though I'm incedibly hurt and pissed of, I still hope he will call....... I can't say I didn't feel anything, 'cuz then I would be lying.

My day keeps getting more and more s***ty... I just got my math test results, and it's horrible! I got a D+! And it's all because I was distracted by him the day after the concert when I did the test. I know my math's already bad but c'mon! I had studied so much for this test! And all day I've been staring at my phone like an idiot, waiting for his call. It's really pathetic! I've been doing the same since last week. Oh who am I kidding! Why would he want someone so ugly like me, when he can have so many other beautiful women? I feel tears welling up in my eyes again and I rub them away harshly. Stop being so immature! I tell myself as I contine playing with my food.

"What's wrong with you lately?" Jerry asks me. Jerry is one of my bestest friends, she's always there when I need to talk and that's gold worth. Jerry is actually a nickname we made for her since her real name's so complicated....

"Nothing." I lied, not feeling up for a talk. Jerry understood that I need time alone so she left me to my thoughts. I take a look at the others and they are all giving me looks of sympathy. I give them a weak smile, signalling that I'm alright. They take one more look and then engage in a conversation. As I start to listen, I suddenly feel my phone vibrating. I look and see that it's Chris! I slowly get out of the school restaurant and answer.

"What do you want!" I growl,wondering how he even has the guts to call me now.

"I'm so sorry." he says softly. My heart races as I hear his voice, and I feel ashamed. How can I still react like that?

"You don't have to say anything, just let me please explain." he pleads to me. I stay silent, waiting on his explanation.

"When you ran away that night you must have thought I wanted to rape you or somethin, but you gotta realise how beautiful you are." he says while I listen.

"I know I was too bold with wanting to kiss you, but I can't help it."

"I can't even explain why, I just want to be really close to you, and the reason that I haven't called is because I never had the guts." he continues. I feel the tears starting to pour down my cheeks as he says that.

"You don't have to lie." I said whilst sniffling.

"Baby are you crying?" "Please don't cry, it breaks my heart." he says brokenly.

"I can't help it!" I say as another pool of tears rush down my cheeks.

"Yes you can. just take deep breaths babygirl."He comforts softly as I start calming down.

"And don't even dare to think that you're not beautiful!" he commands.

"So what do you really want?" I said ignoring his command.

"What I want is to get to know you, I want to be more than friends with you, but I promise we'll take it slow, as slow as you want." he promised.

"I just want to know that you're mine,and that no one else gets you, please babe tell me that." he pleads as my eyes widened.

"I,I,uh can't tell you that. Maybe late but not now." I said.

"Ok." he sighs.

"Look I gotta go now but I'll promise to text or call ya later ok?" he asked.

"Ok, goodbye!" I say feeling them butterflies again. He replies with a simple, but meaningful "Bye" and hangs up. God what am I doing??? Is this right?? Should I even give him another chance????

She acted very responsible about the situation. Not rushing at all, good job!! Chris should've never done that he could've atleast called and made sure she was okay.
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Awwwww girl I understand you don't want to rush. Just try & explain that to him
Run it :)

Chapter 2
Hi!! So this is chapter 2! I know it's a bit shorter than the others but, I'll try to make chapter 3 longer. I'll try to post chapter 3 tonight, but we'll see.

He kept looking at me with them big brown eyes and my mouth was suddenly dry as the desert. It was as if time and place had stopped as he looked at me, and it felt as nothing else mattered but me and him.

"So, what do you say?" he asked again

"I,I llive in Sweden,a foreign country, so how would you be able to give me a ride when you don't know directions?" I asked feeling, rather stupid afterwards. How could I even ask that when he has a driver?

"Well, I don't but my driver probably will, besides there's a thing you call GPS ya know..." he said amusement written all over his face. I blushed and hid my face from his penetrating gaze. Should I let him give me a ride? Was the only thing that crossed my mind as I kept trying to ignore him. Mom's probably really worried, and might even call the police, and besides it's so cold right now....

After a lot of thinking, I decided to let him give me a ride. Besides it wouldn't hurt, right? His smile widened even more when I said yes and he started to lead me to the car slowly, taking his time. As we finally made it to the car he opened the door for me and let me get in first before getting in himself. As soon as we buckled our seatbelts the car started moving.

"So, where you goin?" Chris asked.

"Well, I live in Tensta, if it's too far I understand, you can just leav-" I said before he cut me off.

"It's not far at all, besides, I can't even imagine leaving you alone on these streets..." he said not taking his eyes off me. I smiled and blushed again. I decided to call mom before she would have a heartattack. I blushed as Chris was biting his lip, listening to me talking to my mom in swedish.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!" mom yelled and I could hear her sniffling on the other end.

"Don't worry mom, I'm safe, please don't cry." I said tears of my own welling up at the thought of my mom crying.

"Are you sure?" she said a little more calm at hearing me say I'm safe.
When I realised that she calmed down, I started telling her what happened, only leaving out Chris. I figured it was enough for tonight and that I would tell her about Chris later. Not that this was serious......

"Don't worry mom, I'll be home in just a few minutes, I promise." I said before I hung up.
When I turned my head towards Chris again, I caught him staring again. This time I didn't ignore him, but chose to investigate him. I let my eyes wander around his beautiful face and let my eyes linger a while on his lips, before I turned away blushing again. I felt him continue his staring before he cleared his throat.

"So, you swedish?" he said while twitching his fingers.

"Umm, yes." "But my parent's are from Iran, the both of them." I said feeling a little bit embarrassed.

"That's intresting, so you speak persian?" he asked, seeming genuinly intrested.

"Uh, yeah, I do. But I prefer swedish though." I said. What is this 21 questions?

"That's cool, umm how old are you?" he asked again with a sparkle in his eyes.

Although I didn't want to answer I told him that I'm 15. For the rest of the drive he continued to ask me questions, and I tried answering them as best as I could. But I never got the guts to ask him something, so it was basically only him doing all the asking.... By the end of our 'game' he asked for my number, and when he saw my doubts he offered his first. So I gave him my number and now everything's gone back to being quiet again. He keeps staring at me, and I keep blushing..... So yeah, it' pretty awkward.

Suddenly he grabs my chin and leans in to kiss me. But I freak out and push him away before raising my hand to slap him. But just before I slap him, the car stops, and I rush out, running as fast as I can to get away from him. I run through the small street and rush up to my apartment before yanking the door open. Once I'm inside I take time to catch my breath, and then slowly get in.
Once I'm inside mom hugs me and starts crying, I finally let go and we cry together. That night I couldn't go to sleep. All I was thinking of was Chris and I kept glancing at my phone, expecting him to text or call. But it was all for nothing, he didn't call or text me.... Maybe he just wanted a good laugh or an easy lay... Maybe this wasn't even his real number....

The next morning I woke up with red puffy eyes as the result of crying. But I kept myself together as I once again went back to school.

Omg he needs to come to South Carolina like forreal, don't forget about us Breezy
Run it girlllllllll :D

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Hi again!
Chapter one is still a cliffy :( Sorry but in chapter 2 I promise that you'll hear her decision. I just wanted to keep some excitement for chapter 2 :P
Tensta is like I said a suburban place where I live and Fridhemsplan is a place in Stockholm, basically a train station :)
Loreen is a swedish name,Lori is her nicknmae or what I like to call english version of Loreen haha :) Anyways I hope you like chapter 1 enyoy!

Chapter 1
Tomorrow. I can't believe that I'm going to see the Chris Brown tomorrow. The mere thought of his concert makes me shiver in delight. I'll finally be able to see my role model perform. All these weeks of waiting and now it's finally only one more day left. Last night he was in Oslo and apparently he delievered as usual. I just don't know how I'm going to be able to breath tomorrow in school knowing that I'm going to see him. I hope he notices me, Oh I really hope he does, even though I have the worst seats ever, not even near him! He'll be about 10-20m away from me......
"Yes, Mom?" I respond sluggishly
"Don't forget to do your homework before you sleep."
"No, No, I won't forget, I promise."
"Good!" "Remember to tell your friend that I'll pick you up at Fridhemsplan tomorrow night after the concert"
"No, I promise I won't forget," I reply a bit annoyed
Sometimes I really hate hearing her shrill voice all the time. I know she's my mom, but really, how can anyone possibly succeed in being that annoying? Every since my mom and dad got divorced I've been kinda depressed.... Most parents end their divorce as friends but my family didn't, they still fight to this day even after the divorce! It's sick.... And to top that my dad has cancer so he's not really that well, not just physically but also mentally. His brain tumor has got him incredibly paranoid, and he suspects everyone of deceiving him. Lately I've been his target, and plainly I can't stand it anymore. So I decided to be selfish and not see him anymore. I know I must sound horrible but I can't stand the mental abuse anymore. I know he's sick and all but should he get away with calling me worthless,disgusting and vile just because he's sick? Well I don't think so, so that's why I cut myself away from him.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe next morningxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"Loreen honey" "Wake up" I hear my mom whisper as I slowly open my eyes. I stretch my body before I get up and then I take a look at the clock, 7 Am. I hurry up and get some breakfast before picking clothes for school. My mind is foggy, and all I think of is that I'm seeing Chris Brown tonight, as I pass by Spanish,Home Economics and Biology. At lunch I'm still off in La La land.

"Loriiiiiiiii??" "Loreeen?" "LOREEN!" they yell as we're eating.

"Whaaaat?" I ask

"Where were you?" Caroline asked looking at me with her eyes wide.
"Huh?" "What do you mean?" I ask stupidly

"Oooook....." " So are you guys excited for tonight?" Caroline asks me and Mikaela.

"YES!" "OMG I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" Mikaela shrieks.

I take a look around and see our Social science teacher glaring at us, apparently we're being too noisy.

"Schhh!" "Kenneth's looking at us again!" I whisper/yell
They look around the school restaurant as well and blush as they see Kenneth shaking his head at them.

"So, what about you Loreen, aren't you excited?" Jasmine asks.

"Well, of course!" "It's just a little to hard for me to believe that it's tonight!"

They all nod, understanding what I mean. I let my mind wonder again as my friends start talking about the boys. After lunch we trudge up to social science, preparing for another boring class. As I'm supposed to be doing questions I take a quick look on instagram and discover that Chris is in Sweden. I can feel my heart rate increase and my hands sweat. He's here. After social science I agree with Mikaela to meet around 4PM in the subway to go to the concert. As I'm preparing myself I can't help but think of how weird this day is, I feel as if something's going to happen......

It's 4:15 and Mikaela's not here yet. I'm really starting to worry, but then again she's always kinda late.... As I wonder around the subway station I feel someone watching me. I turn around and see this disgusting guy looking at me. I feel a sudden urge to vomit and I quickly decide to call Mikaela.


"Hey Mik, were are you?" I say as I look arund for the creepy guy,to make sure that he's gone.

"I'm so sorry, I'll be there in a minute!"

"Wait, don't hang u-" but she hangs up before I get to finish.

"LORI!" "OVER HERE!" I hear Mik yell and I quickly make my way towards her. We get onto the train and Mikaela starts talking about the concert immediately. I shake my head when I'm supposed to, to make sure that it looks like I'm listening. Finally we arrive at Ericcson Globe and we start to take pictures immediately. It's really cold and I can't help but wonder why Chris chose to come here in November. Why not in the summer? is the only thing I think about as we stand in line freezing our asses off. After standing in line for one hour we get to know that entrance 6 is open and we literally run towards our entrance. When we're inside I suddenly feel butterflies in my stomach. This is it!

We get to our seats around 7:30 PM and sit down, we have to wait an hour, he get's here at 8:30PM. Now Mik realizes how crappy our seats are and glares at me. I comfort her by telling her that we can go down the stairs and stand down there. The waiting feel as an eternity but finally the lights shut down and the Carpe Diem tour video shows up. I feel an immediate surge of adrenaline and I start to scream! As soon as he comes into view, we rush down the stairs. When we're down there I realize that our place is quite unique and if we move and scream enough he'll notice us, because no one was beside us, and our spot could definitely be viewed from the stage. I'm in a daze as he does all of his songs, I scream and jump and whilst doing it I feel as if I'm being watched. When he starts up Don't judge me I feel and see his eyes move towards mine. We lock eyes for about three seconds before he turns around. My heart's beating in the same rhythm as the bass and I'm sweating. Did that just happen?? I shake it off as I continue to scream and dance when Yeah3x comes.

After the concert I'm in a daze. It's over. I can't believe it! Everything I've been anticipating just dissappeared after one hour. I sadly get out of Ericcson Globe totally ignoring anyone else. I continue to walk down the street, until I turn around and see that no one's beside me. Where's Mik??? I panic as I run back to Ericcsson Globe and find no one there. I start walking towards the subway feeling like a fool. "Ugh!" Just my luck... Tonight out of all nights.. I don't even know where she went. One second she was right there beside me and the next minute she leaves! How am I supposed to get home now? It's 10:30 PM and I'm in the middle of a desert like street! I know where the subway is, but I'm scared to go home alone, just the thought of going home alone makes me tremble. God knows how dangerous it is to walk around the streets in Tensta alone at this time. How could she leave me? While I continue to argue with myself, I see a blue car around the corner of the street. I ignore the car and continue forward, but the car starts to drive after me. My heart is hammering in my chest and I increase my pace. A black hooded figure gets out of the car and follows me. This is it I think as he gets closer and closer,I'm going to die.

"Let me give you a ride," he says and gives me a broad angelic smile. It's him. Chris Brown. But the question is, what does he want from me?

No! Grades first!! Go study.

PS:This post was only an intro, the first chapter will be a little before the concert happened and you get to know a bit about her background.
I'll try to post tonight, but I have two tests tomorrow so bare with me :)

Heck yeah, you better get in that car fifteen or not . I would've gotten in that car and rode him.....with him to my house. Let me stop because I might've not gotten in the car either. I understand why that happened. Oh and welcome! I haven't been here to long either. I'm Rissa.
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TramiciaJay: Haha I know, but she's not allowed to talk to strangers :P She's only 15

Girl shouldn't be any questions asks just hop up in that whip XD
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