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im trying to get this through my head

Ok so let me get this through my big ass head....people didn't want Chris with Rihanna cause they said she was no good...THEN when he finally found someone who was alright seemed stable he got with karaoke or whatever her name is they didn't like it, like WTH do people want from him!?!?! Will ANYBODY be "the perfect one" for him!?!? I hate the media and people who cant seem to get a life because they to busy in his


yes true!,im scared for him because anything can go wrong and something may happen again then people will REALLY love the drama, both of them are still young, and yes young people make mistakes and learn from them but hell sometimes it takes one mistake to just leave that person alone, but who am i to say, just a Stan.

well if you think about, Chris and Rihanna are like magnets; no matter how far apart you pull them from one another they're gonna be drawn to one another. That's basicially how it is between them; I don't condone the two getting back together because on Rihanna's part it makes her look like a hypocrite; she's trying to get something back that can't be done. I think it's just the still lingering sexual attraction that they have for one another that makes everyone around go 'whoa'. If you're trying to convince everyone that you're not an item anymore don't get give them the fuel to add to the fire by being around that person. That's all I have to say about Rih Rih. I think the reason why people weren't diggin Karrueche 'cause she was more like a homie rather than a girlfriend to Chris. I will say that Karrueche and Chris lasted longer than what I expected. But hey like I said Rihanna and Chris will FOREVER be the media's favorite topic and that's a sad sad truth.

Run iT! <3

Preachhh!! To me it's seems like they only want them back together so they can have something to talk about. I personally don't think they should be together because of the way it ended the last time. Who's to say it won't happen again. But if he's happy I'm happy because it's simply not my problem.