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187 [ a short story ]

*i was bored af early this morning so heres another short*

“Where is Lexi’s ass at,” Bree asked walking into the retail store 187 carrying a few boxes. “She’s sick,” Sofia announced, “so she went to the doctor.” “NO!” Ana shouted, “If she sick I’m sick,” she coughed. “Call her ass back!” Bree yelled. “It was last minute!” Sofia shrugged, “Nani is with her, too. So Lexi really is sick.” “Ugh!” Bree rolled her eyes, “Well Dany yo ass is helping me unpack these new snapbacks and chains we just got in!” Dany raised her head from laying it on the desk, smacking her lips. “C’mon Bree! I had soccer practice yesterday! I’m tired man!” “Well then yo ass is fired,” Bree decided. Dany smiled, “iight. Dueces,” she grabbed her purse and headed for the door. “BYE HOE!” Bree waved. “Get yo ass back here, Dany!” Sofia shouted. Dany stopped in her tracks in front of the door, but it wasn’t because of Sofia telling her too. “Dany c’mon!” Bree yelled as she walked into the back of the store. “Ana get the rest of the boxes out of my car, please.” “Please?” Ana ran into the back, “Did you just say please?” “Bish! Stop being all shocked before I go ham on y’all asses!” “iight,” Ana laughed and turned around, only to gasp. Dany was like a deer stuck in headlights, watching as Chris Brown strolled into the store alone. “Yo, where the manager at?” “Uh…um,” Dany gulped and pointed over her shoulder, chuckling, “she right there.” “That’ll be me,” Sofia raised her hand, “I also have a co-manager, but she’s not in today; however, the owner of the store is in the back,” she walked from behind the counter. “What can I get for you today? Dany, go in the back and help Bree.” “O-Okay,” Dany nodded and hurried to the back. Ana joined Sofia up front smiling and twisting a strand of her hair. “Um,” Chris clasped his hands together, “I saw your social websites, and I came to check you guys out. I’ve been seeing some females modeling my clothes and I must say nicely done. I see you’re one of them,” he smiled at Ana. “Yes, why thank you. I'm a model and it was only right we do it professionally, and-“ Ana said before getting cut off.

"Alright so are you here to admire or what?” Sofia pushed on. “Well excuse the hell out of me!” Ana smacked her lips, “Can I finish my sentence! He did just compliment us, and I gotta say something on behalf of Nani being the genius for that idea!” "Another time, Ana." Sofia sighed and stared at Chris. “I would like to know if y’all wouldn’t mind modeling more clothes for me,” Chris asked. “No thank you, but we have our hands full running our fashion retail store,” Sofia decides. “FCK YOU THOUGHT THIS WAS!” Bree laughed. “Bree, shut up!” Dany hissed. “NAH DANY! HELL NO! NIGGA GONNA WALTZ IN HERE LIKE WE GONNA MODEL FOR HIS ASS FOR FREE! THE FCK? I MEAN CAN WE GET A CONTRACT? CAN A BISH GET PAID! AND IF SO, I’M A NEED A DOWN PAYMENT!” “I am so sorry,” Ana apologized. “Bree is a bit grumpy this morning, and Sofia is just a little tired right now, she’s been up all night designing-“ “No, I know what I said,” Sofia nodded at Ana. “Well, it’ll only take a few days,” Chris shrugged. “I’m not tryna keep y’all around forever.” “I mean you could though,” Ana joked. “WE SAID NO NIGGA!” Bree sighed. “Y’all will be getting paid,” Chris announced. “Say what now,” Bree walked out with Dany on her heels. Chris smiled, chewing on his bottom lip. “All of us,” Sofia asked scrunching up her eyebrows. “Yes, all six of you. My website is kind of-“ “Weak,” Bree finished. “No, it’s-“ “Poorly done,” Sofia says. “Can the man talk?!” Dany glared at Bree and then Sofia. “We’re just being real with the nigga, damn!” Bree spat. “Thank you,” Chris inhaled, “My website is being upgraded at the moment. Where are the rest of the girls that I saw in the pictures?” “They’re not in today,” Sofia answered. “But I’m sure they’ll be on board.” “So that’s a yes,” Chris smiled. “No,” Bree says. “Down payment first,” she stared at Sofia. “She’s absolutely right,” Sofia agreed. “Can we settle this over dinner,” Dany asked. “No, but our lawyer can,” Bree declared.

Chris frowned, “I said I was going to pay you all.” “Yeah, and lots of models go to modeling gigs and get ripped off, have to wait in the cold, change in the open, bring their own make-up and do their own hair,” Sofia says. “And find a damn ride. I mean we got cars, but shid it’s six of our asses and if we go separately then I can guarantee your ass we will not be coordinated,” Bree adds. “Alright,” Chris sighed. “Tomorrow, we’ll have breakfast and go over a few things.” “Alright,” Bree and Sofia said in unison. “And we will have some conditions,” Bree smirked. “Well don’t go too crazy.” “Well nigga yo ass don’t got no goddamn models except you, you crew, and yo ex so you better be lucky we took it upon ourselves to model your clothes for free the first time and people loved it.” “Yeah, we bought your whole collection, even the menswear,” Sofia says. “I saw the male models, too,” Chris nodded, “but I got that under control.” he winked at Sofia. “Yeah <strong><em>you</em></strong>…got that,” Bree snickered, “The others…boo boo you might as well give our male models jobs, too.” “No, I think Chris has that under control,” Dany smiled. “He’s the only male model he needs,” Ana agreed. “Get back to work,” Bree demanded. Ana and Dany smacked their lips. “See you tomorrow Chris!” they both yelled and walked away. “Wait! I want a hug!” Dany walked back. “Of course, baby,” Chris smiled, giving Dany a hug. “Nigga wrong move,” Bree sighed, “Now watch Ana ass come back.” “Hol on me too!” Ana says running back to give Chris a hug. Dany waved at Chris and walked to the back. Ana let go of Chris and startled stumbling, “I think I’m a faint!” “Don’t you do it, Ana!” Sofia yelled, laughing. “Ana if you faint, then you fired!” Bree said sternly. “Can’t a btch have a dramatic scene for once!” Ana walked to the back, “Fckng with my chances of being put in a video!” “Trust me, he gon’ be tired of us after this photo shoot,” Sofia assured, “Here’s our business cards with all the numbers you need,” she handed it over to Chris, “Have a nice day or feel to shop for your lady.”

Chris took a quick glance at the red business card with black lettering on it and then put it away in his pocket. “I’ll be sure to put y’all shop on, too, iight.” “iight then, cool!” Bree shook his hand and smiled. She got chills from his warm, strong hand. “Bree, you got any more boxes in the car,” Sofia asked. “Um…yeah,” Bree nodded and let go of Chris’ hand. “I can help y’all out if y’all want,” Chris suggested. “YES!” Ana yelled, "Pleeease!" “Naw, we good,” Bree pulled herself together, “Thanks anyway, but before you leave you can help yourself to a picture of the owner and the co-manager right quick before you start an instapic marathon on instagram. Gotta advertise if you gon' put us on!” Bree suggested. “Heyyy,” Dany pouted as she stepped behind the cash register. "I wanna be in the picture." "Hush dany you gone be in a photoshoot," Sofia said. “Okay,” Chris took out his phone as Sofia and Bree stood on either side of him, “Say Cheese.” “Auuugh!” Bree said while Sofia smirked throwing up the Deuces. “We bout that thuglife boo,” Sofia says, “We don’t say cheese. We get them bricks, stacks, bandz! We serious bout our business.” “Bandz a make er dance!” Ana started singing. "Re-do though," Sofia said. They took another picture on Bree's phone with all smiles. “I’ll walk you out,” Bree headed out the door. “See you,” Sofia waved at Chris. “iight y’all,” Chris waved and followed Bree outside. “AYE WHERE YO ASS GO NIGGA!” A voice yelled. “Man,” Chris said jogging down the strip. Bree broke her neck and saw Tyga standing with a crowd of niggas. Bree made sure to carry too much and then dropped a few boxes of clothes. “Oh sht, nigga hold my bags,” Tyga handed them to his body guard and ran down to Bree. “Fck all y’all!” Bree yelled as people passing by just walked around except for one lady. “Thank you sweetie,” she told the woman. “It’s okay,” the woman said. Tyga squatted down to help pick up some clothes, and put them back in the box. Bree glanced up, nervous and then smiled at him as she stood up straight. “Thank you,” she blushed. “I’ll walk these in for you.” Tyga said, holding a few boxes. “Okay,” Bree nodded. Tyga smiled and walked to the door, opening it for Bree and then walked in after her.


Lls y'all funny!
Run it!!

Our asses should not be allowed to run a damn store together. We all reckless as f***. Who do Bree think she is telling me what I can and cannot do. s***, I wish she would've just let me leave. Wah, soccer! Oh how I miss it. Ugh, Ana, you need to back the f*** up off Chris, he just gon want you to f*** you. I swear Sneak is the only mature and business like one out of all of us. Uh uh, look at Bree getting friendly with Tyga. She want him.

Run it.