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Streetz. "It Aint All Gravy"

<strong>The Streets isnt everything, everything aint all good.
Red and Blue rivalries. Gunshots rung every night.

<strong>Hoping and praying that isnt a home boy, home girl, family losing their life.</strong>

<strong>Now ive seen alot, i been there did that, sold a few rocks to a crackhead.</strong>

<strong>I embraced the streets And everything it taught .</strong>
<strong>Hustling and selling</strong>

<strong>But I wanted to get away from here, this place wasnt for me, but its the only thing i knew....hell im from the Streets.</strong>

------------------------- <a href="">Stasha</a>...Stasha Smith, im 18 years old and from California. Not not hollywood or anything but i was from the <strong>Hood</strong>....Compton to be exact. Growing up here aint all good, im just going to keep it real with you. Ive hadmy share of doing alot of stuff here...being out past my time...smoking weed, getting drunk....Having sex. EVERYTHING, i bet your thinking "shes aint nothing but a dumb hood chick", nah im book smart...matter of fact i go to Compton High School..whenever my boyfriend stop wanting me to do things from him. But this was my life...until a bad event occurred...i would like to start from the beginning just so you could get a feel of what its like living in the <strong>streets</strong>.


It was a last friday night, i would say it was round 11:45. I was laying on my boyfriend's flipping through a magazine waiting for him to get done getting dressed. I mean he was worse than me, i really thought i took a long time to get dressed but this nigga out did me.

Finally he came out of the bathroom smelling good and looking good. I bit my lip and smiled. "<a href="">London</a> you took that long to put on some damn shorts and a shirt??"

"hell know i got to look for my shawty", he picked me up as he began to kiss my neck, all i could do was giggle.

"AYE GO WE GOTTA GO NIGGA COME ON", we both looked around to see his bestfriend <a href="">Omega</a>...he looked at me and sucked his teeth and smirked,i really hated him, it was something about him that i did not like at all.

"ok nigga", i grabbed my beg and unwrapped my arms from London waist, i rolled my eyes and walked out the door.

It was now going on midnight, and round midnight we hit the <strong>Trap</a>. It was a spot were we kicked and sold drugs as well, and also <strong>dealt</strong> with people. We finally made our way there and met our home boys and girls. I went into the the other room and chilled with them and let London did his own thing.

"Ay Stasha bout time yall showed up, we hitting a lick tonight babyyyyy", she smiled as she popped a bottle open. I rolled my eyes and looked a <a href="">charie</a> like she was crazy.

"Charie, you know im down whateva, what time we leaving?", i picked up a beer and took a sip of it.

"s*** we leaving in exactly 10 mins, lets go". We all got up and loaded up, I hated doing this but i needed the money. I grabbed my gun and put the mask over my head as we pulled up to the spot. We all headed towards the back alley were London had told us to go. Made our way round the back as Omega and the rest of boys.

"Stasha..babe imma need for you to do something for me ok?", he looked at me with a deep stare, i can tell he was serious as f***.

"Ok babe, tell me", I pulled up my mask a little bit so i could hear him a little more.

"Popped the window latch and i want you to crawl through the window and come open it up from the inside, dont make a sound and try not to wake them nigga...they dangerous babe..and they'll hurt you", he looked at me trying to read face seeing whether or not if i was going to do it.

"babe..i-i dont know", i took a deep breath and looked at him with fear in my eyes.

"Stasha, you love me right??", i nodded my head as he grabbed my arm snd pulled me close to him, "well do this s*** so we can get out of here", i nodded and he let my arm go and pecked my lips.

I pulled my mask back down and took a deep breath. I popped the latch as they help me climb through the window, I now appeared in a random dark room, i couldn't see anything until i got to the end of the hall way. I crept slowly and steady as i moved a crossed the hall and passed a room door that was open, i saw some guy laying across the bed, he was tall...light skin and had tattoos all over his arm...he was pretty cute. I shook my head and got back to focus, I finally made my way to the front door and opened it.

Thats when I signaled them to come in and thats when it all went down. London and Omega bust through the door and some random niggas came the hall with guns. Shots began to fire in the house as we were ducking and shooting. Bullets were flying past my face and one hit London in the leg. "BABY", i screamed as he fell back down. I clenched my jaw and began to run into the living room as i shot down the hall. This went on for 15 mins until it was silence, We all gather the goods and headed out the door, we jumped into the cars and sped off.


Next morning i woke up back at my house in bed, i looked around and didnt see London...they must've dropped me off while i was knocked out. I got up and did my daily thing, showered, bushedmy teeth, through my hair up in a bun, and throwed on some jeans, a tanktop and some shoes. I grabbed my backpack and mademy way down the stairs, I saw my mom sitting at the counter looking mad as f***.

"Goodmorning mom", i smiled slightly as i sat my bag on the counter and headed towards the fridge.

"Morning.....stasha were was you last night?", she asked as she foldded her arms.

"s***", i thought to myself, i grabbed the orange jusice and closed the fridge door, "Well mom...i was down a friend house".


"mom...please calm down ok?, your taking it to the extreme", i sat down drinking from my glass.

"Stasha...i worried about you every single time your with him, hes a hood nigga, he cant do s*** for you but go to prison and sit around all day smoking!", he began to walk back and forth speeching.

"Mom you dont know s*** about Lond-", before i knre it she slapped me...we both stood there in shock, she back away from me and went up the steps.

A car horn began to beep, i grabbed my bags an went to the door "mom...bye", i held my cheek as i walked out the door....i cant beleieve she hit me.....


i know its kinda slow, but tell me if you like it :)