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Couples Therapy *Chapter One*

Chapter One: Case One

<a href="">Bre'Na Wells</a>
Relationship status: Dating
Spouse: <a href="">Tanya Weight</a>

I sat at home looking over my pictures. Each one seemed weird. It might just be my OCD but it still looked weird. "f***" I shouted annoyed at what I saw. Nothing is ever right in this house. I walked pass a mirror and stood there disgusted at what I saw. I looked like her. My <a href="">mother.</a> The woman who sold me for drugs years ago. The reason I act the way I act was because of her. But standing there I started to see thing I never noticed about myself.

I don't know who my real father is but I know I look like him. I see things I never saw in my mother in me so that must mean something. Right? Four knocks at my door drew me away from the mirror. I fixed my shirt twice and opened and closed the door three time before really opening it.

"Bre" My sister tell upon embracing me in a hug. "Hello <a href="">Yanni"</a> I said Dryly. She mugged me before pushing her way in. "b**** you love me. Where Tanya rat ass at" She asked taking a seat on my couch. Tanya is my girlfriend, we got into an argument because I was Cheating and she left."In her skin. Where's rat ass Angel" I asked and she laughed. This b****.


"Cmon Yaya" I said to Tanya as she walked around our room. Back and forth. "Really Nana. Why do we need to go to therapy. We're fine" She spoke almost to herself. I rolled my eyes. "We're going and that's final. You can pace around this room all f***ing night but we're going. Goodnight" I said shutting off the lights and getting in bed.

I closed my eyes, but then felt weight shift. She wrapped her hands around my waist and Whispered. "I love you Bre" "I love you to"



Really Chris, that's how you feel? Lol. Ayy Bre!! No no no! You better stay away from him!
Run it

I'm not sleeping... run it sis

Chapter Two: Case Two

<a href="">Christopher Brown</a>
Age: 25
Relationship status: Engaged
Spouse: <a href="">Klarrissa Ganes</a>

"You're a f***ing lie" Rissa yelled slamming down her hands on our kitchen counter. She was yelling at me about some girl who was flirting with me at Tim Hortons. It was shameless but she took it as more. "Klarrissa calm you're clit God. It wasn't me flirting it was her" As soon as those words left my mouth, a plate came flying my way.

I quickly ducked. The plate smashed against the wall shattering. "Klarrissa what the f***" I said looking up from the glass. She just have me a death glare before turning to leave the kitchen. I sighed out of frustration and cleaned up the glass. Rissa has confidence issues and thinks I would really cheat on her. I don't see that happening.


"Aye Chris you have a client in the waiting room" My assistant/ Bestfriend Ty said. I nodded my head letting him know it was okay to tell who ever it was to come in. In walked This amazingly gorgeous women. "Hi Dr. Brown. Im Bre'Na you're 12 o'clock" She said sticking her hand out.


Y'all sleeping on my story!