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Ꮦhose Ꮹirls Ꭿre Ꮤild ♡

| The King, Has Arrived |
Just kidding its me. But Im bored & its the NEW YEAR. Almost. But anyways, lets start off our new years with a little game of "Would You Rather". I'll ask the questions, you just answer. Everyone is welcome, haters, strangers, friends & males. Anybody. Don't kill my vibe neither &hearts;

Would you rather:

A. Have a bladder problem & be the prettiest person in the world.

B. Be ugly and have long hair.

Or ..

C. Get hit in the face with a horses shoe for not choosing A or B.



*Live out of a garbage can

Would you rather:

A. Be homeless in a wheelchair.

B. Leave out of a garbage can.


C. Get tied to a chair forced to listen to devil music.

I honestly choose C XD


Hi im Aliyah
Ummm I choose A.