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I Wanna Be

“Just a few days before our first day of college, you excited?” Omari asked looking over at his girlfriend of one year and best-friend of seven.

“Yeah…I guess.” Dominique mumbled looking out the window

“Baby please don’t be like that, I know you wanted to go to UNC but USC is a really good school too.”

“Omari I could care less about the education because I’m going to get one regardless, I just had my heart set on being a Tar Heel ever since I can remember. Playing soccer for them was a dream and now I’m going to be playing for a school who isn’t even ranked. So could you please let me sit over here and mope?” she asked looking over at him.

Omari let out a sigh as he got off on the very next exit. He pulled off to the side and put the car in park.

“And in other NCAA sports related news Christopher Brown has officially been taken off of U of A’s roster. This is a complete shocker to the college basketball world! A definite shoe-in for the NBA has literally disappeared off the face of the planet. We’ve tried reaching out to the university but…”

Omari cut the radio off and looked to Dominique.

“Babe forgive me if I’m trying to put you in a better mood, but USC was the best choice for me. I swear to God I appreciate the sacrifice you made to be with me. But sweetie I want to go pro and this was the very best way.”

“Omari you were the number one running back in the nation, you put every single personal stat and national record to shame. You could’ve went to a school that had a class size of only the football team and you’d still get drafted!” Dominique explained irritated.

“But you’re the number one midfielder in the nation, so why not put your skills to use and get USC ranked?”

“Please leave my ego be.” She said rolling her eyes.

“What I gotta do to make you happy?”

“Keep driving and let me adjust to this at my own pace.” She said reaching in the back to grab a pillow.

Omari watched her turn in her seat towards the window while snuggling up to the pillow. He sat there for a second and let the guilt eat at him. She was right, he could’ve went to any school especially UNC who was also throwing offers at him, and he would’ve been drafted. He knew she knew he was bulls***ting her about great opportunities. In all honesty he wanted to move from the country. Austin was cool but not where he wanted to be, he wanted the glitz and glam the City of Angels had to offer. He wanted that celebrity feeling he knew he’d get playing for USC. He wanted her right there by his side to experience it with him. Two national number ones on one another’s arm would’ve been a good look for them. Constantly on Sports Center, sharing the cover of ESPN and Sports Illustrated magazine, the sky was the limit for this power couple. But above all else he loved her and couldn’t imagine them an entire country apart from one another. Omari would’ve absolutely died if she were to fall in love with another man, especially if it were his fault and selfishness had anything to do with it.

“Baby” he said reaching over and touching her shoulder.

“What Omari?” she grumbled half asleep into the pillow.

“Come to the back with me.” He said unbuckling his seatbelt and moving to the back of his Range Rover.

She rolled her eyes as she did as he requested. Omari was leaning up against the window with his legs stretched out and Dominique climbed in between them and laid up against his chest. They sat there for a few minutes in silence.

“Dominique I love you with all my heart baby and it’s killing me that you’re unhappy because of a decision I made and begged you to make. I need you sweetheart, I mean I could do this without you but nowhere near my fullest potential. I’d probably get my scholarship pulled from how horrible I’d be playing.”

“It’s ok Omari, I just need some time to adjust. I’m sure I’ll be happy here, I just have to get over the fact that my mascot is a damn condom.”

“It’s not a condom baby, it’s a Trojan.” Omari said laughing.

“Well when I think of Trojan I think of the condom.”

“I don’t see how.” Omari joked grinning.

“Just cause I don’t f*** don’t mean I don’t watch TV Ishmael. All of those ridiculous commercials it’s hard not to notice.” She said irritated.

“I’m just kidding baby, chill with the Ishmael.” He laughed again knowing that he was upsetting her from her use of his middle name.

“Whatever, so why we back here anyways?”

“Multiple reasons main one being that I just wanted to hold you for a little while. Secondly I’m a little tired from all the driving.”

“Who wanted to drive though?”

“Me but I just wanted to spend more time with you on this little road trip. If I’d of known you would’ve been acting like this I would’ve had my s*** shipped too and dealt with you on that short ass flight.” Omari teased through laughs.

Dominique quickly spun around in his arms and kept hitting him in his arms and chest. Omari was laughing the whole time while trying to contain her arms.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was just kidding baby.” He said still laughing.

“You play too damn much.” She laughed straddling his lap.

“But you still love me so deal with it.” He said leaning forward with his hands on her hips.

“Keep it up with that smart ass mouth of yours and I’ll be loving you from North Carolina.”

“Don’t play babe.” Omari said getting serious and making Dominique laugh even more.

He knew this to be true because just the day before they left UNC was calling her to make sure that she was completely sure about her decision.

“Now it’s your turn to stop tripping cause you know I ain’t leaving you.”

“You bet not break my heart like that.” Omari said leaning forward kissing her lips that were formed into a smile.

After a sweet make-out session the two sat there holding one another, having meaningless conversation and sharing laughs. The two were content with one another’s presence.

“Ok you, it’s time to go.” Dominique said getting off of his lap and making her way to the passenger seat.

“But I was enjoying myself.” Omari complained from the back.

“I was too but we gotta go baby, we’re only 6 hours or so out.”

“You say it like it’s not a long time.” Omari said making his way to the driver’s seat.

“It’s not” she said snuggling back up to her pillow but this time facing Omari.

“That’s because you’re not driving.” Omari huffed.

“Then maybe you should’ve listened when I told you we should fly.” She teased laughing.

“f*** you man” Omari laughed.

“Maybe one day.” She grinned.

Omari nodded his head while gazing at her.

“Given your past I know that this must be hard for you, but I really do appreciate your efforts and how patient you’re being with me.”

“It’s nothing ma, I love you and if you want to wait to make love then I’m willing to wait until you’re ready. Even if you want to wait these next four years until we get married I’ll gladly do it.” Omari smiled meaning every word he said.

“Trust me it won’t be that long.”

“No?” he smiled.

She smiled back and shook her head no.

“Can I get a round about time frame so I know when I need to be ready?”

“Nope, it’ll just have to be a surprise. Hold up…what you mean be ready?”

“Well I don’t want to disappoint you so I’ve been practicing to keep myself up to par. High five!” Omari said reaching out with his right hand.

“Eww baby that’s gross.” Dominique laughed shoving his hand away.

“No it’s not, that s*** is natural.” Omari said putting the truck in drive.

(((7 Hours Later)))

The two arrived in Los Angeles and looked around impressed with what they saw. Omari followed the directions his navigation gave to the USC campus. They pulled up in front of a building that the navigation led them to and out front were a few students. They looked older as if they’d been attending for at least a year or two. They held a certain presence about them that screamed confidence. Only a few things could give off that feeling without words, popularity, money, or athletes. In this case it was all three. Omari rushed around to the other side of his truck to help Dominique out.

“Omari Grandberry and Dominique DeLorme it’s a pleasure to finally have you here.” One of the guys greeted smiling, descending the steps.


She needs to make up her mind as to who she likes.

This is just going to confuse poor lil' Dominique! RUN IT!

“I would love nothing more than to kiss you good-night right now.”

“I actually would like the same thing, but unfortunately we’re outside in public view.”

“So” Trey smiled stepping closer to her.

“So it could get back to Omari.” She giggled gently pushing him back.

“I guess this is good-night then.”

“Or maybe it could be good-night after you walk me to my door upstairs. The things that go bump in the night might’ve made it up there.”

“Fine by me.” He said taking her hand in his, intertwining their fingers.

Once they got to her room she flipped on the dim light then looked up at Trey.

“How bout that good-night kiss?”

Trey placed his hands on her hips and gently pushed her up against the door while pressing his body up against hers. He leaned down slightly and placed his lips against Dominique’s. Their lips stayed pressed against one another’s for a few seconds, before they pulled apart and started with the soft pecks. Then Dominique slid her tongue into Trey’s mouth and he happily accepted while responding by massaging her tongue with his. The kiss got deeper and after a few minutes Dominique broke the kiss. Trey pulled back with his eyes closed and opened them up after a soft exhale.

“Trey…that was absolutely amazing.” Dominique confessed.

“But” Trey smiled removing a hand from her hip and placing it on the door.

“But it can’t happen again. I might not like Omari and you might be mad at him at the moment, but you’re still his team mate.”

“I like you though Dominique.”

“I’m a firm believer that cohesion within a team makes it easier to accomplish championships. This right here would f*** it up. Two amazingly talented starters for a highly prestigious school beefing over a female isn’t cool and your team would suffer.”

“I’m willing to take my chances, you’re worth it.”

“Then let’s face facts, you’re not ready for me and what I bring to the table. I’m not saying you’re a lesser man but I see a lot of Omari’s traits in you. I’ll give it to him, he tried to wait for me but he wasn’t mature enough.”

“You saying I’m not mature enough to be with you?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying actually.” She smirked. “You’re in a position to be great at what you do, get praised for it, and enjoy the perks to the fullest extent. I would do nothing but give you grief while you waited and trust me, you would wait.”
Trey let out a long sigh as he let his head drop.

“Besides one more kiss, and I do mean one, there’s nothing more I can do for you Trey.”

“Actually…there is one thing you could do for me.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes really, it doesn’t involve my d*** in you which I would love by the way, your virginity stays intact, it’ll remain between us, and I’ll leave after I know I’ve done my job.”

“Sounds tempting, what exactly do I have to do?”

“Let me strip you of your clothes….lay you on your bed…kiss all over your body…then make you cum with only my mouth and hands.”

Dominique’s right eyebrow began to raise and a slick grin slid across her face.


(((45 Minutes Later)))

Trey came strolling back into the party looking as though he were fighting to keep his happiness under control.

“Oh s***!” Zoe giggled. “I’ll be right back.”

“Where you going?” Shaffer asked.

“I need to call Dominique real quick.” She said pulling away from Shaffer and running off.

“What’s good man?” Shaffer greeted Trey.

For no reason at all Trey started laughing with his mouth closed.

“What did you do?” Shaffer asked wide eyed.

“Something I’ll never forget I tell you that.”

“I see you’re back, what took you so long?” Omari asked approaching the two.

“Nothing, me and Dominique were just chilling for a little bit.”

“Doing what exactly?” Omari asked accusingly.

“Nothing” Trey said rubbing his index and middle finger against the bottom of his nose.

It looked like he was just rubbing away an irritation when in actuality he was smelling the scent of Dominique.

“Let me find out you touched her in any way nigga.”

“And what you gonna do nigga? She ain’t yo girl no more so it don’t matter if we did do something. But like I said we didn’t do anything. I warmed something up, ate it, drank up damn near all the juice she had up in there, then came right back here.” Trey said with a straight face.

Shaffer pulled his phone out of his pocket and placed it to his ear while walking away. He rushed outside and began cracking up laughing.

“f*** you Trey, stay away from her.” Omari said walking away.

Trey started laughing then went in search of Shaffer. He found him outside in tears still laughing, then he spotted Zoe standing on the sidewalk saying “What?! What?! He did WHAT?!” Trey and Dominique came to the agreement that they could tell their most trusted person because this secret would prove to be difficult to keep.

“You’re an a**hole man.”

“I can still taste her on my lips.” Trey grinned.

“I gotta watch your sneaky ass now. That was cruel how you lied to that man like that.”

“I didn’t lie because we didn’t do anything…well we kissed but that’s about all WE did. Now I on the other hand did something. I swear to God that was the best tasting pussy in the world. She had to make me stop because she couldn’t take any more orgasms. I was putting in some serious work for 35 minutes straight. My jaw started tightening up on me but I couldn’t stop.”

“So is this gonna be a regular thing?”

“Naw, she says this was a one time thing. I wish it wasn’t but I’m grateful I at least got the chance. I told her I liked her and she said I wasn’t mature enough to be with her. But she did say that it was a possibility one day until that day though I need to do me.”

“So you ate it from the back huh?” Zoe asked walking up on them.

“Sure did”

“Heard that tongue went a little bit of everywhere.” Zoe smirked.

Trey shrugged his shoulders as he laughed.

(((The Next Morning)))

Maurice was making his way across the parking lot with two caramel frappuccinos from Starbucks, looking his usual extra nerdy self.

“Look at this nigga.” Omari laughed pointing, causing some of the other members of the football team to laugh. “Ay nigga come’ere!” Omari shouted.

Maurice picked up his pace only to get chased down.

“What’s your hurry?” Omari laughed stopping him.

“I told Dominique I would be here at a certain time, I just want to keep my word.” Maurice said in a hushed tone looking down at the ground.

“Leave him alone Omari, go ahead dude.” Shaffer defended.

“Hold up I gotta know something, why are you all up under Dominique like you are?” Omari asked grinning.

“She’s kind to me and she’s my friend.” Maurice answered in the same tone.

“You know what I think it is? I think you just might have a little thing for her. I bet your little d*** be getting hard every time you see her huh?” Omari chuckled.

“No like I said, we’re friends.”

“Omari that’s enough man, Maurice go ahead.” Shaffer said trying to help him again.

“Don’t you dare turn your back on me without answering my question.” Omari warned. “You can be honest with me cause I know I still get tight in the pants at the sight of her.” Omari said grabbing himself.

“Look…Dominique is very beautiful yes but I don’t think of her like that.”

“Then you’re obviously gay.”

“There you are.” Dominique said walking up behind Maurice. “Is everything ok?” she asked noticing the look on his face.

“Yeah, here I brought this for you. Extra caramel.” He said handing her the drink.

“Well how thoughtful.”

“I’m sorry I’m late.” He apologized.

“It’s alright I’m sure someone was holding you up.” She said glaring at Omari. “And being that you’re such a sweet guy you didn’t tell him he could go f*** himself.”

Maurice began to chuckle along with some of the other players.

“Dating you I was a pro at that.”

“And you’ll be a pro once again when you catch one of those gifts that keep on giving. So you ready Maurice?”

“Absolutely” he smiled purposely using her word.

“Cool, Shaffer, boys see you around. Good luck today.”

“You’re not coming?” Trey asked grinning.

“Am I cumming?” she grinned back purposely taking his words out of context. “Unfortunately no but maybe some other time, maybe next week?” she asked still grinning.

“Oh fashow ma” he grinned back.

“Bye Trey” she said with a smile and a wink.

“What the f*** was that Dominique?” Omari shouted getting in her face.

Dominique looked Omari over slowly then brought her attention back up to his face, biting her lips, and seducing him with her eyes. Everyone saw how she was breaking him down causing his body language to be less aggressive.

“Are you calm?” she asked in a soothing voice.

“Yeah Dom, I was just trying to say that it looked kind of weird how ya’ll were flirting like that.”

“And how is any of that your f***ing business?” she asked.

Omari let out a low growl before he stormed off.

“Dumbass, come on Maurice.” She said taking his hand, pulling him along.

“How’d you know to come and help me?” Maurice asked now leading her to his car.

“Trey text me and told me O was up to no good. He didn’t offend you did he?”

“He always offends me.” Maurice admitted opening up the passenger door for Dominique.

“Thank you and don’t worry he offends me too.”

“That’s because he still loves you.” Maurice said getting in the driver’s seat.

“Well I remember back in the day when boys would push girls down and pull their hair to show that they like them. The s*** Omari does he goes out of his way to do.”

“He’s trying to make you jealous.”

“I’d have to care to be jealous Maurice.” She smiled looking over at him.

“That’s just it, if you react the way he wants you to then that means you still care about him and that’s what he wants. I mean did you see how easy it was for you to calm him down. I think everyone but him knew that you were setting him up to make him look like a fool. The way you looked at him probably brought back some memories for him and for a split second he remembered how good it felt to be looked at the way you did.”

“And how do you know so much about this?” Dominique smiled. “Granted you make some very valid points but how can you be so sure?”

“I might not know much about relationships but I am observant. Shoot finally.” Maurice said after the car started after many attempts.

“Don’t worry we’ll fix that.”

“So you’re not embarrassed to be seen in this car?”

“You wanna know my idea of embarrassing? Streaking on campus then falling while you’re screaming like an idiot.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Maurice chuckled.

“I think I laughed for an hour straight.”

“That really happened?!” Maurice asked shocked.

“Yeah, like the second week I was here.”

“What happened after he fell?”

“Everyone laughed of course and he took off running again but he wasn’t as excited. But anyways something I’ve been meaning to ask you.”

“What’s that?”

“Do you have a special girl back home?”

“Oh…uh no I don’t.” he said getting bashful.

“Don’t get mad at me for being stupid but when was the last time you had a girlfriend?”

“It’s been a while.”

“Ok last question, you don’t have to answer, but have you ever had sex?”

“Yes I have and to be honest I wish I hadn’t, I wish I were still a virgin. I envy you.”

“Wasn’t everything you expected or something?”

“Oh no, it was cool…nice…definitely felt good but as soon as I was done it seemed pointless to me. It lacked any real feelings or emotions.”

Dominique looked over at him confused as he pulled up at the campus garage.

“It wasn’t the right girl so I’ve vowed to save myself until I was ready and I had the right woman.” Maurice answered noticing her look.

“They really need to make more dudes like you Maurice.” She said getting out of the car and opening the garage.

The two spent all of Saturday and most of Sunday working on his car. Besides the physical appearance of it, the car ran perfectly almost as good as the day it was made. The next few days went on as usual. Dominique and Maurice spent whatever time they could together, Omari was consistent with being an ass, Maurice would disappear for the few hours Dominique was at practice, then they’d meet up somewhere to study and trade notes. To break the monotony Maurice suggested that he and Dominique should go to the mall so she could start building up his wardrobe.

Nooooooo!! He cant do that!! RunIt!!

boy stop aint nobody kissing u good night...he better not try no slick shyt!!!

run it!

She Better Not Talk to Trey and Stick With Maurice

Let her be with Chris...
And then if she do get with you, she gonna seem like she homie hoppin, he needs to chill forreal.
RUN IT!!!!

It was now Friday and Dominique barely let Maurice out of her sight. His bashfulness, goofy smile and chuckle, his squeaky voice, how he was soft spoken, gentlemanlike qualities, and even his sense of style made her smile. She felt happy around him and he in turn felt twice as good in her presence.

“So Mr. Man what exactly do you have planned for the night? Because there’s a party that my girls begged me to go to and I’d like it if you would join me.”

“Oh Dominique I would love to go to a party, especially with you but I have to do a little catching up on the school work that I’ve missed.”

“Then I guess we’ll be doing homework tonight then huh.” She smiled wrapping her arm around his and pulling him close, pressing her face up against his arm, looking up at him.

“No I can’t let you do that.”

“But what if I want to be with you more than I want to be with them?”

“Satan in a Sunday hat.” Maurice chuckled.

“Huh?” she asked pulling back but still keeping hold of his arm.

“Momma says that when something is too good to be true that it’s Satan in a Sunday hat.”

“You calling me Satan?” she giggled.

“No I’m calling you too good to be true.” He said looking down into her eyes.

She blushed and looked away.

“Besides I wanna be alone with my homework, you’ve already done it and I’d like to get myself on your level on my own if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all” She laughed.

“But to make up lost time if it’s ok with you, maybe I could come over Saturday and you can help me with whatever I have left.”


“On what?”

“What time?”


“No good, earlier.”

“I don’t want to disturb your sleep. Partying all night then waking up early just doesn’t seem fair to me.”

“Pretty please Mauri-Ci-Pooh.” She pleaded with her lip poked out.

“Ok” he gave in, blushing, and becoming extremely shy.

“Thank you” she smiled as they continued on their way to class.

(((That Night)))

When Dominique went walking into the house along with Zoe all eyes were on them.

“Here we go with the bulls***.” A female sitting next to Omari, rubbing on his thigh said rolling her eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Omari asked sipping on his drink.

“Not like I care cause I’m here with you, but all the boys are about to go gaga cause…”

“Yo Dominique is here. Do I look ok? My breath ain’t all f***ed up is it?” Trey asked blowing his breath in Shaffer’s face.

“No nigga now back up.” Shaffer said pushing him away.

“What the f*** you care for?” Omari asked defensively, leaning forward in his seat.

“Because she been ignoring a nigga like it’s cool and quite frankly I’m tired of it. So if I’m gonna apologize then I need to make sure that I’m presentable.”

“Who gives a damn if Dominique is mad at you? f*** her.”

“Me, I care because she’s my friend and O you really need to check yourself. You’re hella disrespectful when it comes to her. Let’s be real for a second, you weren’t talking like this when ya’ll were together, we couldn’t even keep ya’ll separated for more than a few hours and that’s only cause everyone was at practice. You’re mad because she won’t take you back so now you bad mouth her every chance you get.”

“No she really ain’t s*** in my book, besides dude I’ve got all these women now what I need with her? Gon’head and run up behind her like the rest of these niggas and join her little collection of blue balled b****es she got acting like idiots over her.”

“Yeah all these women, awesome point.” Trey said sarcastically. “But out of all these women every single guy in here would pick one girl 10 out of 10 times if they had to choose. I’m really gonna blow your mind with this one, what if you never stuck your d*** in Nicki and instead made it home and made love to your girl? Because it was obvious she was ready. Would you still have the same outlook you do now or would you be over there all up under Dominique all lovey dovey and s*** knowing that after this party you were gonna get some from her?”

Omari looked furious and Trey stayed there to see what he wanted to do about what he had to say.

“Chill you two, O calm down take one of them shorties in the back or something. Trey let’s go apologize.” Shaffer said pulling Trey along with him.

Omari downed his drink, stood to his feet, took the girl sitting next to him by the hand, and led her right past Dominique and the group surrounding her to a bathroom. The girl was cheesing the entire time while staring at Dominique.

“Yo is it me or was she…” Dominique tried to ask but started laughing.

“No girl I seen it too, she was way too happy about being allowed to suck that nigga d***.” Zoe agreed causing everyone else to laugh.

“Ms. DeLorme I come bearing gifts.” Sean said setting down a bottle of Grey Goose, unopened red party cups, and an unopened bottle of cranberry juice.

“I see you remembered, yet switched it up a little bit.” She smiled grabbing the cranberry juice.

“Well you know.” He smiled.

“Have a seat.” She said scooting over to make some room.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

“Hey Dominique you got a second?” Trey asked walking up along with Shaffer.

“Please tell me history isn’t repeating itself.” Sean said with his face in his hands.

“No sweetie, neither one of them is my man.”

“Do you have a man?”

“Nope, save my seat.” She said getting up and walking away with the two.

“I’m sorry” they said in unison then looked at one another then back at Dominique.

“It’s alright” she giggled.

“So we’re good again?” Shaffer asked.

“Uh huh”

“Seriously though, we’re good.”

“Yes Trey, everything is fine between us.” She laughed.

“I’m just checking cause females don’t forgive people like that. They say everything is ok when they’re still mad about it then bring it up later.”

“If that were the case with me don’t you think I’d be with Omari?”

“Good point.” Shaffer laughed.

Two hours and 9 empty bottles of Grey Goose later everyone surrounding Dominique was pretty gone.

“Dominique you can’t tell me you ain’t drunk.” Sean slightly slurred.

“Not drunk but I’m feeling really good.” She said standing up stretching.

All eyes immediately went to Dominique’s stomach when her shirt slightly rose up.

“Can someone please point me in the direction of a bathroom?”

“I can show you.” Sean said standing up but falling back down.

“Maybe you should just point.” She giggled looking down at him.

“Go up the stairs, make a right, and it’ll be your third door on the left.” He explained.

“Thank you” she smiled walking away.

“I’m in love” Sean chuckled as he watched her walk away.

“Who ain’t?” another guy said dapping Sean up.

“Ya’ll a mess.” Zoe said getting up and going over to where Shaffer was sitting. “Why you being so rude?” she asked with her hands on her hips.

“What you talking about?” Shaffer smiled.

“Every time we’re at a party together you always bring me a drink. I’ve been here for a while and all I’ve gotten out of you is a hello. I am very disappointed I must say.” Zoe said crossing her arms over her chest.

“I’m terribly sorry beautiful.” He said placing his hands on her hips and pulling her in between his legs.

“How can I make it up to you?”

“Let me think for a second.” She said taking a seat on his leg.

“You look very nice tonight by the way.”

“I know right?” she joked making him laugh.

“I figured the little entourage of men you and Dominique got huddled up around the two of you was providing ya’ll with everything you could possibly want.”

“Not everything” she said into his ear.

“I’ll fix that for you tonight if you’d like.”

“I’d like that very much actually.” She smiled.

Zoe looked towards where she came from and at the stairs trying to locate Dominique. When she turned her attention back towards Shaffer she saw Omari sitting directly across from them with two females in his lap.

“That’s just nasty.” Zoe commented to Shaffer.

“Mmm yeah…nasty.” He said in a sensual way.

Zoe hit him in the chest as they shared a laugh. She turned her attention back towards the group of men and then the stairs and there was still no Dominique.

“I’ll be right back.” She said standing.

“Where you going?” Shaffer said taking a hold of her wrist.

“Upstairs real quick to look for Dominique.”

“Uh oh, who she go up there with?” Shaffer chuckled catching Omari’s attention.

“Shut up boy you already know she ain’t even like that.” Zoe smiled.

“I know, you coming right back?”


“I didn’t wake you did I?” Dominique asked into her phone.

“No I’m wide awake. You actually gave me a reason to take a break. My eyes are starting to hurt from looking at this computer screen.”

“You sound tired though.”

“Why you say that?”

“Because your voice is much deeper than usual.”

“Oh (clearing his throat) guess I am a little tired.” He said in his normal soft spoken tone.

“Then why don’t you go to sleep and I’ll help you finish up in the morning.” Dominique suggested.

“I don’t know, just don’t really feel like stopping I guess.”

“So then what are we supposed to do tomorrow?”

“I’m sure we’ll think of something.”

“Like what though?”

“Um…you can…show me how to fix my car or something.”

“Perfect cause the Dean told me I can use the auto body shop on campus and everything in it is at my disposal.”

“Cool, then we’ll do that.”

“I really wish you were here with me.”

“Really?” Maurice asked shocked.

“Yeah, I love having you around me.”

“That’s probably just the drinks talking.” He chuckled.

“No I really love…”

“There you are!” Zoe said walking towards Dominique.

“Hold up, what’s up?”

“You tell me.”

“Obviously I’m on the phone .”

“Who you cupcaking with? Probably your little boyfriend Maurice.” She said snatching the phone and looking at it. “Uh huh, I knew it.” She said handing it back and walking away.

“Sorry bout that.” Dominique giggled.

“It’s alright”

“So like I was saying I really do love spending time with you. Don’t get me wrong I dig my friends but they’re usually around Omari and he really gets on my nerves and every other guy that comes within 10 feet of me wants sex, an arm ornament, or me in some sort of way other than friend first. We also happen to have some really cool s*** in common.”

“You think so?”

“I do” she smiled because she could tell he was smiling.

“You find her?” Shaffer asked as Zoe took a seat back in his lap.

“Yeah, she upstairs on the phone cupcaking with Maurice, I swear I think she might actually have a thing for him. But then again for a nerd he really is kinda sexy.”

“How you figure?” Shaffer laughed.

“Ok so you remove that skull cap he seems to love to wear, remove the glasses, tidy up his facial hair, give him some clothes and sneakers that work and that boy would look good.”

“You lost me after remove babygirl.” Shaffer laughed.

Dominique finally came from upstairs and as soon as she approached Zoe Omari made the two girls on his lap start kissing. He did it in hopes of upsetting Dominique but she hadn’t even noticed.

“You done on the phone with your new boo?” Shaffer joked.

“As a matter of fact I am.” She joked back.

“You don’t really….REALLY like him, like him do you?” Shaffer asked.

“Trey I’m in dire need of a male companion for the remainder of my stay here at this little shindig. You wouldn’t happen to know where I could find one do you?” Dominique smiled purposely ignoring Shaffer.

“Well you could start with that batch of men you left that are now staring and waiting on you to come back. Or maybe you could try tapping any one of these dudes here on the shoulder and I’m sure they’d be more than happy to follow you around for the night. Or maybe if you don’t mind I could feel that void for you.” Trey offered standing up, rubbing his hands together.

“I think I would like that.” She smiled taking his hand in hers. “I also think we should have a few drinks.”

“I think I would love that.” He smiled following her lead to the kitchen.

“What the f*** was that?” Omari asked pushing the females apart and off of his lap.

“He’s just keeping her company Omari. I know you still got a thing for her but you better be happy that she’s with Trey instead of one of these other dudes.” Zoe said before turning her attention back to Shaffer.

As the night progressed Trey and Dominique made it perfectly obvious that they were enjoying one another’s company. They drank, talked, provided laughter and entertainment to one another, and from time to time it looked as though they were flirting.

“You know what I think?”

“You should be voted Sexiest Trojan of the Year as a Sophomore?”” she giggled.

“That too” he laughed. “But I think we should head over to that dance floor.”

“You do, do you?”

“I do” he said taking her hand and leading her to the dance floor.

“Oh s***! Time to show me what those hips can still do.” Zoe said pulling Shaffer from his seat.

“Thought I was gonna do that a little later but ok.” Shaffer laughed following Zoe.

Trey and Dominique were having harmless borderline freaky fun. Omari watched Trey hold onto Dominique’s hips as he would keep her rhythm and grind up against her from time to time. Dominique didn’t seem to mind at all. It seemed as though she encouraged it by the way she was moving her hips against his when they were facing one another or the way she moved her ass on him when she had her back turned to him. This went on for quite some time until Dominique took Trey by the hand and took him to the kitchen where they enjoyed another shot.

“Alrightly Trey I’m good for the night. I had fun and all but I need to go home.”

“What? Why?”

“Because that last shot won’t kick in til I get home and when I get there I’ma be able to chill for a hot minute, relax, then hit the sheets.”

“I can’t let you walk home alone though ma.”

“Sure you can. Zoe made me an extra key to her car which is where my gun is at.” She smiled.

“Still, I’d rather a stranger jump out the bushes and we fight than you shooting someone.”

“He’s a pervert anyways so who cares.”

“Just…let me.”

“Fine” she smiled.

Trey walked over to Shaffer and Zoe.

“I’ll be back, I’m gonna walk Dom home.” Trey said to Shaffer.

“Have fun.” Zoe smirked.

“Whatever Zoe” Trey laughed walking away. “You ready babygirl?”

“Yes sir” she said walking towards the door.

As they walked they talked, they laughed, and they flirted much more than they did at the party.

“Well…we’re here.” Trey said looking up at her building.

“Yes…we are.”

“Dominique can I be honest with you?”

“Of course”

“I would love nothing more than to kiss you good-night right now.”

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Had a long day, bout to go stare at the back of my eyelids for a few hours. As always, let me know what ya'll thinking. Night

The two walked inside a dining hall and grabbed a table after they got what they wanted to eat.

“Earlier you said that people had good reason to be scared of you. Why?”

“(giggle) Because someone made me very upset, the entire school found out what I did when I handled the situation, saw the aftermath once she came from the hospital, and rumor has it she’s supposed to be attending school again sometime next week or something. She’s been gone for a few weeks.”


“Her face had to heal and I heard her daddy had to pay for a little reconstruction. What I’m capable of doing without a second thought when I truly believe that’s how something has to get handled is what has most of these people scared. The fact that I’ll get away with it is what has them terrified.”

“I see…what the?!” Maurice said quickly pulling a wet piece of paper from his neck.

Dominique spotted a table of what looked to be freshmen trying hard to play normal, but failing miserably because stifled laughs and snickers could be heard coming from them.

“Which one of you f*** boys did that s***?” Dominique asked standing from her seat.

“No Dominique it’s ok, I’m used to it.”

“No it’s not ok and I don’t give a damn if you’re used to it that s*** ends today.”

“Alright just not now please.”

She looked down at him and saw that he really wanted her to just sit back down. Dominique sat back down pushing her tray away. Maurice tried to eat his food and hold casual conversation but Dominique was too mad to pay attention.

“I’ve upset you.” He said letting his fork fall from his hand and his head drop.

“A little bit Maurice, why don’t you stand up for yourself?”

“It’s kind of hard when you grew up not knowing how to.” He said still not looking at her.

“Hold your head up sweetie.” She said lifting his face by his chin. “Never hold your head down for anybody. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.”

“It’s alright”

“Come on let’s get out of here and get some real food.”

“I don’t have much more money though so I’ll take a reign check.”

“No you’re gonna get your cute self up and come with me to my place. I’ve got leftovers and if you don’t want that then I’ll cook something else. Just curious though.” She said grabbing an unopened soda
slightly shaking it. “What do you plan on doing for food until you get money?”

He shrugged his shoulders.

“Well how about you come over to my place and eat whenever you want?”

“I couldn’t impose like that.”

“Like hell you can’t, the school keeps my kitchen stocked even if they didn’t I wouldn’t let you go hungry like that. BUT you can pay me back by being my study buddy. None of my friends can ever stay focused and it gets really irritating.”

“I’d love to.” Maurice smiled.

“Adorable” Dominique said smiling back at him. “Something you should know about me though.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m nothing like those punks over there that still think spit wads are funny. You see they’re snipers, they only take out one person…and me…well I drop bombs, mass casualties is more my speed.” She said tossing the shook up soda in the air towards their table.

Upon impact at the center of the table the soda exploded and got all 7 of them sitting there. Maurice had his hand over his mouth and Dominique was standing there holding onto an orange laughing.

“Who in the f***?!” one of them shouted looking around.

“That’d be me.” Dominique admitted raising her hand still laughing.

“You think this s*** is funny b****?” he asked making his way towards her.

“b****? That was an a**hole move I just pulled. Now this is a straight up b**** move.” She said releasing the orange then kicking it soft enough so not to break it but hard enough to send it flying at a fast rate while nailing the guy right in the nuts.

His knees buckled and he held his junk while lying on the ground. Every man that saw what occurred groaned “ooohhhh” while grabbing their own junk. Dominique was still laughing as she grabbed a stunned Maurice by his wrist and pulled him with her.

“Did that really just happen?”

“Uh huh” Dominique said still giggling and wiping the tears from her eyes.

“You’re pretty bold, aren’t you afraid someone will hurt you when you’re not paying attention?”

“No because if that’s the case then I’d probably be dead so it wouldn’t matter anyways.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Anyone tries anything funny they’re better off just killing me cause the last thing they want me to do is recover. I’m not scaring you am I?”

“No I’m actually quite intrigued by you.”

“Cool, you got any more classes today?”


“Good, how about we spend the rest of the day getting to know one another?”

“I’d really like that.” Maurice smiled.

“Did you drive?”

“Yeah but I don’t want to move my car unless I have to. I’m lucky it gets me anywhere.”

“Well my daddy has taught me a thing or two about vehicles, I’m sure we could fix some of your problems and have your car more dependable in no time.”

“Ok but maybe when I get some money first.”

“Fixing a car isn’t all that expensive you know? It’s just time consuming plus not a lot of people know about cars so the people doing the work can pretty much say whatever the hell they want when they’re charging you.”

“Who’s your friend?” someone asked from behind Dominique and Maurice.

They both turned around and saw the normal people. Zoe, some football players, Trey, Shaffer, Shad, Omari, and a few of his groupies.

“Awwe, are you for real?” Zoe asked stepping closer while tugging at his suspenders.

Maurice didn’t know if she was about to make fun of him or not, so instinctively he held his head down and slouched his shoulders.

“Maurice what’d I just get done telling you?”

“Fixing a car isn’t that expensive just time consuming.”

A smile slowly crept up on Dominique’s face.

“What?” Maurice asked blushing and shoving his hands in his pockets.

“I swear you’re the cutest thing, but no what I said in the cafeteria.”

“Oh right, duh.” He chuckled hitting his forehead. “Yes I am for real.” He answered Zoe holding his head up.

“Where did you find him? He is so damn adorable.”

“That’s what I’ve been saying and I didn’t find him, he kind of fell into my hands so to speak. This is Maurice by the way, Maurice that’s my team mate Zoe.”

“Hi Maurice” she said shaking his hand.

“This must be my lucky day I’ve managed to meet two women who are just as kind as they are beautiful.” <a href="">He smiled</a>.

“What a queer.” One of Omari’s girls said.

“b****!” Maurice snapped but quickly covered his mouth while looking down at Dominique.

“Oh gosh I’m so sorry I don’t know what came over me.”

“That’s what you call anger.” Dominique said trying not to laugh.

“You’re not mad?”

“Not at all, your first reaction is usually the correct one.” She explained letting little laughs out.

“Seriously Dominique this is what you’ve reduced yourself to? Instead of just coming back to me you choose to hang with some retard that can’t dress himself with turrets?”

No one said a word for fear they would start laughing.

“I’m so sorry.” Dominique laughed first, unable to hold it in any longer. “I swear I’m only laughing at the turrets part cause you really did come out the blue with that.”

Maurice was even having trouble trying to hold his amusement.

“It’s ok” he chuckled. “That was kind of funny.”

“Awe you have a sense of humor?” Dominique said holding his face by his chin. “You are definitely my new buddy and to piss Omari off for being a d*** I’m gonna cook his favorite meal that I used to cook him for you.”

“Um…alright” he said getting all bashful again.

“Let’s get you to my place skinny boy.” She said grabbing him by his waist and becoming shocked with what her hands felt.

“That tickles” he squirmed removing himself from her grip and removing Dominique from her daze.

“Hey you don’t mind if I go buy a juice from the vending machine real quick do you?”

“I got all kinds of s*** at my place so I just might have what you want.”


“No but I’ll make a mental note to have that added to the grocery list.”

“For me?” he smiled.

“For you” she smiled back.

“Thank you, I’ll be right back.”

“And I’ll be right here waiting for you.”

She watched him walk away and when she felt that he was far enough she quickly turned to Zoe.

“Yo I felt abs!”

“Shut up” Zoe said shocked.

“No lie!”

“He a little cutie too, tall, light skinned big hands and feet and you know what they say about a man with big hands and feet.”

“Yeah they wear big gloves and socks.”

“Girl you stupid.” Zoe laughed.

“So you feeling this lame or something?” Omari asked.

“You see the tattoo on his hand?” Dominique asked ignoring Omari.

“Yeah, think he has more?”

“Who knows but that’s why I’m taking him back to my place to get to know him.”

“Dominique you tripping ma, leave that damn charity case alone.” Shad said.

“There’s much more to him then you’re allowing yourself to see Shad.”

“Like I give a f***.”

“Then why you all in my business nigga?”

“I’m just trying to help you out and keep you from wasting your time with this weirdo.”

“It’s cute you’re showing pity on this nigga but Shad is right you’re wasting your time.”

“Like your opinion matters Omari and Shad what I do with my time is my business. How about you two sit down and have a long talk with one another. Former weirdo (pointing at Omari) how about you explain to your closed minded ass friend how good I am at finding a diamond in the rough.”

“But Omari turned out to be a d***.” Zoe said.

“True but at least I’ve got years of prior training in what to look for. Now if only I could’ve got you to do that when we were together. Just shut up and look good.”

“Ready?” Maurice asked walking up.

“Sure am” she said linking arms with his. “Have fun with those mixed emotions O. Groupies, hoes, Zoe good day.”

They all heard Maurice chuckling as they walked away.

“f*** her babyboy.” One of Omari’s groupies said.

“Shut the hell up.” He said walking away.

Well, that was sweet of her! I love this story so much!


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CHRIS IS IN DA BUILDING!!! lol Omari is asking for an ass whippin. Chris finna take Domo and she dont even know it lol. She speakin the truth to him. Just be yourself not wo someone wants you to be it aint gon get you nowhere. I love the post. Run It

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FINALLY got it right! Holla at ya girl, let me know what you're thinking.

“Ok Dominique you’ve had enough fun.” <a href="">Mrs. Parker</a> said trying to protect Omari.

“I’ve also had enough of you not taking care of this new student.”

“I suggest you sit down Ms. DeLorme.”

“I suggest you do your job Mrs. Parker.” Dominique said not backing down. “Or maybe you’d rather go upstairs and go get Omari’s bag for him?” Dominique asked taking her seat.

“One more outburst out of you Ms. DeLorme and you can leave my class.”

“I seriously doubt that, check him in and get back on your job.”

She knew not to mess with Dominique. Actually the entire faculty knew not to mess with her because it was no secret that the Dean favored her more than any other student on campus. So if they had a problem with Dominique then they had a problem with the Dean.

“We’re gonna talk after class Dominique.”

“No…we’re not” Dominique replied never breaking eye contact, while shaking her head from side to side.

Mrs. Parker rolled her eyes as the class giggled.

“Here you go Maurice.” She said handing the paper back to him.

“Thank you” he said taking the paper and turning around to look for <a href="">a seat</a>.

“Hey you, come keep me company.” Dominique said smiling.

“Ok” he agreed trying to contain <a href="">his smile</a> which in turn made Dominique giggle.

“Dominique” she said offering her hand.

“Maurice” he smiled widely taking her hand.

“Nice to meet you.” She said pulling her hand back.

“Yeah…you too.” He said stuck in a daze.

He looked away from her when he felt his cheeks begin to flush.

“You’re too cute.” She giggled.

“Look at that faggot, he can’t even look at her.” Omari said taking his seat after collecting his belongings.

“Most niggas can’t look at her O.” Shaffer said correcting him.

“I don’t know why, to be honest all she has is pretty eyes, a pretty face, and a nice body.”

“That’s not what you were saying a few weeks ago while you were crying.” Trey added.

“Shut up nigga!” Omari said completely turning in his seat.

“Calm down homie, didn’t mean to hit a soft spot.” He said not looking at him.

Trey and Shaffer both felt the need to compensate for the way they’d been acting by checking Omari. Dominique’s words had hit home and their eyes immediately opened to the fact that they too were acting just like Dominique said everyone would act. They felt weak for conforming to Omari’s ego and allowing themselves to become some sort of macho jocks that felt the need to be a**holes just because someone else was doing it and everyone else allowed it. Once class ended Dominique had her new friend following her so she could walk with him and get to know him.

“Oops” Dominique said kicking the book Omari was trying to put in his backpack out of his hand. “Sorry” she said not looking back.

“Quit your s*** Dominique!” Omari shouted.

“I said oops so that means it was an accident.” She giggled as Maurice chuckled.

Once the two got outside all eyes were on Maurice. People were pointing, giggling, and chuckling but quickly stopped when Dominique looked in their direction.

“Just ignore them.” She said looking up at Maurice with soft eyes.

“I think as long as you’re with me I’ll be ok. It seems like you…scare them. They look at me, then you, then away.”

“For good reason too.” She smiled up at him.

“So…is it safe to say…I mean would it be ok if I called you…my friend?”

“Absolutely Maurice”

“Really?” he asked shocked.

“Yeah, you seem surprised.” She giggled enjoying his reaction.

“Because you’re so pretty.”

“Just because I happen to be appealing to the eye to some doesn’t mean I can’t be a good person right? And I’m not all that pretty honestly, I just have different colored eyes than most people.” She explained honestly.

“Well I happen to think it’s more than your eyes and I haven’t met a girl as pretty as you that’s as nice as you. You stood up for me against everyone including the professor, you didn’t have to do that.”

“Oh yes I did, because that s*** wasn’t cool and most of these people on this campus are cruel and follow the crowd.”

“Why do they all stare at me?”

“Honestly,” she giggled. “you stand out a little bit.”

“It’s the glasses huh?” he asked sounding sad.

“No sweetie you just have a mixture of a lot of different styles, some not so much rocked anymore.”

“Well to be honest I was just trying to fit in, I thought this would be cool.”

“Don’t try to fit in, just be you because these people are clueless as to who they are so they do what they think other people want to see. Instead of just being themselves and evolving into their own person, they run around confused looking like fools. Then just like high school after you’re done and graduated no one gives a f*** what you did or what you wore because it has absolutely no effect on the real life we’re guaranteed to experience on our own.”

“I see, well then I don’t want to stand out so much. Could you help me?”

“Only if you promise me that you’re doing it for you and not an image you think others will accept you for.”

“No it’s for me, I don’t have very much money though. Not at the moment at least.”

“Don’t worry I got homies that work at a few of the malls out here. I’ll get you all kinds of discounts.”

“Is this some sort of joke?” Maurice asked.


“The way you’re being so nice, are you just messing with me?”

“You give me one good reason as to why I would do that.”

“Because you think it’s funny.”

“f***ing with people in the way you think I might be doing isn’t funny, especially when you don’t know them. I have no clue what you’re capable of doing, plus I don’t judge. So your sense of fashion needs a little help, that’s an easy fix. I’m usually a pretty good judge of character and so far I think you’re an alright guy.”

“No one thinks I’m an alright guy.”

“Well I do, now come have some lunch with me.”

The two walked inside a dining hall and grabbed a table after they got what they wanted to eat.